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How would you rate episode 410?


How would you rate episode 410?  

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It's unfortunate that the topic has veered so of course into random complaints.

Yes, you're right. I shall quit while im ahead and leave off by reiterating my rating (1) and insisting that the books matter, else there would be no game of thrones at all.

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There are plenty of people who dislike the show (nonbook readers) that aren't on this forum. Number of viewers isn't really an indication of quality so its just as fair to say there are much more than a thousand people who don't like it. And eight million isn't very much either when you consider the US has upwards of three hundred million people.

But aren't the 8 million a stupid number anyway?

Does it include that the eight million viewers might be hosting parties where 20 people watch on one tv? This is in the statistic still one person.

And the people who pirate it? I bet they are at least twice as many as those who watch it legal.

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The most annoying thing about this episode for me was the Hound. Nobody cares for a beaten character. Being beat is a resolution as far as a story arc is concerned. If you keep bringing back soundly defeated characters you risk looking self-referential to the point of dragging on. The Hound will be remembered as the guy who was bested by Brienne; not as the grey, hateful-yet-oddly-principled anti-hero badass that he's supposed to be. He lives on in the Quiet Isle? Who cares? Benioff and Weiss burned him as a character for the sake of a fight scene and a feminist vibe.

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Nobody can know if it is good or bad until they watch it, so the number of viewers for a specific episode mean little to how good or bad it was. it does signal what people in general think about the series as a whole. If enough people think it's bad the ratings will start to go down and if most people love it then they will maintain or go up. Of course everyone who gave it a bad rating here, still watched it, so once again watching doesn't prove how good or bad it is. To me it's a successful tv show and a mediocre adaptation.

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I thought it was good for the most part. I got chills from the shots of Melisandre and Jon staring through the funeral pyre at one another.

On the negative side, I don't really get why they left out Jaime's explanation of what really happened with Tysha, the fireball-shooting children of the forest were a bit much, and personally I didn't really buy Brienne defeating The Hound.

I'm in agreement with you on Brienne defeating the Hound. Plus, I thought the Hound was a tragic character in his own way and had a great depth to his character. I gave the episode only a 5. Overall I am a fan of the series but with all the jumping around between characters the series loses so much in character development. I never feel like most of the characters are fleshed out enough for me to care about them. (I do realize that a series has a time restraint, unlike the books). The Hound interested me along with Jaime but so many of the other characters I find to be unsympathetic and I don't much care whether they live or die. Overall though, I still like the series but some of the episodes do seem to plod along a bit.

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I'd give it a 7 or 8, I was initially upset that Lady Stoneheart did not appear in the finale despite much speculation and hype, however I'm still pretty convinced she will appear at the beginning of next season. Not ideal, but I reckon they're saving it because there aren't as many 'wow' moments from the books they can use in next season in comparison the material they've been working with. Plus, it is quite integral to Brienne's story and I see the finale building up to the reveal in the first few episodes.

Despite that, I overall enjoyed it. I had no issues with the Bran scenes, but I'm not particularly a fan of Bran in the books so I'm not too bothered about deviations. I was pretty much satisfied with Tyrion's story, would have been nice to include the 'wherever whores go' moment but I can see why they didn't, however I didn't really think too much of the Shae murder - lacked the passion I expected... maybe that's just me though!

The thing that brought down the whole episode for me was Stannis' part, I think it portrayed him far too negatively. Reading the books I always imagined a really heroic entry of Stannis coming North of the wall, but instead they made it seem somewhat sinister (with the music) and made him look a bit douchey. This is a running theme with the whole series though, I actually really like Stannis in the books and the producers have portrayed him so wrongly for such a long time.

I actually really liked the deviation of Brienne and the Hound fight, I don't think it ruins the storyline too much and as much as I was disappointed with the end scene not being LS, Arya sailing to Braavos was a pretty awesome ending, definitely beating the last season.

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There are plenty of people who dislike the show (nonbook readers) that aren't on this forum. Number of viewers isn't really an indication of quality so its just as fair to say there are much more than a thousand people who don't like it. And eight million isn't very much either when you consider the US has upwards of three hundred million people.

How many people are in the world? What does that even have to do with it lol.

I agree plenty of people dislike it...but more like it than dont. More is a majority. Thats how the world works, because thats how money is made.

Not sure what the total population of the US really has to do with itthough when its one of the all time top rated shows.

Plenty of people on the forum also like it...

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I criticize from a place of love - because I love the story so much, love the cast they've put together, and love the amount of time/money they've invested in traveling all around world and building beautiful sets. I want the writing to be worthy of all that. What really gets my blood up is that so many of the self-destructive changes they've made have been by choice, not necessity.

They whine and complain about their limited CGI budget, but then they splurge on some "Pirates of the Caribbean" skeleton fight, complete with "Peter Pan"/Leaf chucking "Super Mario" fireballs around? Okay.

They do a great job setting Jaime on his redemption arc prior to King's Landing, and then abruptly reverse course. One minute he's pining over his empty entry in the White Book, charging Brienne with saving Sansa, and lip-quivering when Brienne says "Ser Jaime" and "Oathkeeper," and then the next he's shoving the White Book off the table, hoisting up a bloodthirsty Cersei (fresh off comparing his beloved brother to a tumor to be excised), and banging her brains out. Okay.

I could go on, but it's all been said before.

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WRONG! I would love to love this show separate from the books. BUT I would have no fucking idea what was going on if I had not read the books. This show is awful. D and D look like the amateurs they are.

Perhaps following plot isn't your thing then? I mean...everyone in my family is Unsullied and they all follow along just fine.

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I agree with previous posters and I would just add to what I have already said that it is obvious that some actors are as confused by unnecessary changes as we are. It was especially obvious in Charles Dance/Peter Dinklage last scene. Confusion all around. I understand D&D must be overtired, but one cannot write/produce/direct such a series without losing one's inspiration and strength. They should listen to feedback and get other fresher people to take over a baton that they find to be too much. I sometimes feel for actors who are all brilliant all the time despite of silly things they have to do. Season 1 was the best because it was a good adaptation. Season 4 is mostly a fanfic. It is confusing even for book readers, because we don't know what can be classified as foreshadowing of TWoW (Jojen's death?) and what is a straight forward invention (some deaths on the Wall).

I cannot help but say that Bryan Cogman's episodes have been my favorites since Season 2 (I don't remember my thoughts of 1x04), but What is dead may never die, Oathkeeper and The Laws of Gods and Men are in my top7 episodes. Kissed by fire is my most favorite episode.

I'm not saying D&D fucked up everything, there have been great episodes written by them, but there have also been so many let-downs. Season 1 is by most people considered the best season; it has been closest to the book and didn't flaw in many things. Now, after having finished Season 4, I dare to say that D&D have changed the path they want to take the show. I don't know their thoughts, but somebody else her epointed out that they have become greedy; I agree!

Season 1 seemed fresh and not led by patterns and fan-service.

Now look where Season 4 has gone:

- We get an obligatory White Walker scene that was just put in because otherwise there wouldn't be any WW in this Season. [i'm not saying the scene was bad; I actually liked it, but I would rather have gone without it]

- There is the pattern that in every x09 episode of each season there needs to happen something big. This feels very repeating and dull because it made so many other stories suffer and forced the writers to include Craster's Keep.

- D&D think that the more characters are killed off the bigger is the shock factor (Look at the Episode 9 videoson GoT's YT channel: They needed casualties, so that the viewers are shocked and thereby more invested. -> Doesn't this mean they know they don't have the ability to make their viewers care about a storyline unless they fill it with death of (beloved) characters? I would have found it okay, if they reasoned it by the fact that they wanted to show some of the to be forgotten heroes, but their statement has just showed me that they might not think this far)

- They do not dare to change the screen time of several characters when they just don't need as much screen time (King's Landing S3, Arya S4 [even though they reduced it], loooooong Tyrion-scene in 4x08), because it doesn't feature the favorite characters of the viewers (Was it necessary to put Daenerys into 8 episodes that were about Missandei/Grey Worm, Daario, etc. ? 5 episodes would have been enough as well; she will have her time in S5 again).

- Recent trends are used in order to satisfy show-watchers (feminist-messiah Daenerys in Season 3, Brienne - as somebody mentioned here before - fighting the Hound, ...) or showing explcitly that Renly was gay/Oberyn was bisexual.

And this is why I think the show has been lacking in Season 3 and 4. They should focus on the source material, not try to improve things when it isn't needed (I definetely acknowledge that merging Addam Marbrand and Bronn was a good idea, but on one good idea, there are like 10 bad ones) and try to think through character developments more open-minded (What was that Jaime/Cersei scene in 4x10?!).

For now, I am looking forward to the episodes of Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill in Season 5 and am less enthusiastic on the show than I was before Season 4.

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"Normalized" is simply a very quick and dirty attempt to clean up the polarization a bit by dropping the top and bottom 5% of votes. So if there are 700 votes, I cut that to 630, dropping the 35 lowest and 35 highest votes to try and see what happens.

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