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Acrophilia #3: Results

a free shadow

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Welcome! :ninja: And farewell to your old lives, no matter how many you had, because now you enter the shadow lands of no return.

It is the third and best installation of Acrophilia, a game of problems within a charade of riddles.

The idea behind this game is that each player is given a ASoIaF character to create a clue for, using one of the two acronyms. Every player gets the same acronyms, but a different character to describe. All clues are then published in one list and the players have the chance to guess all characters riddled. There will also be a common theme linking the characters of each round, up for guessing.

The play:

Each player is randomly assigned a character from ASoIaF and given two randomly generated acronyms for making a clue to describe that character. These instructions arrive privately, in a dream in a PM from the host.

The acronyms are the same for everyone and will also be published on the thread, while the characters differ, even though they all fit one theme every round.

The clues must be made without using any of the character names, nicknames or references to their heraldry (wolfs, lions, seashells). AsoIaF place names are allowed, until stated otherwise. Please I order you to make the clue refer mainly to the character you were given. If your clue can work for multiple characters I may ask for another clue.

All clues must be sent to the host by the deadline to be included in the round. Exceptions/extensions can be made at the all powerful host's whim. Please bring gifts to pleading your case to have an extension granted.


The full list of clues is then posted in this thread. Players try to guess which character each clue refers to, guess the theme, and also vote for their favorite clue. ALL of this is done by PM with the general host :excl: No guesses are to be posted in the thread :pirate: Vague discussion is allowed, though.

There is a chance to have preliminary guesses. That means that once before the round deadline you submit your answer(s) and I might will tell you whether you are completely correct, partially correct, or dead wrong. If you will play, note with your sign up post in this thread, what kind of preliminaries do you prefer - none at all, only for the theme, for the theme and three clues of your choice or for the theme and the whole list. I will then make a decision and the same rules will apply to everyone. For the preliminaries of this game, you can guess the theme and four clues of your choice. I will tell then, if your theme is correct/close/not correct and how many of your clue guesses are right, but not which ones.

At the end of the round, I will tally points and post the current standings.

The round is then up for discussion, praising of the host, coming up with alternative clues or whatever else you'd like to talk about.

The new round begins with the new character and acronym assignments.

There will be three rounds in this game.

Points System:

  • 3 points for correctly guessing someone else's clue;
  • 1 point for each time your own clue is guessed correctly;
  • 4 points for accidentally guessing the theme and 2 points for being near to the theme;
  • 1 point for each time your clue is voted as favorite/+ 2 additional points for everyone who gets 4 and more favorite clue votes/+ 3 points to everyone who gets 8 or more favorite clue votes.

It works so that it would be profitable to make clever and/or gettable clues, although to win the game you will have to be good at solving the other clues, too :ninja:


A map with an "X", of Arctic Ocean. And an almost-never-before-seen smile by either Tywin Lannister or Jon Snow.

Previous games:

Acrophilia #1

Acrophilia #2


1. Dolorous Gabe

2. Leave it to your goat

3. yomi

4. Ser Not Appearing

5. Castellan

6. lil' ghost

7. Visenya Stark

8. redriver

9. Woofless

10. Fragile Bird

11. Q the Cat

12. Reek Havoc

13. northernwarg

14. Emmit

And now it begins :ninja:

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If you are reading this, it means I am dead again alive. Because what could be more common than to be dead for Halloween :ninja: And also a curse is put upon you, and it will only break when everyone who plays sends me a PM, titled Acrophilia 3: their name.

Like I said earlier, I've never played 'philia before, but after re-reading the OP, it looks like this is going to be absolute hell for the host. Thank you for your sacrifice, Lord Florent whitefinch. Praise Rh'llor. For the acronym is hard and full of errors!

Or hell of a host :ninja:


Changed my mind.

If you are sure :ninja: I accept all the reasons, except thinking the game might be too tough.

I'm going to sit this one out as it's so close to November already. Best of luck to all the players! And to the host!

I will need it. And they will need it too. Good luck with the novel! And you can send spectator guesses, if you'll feel like it. This privilege is guaranteed for the previous hosts, who are not Dolorous Gabe.

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