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Tom was so great as JH that it will be great to see him back. Being faceless and all technically it's not JH, or might not be JH. After all JH was merely a persona taken on by that faceless man for a particular mission, not his real face.

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I'm guessing the show didn't want to deal with the uncomfortable aspects of Bronn planning to marry a mentally-disabled woman.

Edit: They appear to have retconned that Stokeworth is owned by Lollys' mother, whereas last season it was said to be her father for some reason.

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Why would that Knight want Pods head when he saw he was unarmed? Hes a Knight isnt he? Not every knight is a goddamn brute that has crap for honor. Espescially against an unarmed opponent.

Cuz he's directed by LF.

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