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[Poll] How would you rate episode 510?


How would you rate episode 510?  

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Does anyone else think that based on all those cliffhangers, D and D are almost TRYING to let GRRM get WoW out in the next 10 months? Like this is it. Either he gets it out or we really start being spoiled (the stuff that is off the book map so far doesn't seem like legit spoilers so...?)

Anyway. It's a 5/10 for me. I don't mind all the cliffhangers but none of the plots actually felt like they were earned, especially For the Watch and The Walk of Shame. Jon and the the men of the Night's Watch never really had words (only strong looks) about what he was doing with the Wildlings and Cersei never really showed how terrible a ruler she really is, using her body to get men to do what she wants.


--"I'm glad the end of the world is working out well for someone..." Ah, yes. That's the Jon Snow brand of humor I so love.

--"Go on, do your duty." I actually thought that scene was well done. At least Stannis's character assassination is over.

--I really loved Sansa's outfit this episode.

--Arya killing Trant was EPIC. That was incredible. (the lead up the scene not so much...but the actual scene? FAB) And now she's blind. Glad they are keeping that.

--"Does he always talk this much?" *Jorah nods* The entire Daario/Jorah/Tyrion scene was actually good. Funny.

--"If I ever kill you, your eyes will be wide open." That's my Bear!!!!

--Davos's face when he learned Shireen was dead. ARG. Heartbreak.


--Ok, I'm glad that Sam is going to Oldtown because I think that's going to be a major plot line in WoW...BUT. Why is Sam asking? No. The show needs to have Jon TELLING Sam to go. It's part of those "hard decisions" Jon has to make that show that he's killed the boy to let the man live. Sam is terrified of going to Oldtown, of being a Maester because of all his childhood trauma at the hands of his father. It should be Jon's direct order, to show that while Sam is his trusted friend, as LC he doesn't have the luxury of friends.

--We actually got the jump off of Winterfell! But...tell me there was a huge pile of snow to catch Theon and Sansa? Also...where are they going? Stannis is dead, the Baratheon army defeated. Where...?

--Of course Daario and Jorah are going off to find Dany together. OF COURSE. Because nothing says comedic gold like messy love triangles! God. I need to drink now.

--So Dany hasn't tamed Drogon? She can't fly him at will. Golly. Glad that is exactly how it is in the books. NOT. But Drogon "go away mom" was kinda funny.

--The Walk of Shame was well done, including Cersei's meeting with the Sparrow. But...Lena looked "too good." Cersei's is supposed to realize during this walk that her body has been worn down by age and childbirth. She's supposed to realize that she's not half as beautiful as she once thought. Also, the "shame! shame! shame!" got a little tedious


--Why doesn't Mel wear Red anymore? Maybe that's nitpicky of me, but what is with all the purple this season? She's not the Purple Woman.

--RIP Seleyes? Maybe I'd be sad over this if the show hadn't done it's hardest to make her as unlikable as possible. Not that the books fair much better, but she's not *that* bad in the books as compared to the show.

--Um. Mel left Stannis....why? Because men deserted him? Because religious zealot Mel would simply say that their faith is weak and that all Stannis needs is her Lord of Light.

--OMG. Mel has the same transporter as Littflefinger?! WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC

--Brienne spent 90% of this season staring at WF from different angles and when her big moment finally comes....she turns away and doesn't see the candle (that one would be hard pressed to see in daylight anyway...) in the window. God that's just silly writing.

--Hey guess what I don't need! A scene of Meryn Trant BEATING LITTLE GIRLS. I don't need a reason to hate him, D and D! We already do! Arya doesn't need more motivation to kill him. He's on the list. He goes down. STOP WITH THIS.

--"You want a good girl, but you need a bad pussy." JESUS. Can we all collectively agree to forget Dorne FOREVER?

--RIP Myrcella?!?!? The hell?! I mean, yes she's going to die in the books but that was the single dumbest death. So let me get this straight. I'm supposed to believe that they recast Myrcella because she has such a big role to play...and she did jack squat all season. PLEASE. They recast her so that they could age her up and have her make moon eyes at Trystane.

--Jaime does his best Darth Vader impression. "I am your father!" "I know." OH FOR THE LOVE OF...."I am 100% being okay with being a bastard of incest, dad!"

--How in the name of sanity did Tyrion, Jorah, and Daario get away from the Sons of the Harpy?????????


--Varys is in Meereen and just randomly gets into the Pyramid to talk to Tyrion. Okay. Is he secretly Reznak or the Shavepate?!

--Uh. The Dothraki Sea has changed a wee bit, no? Funny cause in the books it has also changed except Show!Dothraki Sea seems to be blissful and not suffering from DEATH cause you know...WINTER IS COMING.

--No Visions on the Sea. Those are so so so so so so important for Book! Dany. Where is my "remember your house words..." where is my "dragons plant no trees..." WHERE. Whatever. Show! Dany hasn't been Book! Dany all season. Why am I even shocked.

--OMG the Dothraki became Native Americans?!

--Please tell me I misheard and that Jon Snow's final word was not "Olly." Please tell me that is a thing that did not happen. WHERE THE HELL IS GHOST PUPPY?!

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I believe stannis is dead, just be weird to have his army destroyed and he's the one survivor. And if Brienne doesn't meet up with Sansa, I don't see any point in her being by winterfell unless it was to kill stannis. Interesting Doran gave ellaria a head nod before she kissed her, not sure if that was ok kill her or ok be nice and say goodbye.

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I gave it another 10. Well executed and most of the season didn't spoil too much of WOW so i'm really going to enjoy reading that next. I won't watch a 6th season before reading a completed WOW.

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I honestly give it a 1.. it was so flat.. again.. nothing to get excited about.. the Benjen trolling was ridiculous.. obviously no LSH when it was another perfect opportunity with Theon and Sansa escaping.. and boltons about in the forest.. Stannis battle fail was an absolutel joke.. his character destruction was insulting.. I mean he doesnt even send scouts to look and see what the Boltons are forming? You March in daylight? Book Stannis wouldnt willingly sacrifice his daughter as he realizes the repercussions.. something idiot TV Stannis wasnt aware of.. Arya kill was cool until Trant was on his knees not reeling about in pain.. The "i am no one, someone no one, blah blah" was way to long.. Penance walk was way to long.. Robert Strong lumbering seemed corny and his armour didnt make sense.. Greyworm just walking out with a bandage was weak.. the Dothraki/Riders of Rohan moment was underwhelming... so much fail.... I know i sound like a completely pessimist but enough is enough.. drawn out scenes, lack of hope or justice, just overall weak episode... IMO

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Book readers often accuse non readers of lacking imagination, when actually the exact opposite is true. Books tend to lay everything out in front of you, all you need do is visualise it. TV, due to time and cost constraints cant do that, so you have to fill in the gaps yourself.

Example, How did Danys gang get back to the pyramid? Clearly there werent thousands of Unsullied at the pit, so the rest could have appeared after Dany left. News must have spread of what was happening. It doesnt really take much imagination to work it out. What you see on screen isnt everything and im surprised people dont understand that.

Oh and there is no Stannis character assasination, Stannis doesnt exist, and book and TV Stannis are not the same character. Get over it or stop watching!

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Walk of shame, Jon's fate and Dothraki I liked. Those were done with some passion and some cinematographic temperament (although I honestly can't see another shot of Olly anymore, I sincerely hope Ghost will eat him).

Terribly bored by Jon and Sam/Varys and Tyrion bromances.

Disgusted by whole Dany crew worshiping Tyrion.

Stannis' death and Sansa's escape came out neither epic, nor entertaining in any way what so ever. Oooook.

Dorne was as awful we get used to, but Jaime and Myrcella bonding over incest is beyond stupidity.

Arya stuff which started painfully and bloodily cool, ended up like some travelling circus in a low budget sci-fi channel.

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9/10 for an unsullied viewr. Only book readers are upset of the plot holes.

Brienne gets her revenge

Theon gets back his mind

Stannis realizes he lost everything and decided to march to death

Jon's FTW happened

Sam escaped

Dany meets dothraki

Varys wandering ends. Tyrion is gonna rule

Arya killing the pedophile.

Though a lot of cliffhangers, just like the books. This episode was quite good for a casual TV viewer.

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I gave it a 10. My second 10 of the season. But I had to rate it based on the episode itself as if I hadn't read the books. Stannis and Myrcella dying pisses me off because it feels like I've just been spoiled. Everything else was done as well as you could expect. I will say this and I'm not fucking around. I absolutely will not watch another episode of this series until I read The Winds of Winter. I'm through with getting spoiled. This is bullshit.

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I give this finale episode a 0.2, the .2 is for those 2 amazing mammaries. only good decision this episode was having the walk of shame(but really not though cuz who would be ashamed of a body like that) last so long

--We actually got the jump off of Winterfell! But...tell me there was a huge pile of snow to catch Theon and Sansa? Also...where are they going? Stannis is dead, the Baratheon army defeated. Where...?

Thay're going to Brienne, the only truly safe refuge cuz shes invincible and can single handedly defeat whole armies

TV Stannis is such a jabroni-ass loser, the only thing dumber and more incompetent than him is the writing for his storyline this season

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