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[Poll] How would you rate episode 510?


How would you rate episode 510?  

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You know, this honestly puts things in perspective for me. I couldn't understand how ASoIaF readers could feel "betrayed" by the show, but betrayed was exactly how I felt about LotF after reading Star Wars for 20 years. So, while I still like Game of Thrones (to each their own), I now have a lot more sympathy for readers. Thanks for that!

You're welcome. Are you upset with the wiping of the cannon? I gotta admit I won't miss som of it. The vong crisis and the thrawn crisis were my two fave arcs. I am sad that thrawn is gone. Legacy needed and the Dark Nest trilogy needed to be wiped away. The first half of the vong crisis easily was legendary... the ending could have been cleaned up however.

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8 out of 10

Im actually surprised by some of the negativity on here

even book fans sites like Tower of the hand ( who have really not liked a lot of episodes this season) are not being super negative about this episode nor is asoiaf on reddit

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It's a 6 for me. Some great stuff with Arya and the Walk, and boy that Robert Strong reveal didn't disappoint. However, Stannis' arc was rather lame, Jaime and Myrcella was ridiculous and cliche and dumb dumb dumb, and as it's been pointed out, just, just TONS of plot holes throughout.

On another note, I really hope Jon stays dead and D&D follow through with what they said about Kit not returning. That way, Season 6 is almost assured to be completely different from the novels, and therefore safe to watch. What I'm saying is I hope they pull a Full Metal Alchemist and just diverge the hell off of the source material, except this time I much prefer the source to the adaptation.

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Thought there were too many plot holes in this one.

1. How did Brienne find Stannis among the fighting?

2. How did Brienne remain safe while the fighting was going on?

3. Why did Brienne abandon Sansa to barge into a battle to find Stannis, which would have been extremely unlikely since Stannis was surrounded? Why not use the distraction to save Sansa? What happened to her oath?

4. How did that bitch deliver poison to Jaime's daughter? By kissing on the cheek? Please...

5. How did all those riders find Dany at that exact moment?

6. How did Tyrion and company escape the battle with all those harpies?

7. How did the witch travel so fast to Castle Black?

8. Where is the black guy that was the faceless man? Seems he's gone and now it's just Jaqen.

9. No one heard Meryn Trant's screams in the brothel and ran to rescue him?

10. Why did Trant not fight back?

11. Why didn't Lancel do the walk of shame?

12. Why did Cersei confess in the first place, what evidence is there?

13. Sansa and Theon are too high up to survive a fall.

14. How did Stannis not know that his men left, as they were leaving? How did he not know that he was being surrounded until it was too late?

15. Why did Sansa drop that tool she used to escape? It could have been useful again.

Also, the walk of shame lasted far too long...

1-3, Battle was over quickly, as Stannis was outnumbered. Brienne found him after the battle. As to how, plot gift, the same one that sent Arya to the RW just in time to see it all happen. As for Brienne's oath, we don't know if she killed him. She may return to help Sansa.

4. She kissed her on the mouth. She had to take an antidote after.

5. I guess the same way they find her in the novels. It's so written.

6. I agree this is a huge hole. It makes no sense.

7. Davos says in previous episode that it would take him a couple of days to get to CB. He leaves the day before the battle. I think the implication is she gets there maybe a day after him, which works.

8. FM have no true identities. That man is neither the old guy nor Jaqen. He's no one.

9, 10 Given what he was into, screams from his room would be expected. As for why he didn't fight back, he wasn't expecting an attack, and Arya was fast.

11. For the same reason he doesn't in the novels. He's one of the sparrows now. He's atoned. She isn't and hasn't.

12. There's Lancel's evidence, which would include fornication and regicide. There are rumors of incest.

13. Theon and Jeyne make the same jump and survive in the novels. It seemed unbelievable there, and seems unbelievable here.

14. I agree that his failing to note the sellswords leaving was crazy ridiculous. He was, then, completely outmanned, outgunned, the works.

15. Sansa couldn't hope to take on the Boltons with a corkscrew.

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I usually walk away from the finale thinking really? That's it? Not this time.

Gave it a 9/10

I pretty much liked it all.

Dillane was phenomenal! He keeps on keeping on until the end.

"Go on, do your duty." Gave me chills. What a tragic story.

Arya killing Meryn: I seriously smiled through the whole scene. Makes me feel a bit morbid to say that but I just love Arya. You can almost feel the release she gets finally being able to put this man down. She's so twisted but the world has made her that way. I wish she was a bit more stoic though. I don't want to her hear screaming when she loses her sight (did she do that in the books? I can't remember) Anyway she is tough shit & I think the show let's too much of her little girl ness show through.

FTW: :bawl: I knew it was coming but it still hit me hard. I felt so bad for Jon. All I have to say is he better not be dead! :lol: on a side note does this mean Ramsay did actually write the pink letter? I think so.

WF: I think the fight scene was decent. I already said I liked the Stannis/Brienne exchange. Sansa & Theon were great. I cheered when he shoved that girl over the balcony.

Cersei: I actually felt bad for the wench. I don't remember feeling bad for her when I read it, but she isn't as horrible in the show as the book either Idk. It was a good scene. It didn't make sense to me that all the sudden she looks down & her feet are so bloody they are leaving foot prints but all in all it was good. The look on her face when RS carries her off is poisonous.

Dorne: This is why I gave it a 9 rather than a 10, however, it was not the worst Dorne scene we have had. I assume Myrcella really is dead so now what will they do with Trystane? The whole Jaime/Dorne thing has been weird from the beginning but the scene between Jaime & Myrcella was ok.

Dany: I really like Daario. He cracked me up last week when he told Hizdahr to be quiet or whatever he said. Smart guy. I enjoyed Dany & Drogon. I was hoping the show would give me a little better idea of what the Dothraki plan to do with Dany but I'm still not sure. They circle around her like they have been searching for her. Why? Because she has dragons & they want to follow her? Because they want to take her to Vaes Dothrak? Because they want to kill her?

Anyway I'm sad the season is over & really, really hope the next book comes before the next season.

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You're welcome. Are you upset with the wiping of the cannon? I gotta admit I won't miss som of it. The vong crisis and the thrawn crisis were my two fave arcs. I am sad that thrawn is gone. Legacy needed and the Dark Nest trilogy needed to be wiped away. The first half of the vong crisis easily was legendary... the ending could have been cleaned up however.

I'm pretty sad about it. I don't know what I'm going to do with my JNASOLO license plate now. :(

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63 '1' votes.

I've only seen two or three movies EVER that I'd rate a 1. It has to be downright offensive and less valuable than the cost of celluloid to warrant a 1, doesn't it? Surely the production values and acting warrant AT LEAST a 3 despite not adhering 100% to the source material...

To judge this show solely by its adherence to source material is a different standard than viewers judge it by. There is no way it could adhere to source material, and in some cases that's a good thing. GRRM himself knew this wasn't going to adhere, so to not accept that fact is to display a level of immaturity that indicates one cannot cope with how reality works.

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ADWD & AFFCs- 7/10

Season 6- 8/10

And here's why.

The Good:

As much as people complained that this season finale ended in a lot of cliffhangers, this one solved a couple of them. This season felt like more of an arc than Feast and Dance did, frankly (Although Manderly was the tits). Sure Stannis' end was cliche'd, but if Stannis does die, better he meet his end by Brienne's hand than by Ramsay Snow.

-Stannis is dead (Baratheon's over)

-Myrcella is dead (Dorne is over)

-Tyrion + Dany

The Bad:

The amount of female agency was horrible:

No Arianne and the only female heir in the show (sans Asha who's role has been awful up until now)

Sansa's arc was utterly pointless as I imagine that she'll end up at the head of the Vale army with Littlefinger in Season 6, as she will in TWOW. Which means her plot served only for her to get raped and...Theon redemption, which easily could have been served with Jeyne Poole. Putting Sansa there is just...bad.

Overall I'd say this.

Mereen- 9/10

Night's Watch- 10/10

Dorne- 6/10 (With Arianne easily could have been an 8 or 9)

King's Landing- 9/10

Stannis- 8/10



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I'm pretty sad about it. I don't know what I'm going to do with my JNASOLO license plate now. :(

:( that is tough. Keeping it is still a tribute to a good character. Her Arc in the final half of the vong series was a little off but the whole pilot thing was great. I never understood why she abandoned Luke and Jacen in that fight- granted she was nudged by the force but the whole thing reeks of bad logic. SHe didn't know WHAT onimi was yet. Still, she was better then Han and Leia's final arc. Sorry

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