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[Poll] How would you rate episode 607?


How would you rate episode 607?  

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5/10 my lowest rating this season...

well i felt this epi was just mediocre i am a show and book lover and like some herein have said, i can easily see them as separate entities...that said this weeks epi was not as good as i had hoped...i was very happy the hound made it back, but ian 'swearengen' mcshane was wasted...i wanted him to stir up some shit....and for fucks sake, was that mouthy, murdering asshole supposed to be lem lemoncloak...that was the worst character switch out of the series


i also thought sansa was just being bitchy about davos who has been helpful from the beginning... though i still want him to discover what happened to shireen, i expected him to discover the kill site when he was telling that this was the camp of stannis' army, perhaps by finding the little carving he made scorched, laying next to the remnants of the burned pole...


these are just this salty old fart's opinions...feel free to disagree


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This was not my favorite episode this season - but still a 7. Loved the blackfish - laughed out loud when he told Jaime meeting him was disappointing.

Also LOL to Lyanna Mormont shutting down Jon Snow's mansplaining.

But I still found the Sansa/Jon scenes kind of off, and same for the Hound, like his character but the scenes took me out of it. The Arya scenes were so strange I have to imagine it was on purpose and something is up there, something more going on. At least I hope, otherwise it was just not good.

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Finally managed to see it. I can't give it more than 5/10 (maybe a 6 if I was feeling generous).

The Riverrun scenes were the best. A slight improvement in Jaime's character thanks to him getting out of Carol's shadow.

The constant banter in King's Landing was tedious, but the Olenna-Margaery scene was not bad. I was expecting Cersei to order unGregor to murder Olenna on the spot. I doubt any of her guards could have done anything.

The North recruiting scenes were fairly good, but I felt that Jon's plea to Lyanna Mormont was compelling enough to gain her support. Davos's reason felt forced. All of a sudden there is actually someone south of the Wall to believe in the White Walkers. The Glover part was better, though it was a shame they had to so change the book Glovers.

The Hound portions felt a bit clumsy. A shame that they had to kill Ian McShane so quickly. But his pay was probably high. Still, I am mostly worried that we won't see any more development in Sandor's character, just like Jaime and Cersei. Is the Hound dead, or not? Remains to be seen. But the worst part was the distortion of the Brotherhood without Banners. Sure, they become more aggressive under new leadership, and Lem Lemoncloak can be an asshole, but they will not murder innocents just for a bit of food. Didn't Hot Pie stay at an inn that serviced them?

Yara and Theon in Volantis was terrible. Yara reminded me of Robert/Cersei. DRINK!!!

So was the Arya stuff. And the Waif gleefully stabbing Arya after agreeing not to make her suffer. smh

The whole episode felt weirdly edited.

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Gave this one a 6 which makes it the second weakest this season for me after the opener. It's weird, tonnes to love with this one for me between Arya's story finally moving forward, lots of focus on the north and Al 'goddamn' Swearengen himself being present, but when I look back it's hard to remember the details.  Jon seemed out of place in the negotiations,  looked like season/book 1 Jon not Lord Commander Snow. I know the game has changed for him, but at the same time it hasn't. The dead are still coming, this is just a pit stop. Would have been nice to see some more passion from him.

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On 08/06/2016 at 5:58 AM, Cz-99 said:

- The Ironborn. I know they're trying to make Yara all cool and stuff, but I just ain't feelin' it. That whole scene was just... meh. Drink.


I just kept thinking if you're Bad Ass Ironborn, Theon, why do you drink just because she tells you to. And Yara should have been asking the same question.  The scene was badly written. More like teens exerting peer pressure than a battle hardened brother and sister. 

On 07/06/2016 at 1:25 PM, dbunting said:

I see the scene with the BWB differently than others I guess. Most martial activities start out with a strong sense of what they are doing, right vs wrong. However as time goes by you see the people at the top die off and others rise up. These replacements often don't have the same sense and morals at the original leaders and they start to stray from who they are. So if they show the BWB and the leaders who were there before are gone and new people are running the show, then yes it would make sense for them to have changed. However, if they are still alive, then this would make no sense.

I agree.  At first I was baffled that the BWB would do this, but I guess we'll find out in the next episode or so that Lord Beric is dead and the leadership has deteriorated.  The last thing we saw from them was, after all, basically the sale of Gendry to Melissandre.  That was probably the beginning of the end for the 'good' Robin Hood style BWB. 

Overall gave the episode an 8, again.  I'm really liking this season.  But Jaime again disappointed just a bit - not sure if he's just not getting the right dialogue but Nikolaj doesn't seem to be doing what he can do (which up to season 5 was brilliant). 

YAY! for the Hound, Lyanna Mormont and the Blackfish.  

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20 hours ago, Nymeria's pack said:

 agree.  At first I was baffled that the BWB would do this, but I guess we'll find out in the next episode or so that Lord Beric is dead and the leadership has deteriorated.  The last thing we saw from them was, after all, basically the sale of Gendry to Melissandre.  That was probably the beginning of the end for the 'good' Robin Hood style BWB. 

Even selling Gendry could be argued with "do a little bad for the greater good". Although I'd argue having a well-trained blacksmith in their crew would have been more valueable than a bag of gold. (but plot demanded otherwise).

But what did they rationally gain from killing this bunch of poor fellows ? It would make more sense if they were extorting food or services from them.

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I voted 8. Well late, because I only just saw the episode after a week in Blackpool and watching the Euro. Solid, but a bit underwhelming after the multiple build-ups of the last episode. Seemed a bit like a stopgap. No dull moments, but on the other hand nothing particularly stood out.

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Another 7. Not a bad episode, a tad fillery. The main plusses are the Blackfish and confirmed Hound survival (and reformed). Also there's some pretty decent dialogue in this episode, chiefly in the aforementioned BF scene and QoT vs. Cersei. And Jaime has improved since they finally got him to the Riverlands.

The North: OK. Tormund and Davos get to make nice speeches and we meet Lyanna Mormont, who is rather rude. Most of the North is clearly still suffering from a bout of amnesia.

Ironborn: meuh. It's good that they're heading for Meereen. I daresay it had been a while since the last brothel scene. Arya ... ouch; didn't follow very coherently from her last scene, and you'd expect her to be more vigilant.

(Why Septon Meribald is apparently Brother Ray in the show I don't know.)

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On 6/8/2016 at 9:08 PM, tormund's beard said:

for me it was the best show on tv for the first 3 to 4 seasons. now... it sucks

don't get me wrong it's still better than most shows, and the  landscapes, costumes, etc are AMAZING im in love with some of the weapons, armor and even dresses and locations on the show BUT the dialogue and story telling compared to earliers seasons is so bad i want to cry.

Fair enough, if you rated the other seasons so highly.  And although I have actually liked this season (shocking I know, or at least episodes 1, 2, 5 and 6) some of the criticism is cringe worthy, especially in the tear apart thread.  

I mean here is the thing.  Game of Thrones is best show.  For me anyway.  From the best series maybe ever written about the genre.  And the first 4 seasons were just unbelievable.  It's being compared to itself which is a tough standard.  People will find one or two things in an hour long episode and give it a 3, rest is top notch mind you (my opinion). 

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Definitely a good episode.  Glad to see confirmation that the gods (i.e. GRRM) ain't done with the Hound yet. I thought Septon Meribald was a brilliant character, well portrayed. It seems he's a bit different than in the book, but he fits well with the tone of the TV show.

The waif was putting out a terminator vibe, though, and Arya should have seen through her disguise. Her surviving that stabbing was a bit unrealistic.  I guess the blade missed her vital organs, what, six-seven times in a row? I suppose the waif could have meant to do that in order to create a blood trail leading her back to the actress needing killing and in order to torment Arya a little more. She's disobeying Jaqen H'gar's orders - not a good idea.

Lyana Mormont was pretty cool. Definitely a good actress!

Riverrun seems to be playing out exactly like in the books. It's almost refreshing to see things not get turned all around, although it does, at this point, make things a little less interesting.

Overall 8/10, I'd say.

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