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Quarterfinal: Switzerland vs Spain

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Switzerland lineup (3-4-1-2):


        Elvedi   Akanji   Rodríguez

    Widmer   Freuler   Zakaria   Zuber


            Embolo    Seferovic

Subs: Lotomba, Vargas, Mvogo, Mbabu, Cömert, Fernandes, Gavranovic, Fassnacht, Schär, Sow, Benito, Kobel


Spain lineup (4-3-3):


    Azpilicueta   Laporte   Torres   Alba

           Koke   Busquets   Pedri

          Torres   Morata   Sarabia

Subs: Sánchez, Thiago, de Gea, Traoré, M. Llorente, Gayà, Oyarzabal, Moreno, García, Rodri, Olmo, D. Llorente

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You may wonder why I haven''t been in to support  my adopted swiss team before, well it's hard to shed this neutrality that comes with it.

Are those cowbells, I'm hearing? 


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11 minutes ago, Zlatan Ibrahimaltvic said:

Is that another own goal?

I think it was on target before the deflection.

Spain looking increasingly dangerous in this tournament. They’ve got the best manager in Enrique and they pretty consistently rack up high numbers of chances. They haven’t been the most efficient in taking those chances but I’d be a lot more confident about their style of play giving their forwards loads of chances rather than the likes of Belgium or England relying on their star forwards to take the one or two chances they get.

ETA: Apparently it is an own goal. That seems a bit harsh.

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I think Spain have taken the wrong lessons from the Croatia game. They kept playing in that game and let them back into the game but they stopped playing today and have still let Switzerland back into the game anyway.

ETA: That doesn’t help the Swiss though.

ETA2: It’s not actually as bad as it first looked when you see the replay, he scrapes his studs across Azpilicueta’s shin rather than planting them straight in, but it’s not the kind of thing VAR is going to overturn.

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