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Worst plan ever made in the saga ?

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34 minutes ago, EggBlue said:

I'm still fairly certain that Rhaegar's plan was the worst....whatever it was. just look at the result!

I agree. Unless it is confirmed Jon's conception was needed to save the world or something Rhaegar's plan will go down as one of the stupidest in my opinion. Aside from his awful military strategy when dealing with the rebels, what was he expecting when he ran off with the already-betrothed daughter of a great house?

Rhaegar's Plan in his mind:

1. Lyanna Stark is needed for my prophecy baby. To seduce her, I will pass over my wife and crown her as Queen of Love and Beauty, no one will care about this even though she's already betrothed.

2. I'll run off with Lyanna, leaving behind my wife and kids, still with no thought to what her relatives would do.

(Oh no a massive war has started In part due to my actions!)

3. I will conceive child with Lyanna.

(Now I'll deal with those pesky rebels, except I'll make sure to completely squander my advantageous battlefield position and then die in combat with Lyanna's scorned fiancé.)

4. Lyanna gives birth to prophecy baby. Profit...except I'm dead now. So is most of my family. Oh well!

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3 hours ago, Nevets said:

Darry could have been the glue holding things together, and his death caused it to fall apart.  Viserys was probably less than stable even then.

You know Doran still planned to marry his daughter all the way up to the first book. He even mentioned how he planned for the two of them to meet, in AFFC. So that doesn’t make much sense.

My favorite theory when it comes to Dany, is that Illyrio gave Dany her eggs, with the intention for them to hatch. I have no idea if that one will end up being true or not, but it's the one I find most believable.

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6 hours ago, Nevets said:

Darry could have been the glue holding things together, and his death caused it to fall apart.  Viserys was probably less than stable even then.

And yet Doran wanted to marry Arianne to him. But he couldn't be bothered into molding Viserys into a suitable husband for some reason or another (never even bothered to set up a correspondence).

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18 hours ago, Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 said:

The Targaryens are the only visible option to really punish the Lannisters since Robert and Jon Arryn showed no sign of intending to punish the Lannisters at all.  


At the time of A Dance of Dragons, sure. At the time of A Clash of Kings Doran had plenty of options of how to screw with the Lannisters and actually take revenge on Tywin.

Now he is in this weird position where everybody that was involved in his family death is now dead, Aerys, Rhaegar, Lorch, Gregor, Tywin, Kevan and even Robert, Jon, Ned and Hoster are all dead, but he keeps saying that he wants revenge while pointing out that the current Lannisters had nothing to do with Elia's death.

At the same time he's plotting to overthrow Tommen in favor of Daenerys. What does he think will happen to Tommen after that?

Doran's plan beyond being stupid, do not go along with what he wants. He and Balon really are a pair running neck and neck about who is dumber.

18 hours ago, Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 said:

Also you have to remember that the Martells and dornish had great influence in King's Landing court and had privileges that no other kingdom and great houses had after marrying the Targaryens. 

This was during Daeron's reing.

During Aerys reing this does not seems to be the case considering how he talked about Elia.

The Martells have all the reasons in the world to hate the Targeryans as much as they hate the Lannisters. The worst thing a Dornish ruller could do is to support the Lannisters, the second is to support a Targeryan. Doran is doing the first as a front and the second as a plot...The more time I think about his plan the worst it gets.

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