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How would you rate episode 209?


How would you rate episode 209?  

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My expectations are obviously too high. The blackwater was the best part of the books flicking from one Point of view to another added to the tensions, watching Stannis lead the attack with no shield or helm broke the immersion for me and I could not take it seriously. (how he manages to get from the battlements through the enemy and back to his ship I have no idea)

The wildfire seen was amazing - the fighting on the river was shortened for obvious reasons, but I think Sandor gets a bit of a raw deal as retreats at the first sign of fire. Tyrion leading the attack on foot (much cheaper in an already expensive episode) also defies common sense, not to mention the coolest kill in the books is Ser Mandon first written charge.

Non combat sections where well done although Sandor Bronn was a little odd unless there will be a future arc to come out of it,

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I have to rate it a 10, I've already re-watched it twice!

Totally lived up to expectations, and the dialogue was absolutely brilliant. We had to rewind/rewatch the 'tell the hound to tell the hand' several times right away, we were laughing so hard!

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I have to agree with most of the posters. I thought the episode was excellent- easily one of the best in the series. I thought the battle scenes were very well produced, and I find that Leena Hadley is really making me hate Cersei a lot less than I did when I read the books. Her scene with Tommen on the Iron Throne was great. I am sad that the season is almost over and it will be months before we get to start again.

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The sheer volume & scale of the books makes it impossible to adhere perfectly to every character & story arc in a TV conversion the same way as Peter Jackson's LOTR movies veered of in places but 17 oscars cant be wrong...!!!!

GRRM's input was evident even in the "changed" scenes & all in all it made for some amazing viewing and when Bronn was singing "the Rains of Castamere" it really was a goosebump moment. I have even found myself liking the Lannisters a bit lately..........!!!!

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Oddly, Lena Headey (sp.?) made this episode for me. As far as I'm concerned, she's now joined Dance, Dinklage, Cosmo and maybe a couple of others at the head of the class in a series that features generally strong acting all around. I don't know what she did between seasons 1 & 2, but she's really brought it this year.

This whole season has seemed really dark (as in the picture quality, not the thematic tone). Since this one happened exclusively at night, it was hard for me to make out some things. I have perfect eyesight, but perhaps my environment or my tv is not-so-perfect (although it's been the same on my lcd monitor). The battle scenes were especially murky. Or was that intentional? It wouldn't be unreasonable if it were.

That aside, my only quibbles are Stannis the Barbarian charging up the ladder with no protection, the Sandor-Sansa scene lacked intensity or a reason for her to stay in King's Landing (and what's happened to Dontos?), the lack of an Imp Chain, and Tyrion's wounding. Ser Mandon is supposed to slip before striking, hence his botched assassination attempt, and there appeared to be no reason for him to only slice across Tyrion's face. Again, I could have just missed something due to the darkness, though.

I couldn't see a reason for it at first, but by the end I thought the Sandor-Bronn scene was just meant to re-emphasize that the Hound is bold enough to challenge Bronn, so his "fuck the king" scene wasn't just him being a chicken shit when the going gets tough. That illustration would be more for non-GRRM readers, since other viewers would know exactly why he leaves.

GRRM's reaction to any claims that the writer of this episode doesn't know jack about Westeros would be priceless.

Edited by Lord Tywin
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I rated this a 10!!! It deserves it's rating ... my palms and heart was racing throughout the whole dang episode!!! Lol. I've had to wipe my hands (((on my husband's arm lol))) a few times. I read a little bit about the Blackwater Bay Battle in FF and I've read about Sansa and Sandor's scene, slightly disappointed that she never sang to him and that they put the singing of the song while she was in the Keep with all the women and children...got over it though lol.

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Rains of Castsmere during the credits made me cry...

I choked up when Tywin entered the gate and then that Rains of Castamere just let all the tears flow! I've already read the books but I can't help but feel the panic, the despair--and even sympathy for the Lannisters!--oh my god I don't use this word but THAT EPISODE WAS EPIC.

Also, how many weeks late am I watching this episode???

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10/10 The action was great, the wildfire was great, and Cersei was completely smashed. To bad Tyrion got the short end of the stick. (No pun intended.) And of course, two of my favorite lines in the series:

"Those are brave men knocking at our door! Let's go kill them!" Tyrion Lannister.

"F&*k the kingsguard, F&*k the city, F&*k the king!" Sandor Cligane, the Hound.

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I've just got the DVD of Season 2, and I've watched it twice.

I'd have to give it a 10.

Martin is absolutely right in his commentary about how the bells ringing wildly ratchet up the tension. You can feel the panic and fear sweeping the City, and imagine women and children seeking refuge in the Septs.

The Highlights:-

1. Varys' rather moving comments about his hatred for the Dark Arts, and how Tyrion is their only hope.

2. The dialogue between Davos and Matthos.

.3 The wildfire explosion.

4. Stannis's response. "Hundreds of men will die." "Thousands."

5. Tyrion's coolness under fire, as he successively plays each card in his hand.

6. The fighting scenes.

7. Cersei's dialouge with Sansa.

8. Tyrion's speech to rally the soldiers, followed by "Oh. Fuck. Me."

9. Cersei and Tommen is an incredible scene. Cersei is on the verge of tears, as she prepares to kill Tommen and herself, and tries to keep his courage up.

10. Old Dubrovnik.

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