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How would you rate episode 307?  

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He's not REALLY good. He's really likable, but hardly characterized as a white knight.

He's not a Ned Stark/white knight figure, no... but that actually makes him a weaker character. He's "grey" in all the right places; he's honourable but not rigid, etc. He's basically a "Mary Sue".

The preview for next week makes it look like he's taking a turn for the worst, thankfully.

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He's not a Ned Stark/white knight figure, no... but that actually makes him a weaker character. He's "grey" in all the right places; he's honourable but not rigid, etc. He's basically a "Mary Sue".

The preview for next week makes it look like he's taking a turn for the worst, thankfully.

Yeah, was he stabbing the table with a dagger and scowling :P

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Well he's a drunk, he whores around a lot, he hires a guy to "Kill people that annoy" him, he constantly defies his father (ill-made spiteful creature). Sure he's kind and thoughtful but the difference between the show and the book is that we don't see the results of his disregard for people's lives that Bronn alludes to, and he's much less selfish. I think Dinklage could easily pull off the darker Tyrion but a lot of those Storylines that show that side of him are sort of boring and unnecessary to film. I think the more interesting events that turn Tyrion sour are going to be pulled of well, and it will be somewhat gradual. I don't see Tyrion instantly turning into Tyrion I in aDwD.

Well, he has slapped Joffrey a few times. I guess if Joff weren't a twisted, psychopathic, sadistic murderer, the slapping could be taken as child abuse instead of just desserts (before the fact).

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i could have done with more actual fighting in the bear scene. and the theon scene was not exactly how i envisioned that, but i really liked seeing Dany surrounded by her dragons. this season they're finally getting her scenes right. i agree, the little exchange between Joffrey and his Hand was excellent.

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There's also the angle that if he wasnt sleeping with Ygritte, it would be really suspicious, since he's meant to be breaking his Nightswatch vows.

So... Jon Snow may in fact be taking one for the team?

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10/10, because I'm really liking what they'r doing to the show overall and I think I'm going to stick to that grade from now on.

But I don't know what happened to Jon Snow & Ygritte. Last season their story was among my favorites, now they're as boring as watching grass grow. And I don't know about everyone else, but I don't think I can stomach much Theon-torturing anymore.

Dany was great, Jaime & the bear were great, and I really loved the Melissandre/Genry part.

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The problem I have with this episode is that Episode 6 was slow, so I expected more action in this one. The issue is with the global script, not with the episode itself.

I also had no big problem with the Theon scenes so far but I changed my mind this week : enough of that ! We got it : "Boy" is a very nasty guy and Theon made the wrong choice, now it's time to show them do something else (or to stop showing them)

But I enjoyed every other scenes :

The Bear was great.

Dany is perfect this season.

At last, Jon gets the screen time he deserves.

I enjoy every King's Landing scene since episode 1 and the Joffrey/Tywin dialog was one of the best (but my favorite remains tywin/cersei/tyrion final scene in episode 5)

Melisandre/Gendry was a nice surprise.

Also, Qyburn is a character I like a lot in the books and this episode confirmed that he will have a significant role in the show.


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OK, I gave it a 7, same as last week. I would have graded higher but the Theon scene just felt a little awkward. I am not a prude by any means and have no problem with the sex scenes in the show, buit this seemed over the top. Theon did a great acting job though, his fighting to believe they were really there to be nice to him, his bewilderment, very well acted.

Didn't care for the bear scene too much. Too much dancing around and not enough fighting, but glad the bear didn't get tortured too much.

Loved Arya's scene. Death is my God!

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I give this episode a 5, making it my worst-rated episode (by far!) of the entire series .

I don't mind slow episodes in general. GoT had a decent amount of downright brilliant "slow" episodes, the most recent example being "The Climb" (S03E06) which I think was easily the most well-written episode ever. However, as the season already draws to a close, I somewhat expected more things to happen in E07. You know, when each season just has 10 episodes, they really need to relentlessly progress in the story - and that is something this episode failed to do entirely. It seemed like all the scenes were just altered repetitions of something we'd already seen earlier: Bran and Rickon lost in nowhere on their way to the Wall, Theon being tortured, Dany talking to some stereotypical and generic slave lord etc. It all seemed so meaningless - maybe it turns out all of it was meaningful and we just don't know it yet. But still, as the ending credits flickered over my TV screen I couldn't help but wonder what raison d'être this episode actually had when it basically achieved almost nothing in little under 1 hour.

But that wasn't the only thing this episode did wrong. The writing was surprisingly weak. I mean seriously, who came up with some of these ridiculous dialogs and one-liners that are supposed to be cool or something... "This is your father's house", "Sorry for the sapphires"... All the conversations lacked the wit and creativity that we're normally used to from GoT. But it's not just the dialogs that were poorly written and executed - many of the other scenes (save the final scene!) just didn't make any sense to me. Just to name a few things that were totally left unexplained: When did the "Mother of Dragons" turn into the "Mother of Slavery Abolitionists"? All of a sudden she delays her important journey to Westeros to free some random slave city, in turn jeopardizing the fate of her newly gained army and her increasingly powerful, yet still vulnerable dragons!? And why was the Hound still creeping around the camp of the Brotherhood Without Banners days after they almost killed him - you can't tell me he was up day and night waiting for the rare occasion where Arya might venture out into the woods, all on her own, so that he can capture her?

See, there are just so many lose ends that have yet to be tied up. Sure, none of storylines will come to a proper ending this time - and I'm glad we have so much to look forward to. But this episode contributed nothing towards clearing things up and giving explanations. Now I'm sure this is all part of the build-up towards a huge finale, but I can't help but think that this episode was such an obvious attempt to stall the story that it to me just felt like a waste of time. This season now needs a tour de force finale with epic action scenes, dramatic tragedies, intelligent dialogs and a mind-blowing cliffhanger to keep up the general level of excitement about Game Of Thrones.

And one more thing... The "2 Girls 1 Theon" scene - whoever came up with that idea should never be allowed to write any scene in a GoT episode ever again. So far GoT always tried to avoid any sort of cliché, but this was pretty much the most cliché-ridden thing they could come up with.

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I gave it a 7 this week.

In a turn around from my normal opinion, the scenes featuring the various Starks I found a bit boring, while I enjoyed the Dany scenes.

I don't mind a slower paced episodes as long as it's still developing the story and characters, but didn't get that feel this week, but did enjoy some of the scenes, Tywin / Joffrey in particular. Interested in where the Gendry arc is going (as a book reader I have some suspicions).

Contrary to a lot of the comments, I quite enjoyed the bear scene, but then it’s been a while since I read the book so while it was a scene I was hoping to be included, the actual detail of it as written has faded from memory a bit.

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I, like most viewers, find the acting for Shae to be absolutely awful. The fact that you complimented her made me half-jokingly poke fun at your post.

Thank you for your answer! Well, I remember I thought she wasn't like book Shae when we first saw her on TV, but after that initial small frustration I quickly realized that I like TV Shae a lot more.

Maybe you or other viewers mix up not liking TV Shae with the actual acting part? Myself I think the acting was especially fantastic this episode. I'm no movie expert, she just feels real - in a "she's like the girl next door" kind of way.

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Enjoy Ygritte and Jon Snow more than the books, also Shae.

Great acting addition in Grandma Tyrell this year, and Mance Ryder.

Less TeonTorture, please.

Tywinn pwning Joffrey, Tyrion remains the best character on the show and the bear scene was great. (and "half a million" line. Go Jamie!) And finally we see the gimpse of regal Daenerys on the show. A little too much foretelling in the "Death" remark.

Also didn't really care for that monologue from Catelyn about Jon. OOC.

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I gave it 6 out of 10.

Nothing really happened. Here is a video of my thoughts.


I would love to hear peoples views on Iwan Rheon as 'boy'

Is anyone (like me) disappointing with him ??

Can you please message me as I can't see your responses on this thread.

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Gave it an 8 because the parts I liked, I really liked, and I'm getting excited for what is to come!

Not much new to add, but wanted to throw in a few quick thoughts since I'm new here.

-While the scene was kinda pointless... I really enjoyed Tormund's "Har!" It's about time. (last week's was meh)

-Seeing Robb's bum was not worth the eternity of that terrible scene.

-I admit that I teared up a little when Brienne said "Ser Jaime"

-Since we didn't get Hoat, couldn't Brienne at least have bitten Locke's ear?! That would have been great. Ugh, so great.

-I really like creepy Qyburn

-While not the best episode... the acting was good and I enjoyed Tywin/Joffrey, Hodor's "hodor", The Blackfish, Jon and Ygritte had me giggling a bit

-Drogon was impressive as hell

-I think we can leave Theon and Ramsay out for one episode please?

-The Reeds story is really dragging... more bickering of Osha and Meera... yawn.

Just think.... if we removed the 2/3 of the episode that was Talisa and Theon, there would have been plenty of bear time.

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