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How would you rate episode 309?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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10 WOW! Well done, IMO! I laughed like crazy when Arya knocked that man out after begging the Hound not to kill him! lmao! LOVE Arya!!! I love this episode because it's the point at which I started liking the Hound. Poor Arya!! So backtracking, the warging and the Ygritte getting all salty scene was pretty cool! Really, people that expect the carbon copy of the book... c'mon! This was AWESOME. I knew what was coming and I felt the same emotions all lover again. Really looking forward to the last episode and already depressed about waiting another LONG while before the next season :(

Silly things I wished came off the book... Darrio and his flamboyant ways! Purple hair and dyed double pronged goatee! Does he have a harpy hilted knife? Haven't noticed. Haha! Jorah was all hatin' on him!

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It was better than I expected it to be. Walder Frey is very well cast and Michelle Fairley was brilliant. A pretty good job at condensing storylines at the RW.--

The wilding and Bran scenes are not well developed. They have done a terrible job with the Reeds storyline and Osha. Loved them all in the books.

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The reading of the scene was repulsive, shocking but not surprising. In the book I remember a thread of hope when they ate under his roof but the hope turning to despair when the massacre began. I rebelled soon after reading it and put the book down for a month. I felt GRRM was a callous monster and I was so done with it all. Watching tonight was depressing...a sad reminder that Ned can never truly be avenged and the House Stark I fell in love with was already gone. It sucks even more that Lord Frey was likeable in this episode and Roose's evilness is only outdone by his handsomeness. Oh the humanity.

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Way better than I was expecting. I give it a 9 just for sheer emotional impact. I wish they would have had one of Robb's men throwing a table over him for protection; that scene really stayed with me after reading it. I also think the timing of the musicians playing Rains of Castamere seemed a little off.

I can deal with Cat not clawing her face. And while I was never a fan of Talysa, wow, I have to say having her there and getting stabbed in the gut a la Dacey Mormont was definitely heartbreaking.

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10. Thought it was brilliant. For me, Ms. Fairley did a fantastic job conveying that vague sense of mounting unease/foreboding throughout the wedding, just with her facial expressions. Nailed it for me.

Also thought having the first strike be to Talisa's womb was a great way to shock readers, because we really didn't know what was going to happen to her. It was such a brutal act that I kind of gasped.

Sure, there were things that weren't exactly the same as the books, but that's what happens when you've got internal monologues. I was really surprised it had the impact it did despite knowing what was coming.

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They really did it, a 10 for me! When they started to play Rains of Castemere, the look on Cat's face, the doors closing, all the preparation and the atmosphere there and still it was shocking to see it on screen. Michelle Fairley was amazing, IMO.

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I nearly cried (I did when I read it). Not because of Robb, because of Cat. Michelle Fairley played it amazingly all the way to the last second. Since basically all of it was good, I will list my complaints, then some key things that stuck out to me.


  • I was very upset with Roose Bolton's stabbing. It was abrupt, far too 'out of nowhere' but not in the way the book surprised me. I expected to see him walking up, and then do the deed. But instead, he sort of pops into frame like "Surprise!" and stabs Robb. I expected to see him coming, but not see it coming.
  • Sam knowing about the Black Gate and the delay of Coldhands. Since Coldhands doesn't really have an identity (that we can tell from his scenes), there is no casting restraint. It just doesn't make much sense to do it the way they did. On a side note, I like how they tied back to Sam in season one saying "I always wanted to be a wizard."
  • It was dumb how the soldiers of Yunkai--noted to be slaves--surround Daario, Grey Worm, and Jorah, and then they apparently just threw down their weapons? It would have been better to show a man dressed in fancy garb step outside and yelling for the soldiers to attack, and they simply lay down their weapons there. I think that would have had more impact and made more sense.
  • Roslin looked too happy, and not nervous at all.

Key points:

  • I like how they added in a bit of the Varamyr prologue by showing Orell's "second life."
  • They did a great job with Bran's warging abilities. It was about time they gave us some real content there. I really liked how they showed how big of a deal it was that Bran could warg Hodor even for a split second. I know this is different from the books (Bran keeps it a secret; warging men is considered horrible), but it did a better job to explain just how special Bran is, given they have dodged it with all of his scenes earlier this season. My one issue was that I wanted Jojen to mention his third eye.
  • I am still curious how they will get Tormund North of the Wall. He needs to survive the battle, and no way he would be captured. I imagine he will now go back over the Wall with Ygritte since their force was just ripped apart, to warn Mance that the Night's Watch is now aware of their imminent attack.
  • I like how they started with killing Talisa. It threw readers like me off because we had no idea where her story was going. It gave us the shock factor that the Red Wedding would otherwise lack for us.
  • I like how much content they got into the wedding--Roose's marriage, Edmure's immaturity, Robb's naivety, Cat's paranoia, Cat's love for her family (in large thanks to Fairley), the Frey's lack of respect when it comes to the rules of honor and the gods (guest right).
  • The Rains of Castamere. When I heard that, I felt my chest tighten. Well done.

All in all an amazing episode that I was so worried they would screw up. With Talisa dead, they were able to cut the content of Tywin managing the dormant alliance with Sybell Spicer for the show's future (makes sense). I love how they managed to show us just how close Arya was to being reunited with her family, and also how the Hound does have a conscience that he hides behind anger. The moment of the bedding was also perfect--Edmure looking drunk and boyish.

I don't have an ear for this, but was that music played well? I remember in the book it was notably bad, so I wondered if anyone with an ear for music knows if the music was played particularly poorly.

I gave it a 10/10.

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9.5 only because Cat didn't claw her face, which would have made it so much more powerful.

Yeah, I was really waiting for that - one of the most powerful pieces of the whole RW to me. Didn't keep me from loving the episode, though - I gave it a very solid 10.

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I gave it a 9 but that's from rounding up from an 8.5. The actors nailed it, though bitter that Michelle Fairley had to wait this long for the writers to let her character shine. My major criticism though is similar to some others -- wish they had done more this season to plant the seeds of what was to come, captured in the book by Tywin's line (and I don't know it by heart and so must paraphrase) that the war would be won by ravens and not by swords. And capture the dread. Cat's scenes with Bolton got to it a bit. Also wish we had gotten to know Robb's bannermen better, besides Karstark and Bolton (important though the latter is).

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Had far more impact with silence.

The silence was the icing on the cake.

As per previous remarks on Cathryn not clawing her face off and other stuff. She might do it in the final episode. Don't despair. I'm pretty sure there's still much about RW not completed in this epi.

As for Robb not crying... it's called SHOCK. :dunno: He seemed to want to say to his mom he was sorry for f**king shit up! -but too shocked to say it.

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