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How would you rate episode 309?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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9/10 it is what I've come to expect, simply amazing, almost perfect imo, but as a reader of the book WTF!!!!!!!!! why did they kill off talisa??? it was my only nitpick of this episode that could have giant repercussions in future seasons

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The woman went catatonic. That's pretty mad! She had so clearly lost her mind. Plus, this will be the face of Stoneheart so it absolutely works because she literally transformed into Stoneheart moments before her throat was slit.

Anyone else we know go catatonic in the series? Creepy and uncomfortable. But maybe a little foreshadowing of horror. Also I don't know how well a horror scene would play with the show. Suddenly going mad usually doesn't happen, it tends to happen after the breakdown.

I just thought the writers probably figured who is going to fall for a half assed deception. It's a surprise attack. You play up the wedding. I did like Bolton eyeballing Robb at the wedding, would have liked the music to have gone on a little longer, the killing to go on a little longer and the Great Jon, actually I think more time could of focused on the wedding. Probably could of done with one POV at the wedding, but I get them not doing that to the actors.

The Scenes in Essos, I didn't really get the last two, felt like something got cut.

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A sumptuous 10.

Having said that, the Red Wedding wasn't quite as fluid as I'd hoped; they drew it out to long and had too many lingering stares. Maybe that meant more to the non book readers, but I felt like having it all happen a bit faster would have made it better. On the positive side, the way they lulled the audience into a false sense of security with all the lighthearted banter was outstanding. In the book there was a lot of discomfort in the leadup, but I liked the way they did it here.

And the best thing is that the rest of the episode was FLAWLESS! Fantastic stuff between Arya and the Hound. Even better stuff with Bran, this episode made his season, and made up for all the boring banter that went before. Jon's escape was very good, and I particularly liked Ygritte in this episode, she portrayed her conflicting emotions incredibly well.

Very pleased with the progression of Dany's story, and the subtle conflict between Daario and Jorah. Not overdone or underdone.

Unsullied, welcome to Bolton-hate.

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10. Talisa's death, Catelyn's wail... my god. It was brutal. I wasn't expecting that gruesome baby stabbing. The last drop was when Robb said "mother...", I cried so much.

Before the RW, the highest point of the episode was Bran & Rickon farewell. Poor kids, now only god knows if they will meet again.

My complaints are that music needed to be louder at the wedding, Dany's scenes were not fit for this episode (they could have delayed) and Maisie Williams acted poorly.

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I gave it a 9 (.5) The Dany stuff, for the first time all season, was meh. I was ecstatic about everything else for the most part. Loved Queenscrown. Loved Bran (finally!) and ... well I didn't love the Red Wedding but it was ... I'm still recovering. It was heart wrenching. Michelle Farley did an amazing job.

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10. I didn't think they'd do the RW so well. I think adding Talisa to the mixed made it even more devastating. Though it wasn't exactly like in the book, all of the important elements were spot on. If I hadn't read the books I would be completely shocked. I would believe that things are finally turning around for the Starks, and then...and who are you, the proud lord said...

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10. Moments that made me smile in the episode only made that cold sensation somewhere around my belly deepen a fraction of a second after each twitch of lips. Totally cried a little somewhere in there too, but I'll deny it tomorrow.

I, er, watched it on a livestream because I couldn't wait a day (being in the UK and all). Must say, the reaction in the chat next to said stream was... interesting. People seemed a little surprised...

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I hardly ever post, just read: but I guess I'm against the grain here. Most of what I thought has been said. Missed the build-up, thought it was more shocking then dread filled.

But the red wedding wasn't the only thing in the episode and I was not that thrilled with the rest. In particular I didn't think the taking of Yunkai was all that impressive. actually, seemed pretty weak to me. But the show has definately ahd problems with big war scenes. Even crediting that, it still seemed rushed and sort of blah. The Bran scenes were ok I guess. Didn't see the point in opening with Sam.

I think the way I would sum it up is this: if ever there was a episode that would ahve benefitted from just one storyline this was it. Wish they had just focused on the RW from start to finish. Though we would never have had the dread brought forth from Cat's point of view we would have had the details.

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9.5 only because Cat didn't claw her face, which would have made it so much more powerful.

The greatest acting performance by the shocked, grief stricken mother goes to Tyra Ferrell in 'Boyz n the Hood'. One of the most brilliant scene's ever filmed, IMHO.

Anyhow, while I expected something similar from Michele Fairley/Cat tonight, I was most certainly moved by her desperation to save her son's life.

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