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How would you rate episode 310?


How would you rate episode 310?  

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The way I see it, I am enjoying watching the book brought to the screen and am happy to watch the action as well as the character development.

I LOVE the show's Ramsay Snow. Hate the Theon scenes all you want, but the actor is doing an incredible job. I didn't like him in the books but his scenes are hilarious, with the war horn and the way he says, "Sorry!" and laughes.

The best part is, all my favorite characters are alive!

Nice season ending.

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My vote: 10

Live-blogging the Season Finale

Bolton looking out over the slaying of Stark soldiers, the slaughter is on and the King in the North is no more, his armies are being wiped out. It's terribly bloody, they're being hanged, mutilated. Sick, sick, sick. The Hound rescues Arya, he's her best friend at this point, maybe her only friend. Oh God, they're parading Robb with Graywind's head on the body's shoulders. Sick bastards, I hate them. He grabs a standard and rides away. Everything's burning. Oh man, this is going to cause poor Arya problems in the future, if she wasn't going to turn into a stone cold killer before, she surely will now.

King's Landing – Tyrion and Sansa, in the moments before she gets the news. What a feeling of dread while watching them banter lightly, trying to become at least friends. “You're a Lannister,” she reminds him. And, “I hear that you're a pervert.” They could be friends, they really could, but when she hears what's happened, that will change everything. Oh Arya, you imaginative little troublemaker, the story of sheep dung in the bed. Podrick the Man of Amazing Talents with Whores, comes running. Well that's a perfect line for Tyrion to say to Joffrey, “Have you killed a few puppies today?” Joffrey, the little sadist, is so happy - “Robb Stark is dead, and his bitch mother.”

He wants to do WHAT to Sansa? Oh you sick little bastard, you inbred little piece of shite. Cersei tries to save the situation - “A joke. Joffrey did not mean it.” Tyrion comes in with a great one, “Just now kings are dying like flies.” Tywin takes control again, and as he has done before, Joffrey manages to piss off Tywin with his disrespectful smart little squinchy mouth.

Epic line: “You're a fool if you think he's the most powerful man in Westeros.” - Tywin, I think you just let a big ol' cat out of a big ol' bag. He and Tyrion exchange jabs, and it looks like Tyrion is beginning to get it about Tywin, who asks in his usual cruel way, “Do you want to write a song for the dead Starks?”

So now we know it's true, no matter how he tries to disguise it, that Tywin disguises his own ambition as putting family first. “I let you live,” he tells Tyrion. Way to make your son hate you, you horrid old man.

Sansa's face is heartbreaking. Poor girl. So much loss, so much grief. I doubt she'll ever recover from what's happened to her these past months. Could anybody?

Bran, Jojen and Meera, Hodor “Hodoring” down the well. His name has become a verb. Bran tells a rather gruesome story about a cook of the Night's Watch. The taste of his son... boy, they get graphic on this show sometimes. “He killed a guest beneath his roof. That's something the Gods can't forgive.” And we go straight to Walder Frey. This week's episode has truly inspired segues, I must say. Roose Bolton does the big reveal – so the guy who's been torturing Theon is Roose's bastard son. Well, well, I believe some non-book people wouldn't have seen that one coming. Frey: “Here's to the young wolf, awooo...” Such a clever old piece of shite. And Roose: “I sent my bastard Ramsey to root him out.”

Cut to the guy eating a sausage. Well, the implication's pretty clear now, isn't it? What a sick sense of humor he has! “You think I'm some sort of savage?” Um, yes. Actually, we do. Theon looks a bit the worse for wear. “Kill me” he says. “You're no good to me dead,” says Ramsey. “We need you.”... “You don't look like Theon Grayjoy anymore.” and “You freak.” Then it's more beating and “What's your name?” “Reek.” It looks like Theon has been broken. And he has a new name. Poor Theon.

Now we have Bran again – he's hearing his wolf and there's something there, there's the wolf and... SAM!!! Samwell the Slayer has joined the travelers. He realizes who Bran is, and Hodor. “Take us north of the wall.” Uh oh, didn't expect that, did you Sam? Jojen lets Sam know they know about a lot of what's going on. Oh, Sam and Gillie won't be joining them. Okay. Again, Bran is looking older with every episode. He'll be twenty soon - is acceleration of aging part of being a warg?

Theon's father and Yara – letter – uh oh, she's got a box. Please don't open it. Oh god, they know now. What a horrible shock, huh? They've castrated your boy and now they're threatening to send more of him. “Theon disobeyed my orders.” Oh, you cold, cold man. “He's your son.” You tell him, Yara. She's going to go after her brother, good for her. Rescue operation in full swing, hooray!

Sam shows Bran, et al the dragon glass weapons. So he had spares, that's good. He gives them to the party, but he and Gilly aren't going with them. Samwell's journey isn't over, apparently. But now Bran knows Jon is still alive.

Davos and Gendry, good! They're a good pair, they'll do something about their situation. Gendry doesn't trust Davos, can hardly blame him. They establish their respective positions on the social ladder of Fleabottom, and thus Davos gets Gendry's trust. Good man. Love Gendry's description of Mel -“Big words, no clothes.” Good lines! “You see? Highborns,” he says with disgust.

What's going on with Varys, he's sussing out Shea. He always has a story, a motive, a reason for approaching anyone. Varys expends effort to align himself with her. Now he's offering her money to start a new life. Why? Ah, so Tyrion can help him shape the future of Westeros. She stands up to his manipulations. Now what, Varys?

Poderick and Tyrion getting shitfaced, best line goes to Tyrion - “Everyone would do it if it were easy.” Cersei is her imperious self, telling Podrick, “Leave.” Argh, what a bitch. Oh, so she seems to think she won't be marrying Loras. Cersei actually thinks she can fool anyone into believing she wishes for happiness for Sansa. She talks about when Joffrey was a baby. Almost becomes human when she mentions her children, but she's done too many mean and dirty things to get my sympathy anymore. Tyrion is right on the money when he says, “Every time we deal with an enemy we create two more.”

The Hound and Arya – oh there are some soldiers talking about putting the head of the wolf on Robb's body. Arya offers him the coin and starts stabbing him. The Hound to the rescue! Arya has her first kill. She's an assassin now, a true badass. We love you, little Arya. You have much more work to do in this hard and unforgiving world of Westeros, don't you?

Uh-oh, the redheaded irritant is back, and she's pissed off. Finally he says in reply to her refrain, “You know nothing,” that he isn't quite such a loser as she seems to think. “I do know some things.” They're both so gutted by events, you have to feel a little sorry for them. Good lord, is she going to succeed in killing him? Poor thing, her heart is broken. I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you. Lots of grief to go around in this episode.

Maester Targaryen, although we don't refer to him that way anymore. Maester Aemon. He accepts the young couple. What? She named the baby Sam! Well played, Gillie. Maester is going to send ravens, wonder what for? Ah, I bet I know. Brace yourselves everyone, and let the low-level panic begin, things are going to start getting very, very scary pretty soon.

Davos is reading again. The little girl with the scaly face, Shireen, the sweet one, is back again. There's a message from the Night's Watch. Davos, what does it say, man? The bells are ringing for the death of Robb Stark – the news is out. Now Stannis says he will use magic if he has to, to take Westeros and rule it. Davos tries again to talk Stannis out of killing Gendry. Stannis is determined, so now we're seeing Davos rescue Gendry. Good. Maybe Gendry is the one who will eventually rule Westeros. He's sending Gendry to King's Landing, by sea in a rowboat. Gendry can't swim, which makes this development a little unrealistic, but whatever. Like it's not going to be dangerous for him in KL?

Ah, Jon made it to Castle Black, good. He'll live. Now Sam can tell him about Bran, hooray, at last. Maybe the Starks can recover a little bit of family again, out of the shreds that are left.

Jaime arrives at King's Landing. There's Cersei, and now the reunion takes place. The writers seem to be implying the loss of the hand will be a problem. Personally, I think spending time with Brienne, an honest woman with ethics, will be more of a problem to Jaime and Cersei's relationship than anything else could be. We'll see, I guess.

Stannis and Mel know Davos set Gendry free and they're not happy with him. Please don't kill him. Aha, news of the White Walkers has reached them, and Mel's starting to get it. Now they have to spare Ser Davos's life. Oh, the twists and turns. But let's not forget he's on the witch's bad side, that's not a good place to be.There'll be hell to pay, or maybe we should say Mel to pay.

Dany's dressed in blue again. That must be her power color. Cute outfit, didn't get a good look, is that coulottes? She and Missandei match nicely, that's a stylistic touch, but really, Dany's outfit looks like she took a time machine to now and picked it up at Sak's.

Here come the freed slaves. (Now you're going to have to feed them, how do you propose to do that?) Now they're calling her “the unburnt”. That's pretty literal, I guess. So that's where the title Mhysa comes from. They see her as their mother. Ah, so not coulottes, are those thigh-high boots? Girlfriend, you're dressed to kill, so to speak. Ooh, the dragons are so cool. She's bad, she's bad, the woman's a pure badass, yes she is.

Into the mosh pit! It's kind of a cheesy scene, but it gives us something to chew on until next season. It's a geeky 80's thing to do, but let's face it Dany, you're so beyond cool. We love you, little mama.

Wow, what an ending. What an episode! Wow! Now comes the long, cold wait until Season 4. Sigh.

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Too bad Dany is kind of the fan favourite aside from Tyrion, deal with it.

And her scenes are campy?

Nah, it's not. You have grudges against her in the book and it is automatically transferred to the series. Deal with it.

There was never a moment where a character dies, and comes back the next episode in any TV show. The thing is, you have to let something like the RW set loose for a while man. It will take away the epicness of it to have Cat come back the next episode.

the epic event that will counter the red wedding will be Joffrey's wedding.....not Cats ressurection....I didn't want the Frey hanging scene...but I wanted the kiss that gives her life again

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Stoneheart appears in the epilogue of the book, what the hell? That's freaking atleast 400 pages after Cat's death, of course they won't freaking put Stoneheart an EPISODE after Cat's death, the continuity in that does NOT MAKE SENSE.

The book worms are hilarious these days.

This season is still the first half of the book. There is no correct continuity not so ever to see her dead in one episode, and oofty doofty she's alive the next. Let the death sink in, jesus. This episode is setting up the next season, let it be.

And Reek appeared when? Dance.

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I give it a 7


-Tywins scene with Joffrey/Tyrion was great. I can watch Charles Dance for an entire episode and i'd be happy

-Dragonstone with Davos


-Arya and the hound

-Roose Bolton the new "Big Boss"

-Ramsay and Theon

-Asha/Yara scene. I'm really interested in what they do with her story. It was a nice build up. looking forward to it.



-Stannis comes off way too evil IMO. Gives no reason for the general audience to like him or root for him.

-Jon snow and Ygritte cliche love scene. Could have done without that.

-Dear God the Dani scene was horrible and so cheesy. Could not stand it. WEAK SAUCE. The show really builds her up as the big savior of the series.Thank god Jorah and barristan are on her side or I wouldn't care for her at all.

-Jaimie and cersei. Meh felt like a waste of screen time to me.

-Tyrion/sansa scene just felt silly and out of place.


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Wait wait wait wait.

No Lady Stoneheart is fine. But I think many of us are put off by them not even showing or talking about her body...

Showing them dumping the body in to the river would have hit the right notes....

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Wait wait wait wait.

No Lady Stoneheart is fine. But I think many of us are put off by them not even showing or talking about her body...

Showing them dumping the body in to the river would have hit the right notes....

With no LS in this episode there is a very, very good chance she's not going to show up at all in the series.

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I gave it an 8. I thought it was a good finale but really missed Lady Stoneheart and news of just where the Blackfish is. Maybe they will start season 4 with that.

I liked the Sam/Bran scene and figure that Coldhands will meet Bran and company on the other side of the gate. I wanted the gate to be the one in the book, through the mouth of the heart tree but I guess that was too difficult to do for some reason. The open gate through the wall made no sense. The wildlings can just pass through that one......

Also, where is Gendry going? I hope Arya finds Needle and loved her scene. And I really liked what they did with Yara/Asha...I love the fact that she is going to go try to save Theon. I like it when HBO gives us a better story then in the books. I think this is a better Asha/Theon story....than what we get in Book 5.

I like the fact that they made the battle against the Others, wights and that which controls them above the wall so important to the story line of this episode. That sets us up for where we are going.

I miss it already...we have to wait until April again. Sigh, why are the seasons so short?

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Yeah, you know why?

Because he won't need to appear in the next few seasons!

YAYYY! We can follow more main characters now!

Thank god his story is concluded for now!


Is it? then why is Asha on her way to the Dreadfort? Sounds like that story is to be continued next year. Of course meet the new Asha storyline which never happened because it's time for more time with main characters.

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Oh, dear. How do you figure??

The actress had a 3 season deal, she spoke in detail about her feelings leaving the series.

The time for the audience to feel the most emotional impact from LS is now, when the RW is fresh in their minds. Next year, it will be pointless because she doesn't actually do anything or relate to anyone else's storyline and all the rest of the story moves away from anything to do with revenge for the RW until the last book.

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I rather liked this episode; even though there weren't any huge or shocking developments regarding the overall plot, it had some excellent character moments and definitely moved the chains forward for the next season. I'd rate this one as a solid 8.

What worked for me:

Davos and everyone - Davos is my MVP this week. Liam Cunningham was charming, funny, heroic, and just everything that Davos should be. This week was really Cunningham's week to shine, and he took full advantage of it. Good assist from Joe Dempsie, who made me like show Gendry more than I had up to this point.

Arya/Sandor - I wasn't sure if the series would actually allow Arya to go full-on cold-blooded killer, but it did, and very, very effectively too. Maisie Williams and Rory McCann are quite the power duo. From the overwhelming devastation of their first scene to the brutal deliverance of vengeance in their concluding scene, both actors hit all the right notes.

Varys/Shae - I know that Shae isn't one of the more popular characters, but I was really moved by this week's Varys and Shae scene, and I think that both actors were very effective in it. I find show Shae to be a much more interesting and engaging character than book Shae, and Sibel Kekilli deserves at least some of credit for that. I think that sometimes the heavy-handed criticism directed towards this actress is a bit unfair, and I found her performance this week to be quite good.

Tyrion/Sansa - It was very interesting to me to see the juxtapositions of the range of emotions present within their relationship this episode. First we see a light-hearted scene between them, where they are somewhat working as a team and Sansa actually gets to laugh, only to be followed by the wordless desolation later that same day after the news arrives regarding the Red Wedding. Any possible chance that they had to reach some kind of true understanding and mutually beneficial partnership died with Robb and Catelyn Stark, and the show captured that quite well. Kudos to Peter Dinklage and Sophie Turner.

Yet another Tywin smackdown of Joff - I can watch Charles Dance's Tywin own Jack Gleeson's Joff all day, every day, and never, ever have it grow old.

What didn't work for me:

Stannis, Stannis, Stannis - With the way that Stannis is portrayed as acting on the show with regards to Davos, it's hard to imagine why Davos didn't just hop in the row boat with Gendry and get away from that cold, dead-hearted man and his crazy zealot of a black magic priestess. I had to keep telling my unsullied husband that book Stannis is nowhere near as much of a total douche canoe to book Davos.

Jaime/Cersei - Okay, talk about your total throw-away scenes -- Jaime had been gone from KL for over a year, had been captured by the Lannister clan's most bitter enemies, and every day could have brought news of his death, and this is the big reunion scene between him and Cersei??? Underwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it.

Sam/Gilly/Maester Aemon - This scene didn't quite sit right with me. Maester Aemon seemed very unconcerned regarding what Sam reported to him regarding the White Walker, and seemed rather more fixated on whether Gilly's child was Sam's. Also loses points for totally removing the wilding taboo against naming babies, and to no end other than to point out in all CAPS that Gilly thinks very highly of Sam.

The "pork sausage" scene - Okay, it doesn't get much more juvenile than that. In case anyone had any doubts, let's just put in this cheap joke so that we can point out in all CAPS that Theon isn't quite the man he used to be. I spent some time locating my missing eyeballs that had rolled out of the sockets after having endured this scene.

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