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How would you rate episode 310?


How would you rate episode 310?  

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They don't NEED to credit an actor in the opening credits just because they appear in the episode. There are plenty of movies/shows that don't credit a special guest for the very reason that they don't want to spoil the surprise.

Isn't that what I said?

Michelle Fairley has a starring contract up to S3, not a special guest contract. They therefore do need to credit her in the opening credits.

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The actress had a 3 season deal, she spoke in detail about her feelings leaving the series.

The time for the audience to feel the most emotional impact from LS is now, when the RW is fresh in their minds. Next year, it will be pointless because she doesn't actually do anything or relate to anyone else's storyline and all the rest of the story moves away from anything to do with revenge for the RW until the last book.

It will be interesting how they will use LSH. When they will introduce her, how many Frey hangings they will show throughtout the season, and how they fill her time up to eventually get her to the Brienne/Kingslayer scene.

Also, I'm pretty sure Nymeria won't pull Cat's body out, and I'm pretty sure we wont see Nymeria at all until Arya phyically returns to Westeros and meets up with her...if she ever does. If she doesn't, I fear we won't see Nymeria ever again in the show. :(

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As has been pointed out, ep9 was the real climax, this just tied up loose ends. Not sure realistically what else they could've added to this episode without messing up the books' timelines. Not terribly exciting but did a good job showing where the various storylines will be heading next season.

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Give it a solid 7. It was okay, just set up a lot of things for season 4, and what a season the next one will be. There are tons of things coming up. I'm a bit disappointed that we haven't seen CH yet, but I've still got hope. And next season we'll get to see The RED VIPER, legooo! Just sucks that we've got to wait another 9 months or so.

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Was getting ready to give it a 10 but gave it an 8. Absolutely loved it - bar one major gripe.

Kings Landing was perfect this week. Could have done without Varys and Shae

but I suppose it foreshadows next season nicely.

Really enjoyed Asha's scene. Did NOT expect to see Patrick Malahide back at all.

Bran and Sam had some of the best scenes.

Jon and Ygritte was a little cheesy, but Rose Leslie once again killed it. If it wasn't for NCW, she'd be far and away MVP for the season.

Ramsay has his own way of doing things. Been waiting for that moment for a year.

Gotta say though, Davos absolutely stole the show this week.

Wasn't thrilled by the ending scene, or rather what was not the ending scene. Not sure if LS will happen at all.

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It's not about the bloody continuity.

If George RR Martin had ended a book with the RW and Grey Wind's head being sewn onto Robb's body you can be damned sure I would not have picked up A Feast for Crows. A lot of people did not even finish A Storm of Swords until they heard about Stoneheart and the PW.

Then they shouldn't be watching anyways, because this isn't a "feel good" story.

Everyone said they would stop watching after episode 9....yet everyone i know who was pissed off, were alllllll watching this episode too.

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Nothing bothered me in particular beyond that it was more a wrap-up than an episode with actual events worth watching... that and the crowd-surfing ending... but those things are more than enough to reduce a season finale to disappointment - especially after the Red Wedding. This one left me groaning as I realized nothing more (or at all, really) was going to happen. Very anticlimactic.

Something about the presentation of Dany's storyline has really been weak. A lack of depth has been notable there for some time. I truly hope they rectify that.


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The negatives:

The ending was campy. No supernatural/fantasy/cliffhanger (LS would have been epic).

No LS!

No CH! (hopefully CH and LS in Season 4)

No magical talking Blackgate!

No Baelish, lunatic Lysa, annoying Robyn and the Vale - what happened? I thought they were going to be appear in an episode this season?

Robb's mutilation - it was absolutely necessary but very horrifying to see, moreso than the last week's RW (which I thought was much tamer than ASOS's RW, ie Dacey getting decapitated). Fucking Frey cunts!

Stannis is written as too evil now, or at least in this ep. In the books you can't help but root for him.

The Jon and Ygritte scene wasn't that bad. Just their lines were. Writing fail.

No dumping Cat's naked body in the river to disrespect the Tully funeral customs. Not a huge deal though, I guess.

Couldn't agree more. Iwan Rheon isn't horrible, but rather just meh and underwhelming. Book Ramsay is a total menacing sadistic psycho loon freak. Rheon just comes across as a spolied sadistic brat or hobbit lol who deserves a serious beatdown and impaling. What doesn't work (for me anyways) is that Alfie Allen is physically larger and appears much stronger than Iwan Rheon, and even if you were strung up for days without food and water etc, you'd figure that with those big ass arms, he'd be able to overpower scrawny Rheon. (And just how are they going to make Allen look like he's lost loads of weight, like a decrepit old man etc? Not sure they can pull off that much CGI et al).

The positives:

Jaime returning early to King's Landing is very WTF but Nikolaj kills every scene he's in now. Season 4/AFFC Jaime is so goddamn amazing.

Tyrion/Tywin and slapping down Joffrey. Splendid. Charles Dance rules.

Roose and Walder. Walder is repulsive but the actor nails it.

"The Blackfish escaped!" :D I love it how Roose looked very concerned - more evidence of his legendary badass epicness. Fucking love the Blackfish.

Arya getting some revenge. As previously suggested, this made up for her Harrenhal killing and hopefully we'll get her epic killing in Season 4.

Bran, the Reeds, and more SUMMER! :D

Love the new storyline for Asha. Gives her and Ramsay something to do next season. Would be pretty cool if Asha and the Ironborn infiltrate and raise some hell in the Dreadfort in Season 4 (but not expecting a Theon rescue).

No Tyrells and their general douchiness! :D (not that I don't enjoy the Queen of Thorns and the Knight of Flowers, but their scenes in King's Landing this season have been soooo meh and boring, especially Margary's).

Sam, Pyp, Maester Luwin, Jon returning to Castle Black.

Stannis deciding to go to the Wall to defend the realm and HBO spelling it out for the non book readers that the real war with the White Walkers is coming.

Now we have to wait ten months. :bang:

Baelish in the Vale is for next season. Season four will have a lot more big moments than Season three, you can bank on that.

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hope david nutter never directs another episode again. He doesn't belong.

I have to concur, his direction style is awkward at best and there's a few things he does that I'm not a fan of. While he directed the RW, which I thought was a good episode, there are MANY things about that episode I could nitpick at, such as the theatrical performance during it or the horrendous sword fight in Yunkai.

The Mysha scene at the end was just a butchering. When you have THAT many extras in a single scene, particularly ones who can't act worth a damn, you need to be very very careful in translating the scene onto television, otherwise it comes off as amateurish, sloppy and plain awkwardness. Too many bad angles, all in all he did a very poor job at direction. I never nitpick an episode like this but when David Nutter directs I can't help myself...

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I gave it a 7. It could go up to an 8 on second viewing.

As others have noted, it was mainly setup for the next season and tying up loose ends for the 3rd season. I wanted a different ending, but I got the ending advertised in the title, so... okay.

That said, there were some things I really enjoyed:

Bran telling the story of the Rat Cook. This means that there will almost certainly be the Manderly payoff at some point in the future. (Did not like not seeing ColdHands, but it was already pretty obvious that ColdHands was not going to appear in the TV show, so I'm not going to fault the episode for the omission).

Roose Bolton / Walder Frey. Yeah, the scene is basically filling in some narrative gaps. But it's fun to watch both of these actors play these parts.

The Ramsey reveal / the naming of Theon "Reek." I loved that they cut straight from Bolton's comment about his bastard to said bastard tormenting Theon.

The Arya scenes. I thought it was a brilliant idea to use Arya's scenes to reveal the desecration of Robb's and Grey Wind's bodies. I think we first hear about it during one of the KL scenes in the book. (Is it Tywin who discusses it?).

The scene between Tywin and Tyrion. Actually, the whole scene with Tywin was great from the moment Tywin started talking and ordered Joffrey out of the room. Charles Dance just kills in this part. Tywin is one of my most despised characters in ASOIAF, but he's one of my favorite characters to watch in Game of Thrones.

Sam and Gilly with Maester Aemon. But then, I love pretty much any scene with Maester Aemon in it.

The reaction at Dragonstone to Maester Aemon's raven. But the only Dragonstone character I really like is Ser Davos. I thought it was kind of weird that he released Gendry to row himself to KL. But I guess now that Gendry's character arc has served its purpose on Dragonstone (i.e., taking over Edric Storm's story), Gendry gets to go back to the mainland and go back to playing out Gendry's own story again.

Anyway, that's what comes to mind off hand.

I didn't much like the Jon/Ygritte scene. I also didn't much like the way they tacked on the Mhysa scene at the end. But the episode did what it needed to do... i.e., set the stage for season 4.

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Sam and Gilly with Maester Aemon. But then, I love pretty much any scene with Maester Aemon in it.

Yes. <3

8 heads of the Ned out of 10. It could have been better and Jaime's homecoming wasnt that great. Lack of UnCat was upsetting.

I did like Ramsay's reveal, Asha, every scene Sam was in, RAT COOK, Arya, and Sansa's joking with Tyrion at first. Dany's scene was ok but i credit the slaves to getting to my feels. Not Dany. Those guys were good.

Some stuff was disjointed but overall, it was ok. Could have been much better.

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5 out of 10.

It may be a somewhat harsh rating, but that ending was beyond cheesy. That was the true definition of cringeworthy, I couldn't believe it was actually happening.

No surprise the best parts were with Roose who continues to steal the scenes he is in, Arya, Tyrion, my boy Davos, and Reek.

Overall though, not that impressed. I am optimistic about season 4 though. I am curious to see how they do end up handling CH and LS, as I'm fairly certain they won't be completely cut.

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It wasn't the best episode of the show, but it was a season finale. It finished the plot of the season adequately, and set up for next year, which is all I asked for. The deviations from the book were excusable (Book!Stannis was dead long before now) and there are still some that can appear (Coldhands/Stoneheart).

I didn't expect anything groundbreaking and I wasn't disappointed with what I got. I think people went in with too high expectations after "Rains". An episode doesn't need loud confrontations, and deaths to be compelling. The quiet moments made this episode, and Arya's murder is a great foreshadowing of where her character is going.

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Very underwhelming finale. Dany's final scene was so dumb. Should have outed Jorah, would have been a better end. Also, the beginning of that scene felt really awkward to me when they are all standing on that rock. They looked like they were posing for a magazine.

yeah lol

and I wondered how long they were standing there

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The good:

-Roose and Walder. Thought it was a splendid scene


-Davos-Dragonstone scenes

-Tywin beating down Joffrey

-"The Blackfish Escaped"

The Bad:

-Ending. Not very relevant and something they should have done after Mereen


-More Theon-Ramsay shennanigans. At least they've hit the Reek phase

-Sansa-Tyrion getting along and being playful was a bit much and against the tone their marriage was in the book

-Jealous Shae. C'mon girl give it a rest

-Varys seemed too concerned/nice this episode


The Neutral

-Why the Ratcook now? I get it was meant to fade into the Walder scene, but It seems like something Manderly should spill 2-3 seasons from now

-Jon-Ygritte scene

-Cersei-Tyrion friendly scenes. Seems too out of character for either by this point given their mutual animosities in the book.

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I dont understand why people are upset about no Lady Stoneheart,she got introduced in the epilogue of the 3rd book......

This episode is a 1,for me.....The only part I liked was Arya's part other than that I found everything so boring but,the ending is the part I really didnt like.....really...It really came off as a "white savior complex" and I dont like it at all...The director could of kept that part out or changed it....What made HBO to co-sign that part is beyond me....

Even,if that scene was out,the episode was garbage......

Im like one of the few people who can't stand Daenarys storyline......

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