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  1. The books happen to be different than the show, so I don't think he would get that name.
  2. Thank goodness I didn't open it!
  3. Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I agree there are different types of magics but my point was more of them just being different facets of a universal pool of magic. Such as weirwoods and fire both having ine source but being tapped from different parts of the pool.
  5. I disagree, I don't there are different sources of magic, I think there is one stream being tapped into through different ways. That explains the similarities across different types of magics and most requiring a blood sacrifice.
  6. I dont get why people are complaining, it was a great episode. And to be fair, there is no point in complaining about the changes in the show at this point, that ship sailed ages ago. I have no problems with the changes as long as I am entertained and I have been fully entertained by this episode I love Missandei and Grey Worm, D and D are doing a good job at fleshing out all the characters in Dany's camp. Also Sansa owned this episode, loved it! MTE Agreed, I dont get the complain of Missandei an Grey worm.
  7. I agree I took that episode to be a double meaning for the CotF and the child Drogon eats.
  8. No Bran today :crying:
  9. \it's not their fault, TV viewers don't get to read characters minds so dialogues are the only way to show what characters are thinking.
  10. MTE I didn't even know what was going on luckily I have already read the books
  11. Well I dont think he can do anything now tbh the rights have already been sold and GRRM has little control on the storyline of the show.
  12. I dont think they will let him kill her, it might be one of the changes of the show. If they let him kil her they will probably make shae do something terrible so the audience sees that she deserves her death
  13. It could be Balerion but the scene of a destroyed KL makes me think its future rather than past.
  14. But KL didnt exist when Aegon conquered the seven kingdoms Also attached is a scene of a destroyed red keep
  15. I think some of Bran's visions were of the future, probably referring to Drogon flying above King's landing.