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  1. Godric borell seems to be a rather ruthless guy, a sisterman after all. If he was in the Freys skin he would have probably said something similar. BW is also quite young so all the guys in front of him in the line of succession can die of old age, sickness, war, mishaps, etc. And we have to see that BW is a 9 year old kid: all nine year old kids from noble houses dream to become lords or famous knights one day. Jon Snow once said that he is the lord of winterfell in a game with Robb. He never meant for robb to die. Even though he admits that he wanted WF. I am also unsure if we should apply medical terms that are usually used on adults for 9 year old kids. If BW is the same in 20 years, i would reconsider my opinion. BW the most psychopathic person in ASOIAF seriously? so Ramsay Bolton, Gregor Clegane, Littlefinger, Euron Greyjoy, Aerys, Vargo Hoat, Cersei Lannister are all just tragically misunderstood people who are a little rough around the edges?
  2. When I first read AFFC, ADWD wasn't out yet, so I can't really say what I would do in your place. The moment TWOW will be announced by GRRM, I'll do a simoultanous reread of AFFC-ADWD. But a reread isn't the same as reading them for the first time. I think it depends on what your priorities are. If you read the books at the same time you have to follow the specific reading order posted in the links above, otherwise you'll get spoiled and confused. So it's more complicated than reading AFFC first and after that ADWD. If you are too lazy to do that I recommend the traditional way. Also put together they are one ginormous book with shitloads of names and worldbuilding, if you have troubles with keeping up names and stuff, the split is probably easier and faster (not that you have to hurry since TWOW isn't coming out any time soon). It's also a choice of characters: AFFC has no Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys, Bran, Davos or Theon chapters. If these are your favorite characters, and you can't stand the idea of reading a book without them, do the simoultaneous read. Or if you can get your head around the fact that you won't encounter your favorite chars for an entire book, you could do the opposite: read AFFC first and save up your favorite chars for later. If Brienne, Sansa, Samwell, Arianne Martell are your favorite characters, ADWD will be kind of boring for you since they're not POV chars there, AFFC has also way more Jaime and Cersei chapters. If Arya is your favorite character it doesn't matter since she is featured in both books, although not in a prominent way. Sry I really don't know what I would do in your position. With hindsight I would do the simoultaneous read, because I think that put together they make a better book (not as good as AGOT or ASOS IMHO) but better than if you read them as two separate books. But as I said above a reread isn't the same as a first read. Maybe you can ask Brynden BFish who is one of the guys that has done the combined reading order for more info. ereader friendly combined read
  3. I agree
  4. If this is true a large part of westerosi noblemen would be sociopaths and or psychopaths. Godric Borrell suggests as well that Wyman Manderly should kill the Freys who brought back his dead son's bones. That's exactly what Manderly does. BW shows that he's smart and cunning, he didn't say I'll kill my own family. Does Jaime Lannister or Tyrion show any grief after they hear about their uncle Stafford's death? Tywin Lannister gives up on his favourite son Jaime after he gets captured, the same as the Blackfsh after edmure's capture, or Balon after Theon's capture. Old Lord Hunter has been killed by his youngest son, a son who will soon kill his elder brethren, according to LF. Tywin Lannister wiped out two entire families. Arnolf Karstark conspires to marry off his niece Alys to his son and tries to force the Lannisters to kill his own nephew and rightful lord Harrion. Randyll Tarly threatens to kill his eldest son, after mobbing him in various ways. Stannis Baratheon was an accomplice in his brother's murder (although maybe unknowingly). Bronn would kill a babe at the breast for the right amount of money, Allar Deem does it for free. Victarion kills his wife. And the list goes on. Basically if you want to survive or thrive in Westerosi nobility/society you need to show off the attributes of a sociopath: lack of empathy, lack of conscience, etc. this doesn't mean that you are a sociopath. For example Bran notices that both Ned and Robb have a "Lord's face" that is very different from their behaviour in private. Both can be harsh and cold at times and they know they have to be perceived by others as such in order to survive. Yes there are better terms to describe BW and other characters: ruthless, cunning, smart, effective, unscrupulous, intelligent, harsh, hard, ambitious, dangerous, brutal, efficient, cold, severe, etc. We don't need to diagnose them all with the DSM
  5. Yes it's true. But ADWD exceeds partially the timeline of AFFC. Here are two links if you want to read both books simoultaneously: combined reading order of AFFC & ADWD combined reading order of AFFC & ADWD nr 2
  6. Couldn't have said it better. Also IIRC, no one in the NW has seen an Other and lived to tell the tale. Some have seen wights, but almost all of them have fought wildlings, giants etc. So they hate the wildlings more than the hate the Others, because it's hard to hate something nobody has seen for thousands of years.
  7. This poem doesn't remind me of ASOIAF but I like it quite a lot. It's about a panther (black leopard) that is encaged in the Jardin des plantes (zoo/menagerie) of Paris. It's written originally in german by Rainer Maria Rilke.