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  1. All of this is true. And I like it. I really like optimism. However, operating under this presumption, the "best" time for him to release Winds would have been sometime this year seeing as the TV show has been on a year-long hiatus. Granted, we are still in September so there is still a glimmer of hope for a Christmastime or New Years release. Dream, true, could have come out after the series finale. But now, we have Winds coming out either around the same time as the series finale or a couple of months after. So, while Winds will benefit from the GoT fervor, Dream is the one that will struggle. Because - based on what I've gathered about his writing speed and discipline (not too much admittedly) - he probably has not even begun outlining the plot Dream yet. So, that means that we're looking at another few years AFTER the TV show ends before we are getting Dream...which, let's be honest, might start out as a flop because people will not be as interested.
  2. It's not just about wanting more of Martin's prose. It's about wanting climaxes and resolutions for plots, characters, settings and themes that - in the TV show - have either been radically altered, quickly skimmed over or have been completely excluded.
  3. Jabar of House Titan

    Who will be Regent after DwD?

    Margaery will likely be the new Regent, one way or another. When Mace and his vassals leave for the Stormalnds to fight Aegon (yes, that's a when not an if), do you really think he'll leave an opening for Cersei. No. An opening for Cersei might be made available regardless (i.e. Varys) but Margaery will still be there along with a couple thousand Reachman. Maybe Randyll Tarly will be too. Mace isn't without some low cunning but he's not someone I would regard as shrewd or clever. He'd name Margaery as Regent which - doing so - would piss off Randyll Tarly which would probably lead to him turning his cloak in favor of Aegon. Still, I'd be less concerned about what the Reachmen are going to do and more concerned about what the Dornishmen inside King's Landing are going to do.
  4. Jabar of House Titan

    Qyburn in TWoW

    I don't think any one really controls Robert Strong. But, for the sake of your question, the answer is clearly Qyburn. Cersei is really just nothing more than a checking account with green eyes. But whatever Qyburn is doing is going to be revealed for us eventually. And the whole situation is either going to end up like Frankenstein or the Great Other/Night King/whatever-is-leading-or-controlling the Others is going to seize control of the situation and Strong into a wight or an Other. He's already halfway there.
  5. Jabar of House Titan

    Qyburn in TWoW

    Yep. That's totally happening. I actually can see Qyburn kicking Cersei to the curb for Euron
  6. Jabar of House Titan

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Stannis will deal with the Bolton threat but Sansa and the Knights of the Vale will be the ones to end it. Other than that....head canon confirmed. One thing I can't figure out yet: will Rickon and Davos make it back to Winterfell before Dream of Spring? Here's my prediction. After Jon's second life ends and he gets resurrected, I don't think Jon is going to be a POV character anymore. Melisandre's POV will probably do for Jon what the Davos POV did for Stannis and the Catelyn POV did for Robb. But I think Melisandre is getting banished in Winds which opens the door for Davos and Sansa to pick up being our camera lens for Jon in Dream.
  7. Jabar of House Titan

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    Meera doesn't have weak girl arms?
  8. Jabar of House Titan

    Wow small things that could be huge

    I think the horn that can break the magical seal of the Wall is in Oldtown with Sam. Of course, if Euron gets his hands on it... Yes, I would agree on the amount of intact corpses that haven't been burned or torn to pieces. It's going to be absolutely horrific. Like something out of the Walking Dead. Although I will laugh at the irony should Cersei or Tyrion come face-to-face with their zombie father and mother.
  9. Jabar of House Titan

    The Future of Melisandre

    Um...how about pitting Daenerys and Aegon against each other for starters only to stab both of them in the back? Trying to take Sansa back by force would also definitely put him in that category. Also, Tyrion strikes me as the worldly, uber-scientific type who will deny, object and refuse to believe in the Others until well...the times comes for him. That means that while everyone is trying to stay alive, hide behind human shields or fight back, Tyrion will be in denial, focusing on firing shots at everyone else who wronged him. Which would of course clear the field for the Others. He is Tywin's son and Tywin was not a religious/spiritual/superstitious man. As for the Night King? Well, if there turns out to be a Night King figure in the books, think about on Tyrion's journey on the Rhoyne and his thoughts of the Shrouded Lord in Dance. The Shrouded Lord coalesces, in Tyrion's mind, with thoughts of his undead father. The Shrouded Lord, Tywin and the Night King could all be coalesced together in Tyrion's mind.
  10. Jabar of House Titan

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I disagree with the red. Daenerys' last chapter in The Winds of Winter can end with her reuniting with Illyrio in Pentos and she can show up in Westeros in her very first chapter in A Dream of Spring...and she will still have a huge impact on the story. Basically, Aegon needs to get settled in at the Red Keep before Daenerys can show up.
  11. Jabar of House Titan

    Who will command Dany's fleet?

    VICTARION All day. He won't last long but he'll be both Daenerys' consort and the Master of Ships up until the first 100 or so pages of Dream. Although I do think, Aurane Waters will be competing against Victarion both for Daenerys' attention and command of her soon-to-be-massive navy. He might even take over after Victarion dies. But Aurane hasn't struck me as particularly competent at naval command so he might end up accidentally screwing Daenerys over. And I also think Salladhor Saan is also going to join forces with Daenerys -- albeit temporarily. All of the others are either too far away in the middle of their own storylines or they are diametrically opposed to what Daenerys will stand for. EDIT: I wrote "first 100 or so chapters" instead of "the first 100 or so pages"
  12. Exactly. That's why GRRM is a genius. Removing Aerys and/or putting limitations on the power of the Iron Throne is one thing. Look at the Magna Carta. Breaking the Targaryen dynasty by killing 80% of the Targaryen royal family and then chasing the remaining 20% into exile...that's a completely different thing. The breakdown of law and order and radical changes in the terms of engagement have put all of Westeros in a position where they are about to get screwed over...and deservedly so.
  13. Jabar of House Titan

    Jon's dream in ADwD

    Jon already has a Valyrian steel sword...and it's signifcantly bigger than Dark Sister. Val is cool, I guess. But only if she becomes more of a major player because GRRM is not just going to give an ultra-rare Valyrian steel sword to just any Susie Q. The question isn't if Dany ever held a sword? The question is has Dany ever swung/wielded a sword? To that question, the answer is almost assuredly a no. But based on Bran's visions in his last chapter in Dance and the sheer necessity Dany will be facing living amongst the Dothraki, Daenerys is due for quite a bit of scythe-swinging, Dothraki-screaming goodness.
  14. Jabar of House Titan

    Who was Tywin's heir?

    I see. Even though Elizabeth Woodville did pretty good for herself and her family...that sucks. Alas, Elizabeth...I know it must've sucked but you did pretty damn well with the hand you were dealt.
  15. Jabar of House Titan

    Jon's dream in ADwD

    I think Daenerys (or more likely Arya) is going to get her hands on Dark Sister though. That's just my tinfoil head-canon though.