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  1. Jabar of House Titan

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    I completely disagree. Daenerys is going to be turning over a new leaf. You're right. She won't care what people say about her choice of consorts and allies. You're right. But that doesn't mean that she's just going to become a completely different character and stomach someone like Euron. Call it what you want, he is a slaver through-and-through which makes him a natural enemy of Daenerys. Not to mention, Euron is a sorcerer and Daenerys has already been established to despise/distrust those who practice magic. And Dany is way too smart to get into bed with someone like Euron. Say what you want about Daario but Daario was someone that Dany can control. Euron Greyjoy is as uncontrollable as they come. You say that Daenerys doesn't know all this yet? Well, it's only a matter of time before she figures it out. She's not stupid and Euron isn't exactly hiding it. And Moqorro (maybe even Marwyn and Victarion) likely already know about Euron's sorcerous proclivities. Tyrion can go further and speak on Euron's reputation. If anything, her sojourns in the Dothraki Sea are going to make her wiser, less tolerant of the B.S. and more likely to roast or butcher people who displease, threaten or scheme on her. Dany has always known that Daario was bad news and that he couldn't be trusted...she was just a girl who wanted to rest, play, plant trees and whatever. As of her last chapter in Dance, winter is here and that girl is gone. Kill the girl and let the woman be born... Dany will end up marrying a Greyjoy. But it will be Victarion, not Euron. You wanna know why? Because Victarion AND the Iron Fleet will be right there in Meereen and Euron will be halfway across the world fighting on several different fronts.
  2. Jabar of House Titan

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    This might have been along the lines of his original plan but he's going to be forced to change course with Moqorro, Tyrion, Barristan and Victarion both whispering in Dany's ear. Any one of those four or perhaps all of them will be instrumental in turning Dany against Euron.
  3. Jabar of House Titan

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    Crushing the Redwyne and Hightower fleets should not be a problem for Euron. Storming the city and taking control of it? That's going to be very, very difficult. While the strength of the Redwynes is at sea, the Hightowers seem to be a much more powerful land-based force. In fact, I know this to be true because the Hightowers are throwing together an armada at the last minute. In fact, I don't think the city has ever fallen...at least not anytime since Aegon I began his conquest. In any case, Lord Hightower and his daughter are likely going to use sorcery in their attempt to defend the city. And the Ironborn have never been known for their ability to take fortified cities, sack them and then hold them indefinitely. And Euron needs to be able to hold a city in order to make himself look at least a little bit attractive to Daenerys. And @aryagonnakill#2 seems to be onto something when talking about how the ironborn might end up choosing to attack Oldtown from the northern river valley rather than from the south at the harbor. In other words, it's going to take him a while. I expect Aeron will be our POV for the big naval battle and will have - at most - three chapters (the sample chapter plus two more) before he dies. And he'll die at the battle's conclusion or die when the battle concludes. Samwell, I expect, will be preoccupied with learning what he needs to learn and Citadel intrigue up until the Hightowers lose and Euron starts banging on the front door of the Citadel. From there, Samwell will be our POV into Euron's activities after taking Oldtown...before Samwell manages to escape with Gilly and Mance's baby. (I expect Sam to reunite with his family early on in A Dream of Spring but that's a different story) Euron is going to stay in Oldtown for a while because I believe he is wanting to become a super-sorcerer and he has need of information that can only be found in Oldtown. Plus, I also believe that Euron is THE endgame human villain to beat (i.e. the one that only a few of the characters know about, much less are prepared for) so GRRM has to spend time making him a scary-powerful force. After Winds, I think Euron is going to have to take a couple of steps back and make adjustments when the activities of Victarion, Theon and Asha start posing a serious threat to his power base.
  4. Jabar of House Titan

    What are you least looking forward to?

    But if you're talking about POVs from the first book, there would be no Cersei, no Jaime, no Davos, no Brienne, no Theon, no Melisandre. Ned is dead, Catelyn is no longer a POV character because she "died" and there is the matter of Jon "dying" making him ineligible for a POV. So, by your logic, that would leave the final book(s) to be told through the story of five POVs: Sansa, Tyrion, Bran, Arya and Daenerys. Which, at this point of the story, is just really not enough.
  5. Jabar of House Titan

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    I feel like the bulk of Catelyn's chapters -- especially the ones in Storm -- are the most human and real the series has ever gotten.
  6. Jabar of House Titan

    What should we expect from the Vale?

    Sansa is the type of character who knows stuff without really knowing that she knows stuff. For example, although she knows that Littlefinger is the responsible for both the War of the Five Kings and the downfall of Lysa Arryn, she doesn't "know" it yet.
  7. Jabar of House Titan

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    I can see Myranda Royce hiring a Faceless Man.
  8. Jabar of House Titan

    What should we expect from the Vale?

    All Sansa has to do is just hear about how the recently legitimized bastard Ramsay Bolton married Arya Stark and that Stannis is marching on Winterfell, claiming that the marriage is just as illegitimate as Bolton rule is. Sansa will naturally be intrigued/horrified (remember, she "knows" that Stannis was telling the truth about Cersei and her kids) and she'll secretly press for more details the wedding (after all, girls like Sansa love weddings) and the state of the marriage only to discover that it was an even bigger sham than her own marriage to Tyrion Lannister. At which point, Sansa will be enraged. She might even dig a little deeper and find dirt on Littlefinger that not even the readers know.
  9. Jabar of House Titan

    The Four Battles in TWoW

    The likelihood of this is extremely high. My personal favorite is the Battle of Ice. It doesn't appear to be one big battle; it appears to be a series of battles big and small, fought on and off the battlefield that will end up comprising most of The Winds of Winter. Like, I can easily see Sansa, Littlefinger (if he isn't the one who wrote the Pink Letter) and the Knights of the Vale getting involved in the Battle of Ice. I can also see the rivermen also entering the fray late in the game...especially if Lady Stoneheart determines that the time to exact vengeance on the Boltons is now.
  10. Jabar of House Titan

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    Exactly. That is why characters like Arianne (who is becoming the (wo)Man Who Knew Too Much) and Catelyn (who knows/figures out a lot but has zero control of the situations and their results) are POVs whereas people like Tywin, Doran, Littlefinger, Stannis and maybe even Margaery are not given POVs.
  11. Jabar of House Titan

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    Yeah well, Quentyn's friends are on the other side of the world and their chances of surviving the wars and games of thrones to come in Essos are slim. There's more to worry about than just the Battle of Meereen. The Sons of Harpy are still out there. Qarth and Volantis have picked a fight with Daenerys that -- once she gets at least one or two Dothraki khalasars, if not all of them -- they can't win. The other Free Cities (maybe even Braavos) might feel compelled to move against Daenerys. Daenerys Targaryen herself is not likely to be in a friendly mood when she returns. Tyrion Lannister will be at court in Meereen soon and he won't be playing nice this time around. Quentyn and his friends made a deal with the Tattered Prince that they can't uphold, leaving Barristan, Tyrion and/or Daenerys to pick up the slack. Jorah Mormont is unhinged, a loose cannon who will likely try to do something as drastic as killing Daenerys if she spurn his romantic overtures one more time. Victarion Greyjoy will be there... There's a good chance that Quentyn's friends may never ever see Dorne again. They might never even get a message sent that way. And here's one thing I noticed about Arianne in contrast to the other female characters in the political arena. Cersei never "watches the news" (because if it's not immediately relevant to her wants, it's unimportant). Sansa alternates between having her head in the clouds/sand or her nose in the grindstone. Arianne though? Arianne pays attention to everything she hears; too much in fact. If you pay very close attention to her chapters (including her sample chapters from Winds), Arianne has this thing where she's getting 24/7 news coverage across the globe and she's paying it mind. However, nearly all of the information she receives is either an ongoing development, shallow, has a unreliable source, out-of-context or completely wrong. Arianne already has heard stuff about Daenerys that is halfway true...and it's been cause enough for Arianne to be uncomfortable. Let Arianne hear the wrong thing at the wrong time from the wrong person. It's a problem. In other words, Arianne is the type of person who will listen to Varys. Which, judging from the Dance epilogue, is probably going to be a bad thing.
  12. Jabar of House Titan

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    So anyway LOL... Areo Hotah (lolz) is probably not going to survive the series. Arianne, however, stands a pretty good chance. I too am very shocked at the fact that some people view Quentyn as a pointless character. Quentyn is essentially another Ned Stark. His death at the "hands" of Daenerys' dragons and all the horrors associated with Daenerys that his friends witnessed (remember....they are still alive) are the things that's going to make the Martell-Targaryen regime very, very hostile to Daenerys. Not to mention, Areo is one of those slaves who actually love and honor the institution. There might not be many of them (least of all in Volantis) but they are there. Then again, I feel Areo's POV story has more to do with the Dornish homefront -- namely the abundance of mysteries revolving around House Dayne and the unhappiness of the Dornish people.
  13. Jabar of House Titan

    Wow small things that could be huge

    Exactly. Blackfish already has ties to the Vale and the Vale is anti-Lannister in everything but name only. He technically could find Sansa on accident.
  14. Jabar of House Titan

    Edmure Tully

    I think his sister Catelyn and uncle Brynden will end up saving him and restoring him to Riverrun. From there, after purging the Riverlands of Freys, they will have to do one of three things: head north to Winterfell to deal with Stannis and/or the Boltons head west to Casterly Rock with Jaime in order to properly injure the Lannisters head east to the Gates of the Moon once they catch wind of Sansa Possibly excluding Brienne and the Blackfish, I don't think anyone outside of the Vale is going into the Vale after Sansa. Sansa looks like she's going to be on her own for a while. Poor thing. Going west to Casterly Rock is the more likelier scenario because they have Jaime and there is no way he cannot be weaponized against House Lannister. I don't see Stoneheart or the BwB heading North until Jon is resurrected and is given the Tully-Stark kingdom as Robb's successor. Maybe not even until after Arya returns.
  15. Jabar of House Titan

    Wow small things that could be huge

    No. I am almost 100% sure they are at Greywater Watch with Howland Reed, Greatjon and Robb's will. I never would have surmised that Maege had left and returned. It makes sense however why she would want to do that. Anyways, they are likely there gathering their strength and biding their time on the behalf of Jon. I suspect that the Blackfish will be heading either for Greywater Watch to rendezvous with them (which is very doubtful for multiple reasons) or he will be compelled to go back to the Vale where Sansa currently is.