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  1. Jabar of House Titan

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    Or.... When Daenerys comes to Westeros, Aegon loses every battle he fights against her but wins the war. The win being surviving the war against Daenerys to fight the Others alongside her...only to die because of Euron, Cersei or greyscale.
  2. Jabar of House Titan

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Absolutely. The fact that some of you think that he can be considered good or morally ambiguous makes me very, very concerned.
  3. Jabar of House Titan

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    I agree. It is quite stupid. Like I said, it was something that I had heard and observed from people across the Internet or (a little more rarely) in person. No one gives the Greyjoy kids - especially Asha - any thought. There's actually a thread on reddit and on here that talks about Asha's potential pregnancy. I was shocked when I first read that because, previously, Asha getting pregnant would be the last thing I would expect. I can see Daenerys and Cersei getting pregnant again (Cersei's pregnancy would likely end in a miscarriage) and I can see Sansa and/or Arianne having sex with a man with perhaps the intention of conceiving. But Asha? No. About Asha disappearing? I don't know. On those threads, the people who do have anything to say about Asha don't seem to have the faintest idea as to what's going to happen to her once "she gets pregnant." Not only that...they don't seem to care. It's like she just disappears and everyone is okay with that.
  4. Jabar of House Titan

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    I strongly disagree with the bold. Catelyn gave great advice and had great insight: don't send Theon, don't marry Jeyne, don't rely on Lord Bolton, don't be the king, keep Greywind close, sue for peace/bend the knee, don't fk with Lord Frey, warfare is not always conventional, etc. As a matter of fact, the whole "don't make Jon your heir" thing is probably going to be a problem in Winds when the trueborn Stark children (particularly Sansa and Rickon) return to the North and Jon reforms the Night's Watch(???). It's just that her prize weakness, her Kryptonite - her children and the love she had for them - was constantly being exploited.
  5. Jabar of House Titan

    If Aegon is fake, does Jon Con know?

    Arianne is not JonCon. As we already know, Arianne is not the type to let sleeping dogs lie. She's a clever, tenacious girl who also has a talent for making mountains out of molehills. Meaning she takes circumstantial evidence (or mere suspicions) and runs with them as if they are absolute concrete evidence and proven fact. We saw that with how she reacted to the whole "Quentyn is going to be the future ruling Prince of Dorne" plot. Arianne has grown since then but she still seems to conflate Viserys' death with Daenerys' lack of moral integrity. So, what she could do is accidentally discover the truth because she just won't let it go something she heard/saw/felt/read. Now, whether she becomes a whistleblower or if she decides to keep it a secret … that's still up in the air. Arianne, like Ned Stark, has also been established as not your average Westerosi noble. Arianne is Dornish; unlike other women of her station, she's not going to be cooped up in the Red Keep or Maegor's Holdfast. She's the closest thing we have to a 20th century activist for feminism (first & second wave) in this series. She's going to be out and about doing stuff - namely making the network of noblemen that she wished she had in "The Princess in the Tower" chapter. She's like what Sansa would have been if Sansa: if Sansa kept on her queenly path and allowed to mature normally if Sansa wasn't so sheltered So, in other words, I don't know how Arianne will find out but it won't be from Aegon or JonCon. And it most likely won't happen in Winds.
  6. Jabar of House Titan

    If Aegon is fake, does Jon Con know?

    This. Arianne will be the first one who will find out whether or not Aegon is a Targaryen, a Blackfyre or just some random. When she does figure Aegon out, she's probably going to either continue to keep it a secret - voluntarily or not - or be in denial. In any case, she has a pretty big reason for not wanting Daenerys in Westeros, much less on the Iron Throne.
  7. Jabar of House Titan

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    My reasoning for what? Asha finding out she's pregnant? Or Asha being faded out from the story because she's gotten pregnant?
  8. Jabar of House Titan

    Is Rickon going to be King/the next warden?

    If there's one thing that I have learned (especially in modern America), it is that people will always make time for political debates and power plays and personal vendettas. Always. I can see the books doing something similar to the show on this. Jon = King in the North Rickon = Lord of Winterfell, Prince of the North Sansa = Lady of the Eyrie, Princess of the North As for who will become Rickon's regent? That's going to be a fight...an ugly one. What with Littlefinger, Sansa's husband, the Skagosi, the Free Folk, the northern lords (looking at Wyman Manderly and Barbrey Dustin!!!) and the Vale lords involved? Jon's going to be the one dealing with the war with the Others, security and the politics with people down south (i.e. Aegon, Daenerys). Sansa is going to have to be the one to deal with the politics within Winterfell and the North as well as other not-so-exciting-but-still-very-important things like making sure everyone is fed, clothed, well-rested and relatively happy. Bran - when he gets there - is going to turn the godswood into his version of the Cave of the Three-Eyed Crow, solving ancient mysteries and doing magical stuff. Arya - when she gets there - will probably introduce a lot of drama and madness into Winterfell. Simply because she'll be a frighteningly borderline savage and won't be tolerating any of the political bull____. The Faceless Men might also be chasing her so...
  9. Jabar of House Titan

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    Protect the whole continent from what? The Others? Daenerys? Euron? Metaphorical winter surely. Because dragons seem to be Westeros' (and maybe the entire world's) only hope.
  10. Jabar of House Titan

    What ending of Game of Thrones do you absolutely not want to see?

    Not too much work. Never, ever underestimate the ugliness of a long, brutal winter and what it will do to people's minds. Cabin fever is very real.
  11. Jabar of House Titan

    Robert Baratheon fights a Targaryen invasion?

    Not only does Daenerys' decision to wait for her dragons to grow and to learn how to actually rule show patience, it also shows wisdom, emotional intelligence. Above all, it is honest. Something that people twice or even three times her age (i.e. Stannis, Cersei, Ned, Tyrion, Tywin) sorely lack.
  12. Jabar of House Titan

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    Theon With Theon, I can see your point. I'm inclined to agree that Theon will likely make it to Dream. I can actually see Theon fighting in the actual Battle for Winterfell. Asha Why does everyone struggle with predicting or inferring a trajectory for Asha lol?! I don't think she's a camera like Areo is but...idk. Suing for peace is beyond redundant at this point because the War of the Five Kings ended awhile ago, the Ironborn occupation of the North is an over-and-done affair and the Others are coming. What if she succeeds and uses Theon's existence to void the Kingsmoot? Okay, but what then. If she gets what she wants, are the Ironborn just going to stand around on the sidelines with their first ever Queen and skirt the disaster that's about to befall the continent? And what about Euron? Euron might not think much of Theon and/or Asha right now - apparently not many people in Westeros or in real life do - but he's not going to just take the Kingsmoot recall election lying down. What happens if he destroys the Redwyne fleet and sacks Oldtown only for him to lose the Kingsmoot all over again? Besides, Asha going to have to take Theon back with her to the Iron Islands if she wants to get the Kingsmoot redacted. Which takes Theon out of the North for maybe half of a book. Okay. I still don't get it. But what's the significance of the nullification of magic on the Iron Islands? Are you saying that the Iron Islands are basically going to be the only place where zombies and the powers of the Others will hold ZERO sway? And I have absolutely no idea why you think that Aegon's conquest and the construction of Harrenhal are connected. I've always seen that as a pure coincidence.
  13. Jabar of House Titan

    Why was neither Viserys nor Daenerys trained in arms?

    Viserys would have earned a lot more respect if he was a willful fighter and not just a mere beggar. That's what I'd like to call the "working poor, welfare poor" dichotomy. Poor, disenfranchised people who are seen to have a hard-working, "warrior" mentality are widely respected by people of all classes, creeds and colors … always has been like that. Poor, disenfranchised people who appear to go about with their hand out asking for help? Not so much. Case in point: look at how people treat homeless panhandlers who sit on the side of major thoroughfares and intersections compared. That being said, I think Viserys' story is sad. It's a deconstruction of that one trope where an orphan (usually a boy, but it applies to girls as well) goes years having absolutely nothing and no one but still manages to have a heart of gold and/or courageous outlook. In real life, those types of people are more likely to become bitter, distrustful and self-sabotaging. In any case, both Viserys and Daenerys should have been taught how to defend themselves. Especially given the situation that they were in. Unfortunately, the best caretaker that they ever had, Darry, was too busy putting a roof over their heads and too old to do it whenever he had a free moment. Viserys especially has no real excuse not to have found a way to learn how to fight. Just like there is no real excuse for him to be so mean and weak-spirited. Viserys just had really bad entitlement problem. The fact that Jorah and Barristan never taught Daenerys the basics reflects badly on them. Especially Jorah because he's a Mormont and the women of Bear Island in general (House Mormont specifically) are renowned.
  14. Jabar of House Titan

    Robert Baratheon fights a Targaryen invasion?

    What's a d12 and a d15?
  15. Jabar of House Titan

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    Yeah, I know. But I've always found to be a slight rather than a gesture of respect (a lot like how Stannis feels about being given Dragonstone ). And what did he say to Jon when they were talking about legitimizing him and giving him Winterfell? And Stannis knows very, very well that Sansa was forcibly married to Tyrion as a hostage. That in tandem with the fact that the marriage has never been consummated and that they have been estranged for - at this point - close to a year...the marriage should be basically null and void in Stannis' eyes. If he truly were a just man... How was dinner btw