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  1. Jabar of House Titan

    How far south will the Others get?

    I disagree. If they are stopped at Winterfell, then the conflict will have ultimately meant nothing to anywhere south of Moat Cailin. While I do agree that Winterfell will be attacked, they will be under siege with Sansa as the main POV there -- think of the foreshadowing surrounding the siege of Storm's End and the Battle of the Blackwater. While there's something very special about Winterfell, the Others and their armies will keep moving south beyond Winterfell.
  2. Jabar of House Titan

    How far south will the Others get?

    I don't see the Others themselves getting too much further south than Harrenhal and the Gods' Eye. If Daenerys' visions are any indicator, the Trident looks like it's going to be the location of a huge battle. The wights, on the other hand? Spiders the size as hounds and other monsters? Oh, I think we'll be seeing wights in Dorne and other ugly horrors everywhere north of the Red Mountains.
  3. Yes, there are several other ways that the Others could have made it south of the Wall. But the showrunners didn't want to do that. LOL That's called a plot hole.
  4. Jabar of House Titan

    Book & Show

    I still think the Ironborn are losers. But Theon has always been interesting (he's getting even more interesting) and Asha has some really good potential. I think Euron will eventually take the Iron Throne but, unlike every other human villain, that's not going to be his endgame. We still don't even know exactly what he wants or what he is planning for. You do realize that we are talking about the same showrunners who said: "Creatively it made sense because we wanted it to happen." Which in other words means, "We Want this One Particular Thing to Happen so We are Going to Try to Make It Make Sense Even if It Doesn't." These are the same showrunners who: decided to make the Starks much less magical (and less important) because....reasons? Bran isn't the only skinchanger in the books. Bran is, by far, the most powerful but all his siblings are skinchangers...yes, even Sansa. She hasn't quite caught up yet but she will completely changed the point of Ellaria Sand's character because they love Indira Varma and Indira Varma is too old to play Arianne (they actually said that) whitewashed the entire Lannister family. Cersei is a borderline megalomaniac in the books who hides behind motherhood and Tyrion is the ultimate "Nice Guy" who thinks he's entitled to the entire world three times over just because he is "nice." ruined the character arcs of Stannis, Sansa, Littlefinger, Brienne, Theon, Roose Bolton and Jon Snow in season 5 because they loved Ramsay so much Not all of their decisions have been bad. I love what they did with Olenna and Margaery Tyrell. But I doubt GRRM would treat Dorne the way the showrunners did. The story of the Martell family has been a thing since A Game of Thrones. Doran and Arianne Martell were mentioned multiple times in that book and got a full run-down in Tyrion's last POV chapter in A Game of Thrones. No, no one says anything or has said about Dorne. If it didn't revolve around the Dornish thirst for vengeance against the Lannister, it didn't exist. I like the idea of Jaime going to Dorne to "save" Myrcella. Apparently, the creators thought their piss-poor adaptation of the Sand Snakes were a better idea than entangling the Martell children with Daenerys Targaryen and/or turning Myrcella against her mother. In general, 90% of all the magic, prophecy and high fantasy elements of the series was been choked out of the TV show. Why the creators did it? I don't know. To make matters worse, they didn't even chose to adapt the more grounded elements of the series such as the Citadel. Which was absolutely insane: Sam left the Wall just before the story there climaxed in season 5, spent all of season 6 trying to get to Oldtown...but then when he gets there in season 7, what does he do? Clean dishes, empty chamberpots, "cure" greyscale and borrow a library book. Anyways, because Dorne is a place of prophecy and mystery and magic, Dorne didn't become important. Which is sad because Dorne is the fire to the ice of the North.
  5. Mace Tyrell is quite the dreamer, I give him that. But soon, he's going to be in for a rude wake up call. Personally, I think Cersei's going to do something drastic that will completely destroy the Tyrell investments in King's Landing. Which, predictably, will backfire horribly. Okay. So Balon is a moron that would have simply been better off using Theon and Asha to forge strong alliances with the mainland houses; houses that would have been much more supportive of his ambitions. Still Tywin is a terrible person. Why would you want huge swathes of your kingdom to be broken and trashed? Like we aren't even talking about houses and politics. We are talking about the wholesale destruction of arable land and finite resources and the massacre of the civilians who work and refine said land and resources. And it's completely avoidable. He's so much of a spiteful person he's willing to ruin the legacy of his own House and that of his grandchildren over personal slights and military losses.
  6. Jabar of House Titan

    Book & Show

    On this issue? Yes because it's true. To think that Arianne and Euron (and the two regions that make them powerful) aren't important to the story of the Seven Kingdoms, much less the overall Song of Ice and Fire... ...I mean I wonder are you reading the same story as I am or are you just that clueless. One purpose only? Likely one purpose only? Mkay. Need I remind you that this is not Lord of the Rings. Nor is this Star Wars. What about this story makes you think that it's all going to come down to a big battle between the forces of good vs. evil where good triumphs over evil because reasons. Like I alluded to in my previous post: "if you think this story has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." If the story we have already gotten is any indicator, the Others (or, alternatively, the bad guys) will win eventually, everyone dies and the whole story ends up being one gigantic cautionary tale. Think of the Bible meets Pompeii. After all, the Doom of Valyria was real. Who is to say an ice version doesn't happen? And I made that up in ten minutes. Think of what Martin could do in ten hours. Actually, you're wrong. Very wrong. If the Dornish are all killed, you aren't simply losing fighters for the war against the Others. You are giving the Others more soldiers. So, given that the fact that the Dornish are making their entrance this late in the game, someone can make a point by saying that the Dornish can't lose. Because, if they win (or at least, don't die), they can actually help save the world. If you want your fairy tale happy ending where the hero saves the day and everyone learns their lesson, Princess Arianne (i.e. the exotic princess provides the heroes with an eleventh hour boon) and the Dornishmen are your bread and butter. If the Dornish do lose, it makes the whole affair that much more tragic. Like how the Red Wedding made the defeat of Robb Stark that much more tragic. The Dornish may be looking like they are backing fAegon now. But what happens when Daenerys shows up with three dragons, an army of 500k+ and proof that the Dornish (or rather, the Martells) owe her more support as Viserys' heir than they do Aegon, regardless of whether he is real or not? What happens if Aegon actually does turn out to be fake? What happens when/if the truth about Quentyn's death is revealed? And on top of ALL of that, we still have these lingering mysteries that all seem to be coming out of Dorne. For one, when the First Men came to Westeros, they first settled in Dorne? How can the Children of the Forest say they didn't care when they literally moved heaven and earth to try and destroy Dorne? They can destroy a third of Dorne but they can't destroy the Neck? Interesting. And I can't shake the feeling that there are, in fact, weirwoods in the Red Mountains. And then we have the mystery of the Tower of Joy which has been dangling in front of us like a carrot on a stick since the first few Eddard chapters in the first book. Thanks to the show, we have a pretty damn good idea of what happened. But we don't really know. Why did Ned take the Tower of Joy apart piece-by-piece? What does Howland Reed know? Why were three Kingsguard still there when Rhaella and her children were on Dragonstone in danger? And then we have the mysteries surrounding House Dayne. What is the real reason Ashara Dayne killed herself? Because there has been way too much speculation -- among the characters within the book -- for it to all just be about how her heart was broken. If Ashara Dayne did, in fact, kill herself, where is her body? Her body is said to have never been found but how? The Torrentine is not an ocean, it's a river. So she's not going to get automatically washed away into the sea. As a matter of fact, if Balon Greyjoy's body can be found, there is no reason why Ashara Dayne's body vanished. Why do the Daynes uplift one of their members by calling them the Sword of the Morning? Why is the Valyrian steel sword of House Dayne called Dawn...when the last war against the Others is known as the "Long Night" and the "War for the Dawn?" Wait, Dawn isn't made up of Valyrian steel is it? No, it looks pale and shiny like milkglass. Gee, I wonder who else wields weapons that look like milkglass. Oh yeah, the Others? Why? What's the connection if there is one? And did the metal used to make Dawn really fall out of the sky? Why do the Daynes -- who are said to be First Men -- look so much like Valyrians? Why did Eddard Stark go out of his way to take Dawn back to Starfall when he had the dead body of his sister and a newborn baby to take for? As a matter of fact, why did Eddard Stark entomb the bodies of his own bannermen when he could've just sent for them back home? Oh yeah, because he was busy travelling to Starfall. Why? Because of his love affair with Ashara Dayne? Why does Eddard Stark never think of Ashara if they were so much in love? Weird considering that Barristan thinks of her all the time? Hell, even Catelyn thinks of Ashara more than Eddard does. And what is the point of Eddard "Ned" Dayne? Why is he so important? And yes he is important because GRRM has stated that he was disappointed that he couldn't use the five-year-gap to make Ned Dayne older. Arianne Martell is the future ruling Princess of Dorne and a confidant of her father, the current ruling Prince of Dorne. Areo Hotah, their chief of security if you will, is currently trying to deal with a dangerously cryptic Dayne...who calls himself the Sword of the Evening. In the first sample chapter, she goes from Sunspear to Ghost Hill to a boat in the middle of the Sea of Dorne. In the second chapter, she goes from the boat to the Weeping Town through the Rainwood and visits two different castles--Mistwood and Griffin's Roost. And at the end of that second chapter, she decides to go to Storm's End. Nowhere indeed. Where is Arianne Martell likely to end up? King's Landing. So what if it's taking her a while to get there. We haven't seen the Stormlands at all since A Clash of Kings; we know nothing of the geography, the weather or the culture which informs us on how the people there fight. And how the Stormlanders fight is important because... They are the bannermen of the Baratheons, currently headed by Tommen Aegon is going to have to deal with all of them before he gets to King's Landing. If he wanted to skip around them, then he should've just dropped anchor in the Crownlands. Stannis is going to battle the Boltons with men from the Stormlands. Plus, warfare in the Stormlands makes Stannis' situation even more dire. And we all know why the weather is so important. It's already been established that it rarely snows in the Stormlands because of how humid it is. So, when we start hearing news that the Mistwood got 2 feet of snow last night, people can be all like "WTF?!" and it will mean something. Voila!, what do you know? It's not so easy to write off Arianne Martell and Dorne off now is it? And I haven't even gotten to how important Euron and the Ironborn, the Faceless Men, the Iron Bank, the Faith of the Seven and the Citadel are.
  7. No. However, according to the laws and customs of the Ironborn, the (male) heir of the previous king absolutely has to be present for the Kingsmoot. If he loses, then he loses. But if he is not there, the results from the Kingsmoot can be automatically invalidated. Meaning that there would have to be yet ANOTHER Kingsmoot. Meaning that Euron will no longer be king once Theon shows back up and makes his claim. Euron is not yet powerful enough to take over the world with just "20 good men," much less all by himself. He needs the Ironborn behind him nd he'll likely need the resources that Oldtown provides. So, he's going to have to stop whatever he's doing, go back to Old Wyk and deal with Theon and Asha. This is another reason why the Hightowers won't be destroyed: they'll get saved by the bell. I do. I wonder all the time. A lot of the really powerful characters in Westeros have their heads in the sand. They either a) don't pay attention to anything unless it has a clear and direct impact on themselves or b) ignorant because they are being deliberating kept in the dark. Cersei, the idiot she is, is the worst example of this. That's part of the reason why I like Arianne so much. Arianne is unusual in that she pays attention to everything. Probably a little too much seeing that most of the information she receives and relies upon is outdated, completely taken out of context or just flat-out wrong. So, I say it's safe to say that Arianne is the most modern character in the series. Fake news indeed. Should be interesting once she gets into King's Landing and starts playing the game with people like Varys who -- I am -- lies a lot more than we think he does. But back to Mace: I think Mace is well aware of the stories revolving around Daenerys and her dragons. He just doesn't care. He likely doesn't have a high opinion of a orphan girl on the other side of the world with no army regardless of her title. Remember, while both sexes can pose a threat, males are seen as more dangerous and more potent than females. On top of that, once they have gotten word she sacked two cities and won over the Unsullied, there is no reason to believe she intends to come for Westeros. 8,000+ soldiers just means that many more ships she has to buy and maintain. As a matter of fact, any fears that they might have had have been assuaged by her almost-impulsive decision to stay in Meereen. The fact that she appears to have abandoned her seat and her army for the Dothraki Sea (she is already rumored to have died) is going to make them even less concerned. And then, need I also remind you that the very last dragons never grew larger than the size of a small house-cat. And the dragon's temperament was also likely the same as a housecat. So, news of dragons is unlikely to cause a stir. When people think of dragons, they are thinking of Ser Pounce with scales and bat-like wings not Balerion the Black Dread. That's why whenever people actually see Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion, they freak out.
  8. True. Asking the question of what does Mace Tyrell wants is a waste of time. The better question to ask is what doesn't Mace Tyrell want. But 3I thought allowing the independence of the Ironborn was Tywin's idea. True. But you can still say that it was a short-term positive development, no matter how short-term it was. The Freys and the Boltons are finished by the end of The Winds of Winter. But the Lannisters will die a slow, painful death in The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. I never noticed the Blackfyre parallel until you brought it up. Interesting. Let me put it this way: Tarly won't stay true to the Tyrells because there will not be anything to stay true to. One thing I noticed about Robert's Rebellion is that the Reach fought long and hard for the the Targaryens even after the Battle of the Trident and the Sack of King's Landing. Unlike Dorne (which was prepared to fight until the bitter end), the Reach only stopped fighting because there was no point anymore. The last three Targaryens -- a weakened, post-partum woman, a boy and a newborn -- were cornered and besieged on Dragonstone with no allies. Those three against a young man in his prime who has the overwhelming support of five regions? As far as a reasonable person could tell, they were doomed. No they aren't in good shape. They are in a similar situation the North is in except the Tyrells have spread themselves much more thinner than the Starks ever did and the Tyrells don't have the thousands and thousands of years of goodwill and strength that the Starks have. No one is going to be doing for the Tyrells what the northerners are doing for the Starks. The Hightowers have a fighting chance. I can see either: Euron being thrown back into the sea and/or killed by the Hightowers The return of Theon and the calling of another Kingsmoot forcing Euron to postpone his takeover of Oldtown Euron winning (after a hard-fought battle) and taking control of Oldtown There are two Dornish armies to worry about right now. There's the one in the Boneway and the one in the Prince's Pass. The Boneway takes you northeast through the Stormlands, the Prince's Pass takes you northwest into the Reach. The Boneway army is the one that's going to go with Aegon and Arianne. Not that it will matter. Aegon will probably face some more obstacles in the Stormlands but, personally, I think that Aegon is going to end up strolling through the gates right on up to the Red Keep. The schemes and shenanigans of Cersei and the Tyrells are going to piss the people of King's Landing so much that they will basically be begging Aegon to come. The Faith Militant might make a back door deal with the Dornish by way of Tyene. And Nymeria and Varys are likely to rub salt in some festering wounds. I don't think the Prince's Pass army will march any time soon. If they do, they will be there to either police the pro-Tyrell (or rather, anti-Dornish) lords or they will be there to help clean up the mess the Ironborn made.
  9. Basically, it all comes down to this question.... Is Randyll Tarly a Targaryen loyalist or is he a Tyrell loyalist? He doesn't have to even be disloyal to the Tyrells; he just needs to be loyal to Aegon Targaryen. If Oh and one more thing; there's no way that Randyll Tarly will support the claim of Daenerys Targaryen. He's not much of a pig but he's absolute chauvinist. It's either Aegon or Tommen. And if Tommen and/or the Tyrells in King's Landing (i.e. Mace, Margaery) succumb to the schemes of Cersei, Varys, the Faith Militant and/or the Sand Snakes, then.... Notice how Mace and Margaery are two of some of the most powerful people in the realm? Garlan, the good warrior that he is, is not going to succeed. If those three are lost, as far as Tarly is concerned, there is nothing holding him to them. Tarly is a military men who respect military power. Those three Tyrells personify the different shades of military power. If Lord Randyll can hate, terrorize and threaten the life of his firstborn, flesh-and-blood son just because he's an insecure (re: immature) bookworm, then why would he lay his life and the lives of his banners on the line for a old woman and a cripple. I don't think she does it to make Mace less threatening. I think Olenna calls him an idiot because she's a incredibly clever woman with standards set so high that she is hard to please. But in any case, yeah. We can tell from the Kevan Lannister epilogue in Dance that Mace is neither an idiot nor a pushover. No but considering the success of the Lannisters, Boltons and Freys post-Red Wedding, I'd say that the Freys' violation of guest right demonstrates that it works. Lots of positive developments.
  10. Jabar of House Titan

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I think Bloodraven has Bran's best interests at heart. Both are highborn second sons who had a significant physical/mental obstacles that doesn't stop them from their potential to do great things; both were in terrible danger due to the political climate; both were forced to set aside their family for "the greater good" I think Bloodraven genuinely cares for Bran but he'll be going about it all wrong. The CotF? Oh no, I feel the same. They are bad news. I think Bloodraven has resigned to his fate and he wants Bran to do the same thing. Bran however won't do that... Here's the order I think the Stark kids will leave their mentors: Arya will leave first, sometime before the final act of Winds. Bran will be the next to leave, likely at the very, very end of his chapters in Winds. Sansa will be the last; I don't see her kicking Littlefinger to the curb until the middle of Dream until she is reunited with all of her surviving siblings (and maybe even mother) in Winterfell. All three will struggle to break away (even little Rickon will have a very hard time leaving Skagos and getting to Winterfell) and their mentors will continue to haunt them even after they do. I feel like Arya is going to be a little like Jason Bourne in A Dream of Spring, constantly on the run and fighting conspiracies. Bran will likely have no peace either as a link between him, the Great Other and the Bloodraven will be made. But Sansa will take the longest to cut ties. Not because Littlefinger is anymore dangerous than FM or the CoTF but because Littlefinger has his hands in one too many pies and has forced Sansa to rely on him for damn near everything. Sansa's situation won't get better until Arya and Bran show up in Winterfell; how can it?
  11. Jabar of House Titan

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    Does anyone? Bran is a complete blank slate and everything attached to his arc is an unknown. Which is weird because he was and still is marketed like one of THE most important characters in the entire series. When it comes to The Song of Ice and Fire, we know quite a bit about the fire aspect but we know nothing about the ice.
  12. Jabar of House Titan

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I think Tyrion, Stannis, Cersei and Daenerys will be choosing the darker route. Truly darker. While Daenerys will have the time and the capital to soften up and come back around, Tyrion and Stannis are doomed once they even move in that direction. And if Tyrion is doomed, then that means Cersei is f----d. I also think Jon is going to be taking a darker route but it will be tempered by a need to serve and accomplish for the greater good. Arya will be sorely and I mean SORELY tempted but she'll make the right choice. Sansa? Who knows with Sansa, Brienne or Jaime; it's an absolute coin toss with those three. Arianne has absolutely no idea what she's signing up for so I won't fault her for the (bad!!!) decision she's about to make. Aegon has no choice in the matter because he's a pawn in a much larger conspiracy. JonCon has already made the wrong choice but he'll live long enough just to realize exactly how much he screwed up...then he'll die. Samwell will chose right even though he has some very big obstacles to overcome. Back on topic though, Bran will make the right choice but he'll likely pay for it dearly. If he gets out of the cave, it's going to be a nightmare. Both logistically and within the narrative. Bloodraven has been watching him for quite some time and not going to want him to leave...probably for the sake of protecting Bran from the dark ugly abyss that is the uber-political game of life in Westeros proper. The Children and whatever else they are allied with (the Great Other/Night King figure perhaps) are even less likely to let Bran leave. If Bran thinks that staying in the cave/the greater good means that the Others are successful, that Meera is to be sacrificed, etc., then he's going to want to leave. And if he's going to want to reunite with his siblings if it means that they (esp. Jon) are the key to the defeat of the Others. I do expect him to make it back to Winterfell...eventually, one way or another. I'd like to think he returns to Winterfell and reunites with Sansa, Arya, Jon and maybe Rickon in A Dream of Spring and makes the Winterfell godswood his HQ. But we'll see.
  13. Jabar of House Titan

    Predict her future: Penny

    Either: Tyrion will murder Penny, which will mark not only the beginning of Tyrion's stint as a villain but the the beginning of the end of his character Or Penny will die from the pale male and/or the Battle of Meereen. Which will mark not only the beginning of Tyrion's stint as a villain but also doom his character. Either way, Penny will die and Tyrion will be a firsthand witness. But he won't care because he only has eyes for Tysha. So Tyrion, will go to great lengths to find and hookup with Tysha. When he finds her, she'll reject him and that's the point where Tyrion will completely lose his sh-t. He'll circle down the drain of "nobody loves me" but instead of focusing his pain inwards, he's going to unleash it on the world. One thing he and his father have in common is that they hate being laughed at but that, at the end, they will die horrible deaths and be laughed and snickered at from beyond the grave. This. And this. No, Tyrion will not take her. Penny is a plot device for Tyrion's villain arc. In the sample chapter already released for Tyrion, Penny made Tyrion so mad that he would have murdered Penny right then and there if there weren't bigger problems to deal with (i.e. the Battle of Meereen) I can see this happening on one hand. But on the other hand? No. The only people who mourned Tywin were Cersei and Jaime. Tommen is too young to care or he didn't really know him enough to care, Myrcella is so far removed from the situation, Tyrion sort of kinda mourned Tywin. If Kevan did mourn Tywin at all, it didn't take him long to get over it. Gemma? Meh, not really. She seemed more concerned about the survival of Tyrion and Edmure Tully than she did about the death of her brother. People were not really sad Tywin died. If anything, they were amused or offended once they crossed paths with his body. Tyrion on the other hand? Tyrion was already very unpopular in Westeros at the beginning of the War of the Five Kings. He will end up burning so many bridges that no one will blink an eye if he dies. Granted, if A Dream of Spring goes the way I think it will go, no one will really have time to blink an eye because things will just be THAT crazy. In fact, I think a lot of people will be relieved when Tyrion dies. Personally, I think the Others are going to kill Tyrion after the Starks give him the boot...
  14. Jabar of House Titan

    Book & Show

    I'm sorry but anyone who believes that the Dornish (particularly Arianne) or the Ironborn (particularly Euron but shout out to Theon, Asha and Victarion) won't play a huge role in the endgame of the series is an idiot. The same thing goes with the Faceless Men, the Citadel, the Iron Bank and the Faith Militant. It is obvious. D&D just didn't want to adapt those things. It wasn't a money issue either as HBO was throwing money at them. They could've made 9 or 10 full-length seasons out of this show. At the end of the day, D&D only adapted what they liked and if they liked something that existed only in their minds, they made it happen only because they liked it. That's why season 7 rang so hollow. Because so many events were neither earned, deserved nor sensible. Why are they unearned, undeserved or insensible? Because these events are based upon and/or developed by situations or characters that D&D did not like or did not have the patience for. Imagine if the Iron Bank had this looming, shadowy presence in the series. Imagine if their connections to the Faceless Men held fast. Watching Cersei negotiate with them from such a weak position would have been a lot more intense.
  15. Yes. But if Mace and his wife die... Besides, I'm not talking about the Hightowers betraying the Tyrells. The Hightowers have their own problems, all of which are much more frightening than Aegon Targaryen and the Golden Company and only a little more frightening than the Faith Militant. Hell, considering that the second largest sept on the continent is in Oldtown, the Hightowers might very well have to deal with their own Faith Militant problem. In any case, the Hightowers aren't going to betray the Tyrells. There's no need because the Hightowers are in very big trouble. The same thing goes for the Redwynes. That's the problem with the Tyrells. All of their bannermen aren't going to betray them. The Tyrells have overextended themselves and their bannermen are paying for it in spades. It's only a matter of time. if Mace loses against JonCon/Aegon even once, the Reach is in DEEP trouble. if Arianne gives her father the signal and the Dornishmen sweep across the Prince's Pass and the Boneway, the Reach is in DEEP trouble. if Cersei doe something stupid and/or foul to the Reachmen soldiers in the city, the Reach is in DEEP trouble. if the Faith Militant turns on the Reachmen in King's Landing, the Reach is in DEEP trouble. If Euron gets into Oldtown, he's not going anywhere he doesn't want to go and the Reach's situation is in DEEP trouble. There is literally no way the Redwyne fleet is going to survive this battle against Euron. The Hightowers still stand a good chance of winning but the Redwynes are doomed. The Winds of Winter are going to have a lot of things happen that -- under normal circumstances -- wouldn't make sense. I think Mathis Rowan will turn his back on the Tyrells too. But there is more of a buildup with Tarly than Rowan. Randyll Tarly may be loyal but he is not a good person. That's part of the reason why Brienne's chapters will prove to be more important later on. Randyll Tarly saved Brienne on a few different occasions but that does not make him a friend of hers. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even make him a good person because his reasons for saving Brienne were not pure and altruistic. And then there is the whole thing with Sam... Loyalty does not mean Randyll Tarly is a good man. Loyalty just means Randyll Tarly is a traditionalist. Yes because guest right is SOOOOOOOOO precious, important and respected these days.