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How would you rate episode 406?

How would you rate episode 406?  

719 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your rating from 1-10, with 10 being the highest/best

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I gave it a 9/10 (my first 9 of the season). And if I could rate individual performances, I'd give Alfie Allen, Iwan Rheon, NCW and PD all 10/10... My god, IR has just nailed Ramsay and his psycho-ness for me. Such a good casting choice.

I really have no complaints with the exception of 'Yara' putting her tail between her legs and running... Her and the guys she had with her... Lol, that was just silly and it's the only reason I didn't give it a 10.

All in all, though, I loved this episode.

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I would like to support the poster who complimented Nikolaj's acting. It has been consistently superb throughout the show and I think it is way better than anything Dinklage offered this season. So, if anyone deserves an Emmy nomination, it's Nikolaj.

Until this episode I would agree, but Dinklage blew everyone away with the last scene with Shae.
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It's an 8 for me.

Would have been a 9 if the Theon rescue wasn't so stupid.

And for some reason I was hoping the trial would be dragged out a bit more, but no complaints.

And Peter Dinklage's acting during the trial was PHENOMENAL.

His delivery of the last lines was spectacular.

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I thought Tyrion's trial was GREAT, gave the episode a 9 instead of a 10 because the Yara/Asha sequence was such a disappointment. I hope that is not the last we see of her. I would have loved to have seen her kick Ramsey's arse.

The Titan of Bravos was great and I always love Davos. I think the Mereen portion was slow but in the books it is too....Dany spends way too much time in Mereen but I thought Hizdar was good and liked the twist that his father was one of the crucified men. That sets up what happens later pretty well and gives him a motive.

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376 votes in, 8.78 average, 9 median, 8.95 normalized average.

For those keeping track, this places the episode as the 9th most well-received on the forum, and the best received since "The Rains of Castamere".

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I hate to echo the hivemind here. But it was great and I rate it a 9, with the obvious flaw of the Asha scene. A dumb sequence that goes in a circle, it's definitely out of place alongside GRRM's pre-Feast writing. A new scene that I really enjoyed was the Braavos story, though.. well done Cogman. Also the Jaime and Tywin bargain was cool.

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