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How would you rate episode 406?

How would you rate episode 406?  

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  1. 1. What's your rating from 1-10, with 10 being the highest/best

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Will True Detective be in the same category as Game of Thrones? I always thought American Horror Story was in a different category then a regular TV series. TD and AHS are borth anthologies... If not though Dinklage is gonna have a tough time beating out McCanaughey even with that performance..

2nd, Ramsey likes to play games, why not let the hounds go and chase after them? I understand where you're coming from though.

I give it a 9.5. Best episode of the season so far.

EDIT: looked up Emmy's from last year, pretty positive True Detective will be put in the mini-series category. That hopefully equals a Emmy for Mr. Dinklage

Peter doesn't need to compete with Matthew McConaughey because TD is a miniseries. Peter doesn't need to compete with Bryan Cranston because he would be submitted as a Supporting Actor. I'd say Peter has this one in the bag, if the gods are just.

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  • Braavos.Iron Bank - quite well done I thought. Re-established the importance of Stannis and Davos after being cast adrift for so long. Good hint about how savvy the IBB is too
  • 'Yara' on ship - great but the drama of the scene was lost a bit following the comedy of Saan.
  • Reek/Ramsay - fantastic but again tainted by the disjointed flow of drama from the preceding scene
  • Hizdahr - Nailed it (oops, was that too soon?)
  • Small Council Meeting - One of the better SCMs they have portrayed. No musical chairs alone was a big plus.
  • The Trial - Possibly the greatest scene they have yet produced.


  • Attack on the Dreadfort - Pointless, disappointing, rushed, underdeveloped, underwhelming, terrible (Alfie's acting notwithstanding)


  • Salad Sandwich - Saan was what saved this scene from being a negative.
  • Meereen - Dragon business: OK - the Drogon appearance alone should be a +ve, but the resolution was more taken up by the titles. The titles were longer than the attack on the Dreadfort.
  • Varys/Oberyn - OK but just seemed to be missing an X factor. Enough to get people to ask a lot of questions were it not overwhelmed by later scenes.

I'd love to give it a 9 but I think it isn't quite there. I'll put an 8 on it but that actually means '8.5'. I suspect I will edit this upwards later though.

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Gave it an 8.

The Stannis and Ramsay scenes were alright. Hizdahr's already completely different to the books and more likeable than Daario, it will be interesting to see how that develops.

All the KL scenes were great. The second half of the trial was immensely good.

Was this the first ever episode with no children of Ned Stark?

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I thought it was a perfect episode. It's up there with The Rains of Castamere, Blackwater, Baelor, and A Golden Crown.

In the previous season the Dreadfort plot was the weakest part of the season. Every time it came up, it was a chore to watch and I felt more tortured than poor Reek. This season they are among the best, and I feel tense and shocked when it comes on screen. Psychological torture is much more disturbing than pain and gore.

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A solid 7.


  • The trial was brilliant.
  • The Drogon scene. The CGI is top notch.
  • Hizzy!
  • Small council meeting finally.


  • Hypocritical usurper queen of meereen, blah blah, more Dany bs.
  • Varys and Oberyn pep talk.


Stannis and IB scene, was so looking forward to it but nope another average Stannis scene.

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I gave it a 6. The last scene was fantastic, and Peter Dinklage really brought the intensity to the scene. My favourite scene of the season so far. The rest of the episode was pretty crap honestly. I was very disappointed by the Braavos scene with Tycho, and I expected it to be more memorable. Kind of pissed off Stannis said like three sentences, but whatever, at least he wasn't burning infidels. The Dany scene was as exciting as cardboard, and just as flat. So what's up with the goatheard? Are we still getting what really happened in the books, or is this it? Pretty good they had Hizdahr call Dany out on crucifying an innocent man. That was pretty lol-worthy, just to shove it in the faces of Dany fanatics. And I guess Yara's whole trip was entirely pointless then? Ummm... okay then. That's done now....

If it wasn't for the trial at the end I would have given this episode a 5. For once the King's Landing scenes actually made an episode better. Still, I'm very disappointed in this episode. I expected to be a lot more entertained and interested, and it just felt very flat and lifeless, like everyone was just going through the motions, wanting to get it all wrapped up. The episode - and the show as well now - has been missing a certain 'spark' it had in the dialogue and pacing that the show used to have.

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8 as I wish it was longer and the dreadfort fight just felt pointless.

Even if you argue successfully she left for strategic reasons and not the dogs (how she got out if thats true boggles me too) right now it makes no sense to have sent her all the way there just to leave that quickly. Worst part is the fight itself was pretty entertaining, her speech before hand was excellent, Ramsay was his normal awesome crazy self, and the aftermath bath scene was twisted and excellent. Some of the best Reek stuff we have gotten yet. Was just the escape and the whole point of this that detracts.

Literally everything else was spot on. One of the better Dany scenes, and nice to see her knocked down a peg. I liked the Braavos scene and Davos once again proves why he is the best. Small Council was great, Oberyn continues to just win in every scene he is in.

Finally of course the highlight is the trial. Entire scene was perfectly crafted. Some of the most interesting shots of the throne room yet. The score was spot on, and the acting was above and beyond. Some of the best the show has done. Tyrion's confession really should be one of those scenes that transcends the show and goes into the mainstream memory.

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Very nice episode, they need to work on fight scenes though, something just doesn't feel right about them. I don't know what it is either, you don't know who is who, who is dying, what is happening.

I enjoyed the scene because of what it meant for Reek though. And obviously the trial scene was flawless.

Stannis and IB scene, was so looking forward to it but nope another average Stannis scene.

Every Stannis scene is average to you, even if it is quite good, like this one was. ;)

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A perfect 10. All the right ingredients were there. All the bits that are off books were excellent.

- Braavos seq impressive and Davos excellent

- Jaime bargaining super

- Oberyn and Varys exchange informative

- Asha at Dreadfort excellent, because it gives us insight into how damaged Reek actually is. Unlike the books, we cannot hear his thoughts in the show. This was a necessary addition prior to Moat Cailin seq

- Tyrion trial was spot on.

- Even Deanarys seq worked, which didn't happen for a while

All in all, it felt like the episode was 10 minutes long. Kudos to Alik Sakharov for a superb direction. The acting crew is always superb, but it doesn't hurt to mention how great they are.

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Seems quite harsh to dock the entire episode a point because of 1-2 minutes of a 50ish minute episode.

From start to finish, the ironborn excursion was about 5 minutes long, 10% of the episode, FWIW. 10x.1=1.

And let me tally up: 297 votes, 8.79 average, 9 median, 8.96 normalized average.

Edited by Ran
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4 of 10 -- well, at least it's been all uphill since episode 4...

o Sailing into Braavos / Iron Bank -- awesome.

o Asha/Yara -- not sure why they wasted time having her read the letter to the Ironborn just before arriving instead of a "previously on GOT..." before the opening credits, but whatever. The combat portion, like last week's at Craster's, was truly abominable. Seriously -- when Asha/Yara gave the Pulp Fiction hardest pipe-hitting Ironborn speech at the end of Season 3, I was expecting to see them getting literally medieval on the Boltons. Instead, it's like, "no harm, no foul, you keep Theon, we'll just put our tails between our legs and sail all the way back around Westeros, see you next season."

o Mereen -- cheesy CGI, not sure why they showed human remains when it looked like it was supposed to be just goats *this time* to set up for it being a child next time...but I totally lost respect for the show with the whole Hizdar revisionist history thing. I understand the writer for this episode may need the money, but if he/she really hates Martin and the books that much, he'she should just get another job. Seriously, in the books, the slavers themselves choose who gets executed, and there is no indication that *any* of them opposed crucifying the children. This antifanfic is worse than Talisa + Shae + episode 4/5 Crasters.

o Small Council / Varys+Oberyn -- not sure how Tywin demoting Mace to "ink boy" fits with his attitude last episode (saying how much they need the Tyrells). It's like the writers don't talk to each other or read/watch each other's episodes. Also, Mace is a buffoon, not a retard, so I fail to see him not noticing that Tywin is treating him poorly. Also, WTF -- did Pycelle actually say, "Jesus Christ" after Varys talks about The Hand? I know the writers have been sloppy with words this Season ("all the rage", etc.), but that's pretty bad.

o The Trial -- pretty awesome. Too bad whoever wrote this part didn't write (or spend as much time) on the rest of the episode.

Again, it would be nice if we could vote/poll on a per-scene basis, I hate the fact that a 10+ scene like the trial has to get buried by 1- scenes like the Dreadfort and Mereen.

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