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How would you rate episode 407?


How would you rate epsiode 407?  

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I wish they'd decided to please everyone and have Petyr say, 'Only your sister...', then as he is actually pushing her out the door, add 'Only CAT!' --the word CAT punctuated by the shove. But I side with those who think in the long run, it won't really make a difference. Pretty sure Lysa got the point, regardless.

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I'm left wondering who LF will blame for pushing Lysa out the moon door. Couldn't get enough detail from the preview of 4:08 that showed Sansa talking to a group of men/lords (?) to really tell how it was going down. Like many have said, it would have been nice to have more Sansa/Winterfell snow castle time, but it made me happy just to think what it would have been like for her to see snow again!

I liked the entire episode, really, but even though I usually love the Sandor/Arya scenes, I thought the attack by Biter and Rorge was a bit weak. When Arya stabbed Rorge, it just didn't seem to go deep enough to kill him, but I guess that's mostly due to her just having learned from Sandor where the heart is so that it went in just the right spot, and the fact that Needle is just so much smaller than a 'regular' blade, it looks a bit 'puny' in comparison in a long range camera shot.

Can't wait for LS. Some posters seem to think we won't get her till next season?

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i think that it would be perfect to show her in the last scene in the finale of this season. she's already been mentioned a few times so i think they are building up to her appearance.

Would it have fit with her shooting schedule for her role as Ramsey Bolton in 24?

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One of my favorite episodes, best for this season so far! Great acting! I love the chemistry with the hound and Arya. Peter is so awesome! He does an amazing job at showing how tormented he feels and how determined too...For a twisted character you really feel for him and see how his love created his person.

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  • Tyrion/Oberyn


  • Jaime/Tyrion - Brilliantly done by both
  • The dog and the wolf - 'Nothing' line wasn't as bad as I feared but not fantastic. 'Mercy' set up I was happy with. Rorge/Biter set up was weak and almost enough to move scene down a rank
  • Wall - timely reminder for people that may have been deluded into thinking of Jon as a 'badass', that he is in fact not.
  • Bronn/Tyrion - very well done scene
  • Mel/Sel - surprised I felt this as a positive, but it gave a great insight into their characters. No if only they could do the same for the protagonist there for once as well.
  • The dog and the wolf 2 - Really liked it and sets up well for Arya being unable to act later.
  • Brienne/Pod/Hot Pie - Nice scene that tied things up well. Probably the weakest GC has ever been in the show though. Could have done with a bit more fear from Hot Pie when he heard the name 'Stark' perhaps.
  • Snow Winterfell - Started out as brilliant but I don't know - it seemed to lose a bit by the end. Still definitely in the +ve territory.
  • Only Cat - great scene. Would have preferred they didn't change that line but it wasn't a deal breaker.


  • Dany/Daario - in two minds though. It might actually be perfect. It was at this point I lost all interest in Book Dany so it could be argued the show is being faithful


  • Cersei/Gregor - OKish but questions about why he needs 'training' after 3 years of killing peasants and farmers' children. Mountain V3.0 ok but Conan was still the best
  • Jorah/Dany - scene saved from -ve territory by Jorah's truth bombs and Glenn's delivery, but only just. Tempo and delivery of Dany's lines just seemed awkward to me somehow..

Summary: I think it is the best of the season so far. In truth perhaps an 8.5 but I will give it a 9 on first viewing.

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One of the major differences from the book is that my unsullied friends do not know who the mountain is. Some of them even dont know that mountain and hound are bothers. But most importantly they dont feel the terror that the mountain inspires. He is just another character for them at this point.

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Jorah saved that scene with Dany, I agree.

I don't know what's up with Dany, her acting imo has gotten noticably worse since getting to Meereen.

It's like Emilia has read the books and knows she is supposed to get more unlikable? lol

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8 - enjoyed all the scenes, surprising even Brienne and Pod

Last 3 episodes are gonna be amazing.

9 for me, and yeah i like Brienne and Pod also even though i hate them so far. The Dragonstone scenes were just poor in comparison so that's why the 9 in my book.

Got seasons are just like a good wine, they get better as time passes:D

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That Tyrion and Oberyn scene was absolutely brilliant, especially; it just walked straight from the pages of the novel. "Tyrion, I will be your champion", and then the look of reiief and gratitude on the face of Tyrion as he realizes he has an unexpected friend left. Peter Dinklage has always been exceptional, but I can't think of a better Oberyn they could have chosen than Pedro Pascal.

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I gave it a 8/10.

Notable pros:

The interaction between Tyrion and all three of his potential champions, especially Bronn and Oberyn. Good stuff.

Notable cons:

I didn´t except Rorge and Biter to be prominent in the show, but the way they disposed of them was just bizarre. It was laughably bad and random.

The reintroduction of The Mountain was somewhat cartoonish and the actor playing him doesn´t quite fit the role.

They really didn´t need to show Jon and the Wall at all if nothing important happens in the storyline. Felt unnecessary.

The rest was pretty solid TV. Thus an 8.

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I'm not nearly as offended as most are over the "only cat" omission, I thought the omission of Catelyn screaming Ned and about her hair was worse, but that scene was so powerful by Fairly it really took nothing away from it. I scored this episode a 9. Would have liked to have seen Dany's tits and ass instead of Daario's, and the new Gregor is probably the biggest joke of the entire series thus far, but oh well. Overall Tyrion and Oberyn's scene was the shiznit, fuggit, every scene with Tyrion this season has been 100% gold. Maybe he is the only Lannister that shit's gold. Hot Pie was awesome, that scene was awesome, overall great episode.

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