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How would you rate episode 407?


How would you rate epsiode 407?  

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First episode I didn't enjoy an Arya/Hound scene, the dialogue during the gift of mercy was cringeworthy, and the random way Rorge and Bitter show up and die in 10 seconds was lame. Also the season is almost over and Sandor hasn't even mentioned Sansa, not even once, wtf?

The Eyrie scenes were great, Sophie was amazing as always, but who is going to be framed for Lysa's death? That little detail left me with a bad taste for what it could have been a great ending.

Brienne and Pod, whatever...there was Hotpie!!! Best part of the episode :P

Tyrion/Jaime and Tyrion/Bronn were ok, but I think Bronn should have explained what the hell happen with Shae :dunno:

Oberyn was ok, but once he started telling the story I was hoping they mention the reason why the Martell went to Casterly Rock, but they're probably saving that for next episode.

Edit: change my vote to 7

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First 9 of the season for me. The weakest stuff was either very brief (the Gregor scene, which was just too cliche to take seriously) or not all that weak at all (mostly it was just kind of weird, like the Rorge scene where he just sort of stands there and has a chat and then dies; I'm thinking Sakharov is homaging something, maybe something from Kurosawa I keep thinking), and the strong stuff was really, really strong (Pedro Pascal hits it out of the park in this one!)

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Gave it an 8 would of given a 9 if it hadn't been for that ridiculous Daario scene and I didn't like the hound confiding in Arya like that. It all felt a little rushed aswell. I thought Aidan Gillen was very good in this episode can't understand for the life of me why they changed "only cat" to "your sister"

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Which may be the highest I've given so far to an episode that's pretty much entirely set-up. However, there were just too many incredibly strong scenes to go lower, with Oberyn/Tyrion being the highlight.

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It was an episode that obviously didn't have too much action which is totally fine. There wasn't a scene that I really rolled my eyes at or thought sucked. The Tyrion/Oberyn and LF/Sansa/Lysa scenes were picture perfect IMO. I can see that there is backlash because the exact quote before Lysa is thrown out the moon door isn't word for word. Doesn't bother me all that much. "Only Cat" vs "Your sister"? Is it that big of an issue?

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