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How would you rate episode 408?

How would you rate episode 408?  

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I did too. The Jorah exile scene was probably the best part of the episode for me. I know a lot of people criticize her range, but the scene were she was doing Missandei's hair was a good contrast to her throne room scene imo.

I loved the restraint fury in her. At first she's all calm waiting to listen to him explain himself and as she realizes or accepts that his information put her child in danger you can see the dragon waking. She keeps it together but is to disgusted with him to even look at him. I thought it was well done and well acted.

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I'm honestly surprised by all the people claiming the beetle monologue served no purpose, or that they didn't understand its significance. After all the complaints about how over-the-top the show is, and how it spoon-feeds things to the audience, nobody seems to understand what's happening when they decide to throw in a (minor) dose of subtlety.

I suppose it has many interpretations, but I think the intended one was this: Orson represents the Gods who are supposedly judging Tyrion at his trial; the Gods who are responsible for the Red Wedding and all the atrocities committed in the show so far. And Tyrion was desperately searching for a reason for these atrocities, only to find that there was none, and that the Gods were simply handicapped people smashing beetles. An intelligent viewer might have analyzed that scene (and the delicious transition into the start of the Trial) and concluded that Oberyn was indeed going to be another smashed beetle, and that makes it extremely important in its own way. You can argue the metaphor was ham-fisted, but please stop postulating that the writers were only thinking "Duh, we like Nikolaj and Dinklage, let's give them a scene together because…" when they wrote the scene.

ETA: About the duel…I think they (and us) hyped it up far too much. It was never going to match expectations (at least not in the way 'Blackwater' and 'The Rains of Castamere' did). I do think they could have made a lot more out of it: added some appropriate music (the 'realism' vibe isn't something to strive for on this occasion IMO), made the cinematography more close-up and involved, shown Oberyn's growing rage and drive for vengeance…but these are all things I wish I could have seen, and not things that were bad about what I saw. As such, being let-down doesn't equate to thinking the episode was bad. It was a great hour of TV, even by GOT standards. I place it 15th out of 38 on my ever-growing 'best-to-worst' scale, below 'A Golden Crown' and ahead of 'The Ghost of Harrenhal.'

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After reading the posts here today I'd like to add two observations:

- the beetle scene: yeah, I don't like it. At all. But not because I don't get it. I don't like it because it feels forced and boring. I started playing sudoku halfway through it. And because there were better scenes in the books to be done in that huge amount of time - yeah, + - 4 mins is a lot, imo.

- I can't for the life of me understand why so many people have a problem with Emilia Clarke's performance. I think she does a great job. I can't say if she's a great actor coz I haven't seen her in anything else yet, but I simply love her Dany. She doesn't overact, like so many others with the mouths and eyebrows and stuff, but that only makes her performances even more to my liking.

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Pedro Pascal was great again. But as I feared, the fight didn't really translate well to TV. When a man is speared to the ground he's finished. The Mountain rising and bursting Oberyn's scuff with his hands is cartoonish. Still I have to respect that Pedro did what he could to save it.

It was great seeing Sansa take some control over her destiny although It does diminish Littlefinger a bit.

Beetles and another Hound/Arya left me feeling meh...


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I just wanted to comment on the Beetle crushing scene.

It's funny because I knew the main point of what Tyrion was trying to make right away-people/innocents die, there isn't always a reason other than because the weak get abused first, but because the scene lasted as long as it did, I tried looking for a deeper meaning. Of course the scene ends without a final conclusion from either character but I was annoyed that they tried dissecting something so simple for so long, thereby taking me along as a voyeur on their annoying extended trip.

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Torn on what to give this one. I enjoyed the duel and found the ending suitably brutal and gory, I don't really have any complaints on that front.

The Tyrion beetle scene could have been replaced by something much more relevant imo. Set up for next season, time with another character, something, anything but that scene. Bleh.

The Vale. Well, it was a hell of a shock to me and now I'm very divided. On the one hand, I agree with Ran that LF's character is very much diminished, it seems that he has literally no plan to get out of the corner he is in. I can see the logic behind it though, as getting across Sansa's subtle transition from innocent pawn to developing player that is shown in the books does not really make for good TV. This was perhaps a little too sudden, but I'm not terribly annoyed by it. I also want to say Royce and Waynwood were brilliant, they brought such a sense of nobility and superiority to the scene, and its immediately apparent that they are part of proud, old, noble Houses. Lady Anya Waynwood was spectacular imo, this was a brilliant casting choice.

Daenerys banishing Jorah. Emilia's acting was better than I have seen her do any other time this season imo, though I wish she could have looked at Jorah just once. I can imagine they tried to get across how disgusted she was with him, so much that she couldn't bear to look at him...but it just didn't look right. That said, overall the scene was decent.

Moat Cailin was another good scene.

Not a fan of Mole's Town scene I'm afraid.

Arya and the Hound is an odd one. Have to see how they proceed with this one, but it seemed an odd way to go.

Missandei - Grey Worm I'm indifferent to tbh.

So...now I've typed it out I have a bit of a clearer idea...6 or 7. I will be optimistic and go with a 7

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8. Which means it was a bit disappointing, being the most anticipated episode this season, thus far. As others, I wasn`t crazy about the grey worm/missandei stuff. Arya showing up at the Vale - hmmm, wonder what happens next? The beetle was a classic show-GOT monologue, far too long, like Gollums redundant raving to his reflection in the water in LOTR 3. Sansa as cruella de ville in her new black dress was..interesting. The whole scene should have been swapped with Tyrion vs the Viper- as in the book. Let us get a closer relationship with him, and let us believe he in fact will win-before he goes. ANd it would give us an extra scene with the great Pascal. The Duel was good, but not great. Should have lasted a copule of minutes longer. Showing the Mountain wearing out, and hacking down the stable boy. Oberyn a bit too elastic, and the Mountain could have depicted a bit more imposing and ominous ( by ways of filming, the actor is imposing enough).

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