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How would you rate episode 410?


How would you rate episode 410?  

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I was seriously disappointed that there was no LSH but i won't die. For those saying we have to wait a whole year to see her, how long have you been waiting for TWOW?

I thought it was a well done episode just felt weird. It felt wrong, very, very wrong. Wrong as in, am i watching Game of Thrones or what?

- I liked Stannis/Jon/Mance but could of done without the whole Ygritte burning.

- Bran was awesome and so was BR, but it felt very short. And does this mean no Jojen Paste?

- Liked Qyburn/Cersei/Pycelle scene which basically confirmed Robert Strong

- Meh about Cersei/Tywin/Jamie

- Brienne vs Hound was pretty nice and I loved how the Hound isn't dead, maybe?

- Tyrion/Jamie was alright. Very rushed but I understand no Tysha it wouldn't make sense. But couldn't they have made something else up to make them mad? Now we won't have "she's been fucking Lancel and Moon boy"

- Tyrion/Shae was meh. Why the fuck would they have him kill her in self-defense. Whitwashing here.

- Tyrion/Tywin was also meh. It just didn't do it for me. I understand no "wherever whores go".

- I liked Arya's scene and really liked her looking out to the sea but i just wish we could have seen her staring up at the Titan of Bravos

I liked this episode but I didn't like :stunned: It was a bit underwhelming

To make a complete decision i have to watch it again later. When there is no week long build-up

On the other hand D&D where right. This was the best episode of GoT. But only for non-readers

ETA: Lena really did fuck with our expectations

And the thing the fucked with me the most is that i expected some TWOW news. But lets not get into that

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Like GRRM said, they need a few more episodes per season to do the story justice. This last episode felt rushed in all the wrong places.

What I LIked:

- No Stoneheart. I said many times I didn't think she'd make an appearance - not this season and perhaps not at all. But everyone peer pressuring me and insisting she just HAS TO BE IN THE SHOW, won me over. I feel vindicated.

- So why did the Hound get that bite if it didn't end up being relevant. Ah, the writers had a surprise for us .. a duel with Brienne. Well played even if the scene overall didn't work, for me at least.

- Stannis' arrival was properly epic

- Jon/Mance's tent talk was well done

- Arya stole the show again, mostly just from staring emotionless as The Hound begs her to finish him off.

What I Didn't

- Too rushed overall

- Shae/Tyrion scene had so many plot holes. If she believes Tywin is nearby (or say, his guards) why not scream for help? And I still have a hard time believing Tywin would have sex with a whore who was sleeping with his son. Just not very Tywin-like - but that's GRRM's fault not the show writers :)

- So Bran travels all that way (pretty quickly it seemed) to chat with a guy in a tree who says he'll fly. I don't know about you, didn't get me all that excited about where Bran's story is going. Wonder what Unsullied viewers felt?

And on that last note, I felt that this season would turn some show-only viewers off as this is was where the story starts to drift. And nowhere is it more relevant than in the finale: Tyrion jumps on a boat, so does Arya, Dany leashes her dragons, Stannis ... well, not sure what he's doing at the Wall, and the most hated bad guys (outside Ramsay) are now dead. Oh and the White Walkers are STILL on their way (since S2E10 mind you...)

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They get so much right... yet they still manage to drop the ball on big ticket items so as to disappoint... yet the source material is so good and production value so high that it's still a success overall. The show is a disappointing success. Such a weird combo.

7-8 right now. I'll actually vote after I sleep on it.

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Seeing the Discussion thread before watching it, I thought this would be an utter trainwreck.

Turns out? It's one of my favorite episodes of the entire series.

-Stuff at the Wall was fantastic. Only thing I didn't like were the villain music and general vibe given to Stannis. It was supposed to be a triumphant act that even GRRM himself calls righteous, yet Stannis even when saving the Watch feels like a giant prick at best. I know the showrunners have no lost love for him but cripes. The rest was great however, the charge was impressive to see, Mance was awesome, Tormund was awesome, Jon burning Ygritte was pretty good, and Kit acted really well in all his scenes. The closing shot of Mel over the flames was the cherry on the sundae. Well done overall.

-Cercei going craycray even before daddy bites it. People wanted the Lioness, and she's roaring back with a vengeance, with all the misplaced pride and senseless ravings we know and love from Book!Cercei. Didn't overly like Jaime actually having sex with her in the White Room (his character really does kinda yo-yo this season) but Tywin finally not having the last word in an exchange was good for variety's sake if nothing else.

-Best Dany scene this season. I thought the chaining of her dragons was actually really sad and well done. Poor things have been just betrayed by their mother.

-Jojen dying was unexpected, but well acted. I really got the impression that, when it was announced that they were at the weirwood tree, he was going to say ''this is the day I die''. Less of a fan of the Jason and the Argonauts wight ripoffs, or the Children of the Forest chucking (holy?) hand grenades. Bloodraven also wasn't as messed up as I imagined, but the dialog was spot on and Leaf looked like what I imagined. Poor Meera :frown5: .

-That Brienne vs Sandor fight was friggin brutal. It all started nice and easy, with the usual parries and faffing about you expect in traditional duels, only to end in a messy, no-nonsense brawl. I liked it, a lot. It bought something worthwhile to Brienne's arc, closed off Sandor's, and gave Arya cause to GTFO to Braavos. A particular highlight was Sandor begging the she-wolf to kill him, with dialog lifted almost verbatim from the books and Rory and Maisie both acting the hell out of that scene. Valar Dohaeris!

-The Tyrion escape was cut short, with little dialog between the brothers, and I'm still displeased about it. But I now get that the Tysha story was superfluous; that was three full seasons ago. I do think it required a mention, but not being the focal point is not a bad thing. Not a fan, however, of Shae attacking Tyrion first, that's really whitewashing and nothing else. It's still dark, especially how he pitifully says sorry to her corpse, but the change was not required.

-The Tywinicide, however, I really liked. The dialog was very solid, and if you ask me Tyrion's ''I have always been your son'' line is way better than mumbling about his dad shitting gold. Both actors absolutely killed it. I'm sad to see Charles Dance go, he was certainly a top notch actor. Oh well, at least we get his voice in The Witcher 3 I suppose. Also interesting that Show!Varys did not seem to plan for Tywin's death.

Now, as to the elephant in the room: I'm come to realize LS would not have added that much. Sure, she would have been a great cliffhanger, but since we got 0 BwB content this season it would have come completely out of left field. My guess is that Brienne meets her early in season 5, if the character isin't cut that is. I would hate for LS to be cut, but we'll see how next season goes.

Still, it was a great send-off to a great season. Certainly much better than season 3's finale.

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Hahahaha... This stuff is priceless. So much gnashing of teeth. Here's hoping those complaining about this change or that and vowing to never watch again stay true to their word and just go away.

It was a solid 8. A few small issues. It's hard to get worked up about things being changed or left or if they're not actually relevant to the show on the screen. The show had moved well beyond anything to do with the Frey's or the Brotherhood Without Banners. Having them suddenly appear at the end would be silly. Lady Stoneheart will likely never appear. Same for some of Tyrion's motivations. Though I do think that that is a structural mistake.

The Hound/Brienne fight was a great mash up of where the show went and source material. Instead of having her fight Rorge pretending to be the Hound, she got the Hound. Nicely done there.

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A couple minutes after posting my thoughts after watching tonight's episode, I realized a little something notice how tywin was being a bit "submissive"(Maybe to strong of a word) with tyrion? Then I realized it was because cersei had told him ealier about her and Jamie. So in guessing tywin finally realized tyrion was his last hope. Now I had like that little bit then I realized! Cersei would never! Tell tywin about her and Jamie. In fact everything she said to Jamie in tonight's episode is everything that JAMIE should have been saying to her back in the sept scene instead of "I don't care...I don't care"

I just think D&D make weird choices in their writting that I obviously don't understand. Maybe it's because they don't trust the "unsullied" viewers to understand certain things so they're just dumbing it down a little bit.

Agreed. The whole Jamie/Cersei/Tywin scenes tonight just felt weird. Pretty unexpected behavior from characters whose actions follow a pretty well-defined line.

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I gave it a solid 8.

They went full True Blood silliness with the fireball-throwing pixies/children. That was ... awkward.

The father of the Drogon-charred little girl was heartbreaking.

I was sad to see Jojen go unnecessarily, but not as sad as Grenn last week, for which I was hugely disappointed.

Stannis/Mance/Jon was great. As was the glimpse between Jon and Mel.

I'm OK with no LS. Though I do hope she's in for next season.

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10 for me as well,

I even cried several times lol

The stories arch resonated nicely this time,

the pacing was a bit hectic @ the end, but it was fitting for how chaotic things were going.

Loved seeing Varys leaving on the boat


Ygritte's fire burial was amazing also

The last shot of Arya was just like... Bam.

An equal mix of sadness and uplifting closure for the opening of next year!

Can't Wait!

Amazing Episode.

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OK, I just watched the finale for the second time, back-to-back. It's a 10/10, and I would give it an even higher grade if I could I loved it even more upon the rewatch, once certain expectations had been dispensed with. This was already my favorite season of Game of Thrones, and now “The Children” is probably my favorite episode of the show.

That fight between Brienne and the Hound was FANTASTIC. I don’t give the slightest damn that it wasn’t in the books. It’s easily in the running for the best duel in the show’s history, and we’ve seen some great ones. I suspected that neither one would end up dealing the fatal blow to the other, but every blow hurt because we’ve grown to care about both of these characters so much. And the aftermath of that battle, where the mortally injured Hound is begging Arya for the gift of mercy was perfect. Rory McCann sold every word and every beat of emotion in that scene. He’s been an underrated yet extremely valuable member of the ensemble cast for a long time, but this the best scene that he’s ever gotten to do on the show, and he crushed it. And Maisie Williams … so good. She was silent almost the entire time, but she didn’t need to speak. She said all that she needed to say with her eyes. Her arc next season in Braavos should be stellar, and I can’t wait to see it!

The scene between Tywin and Tyrion was equally fantastic. Yes, Tysha wasn’t mentioned and I’m sure that Certain People are pissed, but ultimately it didn’t matter, at least to me. Tywin has inflicted so much pain on Tyrion that Tyrion’s actions were believable even without the reminder (and the Tysha thing did still happen in the show canon, so it still informed his response). Tyrion’s relationship with Shae, which was far stronger on the show, provided sufficient kindling for the spark that set him off on his murderous spree (and I found Tyrion’s murder of Shae to be far more dramatically potent because of it).

Speaking of stronger relationships on the show than in the books, Jaime and Tyrion’s goodbye was extremely touching. Frankly, I’m glad that they parted on good terms – once again, changes be damned. I also really liked Jaime’s ‘reconciliation’ with Cersei and Cersei’s confession to Tywin. Once again, purists will whine that the spirit of those scenes weren’t true to the characters from the books, but at this point, I think that you can guess how I feel about said purists.

Stannis’s arrival was a nice moment, even without the chanting, which … whatever. I thought that Jon’s discussion with Tormund about Ygritte, followed by Jon giving his fallen love a private funeral pyre and then breaking down in tears really brought a nice bit of closure to that relationship, on top of Ygritte’s dying words to Jon last week. The room got the slightest bit dusty for me there.

Daenerys being forced to chain her dragons was another nice moment. Emilia Clarke gets a lot of hate from some corners for her performance, but I think that she’s great and I loved how she handled the scene where she cries as she leaves her children in the darkness. If she gets nominated at the Emmys again, this could possible be her submission episode (it's either this or, if she wants to go for the big rousing speech like last year, “Breaker of Chains”.)

Bran's meeting with the Three-Eyed Raven was also cool to see. Bloodraven and the Children of the Forest both looked sufficiently ethereal and unsettling. And yes, Jojen is still (barely) alive in the books, but I think that we all knew that he wasn’t long for this world (I never bought the Jojenpaste theory, but it was bound to happen eventually). Meera’s anguish over Jojen’s death was another nicely tragic moment in an episode that was full of them. I appreciated the payoff to Jojen’s vision of his body burning as well.

Finally, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Lady Stoneheart.

Yes, I was expecting her to show up at the end, either with the Freys or with Brienne, but ultimately I’m perfectly fine with her absence (I actually liked the ending that we got – a rather hopeful beat with Arya boarding the ship to Braavos). But since purists will be in a twist about it, I see two possible options concerning what her absence from the finale means for Lady Stoneheart in the series:

1) They’re saving her for a later reveal in Season 5. If that’s the case, then I trust Benioff and Weiss to handle her eventual introduction well. Once again, I understand why they chose to end what has been an incredibly dark season on a more hopeful note, so I’m fine with them deciding to hold off.

2) Lady Stoneheart ultimately isn’t that important. Maybe she dies (permanently) shortly into The Winds of Winter, or maybe she just doesn’t have any significant role to play in the endgame of the series. If that’s the case, then quite honestly I’ll be OK if we never see her, and she’s cut from the show. At this point, I care about the big picture, not minor details and tertiary characters.

I’ve got much more to say about this episode, but I’ll leave it there for tonight. Great episode. Great season. Great series. I can’t wait for next year!

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I loved this episode.

Jon/Mance/Stannis - loved it. I don't really like the portrayal of Stannis in the show, but here he was brilliant. The army invasion CGI and acting was great. I could totally see him as the King of Westeros by the end of it. Loved his interaction with Jon.

Gregor - I think it needed to be more gruesome, but it was ok

Cersei/Tywin - Lena was so good in this. I think it initiates the momentum on the betrayal of Tywin by all of his kids in the episode. Her raw emotion is the same catalyst behind Jaime and Tyrion's decisions and its more visceral. It just perfectly foreshadows that his legacy is empty and he will die. The dialogue could have been a little bit better I think.

Cersei/Jaime - great scene, perfectly played by Lena.

Dany - I think the CGI was really weird here but Dany was fine, I liked to see her show emotion.

Jon/Ygritte/NW - pretty scene.

Bran & Co. - the CGI totally ruined this scene for me, I was just too distracted by how bad everything (fire grenades, wacko skeletons..) was. Jojen's death was kind of comical. I feel like Bloodraven and the inside of the tree should have been more...I don't know, overgrown with moss and entwined with decay? The art direction here was off for me.

Arya/Hound/Brienne - I don't mind at all the deviation from the books, except that it made very little sense that the Vale knights would just let free Arya Stark and a guy with a giant bounty on his head but w/e The fight was completely brutal and visceral - Christie gave me goosebumps. The mercy killing scene was wonderful - Rory killed the delivery, so tragic.

Jaime/Tyrion/Tywin - I can see where people are coming from with no Tysha, I agree this should have been left in. I'm fine with Jaime finding out about Cersei's affairs at some later point, otherwise it would have been too much information for that scene. The murder of Shae was great, I prefer the whitewashing haha. The Tywin/Tyrion scene could have had better dialogue I think, but Charles Dance was really good, I could totally see him trying to manipulate Tyrion with his "you're my son" but Tyrion just sees through all that at this point.

Arya - great music, great scene :)

I don't care that LSH wasn't in the episode actually, it was good enough without her. 9/10

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So, I guess Jaime and Cersei's relationship (and Jaime's development) is just completely derailed at this point. I mean, as of now, it's like nothing at all has changed between them since he returned to King's Landing.

"Purists" blah blah blah.

Are you kidding me? Do you even know the definition of the word "purism," or are y'all just throwing that derisive term around to discredit anyone with whom you disagree? "Oh, you purist!"

We're so far past "purism" that it's not even funny. "Purism" would be nitpicking over not doing a line exactly right. It's not "purism" to expect an adaptation - one with showrunners who profess such great loyalty to the source material - to maintain the basic structure of the story and exhibit some understanding of the characters. At this point, so much of the plot is mangled and the characters are just puppets on strings who go and do whatever the writers want.

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I'm having a very hard time rating this episode. So I guess I'll just talk stuff out and maybe a rating will come to me

1) The Jon/Mance/Stannis stuff was VERY good. I loved the conversation between Stannis and Jon. That part was well done

2) God, did I NOT need Twincest stuff. HOWEVER, I would have been fine with it if Jamie had learned by the end that Cersei was screwing everyone else. But he didn't. So now...I have confusion. Tyrion telling Jamie about Cersei is what makes Jamie reconsider everything. But right now, Cersei and Jamie are all lovey dovey?!

3) Am I going mad or do the COTF have grenandes....and why does the Bloodraven not look...Bloodraven-y? Or maybe I've seen too much artwork that portrays him better?

4) Jojen. The hell. Okay. so there's ONE death we know for sure in book 6, I guess.

5) The Brienne and Hound fight was done well but it did go on a bit long. And how did Brienne not go after Arya? She was right there. Stand up, use the giant cliffs to see her, and go after her.

6) Arya ROCKED the scene with the Hound. That was well played. Stone cold.

7) Dany and the dragons was short but it had some emotion, which I liked.

8) Jamie and Tyrion. WTF. No. God. Tysha herself doesn't matter, I know. But Jamie telling Tyrion about Tysha DOES. Cause now it doesn't make a lot of sense why Tyrion went to kill his father. MOTIVE.

9) Did Tyrion just kill Shae in SELF DEFENSE.

10) Random shot of Varys sitting is random

11) Tywin and Tyrion scene was good.

Having typed this out, I think I'm giving it a 7. And that was hard.

ETA: I'm not even that upset about LSH. I guess she'll come next season.

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It actually surprises me that people who compare it to the books are as criticized as they are, mostly because it feels like it's coming from show fans who can't take any criticism. The show is not perfect, nor are the books, so criticism shouldn't be treated like trolling.

I can't not compare it to the books. In the title credits it says "based on A Song of Ice and Fire," not "loosely inspired by." I judge this show as an adaption, not as a standalone piece of work. Mostly because very few of the ideas are original. D&D are bringing already established stories and characters to a visual media. I judge how well they can do that, and since season two they have shown they are not doing this well. Even in season one they chose less than ideal directions. this is rather frustrating because if it wasn't for the characters, the books might not be quite as renowned. Case in point, Catelyn is reduced to concerned mother rather than the inner complexities of her character that many book readers would know.

You can't separate the books from the show if you're a book reader. It's fair criticism to say D&D are not doing well in that regard. They are not adapting well. yes, changes have to be made, but the changes they make more often than not are superfluous and contradictory to the books (Cersei/Tywin's last chat, Tywin knowing about the dragons, Tywin and the Iron Bank [[boy, they've really f**ked up with Tywin completely]] JeyneLisa Westergyr)

The books matter.

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I gave it a 10 because it's a great conclusion to a great season. Seriously, I've had more fun watching this season than I did the first three years. I've never cared about changes, I've never cared about "sticking with the books", so I just take the show as it comes. And I thought they did a great job.

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It's a bit narrow to call this underwhelming. No, it wasn't blood pulsing excitement, but A Song of Ice and Fire (and GOT), after the Red and Purple Weddings is nothing but uneventful storytelling leading up to bigger events, many we have yet to see in the books. AFfC and a large part of DwD is nothing but storytelling. Aside from the North and Jaime in the Riverlands, there is very little action anywhere. Everything shown in this episode needed to be established, especially for the show watchers. This stuff is important. The season was nothing like one and two (and parts of three) and the next season may be just as 'dull' because those two books are based on character's personal demons. And a lot more Dany. I hate Emilia Clarke as Dany.

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I will give it a 6.5-7 just for the awesome fight between Sandor and Brienne and Stannis' entrance which was amazing.

That is all I liked about this episode.

I seriously did not care if they introduced Stoneheart this season or next season. I gave it a lower rate because I was expecting more. 80% of the episode seemed rushed to me and uninteresting. But just is only my opinion.

I had no problem with making Sandor and Brienne fight .It was not in the books,but I liked it. The only small thing that pissed me off about that scene is that they changed The Hound's last words a bit (just like they did with 'Only Cat').

It was a decent episode but I was expecting more.

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