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Westeros NFL Pick Em

Manhole Eunuchsbane

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the sniffer returns...for wild card weekend

cheers to SwmbO for passing on my words :cheers:


even though i tanked at fantasy this year, the picking has been better than i expected...sadly the damn cowboys came on strong last night and screwed me out of another weekly win...it figures, dallas has often thrown stones at my glass house of hope...

thanks to @Tywin et al. for overseeing all this fun and frustration :cheers:




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6 minutes ago, mcbigski said:

3 for 3.  I switched to the Bears since im not in make up more any more.   

yeah i should have taken the damn cowboys but nooooo...i had to hope their run was over

i am still in make up mode even though i know it is a hollow victory since Bronn blew off the games this week but i am going to claw for every point to the final game...


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My blinding hatred for the eggles made me choose the Bears and lose 16... I hate it when Dallas and the Eggles are involved, it screws with my logic. 2-2 but lost my 16 and 12 point picks so another week of sucking ass!

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You weren't kidding about the impact the playoffs can have. Top three in the league are separated by just 3 points. @dbunting Has lost the top seed!

1 Kessler's Sports Book 1398 45 158-87
2 White Harbor Bakers 1397 33 154-91
3 dbunting 1395 48 158-87
4 Bronze Stones 1377 53 161-84
5 rocksniffer 1369 45 157-88
6 aceluby 1358 41 150-95
7 Ramsay 1353 54 153-92
8 Tywin 1316 36 157-88
9 Joe Pesci 1293 35 146-99
10 Lumpy the Greek 1282 47 148-97
11 ThatPyroFlow 1135 0 129-113
12 Sunspear Serpents 715 0 79-163
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On 1/6/2019 at 9:25 PM, mcbigski said:

If i didn't outsmart myself I d have gone 4 for 4.

yeah well i might have too but i jinxed seattle and chicago by going for them...such is life, but i feel good about being only 29 points outta first


...beware a dawg who has a goal


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On ‎1‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 7:55 PM, rocksniffer said:

hahahahahhaahah...cheers to @Joe Pesci for seeing past the hype of the best defense in the nfl


...could foles take the birds all the way???


Gotta be honest here, when it comes to the playoffs, I start picking opposite of what I think most people will pick. I've been dwelling at the bottom so might as well try to go down swinging instead of keeping pace...at least it worked once!

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We're still in a dog fight for the title, with three players having a realistic chance of being the champion:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 Kessler's Sports Book 1438 45 162-87
2 White Harbor Bakers 1437 33 158-91
3 dbunting 1431 48 161-88
4 Bronze Stones 1417 53 165-84
5 aceluby 1398 41 154-95
6 rocksniffer 1397 45 159-90
7 Ramsay 1389 54 156-93
8 Tywin 1332 36 158-91
9 Lumpy the Greek 1310 47 150-99
10 Joe Pesci 1301 35 147-102
11 ThatPyroFlow 1135 0 129-117
12 Sunspear Serpents 715 0 79-167
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There are three games left, two each for 16 points and a third for 8.  I still think I'm in it.  I'd have to get all three right and the others only one each, but the games this weekend look very close on paper.

If it weren't for the silly drop rule, I'd be much closer.

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