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DUBLIN 2019: An Irish Worldcon August 15-19 2019

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It's never too early to start a thread buy a membership! :) 

I got mine and I'm already looking forward to it. 

If you plan to attend DUBLIN 2019 you should also take a look at EUROCON 2019 in Belfast ( August 22-24 2019). 

Attendance List(Preliminary): (Because Targh said so ;) )  

Orange: People who also plan to attend EUROCON 2019.

  • Wolfgang
  • Peadar

  • Maltaran

  • Denvek

  • Targh

  • Little Miss Sunshine & Both All Men Must Rhyme

  • Pebble

  • Kama & John

  • williamjm

  • Werthead

  • Queen of Procrastination

  • Adz of CCAA

  • Titan Cat & TCCB

  • Aderyn

  • Ser Knight Somerville

  • Ser Osis of Liver

  • Lil Red Head & Billy

  • DaveAx

  • Cuellar

  • Theda Baratheon

  • Ran & Linda

  • Lil Red Head & Mr. LRH

  • IDreamofMareep

  • The Stubbys 

  • Toft

  • lady narcissa

  • Frances Bean Corbray

  • the maid of woodlynne

  • redriver

  • Adz of CCAA

  • History of Westeros & ashayatara

  • Alytha + BF

  • mcbigski

  • Makotohanabi  & Arlingzen Bill

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2 hours ago, Little Miss Sunshine said:

I don't have a membership yet but we'll work on buy it around Christmas, as usual. Both All Men Must Rhyme and I will definitely be there and at EuroCon Belfast one week later aswell!

(I'd be keen to do some volunteering for EuroCon if need be!):D

TitanCon / EuroCon 2019 love any and all volunteers.  there is a volunteer form on the Eurocon website.  



I will be coming to both Dublin WorldCon and 2019 Eurocon in Belfast which just starts 2 days after Worldcon finishes.   transport between the 2 is easy with both trains and buses.  There are also plans to run special coach trips between the two taking in some of the sights.  It will be awesome.      Rates for EuroCon go up on the 1st of October.   currently they are £50 for full Adult attending and £10 for Supporting.     We had a special Worldcon deal that if you bought supporting membership this locked the price of upgrading membership so you only pay the difference and are not effected by any price increases.   - I do not know if this is still in effect now Worldcon 75 is over.       ahh gee bet you can't guess what I spent last week doing.



I also love that this thread is up and running so early.  although not as early as the Pebblecon thread that got locked for being so early.

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Having attended neither Worldcons nor Eurocons (not really a convention person, I suppose), I'm wondering should I attend Worldcon just to give people a familiar face for when they arrive at Eurocon?


Failing that, I suppose there's a perk in that it's an opportunity to ask Steve Jackson why his company treats people like unpersons for preferring OGRE to that card game. Hmm.

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These prices are good until February 28, 2018.

Membership Types

Supporting Membership (€40)

A supporting membership is not for attending members.  It allows the member to vote in the Hugos and can be upgraded to an attending membership later.

Attending Adult Membership (€160)

For members who are 26 + years old born on or before 15 August 1993.

First Worldcon Membership (€100)

For members who are 26 + years old for first time attendees to Worldcon.

Young Adult Membership (€100)

For members who are 13 – 25 years old on the first day of the convention.

A Young Friend is someone born between 16 August 1993 and 15 August 2006.

Child Membership (€60)

Members who are between 6 – 12 years old on the first day of the convention.

A Child is someone between the age of 6 – 12 born between 16 August 2006 and 15 August 2013.

Infant Membership (€5)

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My full intention is to come to both events, but I haven't bought memberships yet. Will try to do that before Christmas.

@Wolfgang I Could be an idea to adjust the first post to mention EuroCon as well? We could also get a separate list for people just going to WorldCon and doing the double of going to both events?

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