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Secret Santa XIII - Unlucky for some but not for us


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Calling all Santas:

@rocksniffer @Fragile Bird @Lany Freelove Cassandra @HexMachina @Tywin et al. @Lily Valley @Mlle. Zabzie @KiDisaster @honeyed chicken @RhaenysBee @Castellan @mcbigski @Buckwheat 

@She who must be Obeyed


I'm getting organized and will create a new thread, but hopefully we can get some interest to revive this lovely tradition in the meantime.

Please pass this on to any other potential participants.  The more, the merrier.

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1 hour ago, HexMachina said:

This was so much fun, I'm up for it if others are!

Yay!!!  I'm going to start a thread later today.  Maybe some help to get it pinned?  


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