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Dolorous Gabe

Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

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Aaaaand we’re back after a lengthy hiatus. That’s right all you Westeros-obsessed, sadomasochistic wordsmiths, a new game of the gloriously maddening yet terribly addictive Acrophilia is afoot.

Leave a message in the thread to enter and let me know if you’d like to play in pairs or not. If we are to play in pairs, you will be randomly assigned a partner, although if you wish to play with a particular partner (and the prospective partner is of the same mind) you may request a particular partnership.

Also, in your entry post, please tag anyone you would like to invite to the game.


Here is a quick rundown of the game:

All players will be assigned a character privately. The player’s task is to create a clue to the given character using one of three publicly provided acronyms. Each word in the clue must have a first letter that corresponds with the sequence of letters in the acronym. Words used must have definitions that are easily searchable. The acceptability of the submitted clue will be determined by the host, who may ask for an explanation to the clue’s workings. You may be given a week or so to produce an acceptable clue.

Once the deadline has passed and all clues are ratified, the clues will be published on the thread. Each individual round will have differences for the sake of balancing difficulty levels. For example, some rounds’ themes may be easier, in which case you may not get a prelim (a free set of answers to which you will be informed how many are correct but not which ones), or I may introduce author points (where the author of a clue is awarded points for others answering their clue correctly) into the harder rounds to encourage less difficult clue-making, or if it is supremely difficult you may get a prelim which tells you exactly what is correct and incorrect. There will be some kind of puzzle to work out, a theme or link encompassing all of the answers. Working this out will make it easier to answer the harder clues.

Finally, after the deadline passes and the answers are revealed, a short spell to finish off your clues for the next round will take place, during which you may or may not be asked to vote for a favourite clue. The host will count up the points and then release the clues for the next round.



Guessing the clues: 2 points for each correct answer

Guessing the theme: 4 points for a correct answer

Author points: 1 point for each correct answer (not always applicable)

Favourite clue: 1 point for each vote (not always applicable)

Guessing the mini-theme: 1 point for each correct answer  (not always applicable)




honeyed chicken


Fragile Bird

(DR Supporter) (Robb4ever) Eternally_His

Julia H.


She Who Must Be Obeyed

Ser Not Appearing

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Because we want to, because we want to

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8 hours ago, Dolorous Gabe said:

I guess I should start tagging people.

@Jez Bell

@Julia H.

@Ser Not Appearing

@a free shadow

@Castellan (hope you're okay)

@She who must be Obeyed


If anyone wants to tag others please go ahead.

I've heard the call and I find I cannot refuse it. I'm here. 

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Yep, tag anyone you'd like to invite. I suppose SNA might be best contactable via facebook.

I am waiting for Jez to see this since she and Sniffer were the ones who requested a new game. Here's hoping she's okay.


Shall we just do this game individually? Then you can all just send me a PM (entitled "Acrophilia 20: [insert board name here]" and I don't have to coordinate group PM threads.

If anyone particularly wants to play in pairs, speak type now!

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hey pairs only really works well when there are more of us...lets just duke it out



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3 hours ago, DR Supporter said:

Will the characters assigned be only from ASOIAF or other fandoms too?

It's all from ASoIaF, buddy. As a general rule a host will only use historical characters that have a direct influence on ASoIaF, so for example the Mad King and Rhaegar are generally fair game. It is generally agreed that anyone more associated with D&E or other pre-ASoIaF stories requires a disclaimer before the round.

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Hello all,

We're playing individually then.

Please send me a private message if you haven't already. Title it "Acrophilia 20 - [insert board name here}"

Then I'll soon send you your first round cluemaking assignments

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Alright, I'm in!


... until, uh, I'm not.


In other, unrelated, news ... I've finally started writing some and have about 11k poorly chosen words penned. WHO WANTS TO READ THEM AND TELL ME WHY THEY SUCK!?

You lot seem as likely as anyone. Looking for as detailed an early review of tone and direction as I can get. What works? What doesn't? What's interesting? What's boring? Where do you think this is going? Etc, etc


PM if you like wasting time. I really do want more than "it's kinda good, I don't know" ...

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7 minutes ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

Are we allowed to play these games without shadow?

I may have accidentally killed shadow......


Which conversely means I lost our lifelong battle!

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