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On 9/2/2022 at 11:22 AM, LynnS said:

To be clear, we have previously taken direct images of other exoplanets! But this is the first one from JWST, taken of of a known exoplanet previously imaged by the SPHERE instrument on the ground-based VLT (Very Large Telescope). Fun fact, my fiance actually wrote a paper about that planet back in 2019!


In other cool exoplanet JWST observations, its first direct spectrum from a planetary-mass companion looks AMAZING.

https://arxiv.org/abs/2209.00620 see Figure 2 for the incredibly broad and detailed spectrum.

To clarify some possible confusion points, it's a "planetary-mass companion" because it is in orbit around a brown dwarf. In fact, this system is more like a binary system, it's just that one object is slightly more massive, enough to be a brown dwarf, and the other is a bit smaller, enough to be "planetary-mass." This is also different from the exoplanet spectrum released in the first batch of JWST images because that was a transmission spectrum that relied on using the host star's light whereas this spectrum is taken from direct observation of the object itself (easier to do and more detailed).

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Galaxy Zoo is up and running again with a new batch of images from the Dawn age .  You can be involved in citizen science and you never know what you will see or discover.


Getting started:




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