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If you owned your own house in GoT, what type of sigil would you choose for your house?


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This is a great question.

There are so many good options, I can't choose!

I do like heraldic lions but they seem to be used by a lot of houses already, however there is the potential to use different attitudes, stances and colours for the lions. Most of the lions seem to be standard lions rampant in one colour, but there is also the chequered lion of House Osgrey and House Grandison's lion dormant argent. You could have a striped lion, a winged lion, etc. The lion's claws and tongue can be of different colours, and you can also give it a crown (this goes for charges other than lions as well). I do like how a lion passant reguardant sable looks so I might use that.

I also can't use the stag as that's already being used by House Baratheon, so I don't think I could just use my profile picture.

Eagles are another good possibility. They don't seem to be as frequently used as lions by the Noble Houses in-universe.

I think it would also depend on the characteristics of my house.

Where are they seated, for example. Are they in the woods or near the sea?

I always have a big dilemma between keeping the sigil nice and clear and simple and adding everything I really want, which makes it look cluttered. The ASoIaF sigils so far seem to be quite good with remaining clutter-free, however they also don't respect the proper heraldic rules of tincture! :angry:

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14 hours ago, KL70 said:

If you had to own your own fictional house in GoT, what type of a creatively witty sigil would you choose for your house to have and why would you have it, over other options.


A farm instrument like a plow.  Good, honest hard working people.  I like Walder Frey and Petyr Baelish despite what they did because they have a working class ethic.  It is the kind of attitude which serves one in life and builds prosperity.  Hard work and being somewhat frugal works for most. 

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I've always liked white tigers, so maybe a white tiger on a simple background, maybe black or lilac. Though a lot of houses take symbols from the land they own and stories regarding the house itself, so I suppose that's also an important thing to consider. You're unlikely to have things like a grape sigil on the north, or a wolf on Dorne

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Mountain Lion.  We've got lots of 'em where I'm at and I've had a couple run-ins.  Beautiful animals.

Background would be very dark blue, darker than navy blue, with a few falling flakes of white snow. Lion would be black, barely visible unless you got close to the sigil and examined it.  Hidden, like the real animal.  From any distance at all, the sigil would just look like a dark field with stars.  Only once you get close would you even see that it was snow, not stars, and there's a big ol' puddy.

Bugger.  Now I'll have to go and actually make the dang thing for my profile pic.




There.  Not half bad for microsoft paint lol. You can't really tell what it is unless you click it and then go to my profile and then click again and get the full image.  Then it's obvious. Perfect!

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20 hours ago, Arthur Peres said:

I would not be original, this is granted...

I don't remember anyone having the moon in their sigil, so it would be a nice.

Simple, pretty, generic, easy to match with house words so I would not have to think very hard about it.


A sky-blue falcon soaring against a white moon, on a sky-blue field

Might be familiar :-P


id go with the one in my avatar. Its the coat of arms for my hometown :-)


Armiger City of Amsterdam
Crest The Imperial Crown of Austria, proper
Blazon Gules, a pale sable charged with three saltorels argent in pale
Supporters Two lions rampant proper
Compartment A stone pedestal proper
Motto Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig (Dutch: "Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate")

(Yes, Amsterdam has XXX in its coat of arms)


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On 10/25/2022 at 10:07 AM, Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 said:

I would choose an owl, a beautiful animal and a symbol of intelligence and wisdow.

I'd choose a raven (obvious reasons). Black raven with a piece of shinery upon a blue field.

Or to be exact: A corvus statant reguardant azure. Three guesses where it comes from.

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