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NFL Playoffs 2023


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In honor of 3 field goals today, here's Tony Sparano with a super big fist pump.  Not a great coach for the Dolphins, but I loved that guy's enthusiasm, even if he over celebrated field goals.


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5 minutes ago, DireWolfSpirit said:

Beat em down

I’d be okay if they beat him down… but then they win and limp into next week. :smug:

(Just leave Cobb alone… that’s my boy.)

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50 minutes ago, DireWolfSpirit said:

9-6 at the half still hoping Rodgers is knocked out of that final NFC WC slot.

Hutchenson has already introduced himself twice to the Packers backfield with 2 sacks so far, i dont think hes done.

Beat em down

Fun game. Good for Coach Campbell and his Knee biters


There's a big part of me, as an eternal Rodgers-"An-Tah-Ghont-Tist" (that's an obtuse -perhaps inverted- reference to one of the opening minutes and messages of the RedLetterMedia production of Mr. Plinkett's comedic review of Star Wars:ThePhantomMenace) that's actually kinda would-be 'Andrei Sator'-at-the-end-of-Christopher-Nolan's-TENET about wanting to see Rodgers win the SB as a 7 seed and ride off into the sunset as Brett Favre never could.








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1 minute ago, DMC said:

I can still teach you how to count to four if you'd like.

They traded four picks, right?

And then they used their pick on nothing, right?

The point was trading three firsts for a first that produced no benefit for the team, while actually requiring them to keep the player they were clearly trying to dump, right?


It's amazing how good the Niners are at basically everything else. I can't think of many teams that could absorb such a colossal mistake.  

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3 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

I meant four firsts in the sense they traded three and then set their pick on fire. Technically four first round draft slots where used in this trade. :leaving:


Withdraw from that salient in good order!

That's what real leadership is! 

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1 minute ago, Tywin et al. said:

Technically four first round draft slots where used in this trade. :leaving:

Yeah, except one of those firsts was traded for the others...

Anyway, the reason they can "absorb" it is (1) because two of those three first round picks ended up almost certainly being late rounders.  As I said, the 2022 pick was used on Cole Strange.  I don't know much about how him -- but they could have used another guard! 

Instead, they drafted Banks in the second in 2021 - who's been great this year replacing Laken Tomlinson (who will net them another comp pick) - then drafted Spencer Burford in the 4th this year, who's been solid. 

Which leads to, much more importantly, (2) because they are (often) very good at drafting in the mid-to-late rounds.  Which, frankly, usually is how teams sustain success.

All that being said, I'm not giving up on Lance.  Not really sure why you are.  Fortunately, Purdy gives them little reason not to hold onto him.

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Thanks to the Lions for allowing us to slink into a playoff slot!  As much as folks have been rolling their eyes about Geno Smith making the Pro Bowl, he ended the season at 8th in total yards, 4th in TDs, and 5th at passer rating.  Apparently he broke the single season passing record for SEA, beating out Russel Wilson's best year- enjoy Denver :D.  Given how low the expectations were for the Seahawks at the beginning of this year, its been a hell of a run. 

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This is hilarious:

14 3 0 .824 7-1 7-2 6-0 9-3 496 369 +127 W5
14 3 0 .824 7-2 7-1 4-2 9-3 477 344 +133 W1
13 3 0 .813 7-1 6-2 4-2 9-2 455 286 +169 W7
13 4 0 .765 8-1 5-3 6-0 10-2 450 277 +173 W10
13 4 0 .765 8-1 5-3 4-2 8-4 424 427 -3 W1
12 4 0 .750 6-1 6-3 3-3 8-3 418 322 +96 W8
12 5 0 .706 8-1 4-4 4-2 8-4 467 342 +125 L
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