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Cats: They Own You 2


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Woo, can't believe how long ago the first Cat thread hit 21 pp. and was locked, and yet! another one hadn't emerged.  I read this today in the NYT T-Magazine.  Presumably people who appreciate cats would find this as interesting, enjoyable and enlightening as I did. The photos are fascinating.  Here we have the Japanese perspective -- so presumably this could even go in International, ya?  But anyway, here is a new cat thread.

Why Do Cats Hold Such Mythic Power in Japan?

A journey through a country where felines are revered, adored and sometimes seen as actual demons.




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Mr. Wiceums now has involvement of the upper GI tract and a worsening of the IBD, per the ultrasound; however, kitty colonoscopy is the only definitive way to rule out cancer.

Also, he is still alive and seems to enjoy his life.

He is on some additional meds, and really the only reason I haven’t done the colonoscopy is because chemotherapy and his heart meds would be a bad interaction anyways, so it’s still “treat what we can and make him comfortable”.

He is on Atenelol for the heart meds and Budesonide is his IBD steroid.


ETA - obvs, I have the cash to get him the colonoscopy, but the vet said no. Kind of like when Hubs was in kidney failure and I was contemplating a transplant, and my very best vet friends on here talked me off that ledge. It would not have given Hubs at age 15 any more days without pain.

With Wiceums, we now have an appetite stimulant so that he will be motivated to eat all his meds, which are included in his wet food (crushed and mixed in). His meds also now feature 5 mg of Pepcid twice a day to reduce his upper GI symptoms, and shots of Vitamin B12 because cats with his IBD don’t absorb enough B12 in the gut. And then adding FortiFlora Pro, a pre-biotic and pro-biotic mix.

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Wiceums now has hyperthyroidism. They won’t do a colonoscopy because they won’t be able to sample the depth of tissue that they need, so they would need to do exploratory surgery to confirm IBD, and either way he’s apparently a bad candidate for anesthesia.

He has been now prescribed more medication( (thyroid)  that he won’t take. It’s a transdermal in-ear med, and he hides.

And he won’t take his beta blocker now because he won’t eat his wet food. The mirtazapine was causing an IBD flare? Maybe? Correlation and not causation, who knows. 

He will only reliably take his budesonide.

I wonder if I need to talk to the vet about which meds he really needs and what will  make him most comfortable. 

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