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How would you rate episode 304?  

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Such a good episode. 10/10. Kings Landing this episode was beautifully done, Craster was great and Dracarys (not my favourite moment from the books) was good too. My only gripe is that the slaver was uncommonly stupid - but it's the same gripe I had with the book.

So yeah, really like the direction they've taken with Varys and Olenna - and knowing what is likely to happen makes it pretty satisfying. Also, Jaime and Brienne were great yet again, "Boy" was suitably creepy in those final moments and Beric Dondarrion is setting up nicely. Epic epic episode.

And Episode 5 will be amazing too I think!

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I gave it an 8. I love that 50% voted 10 :)

Here is our review of it. Would be good to get your views and comments.

Favourtie Scene was with Varys, not in the book but BRILLIANT

I was hoping for more emotion from the Nights Watch scene, but it did hit me hard when they killed Mormont. After meeting the actor he is a favourite of mine :)

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I give it a 9. Overall, I enjoyed the pace and the acting is mostly superb, given the little understanding I have of acting. I particularly liked the performance of Diana Rigg and her interactions with Varys are simply a feast for my eyes. The episode had two main wow events as expected: LC's death and Dracarys. They made justice to the former, in my opinion, although they did not include many details I would have loved to see. For instance, an interaction between Mormont and Sam would have been emotionally powerful. But I guess there is no space for every single detail. In fact, I'm beginning to have the impression that only including the main events and characters of ASoS in a TV show with 10 one hour episodes is already a titanic challenge. The non-book readers are already having trouble processing so many characters and side stories, let alone the details. I respect the fact they are making the show especially for them. Regarding the Dracarys scene, I really have nothing bad to say about it.

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10/10. Seriously considered rating it a 9, but Dany's finale was so freakin' EPIC it's gotta be 10. Impeccably and concisely written, powerfully acted, terrific special effects. Dany owned the commander-in-chief role; her transformation from S1 is just amazing. For the first time I consider her to be a potential worthy ruler of Westeros. The Unsullied and Dracarys had me out of my seat and cheering!

This is outstanding entertainment. Thank You, GRRM, D&D & HBO!!!

Other favorite scenes:

. Varys and everyone - Glad to see him prominently featured again. Conleth Hill quietly steals every scene. Fascinating back story, didn't expect sorcerer-in-a-box! "Revenge is a dish best served cold." I could learn a lot about surviving and thriving in our dog-eat-dog real world from a wise role model like him.

. QoT and Margaery - Formidable players. I love it when they out-think and outclass the Lannisters.

. Jaime & Brienne - OMG, Jaime's complete helplessness and humiliation, with Brienne successfully taunting him into not giving up. Favorite relationship arc.

. Tywin & Cersei - :rofl: Charles Dance is superb. He is a cold, cruel parent, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Cersei smackdown. I wonder how he plans to get Joffrey under control? I can't believe it involves the PW, as some suggest, but I may well be naive. Surely offing Joff would be a last resort, even for Tywin.

. Night's Watch - Thank God there is finally some action!!! Shit has officially hit the fan. A sad farewell to LC Mormont. Sam the Slayer coming up!

. Theon - More great acting in his confessions to Boy in the tunnel, including his regrets and complicated feelings toward the Starks. I dread the fallout from his admission that Bran and Rickon are alive. Makes my skin crawl. And we see the first hint of Ramsay's sadistic glee, yikes.

. Honorable mention: Arya's efforts to get justice for Micah. The North Remembers.

Truly a standout episode.

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It was SO awesome seeing Dany kick ass! I was cheering as I watched it.

Heartbreaking for Jaime -- and the horse piss on top of everything else? Who is that guy, the Bolton man? But hooray, Brienne, for bullying him back to the will to live/get revenge....well, at least the will to eat some bread at this point. Seeing Cersei, then, sitting in front of her father, all 'dolled' up as she usually is....what a contrast! Is this a Spoiler thread? In case it's not

It just brought to mind how contemptuous and derisive Cersei was when Jaime came back to KL with his golden hand.

Great diabolical expression on Ramsay's face - poor Theon. He just can't win.

Arya...confronting The Hound about murdering Micah - really nice. And the setting for the BWB is great -- I loved that it was even behind a waterfall.

The old Bear! So sad. Even though we all knew it was coming. Craster moved pretty damn quick, though, didn't he? I am just so glad he's dead, but now I fear for his 'wives'. I'm sure they'll be ravaged by those that mutinied. It was great to see Sam, Gilly, and baby boy get away. I can NOT wait

to see Coldhands!!!!!

, but I also want to see how Grenn and Ed/Pyp (I think they combined those two characters, didn't they?) get away.

I wanted to see more of Bran. Cat turned into such a horrible monster in Bran's nightmare!

Then Varys....good for him!!!

There's more, but the cat's right on top of my keyboard!

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OK virgin post here from a totally addicted Welsh lady. Sorry cant show an avatar or anything about me - this forum has weird settings and not even Likes - I'm used to the glories of Xenforo

Anyway Dany of course was superb, and a bit more life to her as much though I admire her she is sometimes a bit po faced. Wonderful closing scene in so many ways.

I was as so often bored by blokes crashing around in dirty furs oop north all very dark and dreary, muddled and manly. Though nice to see podgy boy taking initiative. Bit annoying that the team couldn't cope with calming a baby by stuffing a tit at it. After all they are quick enough to flash tit for other reasons why not for waht they are designed? Public shock I suppose breastfeeding being modern porn.

Thank heavens I didn't have to endure that snotty spear wife yet again doing the knowitall on Jon Snow - can't she ever do anything except do cheap sneers? Boring. Thought I like the design of her coat.

Arya and Bran pretty good stuff. Jaime oh Jaime as he said in interview, very dark time. Good drama. Though for heavens sake a chopped wrist wouldnt be like that. It's not like a sprain - agony and a lot of mess with bits falling off.

Varys nice backstory explaining him.

Tywin and Cersei good but best of all in Kings Landing is the surprising change in Joff under Marj's clever handling. Shame he doesnt have that long to show he can be a cutie!

Queen of thorns not so much. Di Rigg is just yet another feisty old dear - yawn.

Sansai obviously heading for disappointment now new hope awakened. She's just too tragic to get what she wants though the friendship with Marj is cool.

Oh but I have to go watch Dany and the dragons and her fluent Valyrien again.

Too many boring bits so I only gave 8 but the good bits were superb.

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Oh seven hells. I meant to say 10 but I pressed 9 by accident. Oh my goodness! What an episode!

Although I wished LC Mormont could have taken Craster out instead of being stabbed in the back, but since I don't really remember exactly HOW he died...I can't say if it was canon or not.

First time I've whole-heartedly been cheering DANY DANY since the end of the first season. What a "OH BURN" moment (pun intended) when she was like "Valyrian is my mother tongue!" (I understood you when you called me bitch and whore). That ending shot with the Unsullied, and Dany just dropping the whip like that, and the dragons flying in the sky...I have chills

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Really enjoyed the episodes, there's just one problem I have. Sometimes the way Margaery walks she just starts throwing her shoulders around and looks very weird. It happens in this episode in the scene with Sansa.

I know.Margery and her shoulder throwing almost ruined it for me.

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