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How would you rate episode 304?  

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Ever since I read the scene with Dany taking Astapor I've been waiting to see it. I was not disappointed.

holy fucking shit, that was so awesome. gave me geesebumps. still does. best moment of the season so far.

and of course not the only awesome moment in this episode. varys & tyrion, cersei and tywin. ramsay!! that was a 10/10, no doubt!

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9.5 out of 10 (rounded up to 10), amazing dialogue, Loved the Queen of Thorns and Varys in particular, Varys isn't used to being equaled in terms of cunning, Margaery is perfect so far, Sansa was great, Bran's scene was weak in comparison to everything else, but wasn't bad by any means, finally got to see where Ramsay was going with his deception, pulling a confession out of Theon through trust, Arya finally gets to charge the Hound with the murder of Micah, he gets to defend his actions as merely being a loyal dog, Jaime and Brienne was great as usual, Jaime wanting to die but not wanting to be "weak like a woman" was great, betrayal of the Night's Watch was exactly how I imagined it in the book, finally got Varys explanation about being a eunuch, LOVED the sack of Astapor and reveal of Dany knowing Valyrian, best episode this season so far, loved every minute... except for the implication of Ros being smarter than Varys... seems like every time I see Ros I don't like the scene...

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Danys going ham on slavers bay!

It was ham with a taste of cloves and a little honey. Nom nom nom i ate it up!

The Night's Watch and Craster. Oh gods..

Beric fucken Dondarrion!


So much awesome...

This is probably the best of the season so far. Holy shitballs.

10 heads of the Ned.

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