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  2. the red god

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    i don't wanna spoil it for those who haven't read the books yet, but there's another certain someone who returns from the dead in grrm's version.
  3. Rory Snow

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    The first thought would be that the Dothraki would kill Jon immediately. But this is the Dothraki, they're a strange group. Not entirely sure how the Dothraki handle succession but since Jon killed the Khaleesi, wouldn't he then become the new Khal? And wouldn't Dany's blood riders have to kill themselves upon her death? Again, not super sure how all that works. Aside from all that, It seemed like D&D really had no idea what to do with the Dothraki once they got to Westeros. Other than attacking the wagon train from Highgarden they were little more than mounted extras.
  4. Inkdaub

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Teriyaki chicken and Kahlua pig with white rice and mac salad. Two sides of katsu sauce. Stir it up and pour the katsu all over it. Eat.
  5. Gendelsdottir

    Were you expecting something different?

    The production values were excellent, with only occasional goofs. The actors gave of their best under trying circumstances. In a newspaper supplement, a writer described the filming of the battle in "The Long Night." John Bradley was doing his damndest in a swordfighting sequence. Something was not quite right; there'd been take after take; until the director realized what the "problem" was: Bradley appeared too competent!! The solution? Get him to dial it back, fumble around, look terrified & clumsy & ridiculous. They nerfed him to make his character more "realistic." Boooooo. The ridiculously contrived tension between Arya & Sansa was the breaking point for me. From then on, the characters seemed like player tokens being moved around a game map with no rhyme or reason.
  6. Possession of weapons of destruction means nothing if everyone else doesn't think you are willing to use it. In her eyes she had to demonstrate both the power and the will in order to rule through fear. I am glad we got a calm rational Dany in Ep6 to make it clear it had been a conscious decision.
  7. I have been meaning to check these out for a while now. I had forgotten about them until you posted this. Your post about Burke has me wondering if authors have anything to do with titles or not. I know they title their work, but I always assumed the publisher would change it if they saw fit and often did exactly that. I read a thing not long ago about Toni Morrison, Pulitzer and Nobel winner, having her titles changed regularly. Another thing I read claimed the authors must agree to the change, typically, and so some will be changed and some will not. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent...
  8. Ice isn't water. That's when I stopped reading.
  9. Well, I don't think she was mad. I think in war people die and sometimes a scorched Earth policy is needed as was practiced for thousands of years. Kings Landing was clearly deserving of it. I don't think you have an inherent obligation to other people in the face of what Dany did for Jon, certainly not one which can justify that level of backstabbing and exploitation.
  10. Aldarion

    Aegon TWOW

    Yeah, forgot about that detail, but I can see how it will play an important part. EDIT: I understand wanting friends on Kingsguard to prevent said guard from playing kingmaker, but it will impact its ability as a fighting force.
  11. Aldarion

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    The men who went over were Renly's men, not Stannis', as far as I recall. I was talking about Stormlanders in my post. We know that most of surviving men after Blackwater were Queen's Men, but that only makes sense seeing how Queen was not at the Blackwater. I am not aware of anything indicating situation previously, Yes, more people loved Renly. My point was that while it is true that support of the people is important for gaining - and keeping - the throne, it tells us absolutely nothing about person's abilities as a ruler. Further, did Renly really have support of the people, or support of the nobles? Because it is nobles who would have brought armies over to his cause; but historically, many competent rulers were loved by the masses and hated by the nobles because they restricted their freedoms. So you could make a case that, in context of Westeros, you can have a popular ruler or you can have a competent ruler, but never a ruler who is both popular and competent. Renly would have been far better ruler than Joffrey, that is for certain. To me, it seems that Show!Stannis was a broken man after Blackwater, or at least that is what they wanted to imply I think. And he burned his daughter to save his army - choice (as he saw it) was "lose daughter" or "lose army and daughter". As for using black magic to murder his own brother, that is something I can completely understand and support, seeing how said brother was plotting to murder him in battle.
  12. NO! first, it's not deviating from "Jon being irredeemable" as this thread is about the peoples complaining about Dany's mad turn and not about Jon's killing of Dany. And once again if you think killing a mass murderer is worse than being a mass murderer you clearly have issues, huge issues.....
  13. fAegon and with him other characters, places and plots were cut out - Varys, Arianne, Golden Company, Dorne and Stormlands.
  14. Unlikely and her purpose wasn't to end all life like the NK. Ignoring her inherent right to conquest after the long night I think she would have simmered down after a while. Her reign in Essos wasn't all death but people seem committed to thinking it's all she would have done. Anyway this is kind of deviating from Jon being irredeemable to something else. Betraying someone like he did was vastly worse than Dany scorching an enemy of her rule during an active war and I will stand by it. War is not personal but love is.
  15. Besides which the lives of the supposedly "free" working class wasn't much better in pre modern times.
  16. You’re an aunt now by the way. Sorry, forgot to mention it. And call dad; he’s not feeling well.
  17. Because something exists, that makes it ok. Murder, rape, pedophilia, abuse....exist. They're ok because that's how the world works. Dany's a villain of the worst sort (save people only if something's in it for you) and that's awesome by you. Got it. The job title was Protector of the Realm and if Winterfell fell, they'd have gone South. It was everyone's fight, including Dany's unless she said screw it and went back to Essos. It was personal with Dany (loss of Viseryon), it gained her the North and the Vale, and she fought the WWs when they were the weakest before they could gain even more dead and before they got further into Winter. The plan she greenlit also caused the whole thing by giving them the means to get through the Wall. If she was upset by the costs, she should have stayed in Essos instead of voluntarily choosing to start a completely unnecessary vanity war. That's all on her. Bold: Thanks for reminding me that people like you exist in the world. I tend to forget and fall under the false impression that we've collectively evolved.
  18. That is weird. That you don’t recognize your own brother anymore.
  19. The Anti-Targ

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    If you really are more home bodies than dance until dawn partyers then an inner city place in a city that isn't Auckland might well be your jam. Will be interesting to hear how your journey through Middle Earth goes.
  20. Agreed. I think it has to do with whole "beggar queen" schtick; same reason why Jon has much more appeal than Stannis, even though Stannis would have been better ruler than either one of them. She came from nothing (except, not really), and so people naturally rooted for her - and that stuck ever after.
  21. Triskele

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Just catching up. Part of why I'm beating the drum I'm beating is that, while the East is interesting in a new way this year, I'm not sold that it's not the same old East until someone proves it. I don't apologize for that position. Milwaukee had a great regular season, but along @Rhom's lines about the new teams getting really challenged in their early forays into the playoffs, there's also the thing about the teams that overextend in the regular season because they don't have the confidence to coast the way that GS does. Now that sentiment led fools like me to think stuff after Boston won game 1 against Milwaukee, but it shouldn't go too far in the other direction. And if I believe it's kinda sorta still the same old East then I cannot anoint the Bucks to be some juggernaut just yet. Or Toronto. And none of that is the slightest disrespect to Giannis or Leonard who are both clearly unreal. Then on the other side, yes, I pointed out that the Portland series was bizarrely competitive for a sweep. But GS also beat Houston in 6 without KD to close it out. Do we think the Bucks are better than the Rockets? If so, why? I think that Houston, Denver, Portland, OKC, and San Antonio would all have great chances to win series against Milwaukee or Toronto, and I might even bet on all of those western teams. And I would give Utah and LAC a puncher's chance too. And yet here's GS having just shredded their way back to their 5th straight finals whether KD plays or not. Someone tell me why this thinking is actually wrong and why Milwaukee or Toronto has earned this level of respect yet. My theory is that certain commentators are really desirous of a league where the East and West are evenly matched.
  22. Rory Snow

    Two Questions about this Episode

    Exactly. When Bran is north of the Wall living under the tree he learns the back story of the Night King. The entire story is very singular, they seem to have created one Night King only. Also Bloodraven and what's left of the Children never even hint that there is more than one. As far as the show is concerned it seems clear, the Children created the Night King, and he created his army.
  23. The Anti-Targ

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    Wow, so my total guess was not that far off. $150 Nikes probably cost $30, and $200 Nikes $35. Or may even have the same wholesale cost.
  24. I'll restate something I stated in the Ep 5 threads. Dany likely killed more people in a single day than the NK killed in the entire Second Long Night.
  25. i am sorry because i will have to ad hominem you, like the other guy said, but if you really think what you just said... you are a horrible person... i really hope you are trolling...
  26. Actually, thats exactly how the world works. How many police you see working for free? The reality is Dany contributed at great cost, a cost she had no obligation to pay(and would have been better off not doing it). Her contribution automatically grants her great leeway as far as I am concerned, particularly in handling those who didn't contribute. The burning of Kings Landing was probably the most justified massacre in the entire show.
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