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  1. Sophelia added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    I am having the same problem as Pebs - much of the time but not all the time the forums are displaying in the left-hand side not in the main window (which is blank).  I too use Firefox.  It is intermittent so it's hard to know what's causing it, but it's really difficult to read anything that way. 
  2. Sophelia added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

     to Dunhallym and everyone else in Paris just now.  Really horrible news and difficult to know whether there is anything to be done except pull together to support those affected, and carry on. It is shocking that so many people (while a very small minority of the world) are eager to hurt and shock and kill others and think that is a good thing.  This is so much harder to accept than a natural disaster.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by this,
  3. Sophelia added a post in a topic Austria Bound!   

    Interesting move - Vienna is a very majestic place, keep us posted as it will be interesting to hear your impressions. I don't know Austria well at all but I couldn't resist looking on tripadvisor to see if there was a Mexican restaurant there and there is something approximating one:

    Always on the search for Mexican restaurants in unexpected places. But yes, in Europe you definitely have to keep an open mind on exactly what 'Mexican' is (but have fun trying the variations - me and Mentat still reminisce longingly about the Czech-Mex we found in Prague). This one in Vienna from one of the comments at least seems to be run by a Mexican (but with only two reviews it's hard to assess its quality).

    Good luck!
  4. Sophelia added a post in a topic Airshow tragedy - plane crashes into cars, killing 11   

    *hugs* to Min. It was horrific to hear about this and see the photos: to have been so close by almost to have witnessed it must be very disturbing.

    Like most people here I don't think airshows should be banned although I wouldn't miss them myself. I think people have a right to engage in risky sports and other people have a right to watch them. However I do think that given that there are occasional accidents, I'm very surprised that they would hold an airshow above a road, as in this case. I would hope and expect that they would hold it over barren land or close the roads in future.

    Where I live in Sunderland there is an annual airshow which is not for profit. Everyone can watch for free. For health and safety reasons all the stunts take place over the sea (the planes fly in across the city but planes flying across towns is a normal low-risk activity so not a problem). This means everyone can sit all along the beaches and watch. It's a massive local event. Since the UK has so much coastline it seems to me that plenty of airshows could be done on the coast like this without endangering spectators and non-participants.
  5. Sophelia added a post in a topic LGBTQI - We're here, we' know the rest of it   

    Just an aside but next time someone comes in and tries to say that sex is defined by chromosomes here is a nice article (IMO) to throw at them:
  6. Sophelia added a post in a topic Dating 25, It's Not You, It's Me   

    It does sound like he was very wrapped up in himself and unable to deal with what was happening to Kay. His behaviour afterwards was pretty awful. Kay - it sounds like you were expecting him to have explained to his family beforehand why you wouldn't be riding with them, but he did not, and is still 'making light of it'. But you didn't want to give them any details either, and went along with the ride so as not to hurt the father's feelings. I'm just wondering if the whole family context is making you both act less than authentically. I'm not sure if you're trapped on this ride now, but if so, it doesn't seem you'd have anything to lose by opening up to the family about the reason for your bike anxiety (in outline, as you have told us here): I would hope then they would all rally around to support you. Or their reactions might tell you the origin of Vinny's.

    ETA: Oh - what Tears said, again!
  7. Sophelia added a post in a topic UK Politics - Cameron, Farage, Milliband: Snog, Marry, Avoid?   

    And is now up to £168,000, as the Independent points out,

    With 23 consituencies still to be counted, we calculate that the Lib Dems have lost 334 deposits - or £167,000.

    In fact, with all that money, they could have put 36 students through university for a year (on the current fees), or 110 under the one before they came to power.
  8. Sophelia added a post in a topic UK Politics - Cameron, Farage, Milliband: Snog, Marry, Avoid?   

    This did make me giggle slightly (and goodness knows some of us need a giggle):
  9. Sophelia added a post in a topic UK Politics - Cameron, Farage, Milliband: Snog, Marry, Avoid?   

    Sorry - double post Even the board's not holding up very well.