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  1. 100% agreed. That's what I meant when I said the unkiss was already meaningful! Imagining being kissed by a man you find attractive has nothing to do with warging or going insane with hallucinations, please
  2. I give up. I think I've defended my point with pretty sound reasoning. And @Megorova you're mistaking 'gene' for 'allele'. B and b for yellow or green peas are different alleles for the same gene on the same locus. There is no "B gene" and "b gene". The gene is but one (melanin producing gene) with several different possible alleles (and not only B and b ). The idea that "bb" is blond, be it silver or golden, and "Bb" is brown, be it light or dark, is so ludicrous I can't even begin to discuss it. @The Fattest Leech I never thought about Val and Dalla being sisters only by occupation, not relation. Would you care to expand on that? I find Val an intriguing character, specially for her speech, which seems much more educated than most wildlings'. I look forward to see who's gonna lick the honey off her hair .
  3. Interesting! I remember this passage: "Nine sons had been born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy, and Victarion was the strongest of them, a bull of a man, fearless and dutiful. And therein lies our danger." Thats how the Damphair instroduces us to Victarion. I remember thinking this comparison could not be without meaning... nice idea! It fits much better than my original thought, specially because it actually concerns Daenerys. That was an nice read, thanks! Food for thought.
  4. River men aren't "weak", but they did lack a good, strategic commander. The westermen had a very specific strategy of war on the Riverlands: destruction and plunder of the smallfolk and the petty lords, or "foraging". The main force of the Riverlands, the strong young men had joined Robb's army and the villages and holdfasts were indefensos but for old men and women and children. Smart move? Not really. But it does not mean they are weak, as in "not good fighters", just that their force was aimed elsewhere (with the Young Wolf, engaged in the larger battles of the war, or being scattered by Edmure in a stupid move...). I believe Jaime's chapters about the siege of Riverrun in AFFC and our interactions with Bracken and Blackwood lords show the true strength of the Riverlands. Disorganized and fighting among themselves? Yeah, pretty much. Weak? I don't think so... with a good commander (as the Blackfish) they could be grand.
  5. Daenerys IX ADWD: "Beasts were still allowed, though. Dany watched an elephant make short work of a pack of six red wolves. Next a bull was set against a bear in a bloody battle that left both animals torn and dying" I don't know, but I feel like this animal imagery is foreshadowing something that will happen in the forthcoming books. Elephant as the Gonden Company? Pack of red wolves... I don't know. Connington wears a red wolf cloak. There are very few mentions to "red wolves" in the books, twice in Dany's chapters (the one above, and once when the Shavepate suggests maybe a red wolf killed the girl Hazzea) and the others in Tyrions chapters all about Connington's cloak. Maybe the Golden Company will turn against the Griffin? Why would that be? And why six wolves? Is there any heraldry in the 7K with red wolves for a sigil? Tyrion does tell us the red wolf is Rhoynar, maybe the GC will fight the dornish and defeat them easily? And then the bull and the bear, both almost dead after a battle... maybe a battle between some of the men in BwB led by Gendry versus northmen led by a Mormonth? Maybe it doesn't mean anything at all, but I can't take that image away from my head.
  6. I never said he did. Actually my point is that he didn't use any models at all - just like every other author creating a story, he draw from real life. And because it's fantasy, if he needed some unlikely trait to linger, linger it did. Dark-honey colour, according to Jon. Not every blond is related, not every purple-eyed person is related, not every high-cheekboned person is related. Like most widlings Val probably has some first man ancestors. I believe it's safe to say there is some amount of genetic variation in every population. I think it's stupid to assume all Andals were blond and all First Men were dark-haired and dark-eyed. Likely there was some degree of variation in each population, right?
  7. @weirwood eyes I loved all your comments throughout this thread! I'm also a breastfeeding counselor too!!
  8. @Megorova I found this very very good piece on hair colour, I hope you read it. It's straight forward and does not require previous knowledge. authors in ALL books, fantasy or not, are always creating characters and their looks. No one needs to study genetics to create a character and it's family... the authors will simply draw from real life. That's what Martin does. Only he created a world where a family has had the same family trait (raven-black hair) for generations... as the piece above explains, NOT A POSSIBLE SCENARIO IN REAL LIFE. Messing with uppercase Bs won't make it happen in real life nor will it make sense in asoiaf world.
  9. Hair colour is polygenic. There's no simple dominance there. Get your head around it, please.
  10. Roose is half white walker who's been around for ages, or that he's a wight or anything that implies that Roose is more than just a human being and connects him to magic... magic is used sparingly by Martin. Roose Ian a very interesting character and I believe dehumanizing him will really make him loose his impact
  11. It could be ironic. I don't have any knowledge of Portuguese at all though I wonder... would the root of the "manso" be related in any way to "manus" (i.e. hand?) In which case, could it be a nod to his skills with his hands (as a swordfighter and musician) or perhaps his skill at giving advice, as it the in-world term "Hand" referring to the highest counsellor in Westeros. It comes from manus (hand) indeed. I seriously doubt Martin took any inspiration from portuguese, but it is a Romance language, i.e. it comes from Latin like spanish, french and italian. So that could be the source...
  12. Finally some commom sense! Agreed.
  13. Hey, I believe this is relevant. What Martin says about eyes applies to all characteristics... high cheekbones, hair colour, being tall etcetera... just like in the real world, sharing a trait does not make people ralated.
  14. Tullys don't have Valyrian blood.
  15. From Isn't that amazing? It's unclear and it probably won't be clarified by the end of the series... I personally really like that. It's a much more credible world if we can't be sure than it would be if we knew the complete chronology of their evolution... I mean, in the real world we haven't even figured out the complete human evolution from Austalipitecus afarensis to Homo sapiens yet. It's a part of the human condition, to try and make sense of our past long gone, our origins. And they are yet unclear. It would not be fun to be presented with a world where it's all been figured out.