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  1. Ergh. Either fifteen years old or an actual sociopath? I finally moved my OKC location back to the right country, and promptly got another message from the guy who sends me some pretentiouos painting (his own, I think) or convoluted literary reference every now and then. It's been almost a year, how does he even still remember? I've also never answered any of them.
  2. Careerchat II

    Minor etiquette query at the intersection of academia and actual jobs...I applied for a position on a new research project that is right in my ballpark in terms of interests, and goes through a centralized hiring system with an umbrella organization. On a whim I checked out the professor running it, or at least one of them, (maybe should have done that before) to find they're at an institution where I had considered making a PhD application but ultimately hadn't been able to find anyone working on what I was interested in, at place where you're expected to have some contact with a potential supervisor before you apply. Also, their PhD applications for this year are still open. So it occurs to me I might as well contact them as a would-be PhD candidate, but I feel like its bad form to circumvent the big-org HR system and go stalk someone directly? I checked with a couple professors who had worked at said institution and said its probably ok to contact directly and (briefly) explain this, but still...I feel like it might be best to let it go for the year.
  3. Another PHD thread (it rhymes with dread)

    All I know about Danish academics is that my thesis supervisor spent some years teaching in Denmark and is a highly alarming and focused individual compared to the lackadaisical, finish-it-when-you-feel-like, I'll get back to you six months after that, approach of Israeli academia. With regard to finding funding for a social science PhD in Europe, I think you need to find a project, as HE says. PhD postions are generally advertised rather like job offers. So you need to know what you're interested in within the field and be able to show that yiou have some relevant background and skills. Googling will find you some stuff, but more is tucked away on various lists, groups and good old personal contacts. Subscribe to some mailing lists and facebook groups on things that interest you (i've got, for refugee and migration issues, or for urban sociology stuff, for example, both of which are useful) and even more, talk to a supervisor/adviser/faculty member, particularly someone who does the same sort of stuff you want to do, because they'll have better facebook groups and mailing lists and things. Thats all I know about Europe.
  4. At least they were fresh! I have found way more disgusting things lurking in office fridges...
  5. I just got an email from a professor about an exam this week, saying that 'tommorow I will send you a calming email'. Which is to present we should not be calm?
  6. Careerchat II

    I've had 'practical' job interviews where they set you to do something that closely resembles the actual work...I always leave doubting how much the interview really resembles anything and picking apart all the ways in which the 'experiment' was different from a real thing and thus all its flaws as a method. As well as distinctly feeling that my time had been wasted or taken advantage of. (Most egregious was the civil rights NGO that had me go through an involved legal case-file alone in a dark office - for about three hours - and come back with an A-4 sheet scribbled with 'my conclusions', without any background or instructions. This was also the place that had me run through a list of random numbers and mark out which ones were others backward while three people watched. That had to be testing my willingness to say 'this is nonsense' and put it down, right?)
  7. Should I take the visa free travel?

    Oh, you might also consider Transdnistria. As far as I can tell, it requires no visa from anyone, and I believe is known to rival Belarus' for quaint post-industrial Soviet nostalgia eccentric dictatorial charm. Which is saying something.
  8. Should I take the visa free travel?

    Belarus, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't have a huge amount to recommed it over anywhere in South America - especially for just five days and with no ability to visit somewhere else further. Seems like a long, expensive trip with little potential the point I'm not sure you're asking seriously ;-) Although I sympathize with the transit visa loophole temptation, it is a thing of odd beauty. Apparently, I can get into Qatar for 24 hours, and am tempted to try for very long layovers whenever I have any flight that could reasonably include it. Never quite pulled it off, but I will someday!
  9. Careerchat II

    I don't think anyone expects you to answer personally, really. (well, I've worked for places where they do, but those were cults. Don't join a cult, kids. Or do, but don't think of it as a career choice, I guess.) The five years or what are your dreams or whatever are contextualized to your professional life. Its just where do you see yourself working in five years, or what your dream job is, or what is going to get in the way of can always pick something anodyne and obviously appropriate and improvable. They might want some presentation of yourself as a single unit under their corporate hegemony. Don't let it get to you. Figure out what you want to be doing to be making a living for a moment, and don't overthink it or let it get tangled with real personal questions for the sake of a single job interview.
  10. Careerchat II

    Congrats! Tour guide sounds perfect for you. Wear what you imagine yourself wearing when you're leading that tour (city? museum? countryside? cute hat? eccentric scarf? comfortable shoes?) but like very slightly nicer. 60 seconds is a great stretch of time. Just long enough for a good anecdote, short enough so no one interrupts. Just think of a story you love, and tell it. I honestly half-play a character when I need to present or teach a class or something like that. It was dead terrifying when I started and felt utterly artificial...hi, I'm an introvert and all...but I've been doing it a while in different setting and its settled in. There's this slightly more people-loving, patient, gregarious, confident version of me out there somewhere, and I just pretend I'm her.
  11. Careerchat II

    Pshaw. That sounds aimful and go-getting. I have had three different jobs I only worked one day in, and not because I quit, and have had both 'Volunteer Manager of an Albanian Hostel' and 'Fantasy Literature Message Board Moderator' on my actual resume that was submitted to actual workplaces. To jobs I was actually hired for. Both of which are some of those I left after one day, come to think of it. (Not my fault - in one I couldn't make it to a birthday party, in the other there was mortar fire that day.) Back in the present, I started a new job today and came in to fill out the 40 forms (not kidding) required for a part time student job, (Perfect for me though...research assistant for the science office of the transport ministry) called my last job to figure out some pension fund transfer issues, and recalled why that place contributed to a spiral of depression when I found myself full-on crying on the phone in front of my new boss not sixty seconds in when they declared that I owed them a month of pay because they'd accidentally paid me too much. A year ago. And had at no point bothered contacting me about it. Buckwheat - I'd also say take the job. Firstly because more money is more helpful than less money both in general and especially precisely for those moments when the thing you do want to do comes along, and you can drop everything or move across the continent or take a paycut or whatever is happening without huge repercussions. Secondly because even if it is boring, you never know what you might learn or even what dry line on your CV it ends up being that ticks a box for something else down the line. Even learning what you hate is not bad. I guess I hold to the position that more experience is always better than less experience. You can decide what you do with it later. Or leave after one day.
  12. A bus discount! So the very best reason to do a phd. And you know I literally mean that.
  13. Public transportation & tolerant communities

    It appears to be the quality of the contact as well as the mere fact of it. Having actual friends, acquaintances, colleagues who are the actual minority in question may help alleviate xenophobia. Mere public encounter without any substance apparently might not. (On the other hand, I just saw a study arguing that children that take a public bus to school grow up to be much better mannered and more considerate. So that's a win for buses.)
  14. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    Did see a list somewhere pointing out that more people are killed in the USA every year by 'armed toddlers' (dear god, there's two words that should never go together) than by terror by illegal immigrants from those 7 countries. So I suppose they're being consistent. Do y'all really think that Trump (et al) are genuinely trying to draw lines to infuriate resistance in order to clamp down on civil rights? I'm not saying it seems like they wouldn't - I think the Trump administration is turning out every bit as scary as the very worst case predictions so far, and more nakedly racist and repressive than anyone thought political norms would allow for today - but rather that it seems to me like they're possibly too stupid and disorganized to think that far ahead, and more strongly, that this is simply what they want to do. They're pushing towards a muslim ban and planning on passing anti-LGBT legislation because they're homophobes and islamophbes and thats what they want to see in the world, with extra doses of humiliation and pain for people they don't like where they can find room for it. Getting huge, angry protests they can declare martial law on will just be the icing on the cake.