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  1. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    To an island of terrible navigators and inveterate wrong-siders, where they will dwell in happy, hellish chaos!
  2. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    Lol, no way. I'm only sticking to this because I resolutely tell myself I don't have to any more than 5k. Defintely more concerned about building up to running the whole thing, but sometimes I give in to long walking/short sprinting patterns rather than trying to push along for a longer while at an easy run, but, well, its not like theres really a goal so at the moment its whatever motivates me to be in motion :-)
  3. What is your definition of "meme"?

    I'm still with Ormond - a meme is defined by its propogationary, participatory quality, it's not a matter of a particular content or medium.
  4. yes, exactly. I've had a mad pizza craving all week and I only figured out why last night - it's passover and so virtually impossible to get a pizza in Jerusalem right now. I kept walking past closed pizza places and going, huh, you know, I could go for pizza without adding it up.
  5. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    Run until bored, walk until bored, run until bored, repeat until it adds up to 5k. Thats how I was taught the concept of intervals in highschool gym class?
  6. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    I used to love being the annoying person there at the gym 6 AM sharp after an allnighter during exams. I felt terribly productive and disciplined for about one hour, and then I'd crash. I've been out of it for a a good six months but edging back gently the last few weeks - I've been doing interval 5ks, just about gotten under 40mins now (eek). I've never really liked running (I prefer swimming for cardio) but I think the sweaty running high, nice, steady, easily measured progress and really deep stretching is kind of what I'm after right now and swimming laps has felt hopelessly tedious for some reason. Mixing in some lifting (basically 'as much of 5*5 as I feel like on a given day') and yoga as well. Not the most structured program - I'm trying to take it really easy on my rather ropey motivation and slightly frentic schedule, but I've been feeling so blobby and depressive lately that it really has to be done.
  7. Well, at this point I'm kinda holding out for that, but I also had the weirdest (not at all in a good way) interaction/interview/random encounter with faculty there, including their program director, (who happens to be Israeli, which I did not know before meeting him), so I have this irrational sense those guys are trolling me.
  8. Congrats! I'm totally thrilled for you. (And perversely glad you turned down MIT, because then I'd be more disappointed with the inevitable rejection they've not yet been punctual enough to send me.) And we'll see, I suppose I could end up at Portland after all, but the rational decision might be to stay here if nothing else works out next year either - Technion or even Hebrew U is probably a better place to do what I want to do than Portland (I applied because of a specific faculty member who might or might not be working on my-stuff-of-interest anymore - the department at large is less my thing.)
  9. I'm caught in a classic Jerusalem dilemma - how far am I willing to walk to find a place open on Saturday that I can get a goddamned coffee at?
  10. Rarely used mod hat: Enough with the Godwin and schoolyard hair pulling or I'll close the thread.
  11. Depends on who you strand of thought has it that the culture, parties, space for hobbies and general coolness ("amenities") is what drives economic growth in cities, not the other way around. (Creative Class theory, Buzz Cities, dire misreadings of Jane Jacobs, etc.) This strand is probably wrong, but a lot of municipal administrations really like it.
  12. I'm in the middle of figuring out my first ever time-constrained flight at the moment, actually, and I'm having a ridiculously hard time booking a straightforward return ticket to Madrid that gets me there by the time I need to be there while not leaving before the time I need to be here. I keep distracting myself with things like flying to Bucharest and taking a train to Budapest and then...yeah, no. I mean, I certainly get the point, but its unintuitive.
  13. That's fascinating and so unintuitive to me - I've long known I'm way out on the bellcurve in terms of travel-tolerance - I mean, I've hitchhiked thousands of kilometers at least partially to save 50$ - but I didn't think it was to that extent.
  14. Never encountered this either, including on the rock-bottom Euro no frills airlines that drop you off in the middle of a field half way to Gdansk and call it 'Warsaw' - always assumed it was just a US thing.