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  1. Congrats on the union working out, even if its not helpful for you at the moment, it might be down the line. (I just saw a victory post from someone on my flist...most of my social circle these days is either PhD students or rabid union organizers. Someone was going to be both.) I'm supposed to talk to a prof at an American university tomorrow who's been a little weird - tracked me down on research-gate based on work in my application and then was weirdly oblique for a long time about how he'd gotten to me, despite it being obvious it had to be through that, as the paper wasn't not out anywhere else yet. This is so backwards from how I'm used to these things going that I find it all weirdly suspicious, but do have an inside source at that department to find out if he's legit, so...mmm kay, I mostly feel vaguely sneaky.
  2. Not only that but I then put on shoes, and went for a run! It was very brief because I haven't run in months or eaten basically anything by Israeli-Doritos type things (they're worse than Doritos-Doritos) and cottage cheese in like two days, but still!
  3. I may jinx this, but I just wanted to share that I think I finished writing my thesis/first real academic paper. Like, I'm sure there's going to be corrections from reviewers, assuming its not a rejection, not to mention whatever final wringer my supervisor will put it through before now and the needing to be hit submit to the journal deadline 24 hours from now, (there is only so much time for her to change her mind completely about what she wants from it, again!*) but this is basically it and the first draft where I could conscientiously say to myself, yeah, this is some kind of version of finished. I'm amazed by how satisfying this feels all of a sudden. Possibly only because I finally get a break from working on it for a little while, but still. (oh, findings are depressing. Who would have thought?) OMG, I can close, not kidding, about 60 tabs now (out of, er, right now, 135.) And that's just in Firefox! I might For fun? For like a whole hour? *My supervisor is awesome, but stressfully intense and, at times, clearly several different people with regard to this paper. Also, surprisingly young to be a hardcore crazy cat lady professor and with a startlingly recent past as a professional belly dancer. (Needless to say, she is my idol.)
  4. I think emotional labour is par the course for dysfunctional non-relationships, to be honest. I mean, that what they are. If one is treating this kind of thing like a hobby, well, woodworking or hiking is labour-for-pleasure too. What seems like a red(der) flag to me is the actual un-paid labour. And trying to weasel out of the beer-for-CV-editing exchange is just low.
  5. That's one of the most impressive things I've ever heard.
  6. Can I ask - and this is not from me, as such, because I am useless, but I was recently sat down by less clueless folk and asked about my own issues and it helped stuff some - what's really driving the continuing interactions, except dumb proximity? Like, is there a thought that maybe when things are just right it will work out after all, for a fling if not a relationship, or you're waiting to find a point where vengeance er, closure, I mean closure, will be yours? or you're using it to avoid other entanglements or...? Because it doesn't seem to just be a happy holding pattern confined to something to fill boring moments at work, what with the escalating apartment visiting and the like? (And also, yes, lose the douche. I can grok the weird bad-idea but still somehow exciting non-relationship. I cannot the exciting-bad-idea with non-mutual extra office gruntwork favours non-relationship. In my book, free proofreading = gooey true love, for one of those married for sixty years holocaust survivour couples, at a minimum.)
  7. I'd say it's not a big deal to ask her out, as long as you've concluded as completely as possible any professional/commercial aspect of the interaction. So as she's leaving, with her laptop fixed, having paid in full and never to return - then.
  8. Eh, it's all there in Ender's Game too, Galtian oppressed genius that he is.
  9. It's a status symbol:
  10. Ah, sports bra with built-in underwire - I don't think they've even made it over here! ETA: HerRoom has a really elborate "boob-classification" section, and reading through it reminds me of that scene in Three Men in a Boat where he decides he has all the illnesses. Where do my boobs go? Are my boobs all the boobs? Does this even make sense?
  11. Does anyone (above a certain cup size, I suppose) really wear a sports bra without also a regular bra? I have yet to find one that isn't completely useless on its own. Sports bra over simple underwire bra works fine though.
  12. Where is this wonderous place of absurd undergarments?
  13. I also assumed assymetrical cup sizes, though with the ocassional exception, I assume women with a substantial enough assymetry to require differrent cup sizes will also want to minimize rather than emphasize the visual effect of that, so adding padding on one side rather than wearing an assymetrical bra...
  14. I watched the Young Sheldon pilot, after planning not to because the entire concept made me cringe - in general, the pedestralization of Sheldon makes me cringe and this seemed an extension of that - but I was surprised to kind of like it. Mostly because, well, its about it being bloody hard to live with Sheldon. There's very little quirky or sympathetic about him, not so much a dedicated obsessive genius or special misunderstood Enderesque geek snowflake as a snotty self-important striver who's main avenue of precociousness is his contempt for his exhausted working class family and who's Aspergers/arrogance mostly allows him to say it out loud. His parents and siblings split the role Leonard will take on later in his life, either having their self-esteem shredded by him or exhausting themselves acting as his advocates and facilitators - and it's all a bit sad, knowing how it all turns out, with Sheldon holding little but contempt for them as an adult (there's no indication that he's even on speaking terms with his brother.) I should have known I could count on Chuck Lorre to reptitively keep gnawing at the brittle bones of the small humiliations that make up family and friendship like a mangy starving rodent. I was unworthy to have doubted. (And the English teacher is played by Valerie Mahaffrey, who was the mysterious globe-trotting hobo hypochondriac Eve on Northern Exposure, so bonus points for that!)
  15. How much surface area does a Scaramucci have, approximately?