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  1. I think that the KG/QG Jaime would be at the end of the books (if he survives and still is a White Cloak) would be the guard of a Targ. But I would also be cool with him going to Tarth with Brienne and become the best dad in Westeros (which he could well be, the type who drives his wife insane because he and the kids are always into something). In the show: He's more likely to die here [mostly because they left out his redemption arc and with the stupid "ugly-girl-can-only-get-an-ugly-and-stupid-guy" (No, I dont like the Tormund/Brienne-thing!) premise of the show he also doesnt have anything to live for, after Cersei's death], so, if it really does happen, I still hope the books will end differently.
  2. Of course, Cat never wrote him a letter, never stated an ultimatum for him to fight for her, but this still fits Petyr Baelish before him challenging Brandon Stark. Especially the second strophe fits hilariously well: [...] The fact he's over six feet ten Might instil fear in other men But not in me, the mighty flea Ask if I am mouse or man The mirror squeaked, away I ran He'll murder me in time for his tea Does it bother me at all My rival is Neanderthal, it makes me think Perhaps I need a drink IQ is no problem here We won't be playing Scrabble for her hand I fear I need that beer [...]
  3. If he survives in the book I think it is unlikely that he leave the KG/QG, but not impossible unlikely, more like a 1:10 chance. And if he does, when I see him going to Tarth with Brienne; - but seriously: He was thinking too much about the principles of being in the KG, and the white shield to go back being a Lannister in the books. But he may leave her with child (if he dies), or go home with Brienne. And he would indeed be a good dad, from all we have seen so far, if he would be allowed to be one. In the show, while it would be much easier to make this happen, I'm quite sure they will kill him off in a heroic way, because they have butchered his storyline so much. And Brienne will become a happy housewife for Thormund. But we can hope.
  4. It at least does hint toward Jaime having to leave the path he was on before him losing his hand, or else he would have been doomed. And yes, I also tend to think that Brienne is his last and only chance (as a role model and a companion toward true knighthood; maybe more) for that. I don't think it impossible for her to really save his life, but I think the dream goes deeper then simple lifesaving.
  5. In the books: It's actually foreshadowed in the books by his dream with Rhaegar and the Kingsguard, so if he dies, he will die saving the life of a Targ. But before that he will be vindicated by Dany for killing her father, so it will be known everywhere why he did kill the Mad King, and of course he will do other great deeds. My prediction is, that in the end one of the last great knights will survive the whole thing, either Barristan or Jaime, and the surviving will end the others page in the White Book. (Even if they both die, they will have great pages in the end, and will not be simply killed off somewhere random.) And great songs will be written for both the Knight Who Became A Squirre To Find His Queen and The Kingslayer, Saviour or Kings Landing, who went on the great quest to find his lost honour, in which he succeeded with the help of the beautiful Lady-Knight Brienne of Tarth (who will of course be beautiful in the songs, and have her own songs as well). And they all died happily known for their deeds and their shields, as white as honour. /fairytale In the show: Here too he will most likely die doing something great (and we will be vindicated too, for the kingslaying), which may or may not also include saving a Targ. But he has to die a great knight (even if the show scraped his arc).
  6. Don't know if already posted: Jaime (post capture): The parts directed to another person can be seen as pointing to Cersei, but also to Jamie himself (and his sword hand). Imho the song fits him well.
  7. Me too! That's why I was hoping (I confess it!) for flashbacks, since untill now we always had a live broadcast on the deaths of POV-characters. But maybe they get an unlikely saviour, and beside: hope dies last.
  8. I could even see GRRM (not sure about D&D) to make Dany's ending even more bitter, like: After the last betrayal and lighting the funeral fire for her love, she enters the throne room all in white, the red door of happiness is closing forever, all is left for her is the Iron Throne. She is married to England Westeros.
  9. I doubt that, though it could still be, but the integrity of time would suffer, as we are left with the assumption that Jamie is missing since some time know, at the end of ADWD. Of course, the encounter could be much longer then anybody had thought it to be (including Mrs. Stoneheart ), or Brienne could dally, but as stated above, she can not dally for weeks. ADWD and AFFC should have been one book, as Martin did state. It became too thick, so he split it in two, and left the Battle of Ice and the Battle of Fire out, moving them to the next book. The two battles may or may not overlaps with the last POVs in KL, we not even know this for sure, they could well had been originally designed to happen after the now-Epilogue, as we also dont know if Martin did change the timeline a little, with putting the battles in the next book - or if he just hoped to move quicker overall and in the end had to put a lot more then just the battles into TWOW (namely all things happening in the time frame of the two battles). We'll see. But I wouldn't mind to have the encounter in flashbacks (as this would reduce the lethality of it by quite a lot ).
  10. Thanks, both of you. So approximately ~1 month +/-. So the encounter with Stoneheart will indeed most likely be told in flashbacks.
  11. Yes, but they would have searched for him, before spreading panic that the Lord Commander of the Kings Guard is missing, most likely one or two days at least. So 3-7 days between departure and the raven with the news arriving in KL, maybe? Then all the Cersei chapters and Kevan being in KL and working with the Tyrells for quite some time (at least it seems that way) now, and in the Epilogue they talk about still no news from Jaime. So can we assume Jaime's MIA for at least two weeks? Probably more?
  12. And we have the Epilogue, in which Kevan doesnt sound as if he had just arrived back in KL, so it must be even longer, since Jaime's MIA, as Kevan was further west then Jaime, so it would take him some time to come back in KL. Also, Jaime's entourage wouldnt call him missing on just the first few days, they would search for him some time, before they send a raven. So, how long is he gone? Even more then a month? Two? Im asking because it seems as if we will get the Stoneheart-encounter only in flashbacks, as Brienne was telling Jaime they are a days ride away from their destination (even if she lied, i think he would have become suspicious if they would take weeks to reach the meeting point Brienne mentioned).
  13. And they need as many fast and skilled archers as they can (Dothraki) and the dragons, because they have to limit melee combat as much as possible. I think at least one of the last two books will be divided into part one and two, both with ~1000 pages. Or Martin has to come up with new book titles (how about: "A Tempest in Autumn"?). Thats why i think she will be the rescue squat, with the Westerosi forces in retreat - but this scenario would put the second dance in the dream of spring (still winter, but the Others are going home and dead things stay dead). If everybody important for this question does survive until this point, just when it will start to matter if Aegon could be real or not. At the moment we are now, and with Dany still reorganizing Essos, he will be seen as the best chance for a true heir, at least as long as he is winning. But, as Martin is a Gardener, we can not be sure if all his ideas survive till the end.
  14. How long is Jaime MIA at the end of ADWD? Two weeks? Three? A month? Even in KL it seems they know of his disappearance for some time now.
  15. True. Whoever held the iron chair warm for them will most likely have to move his or her ass quick (if the matter is not settled before the fight against the Others). For the chain of command there are some formidable field commanders in the books, some of them will end up with "team fight-the-others". And of course the three heads of the dragon. Hm. That could indeed work out well (maybe even a little funny, as funny as it could get at this point, anyway ). I dont think anyone in the south will take the thread of the Others serious until the dead rise there as well, so if Dany would come as late as this (and it looks that way), than there will be trouble and battle, but she will surprise Aegon and the southern lords by turning north - maybe after a grim battle of Dragonstone (we need the eggs! aehm dragon glass!) - just like everybody was afraid of Stannis coming for LK from Dragonstone, but then he turned south for Renly. Dany will turn north, for the Others. Volantis will be the least of all problems left behind in Essos, as it seems to me that the slaves of Volantis already have an underground organisation going, so the shift of powers and the abolishment of slavery will be rather smooth here (albeit bloody, of course). Aye. And Dany moving to Westeros (not landing, but the start of the journey would be a nice last POV in Essos), if he really wants to finish in two books and none of them being about 2000 pages thick. Something like this could be the southern plot, yes. But Tyrosh just sounds too much like Tyros, so i see her fall.