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  1. Yes indeed there is one very hard clue there.
  2. Jaime cuckolded Robert and whoever Amerei is having sex with (I think someone specific is implied at the dinner at Darry) has cuckolded Lancel. So they are both -ees. . Anyway enough of that I am struggling with round 3 now and I myself can't seem to write any clues that present a challenge at all.
  3. I thought Robert for the cuckoldee too. Then I thought only I would think of him for that and changed to Lancel. I thought he 'flunked obligation; much more completely. I rationalised dallying can just mean loitering as well as fooling around. Plenty to chew on in this round.
  4. Where the hell are you? Put your entries in!
  5. I think he feared he wouldn't see him but directed his energies to that end. Catelyn helped him out, but his strategy of making a deal with Bolton and the Freys to doublecross Robb so he is defeated by stealth, at a distance from Riverrun where Jaime was prisoner, might have still saved Jaime's life. If Jaime has not escaped, Robb and Catelyn could have been seized and some kinds of terms made to ensure Jaime was safely released. As I said I think giving Tyrion a job wasn't a sign of accepting Tyrion as his heir, just as seeing someone who might be the right person for the job.
  6. dough
  7. My only hesitation is that religions generally don't make sense and do accommodate selective cases, faulty reasoning and so forth, so Jaqen might believe this about those three particular deaths. i.e. in reality he feels he owes her but this is the repayment he comes up with and the rationale for it.
  8. Interesting. But he did come up with a way out for Jaime. Maybe realising Jaime wouldn't take it made him more inclined to let Tyrion die for Joffrey's death.
  9. No, it was more or less a bizarre hostage taking by Aerys, well timed to stop Tywin joining in any Northern conspiracy, if there was one. The other KG thought he was too young and Rhaegar knew he was his Aerys' 'crutch'. I imagine normally the king would check with the father whether he was prepared to give up his 15 year old heir before naming him. I wonder if it was Varys who Cersei had a word to, or if in fact he put the idea in Cersei's mind first?
  10. Tywin's a combination of a hard Lord's head and emotional drives. I can picture the experience of loathing the woman his Father brought into the house would put him off remarriage and giving his children a stepmother. And he loved Jaime. I don't think that's so bad. Its good to see it from Tywin's point of view but Tywin's driving neurosis also drove his children mad so they never could pick up the conventional burdens. And some people have a romantic outlook not suited to it. The glamour of the KG with Arthur Dayne and Rhaegar around combined with Cersei's manipulation were enough to make him join the KG.
  11. I think Tyrion suddenly leaping to the idea that since Jaime wasn't there Tywin had given up on him and was paying attention to Tyrion at last, was a complete fantasy based on his own neediness. Tywin was impressed by Tyrion turning up alive with a band of supporters. He decides to make use of him despite his reservations about Tyrion. But his entire focus at that time is in retrieving Jaime and having revenge on those who dared to capture him, because Tywin can't tolerate the Starks' holding Jaime hostage, any more than he could stand Aerys doing so. When Tywin later says 'you are not my son' he is paraphrasing Jaime, and is deeply hurt (see below). He has to abandon his immediate plan to set his family to rights but I don't think he ever gives up on Jaime eventually somehow inheriting the Rock. "She can die a maiden as far as I'm concerned. I don't want her, and I don't want your Rock!" "You are my son—" "I am a knight of the Kingsguard. The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard! And that's all I mean to be!" Firelight gleamed golden in the stiff whiskers that framed Lord Tywin's face. A vein pulsed in his neck, but he did not speak. And did not speak. And did not speak. The strained silence went on until it was more than Jaime could endure. "Father . . ." he began. "You are not my son." Lord Tywin turned his face away. "You say you are the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and only that. Very well, ser. Go do your duty."
  12. Probably waterman was already taken at the time firemen were instituted. In French they are pompiers which I presume means pump men or pump operators. Your general rule does not hold up. Obviously occupation names can be formed many different ways. Very often its the verb for what you are doing (e.g. bake baker), not the thing you are doing it to or the tool you are doing it with. Sometimes it would be the place you are doing it - as in one sense of watermen. I believe using the word laundry for dirty clothes came after the verb launder for washing clothes or cloth, and the noun laundry for place where that was done, and the noun laundress. As far as I can see it all goes back to a Latin verb lavare to wash through middle Frenh to middle English. I am Australian and I don't refer to dirty clothes as laundry (even though I am vaguely aware other do). Laundry for me is the room in the house or an establishment where clothes are washed. What you call laundry I call 'dirty clothes' or 'washing'. And in fact as well as laundress coming into English there was plain old 'washerwoman' as well. Glad to see these vital issues raised.
  13. This theme is driving me crazy.
  14. I don't doubt it, but I understand that after reading stuff on this forum, and re-reading, you can start to doubt anything. To tell the truth, I can't even remember if I worked out Jon's parentage myself or read it on the forum first, seeing as I read the books very scattily at first, as I am an impatient reader and read some characters POV through first, missing others, and going back. I think that some tricks and reveals would be cheap and silly and ruin the story rather than being clever - and making Jon someone else's child would be in that bag. I also doubt that all the hidden identities and secrets in the book will be somehow overtly revealed on page, ever, as that would spoil them too. So Jon's parentage may never be revealed, just confirmed with some more circumstantial evidence.
  15. Imagine the Cheshire cat's shadow.