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  1. 'Unlucky' is a complimentary way to put it! Thanks, DG. I had no idea that the clue I voted for was a shadowy clue, in fact when I tried to think about who authored what, I was stumped by this clue in particular. It just sort of grabbed me because it was a pretty unusual way to use the letters to point to a character. I also liked 'soft tones breed treason' just for the sound of it and it for some reason bamboozled me for a long time - although one would think Roose's whispery voice would spring to mind straight away.
  2. Re deadlines - as I said - just a suggestion. Obviously there is a strong preference for a faster game. And its true that a longer deadline can just make people feel they have more time so they put it to the back of their to do list.
  3. Can't think of a good excuse for not getting the theme, given you reminded us early on of your previous 'words are wind' theme. I am quite theme blind. Or partially sighted.
  4. Just a suggestion, but since a few people found it hard to meet deadlines, and it sounds like it was sometimes hard for the host to send stuff out that quickly too, maybe they are unrealistic deadlines. I had time to put some effort into my first picture but had to just do the basics to meet the deadlines for the next ones.
  5. I see. a free shadow and jezziebell confused too! I always picture everyone else reclining with a drink having solved all the clues with a little sensible thought. This is a very hard game, I think. I finally sent some nutty prelims in just to eliminate those possibilities.
  6. PM me the characters ... I haven't had time to really look at this since we got it. I was hoped the answers would swim into my brain but not so, I am sure of mine and one other, and the vague ideas I have for a few others seem like distant hopes.
  7. It was a bit weird to me that the 'diverse' in my sentence was interpreted in the way its used in public policy now. I guess that's taken over. I was just trying to create an opportunity to draw a bunch of citizens ranging from absolutely conservative looking to wild crackheads all roped into a boring class and possibly still exuding substances. But I loved the pictures of Buckwheat teaching... I liked the Balerion pictures .... always approve of cats taking over the world .... and the menagerie in Titan Cats bed .... except for that sleazy elephant Rocksniffer drew, that squirrel looked alarmed The gendry sentence takes the prize for the most changes!.
  8. Thank you
  9. But 1867, its really the social norms that we haven't absorbed that would make things difficult for us. I mean they are objective difficulties, not just the fact our brains would be in shock. We wouldn't know 'how to go on'. Similar to some modern woman having no notion that in some countries they will be regarded as western sluts BY DEFINITION and that they cannot escape this definition. That nay woman travelling without a male relative or husband is by definition immoral. Or a child who is considered good in a modern school being sent back and finding they are regarded as a troublemaker in a 19th century school or perhaps as completely lacking initiative in a less-schooled age. We wouldn't know how to find or keep a job or how to get information or find somewhere to sleep etc, - objective problems. Probably have great problems with accents and vocabulary.
  10. Is there any reason to think we wouldn't fall over dead from theirs? I mean I don't think my ancestors surviving a particular flu outbreak or indeed the black death means I would be immune. I think our protected modern environments (sanitation) mean we might have lower immunity to all the shit (literally) they would have lived with. Maybe the babies who survived then were stronger than us.
  11. Well you may not won't believe it, bit I had the theme and didn't post it! My draft email began with 'a possible theme is they all took part in the Hand's Tourney, but this has nothing to do with chameleons.' Then followed a tangled explanation of why I couldn't make the chameleon fit everyone, which I wanted to tidy up. I got mixed up about deadline and went off to draw my pictionary post. Such is life.
  12. you have been making far too much progress... I am jealous
  13. last round I got most clues pretty well straight away. Not so this round.
  14. AT least you got Rosby. I had Tyrion for that. For telling Oberyn about Amory Lorch. That was my first thought and I didn't change it. Didn't even think 'testify' - who had a trial?
  15. Congrats to whoever got the theme. It was a good theme.