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  1. I don't think its anything to do with identifying Aegon, unless its just that as a Lannister loyalist who is also brainy and knowledgable about intrigue he would be capable of raising a strong sceptical argument about Young Griff and maybe setting an investigation in train as to where he has actually come from, which could be traced back to Varys. He is a Lannister loyalist and competent. Not as important as Kevan but worth eliminating on the same grounds as Kevan which is to remove a support from Cersei & Tommen and at the same time make her blame the Tyrells and go nuts. It could be something personal in that Pycelle was the one persuading Aerys to trust Tywin and open the gates which lead to the end of the Targs including the children, if Varys really cares about that. We know that Varys was the one persuading otherwise, telling Aerys not to trust anyone or to negotiate. So he may see Pycelle as a long time rival.
  2. On a regular drive I do I pass Vikary's winery, and Stone Hedge.
  3. Hmm I agree not likely. And I think LS will be slaying Jaime and/or Brienne, although I hope they will be revived afterwards. Anyway, thats not the point of this thread so I'll desist.
  4. Maybe Brienne will take it over.
  5. Whether as Queen or not she'll help fight the Others. If she survives that as Queen, everything will be changed anyway by a long Winter, famine, war, greyscale, probably volcanic activity and floods, so she will be engaged just in basic reconstruction, I would think. I suppose there is a possibility of merging her conquests in Essos and Westeros under one rule which could change culture and trade.
  6. At some point I realised that I had stopped thinking of things in ASOIF as resembling things in the real world and was doing it vice versa. For example: 1. I saw a story about desertification on the news with footage of blinding hot red landscape and thought "Its like the Red Waste!". 2. I stepped out of the lift at a new job and encountered a really large woman, not just tall, and not fat, but just on a large scale all round, and though "they have giants here". etc etc
  7. If we saw him in the lead up to Summerhall, we might know what that was all about, and hopefully he would think back on his life and loves a bit, so we'd know how Brienne came about and if Hodor is also descended from him.
  8. Interesting OP. I think that a tiny ragtag bag you missed is the little group round Brienne - Pod and Hyle. This may be the nucleus of a bigger band.
  9. My leftovers from round 1 of ASOIF dating Offering rewarding ingenuity. Admittedly short man, active cunnilinguist, seeks kind admirer. Open? Righteous? Intelligent, admittedly short man, asks constancy, seeks kind admirer. Open? Righteous? Ingenue? Admittedly short man asks constancy, seeks kind admirer. OK. Right. I admittedly strangled my adorable companion, slew kin, and...
  10. I've seen more of the latter than the former. Hard to choose. Some things aren't visually terrible they are just low budget and made for TV so its more they are visually basic. I think I'll go for the stimulating but visually terrible. WYR live in Pentos or Volantis?
  11. Just name the first that comes to mind. The first that came to my mind was Carbonel the Witches Cat. A Penguin Puffin (for children) it was the first paperback book I read, graduating from big format books. Key scenes took place on the rooftops of London and the protagonist also got to fly around on a slightly clapped out witches broom as she helped Carbonel regain his place as ruler of the cats. What was yours?
  12. 1 6 2 7 3 8 near impossible to choose
  13. 12 ft high - I'd topple it, slice it up and serve at a feast. Would you rather have sex with Illyrio or Joffrey?
  14. The resemblance is said to be to Arya anyway as much as Eddard - they are the two said to have the Stark looks, and Arys is also said to look very much like Lyanna. I had to get fairly old before I would have made an argument for inherited personality and temperament but I am afraid I do now think that it can be pretty obvious. And Jon does seem to have some Rhaegar traits of that type. I agree there is nothing at all definitive to say he is Rhaegar's son (the best arguments are in Eddard's memories of the Tower of Joy and the unlikelhood of Eddard's begetting a bastard - too shy to ask Ashara to dance, painfully moralistic person). I actually think its quite possible that though he will have heroic role he will never be publicly hailed as Rhaegar's son although there may be more details dropped in the text to support that conclusion e.g. if dragons liked him. Well, anyway, that's the kind of thing I'd like - that even after the last book fans are arguing about that and about just who the Prince who was promised was.