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  1. #11 Theon 45 pts 4 lists 19 - 3 Probably qualifies as most mutilated person still walking around.   I tried to make a list of mutilated people (alive at some point in asoif but can be dead). Additions welcome.)   Loras (burning oil counts, I think) Jaime Jaclyn Bywater Three finger Hobb The one armed smith at the Wall (I get wall characters mixed up) Pia Myrcella Marillion Tyrion Brienne     #10 One of the inadequate personalities who end up at the Wall and run amock as things deteriorate. Unattractive all round.
  2. Next clue: Its a mistake by one of the three Baratheon brothers and it can be seen as costing him everything.
  3. I have never whinged much in this thread but I just feel like saying I dislike my own entry as it is worse than the others and I dislike the other entries because they are better than mine.
  4. #1   3 #2   1 #3    4 #4    8
  5. #14 Jon reacts to the pink letter and constructs a rationale about how he can lead a force to rescue Arya but it won't be the NW as such etc etc. Ends up stabbed. Annara and lil ghost gets points. Theon's mistakes were perfectly good guesses that didn't happen to be correct. 39 pts on 3 lists 18 - 7     Grietnog 21+0 Annara Snow 18+2=20 Julia H 17+0=17 lil' ghost 17+2=19 Night's Queen 13+0=13 Cashless Society 13+0=13 Jon's Queen Consort 13+0=13 Arya Kidding 8+0=8 Poached Aegon 5 Lord Wraith 5   Next clue: Its a mistake by one of the three Baratheon brothers and it can be seen as costing him everything.
  6. #1     6 for getting the elephants in #2      3 for Warning, Stormlands! which was how I was starting my never finished entry #3      10 for using Dance #4      8 not a likely headline except in the Depressives Daily Dose but not a bad summary of how the book leaves it hanging ... lost half his ships...gained 'Greenshite' and a few castles, Tarth... is he a fool or does he have the right idea?
  7. I think Cersei's walk of shame is supposed to be some kind of parallel to Jaime's being dragged around by the Bloody Companions and the removal of her hair equivalent to his hand - some kind of creepy idea of punishment for pride/vanity going on. So it sort of fits in the set of mutilations other characters undergo, but no, its not Cersei!
  8. I thought possible people habitually think about the unsullied purchase as a clever thing that Dany did rather than as a mistake by someone else (Kraznys).
  9. AH hell apparently I have a second chance to come up with something. 
  10. Out of this list, Daenerys X. So many good chapters left behind!
  11. #12 Roooorrrrge! 42pts 3 lists 3 -13.   Only Annara gets points. Rankings Julia H 16 Mathis of Rowan 15 Annara Snow11+3=14 JQC 11 Grietnog 11 lil ghost 11 The Wold Lord's Daughter 10 Night's Queen 10 Cashless Society 4   I did say in the top five. I did not say #1. Because definitely I would put Ramsay and Biter above him. Not sure about Gregor - somewhere in the top five maybe above Rorge. I didn't think about Euron because he is a slightly different kettle of fish but I agree he's terrifying and more dangerous to humanity probably.   Next clue #11 : POV character. One of the many characters mutilated in the course of ASOIF.