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  1. Why didn't Tywin let Tyrion tour the Free Cities?

    That's it. The son he wants to keep at home, in the sewers.
  2. More Acrophobia Leftovers!

    Bridge nobly frames prodigious emporium, west becomes east. not great but probably better than what I entered.
  3. You have 'What happened to Gerion Lannister?" but is there a place for 'Is Tybero Istarion (Inkpots) Gerion Lannister? ' I didn't notice the Sailor's wife and her daughter up there - is she Tysha and if not is she Gerion's 'wife'? SO I guess the question would be "Who is the sailor's wife?" I also didn't notice "Is Brienne descended from Duncan the Tall?" or put another way "Why is Ser Duncan the Tall's shield in the Tarth armoury?"
  4. Characters never (or rarely) show up where GRRM tells us

    We need a list of everyone who is somehow expected somewhere. Jaime & Brienne Davos Areo and Obara Gilly - can't remember if Sam has sent her to the Tarly's place Marwyn Dany Others are more or less missing, with no strong theory about their whereabouts: Benjen Tyrek
  5. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    Its funny because about an hour before your post I was reading up on Ragnorak (which I came across somewhere else on the forum) and jotting down references in ASOIF of which Tyr/Jaime would have to be one. I gather Tyr dies precisely because he has previously lost his hand and can't deal a final blow.
  6. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    Are you talking about the Norse God or is there another fantasy novel Tyr based on the Norse god?
  7. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    I don't know. ... Tyrion has done a pretty good job of being a turning worm so far, and he did challenge Jaime to a duel, so it would be sort of honourable. But I also think if Jaime is around when Dany comes to Westeros he could side with her and Tyrion. It makes sense, Jaime and Tyrion both have the trickster trait and are loyal to their house.
  8. References and Homages

    I hope not. Euron's headed off for bigger game right now, anyway.
  9. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round One

    Giants are welcome everywhere!
  10. References and Homages

    Place reference - I know some people said that the Quiet Isle reminds them of Mont St Michel in France but the Holy Island or Lindisfarne off northeast England seems a bit more like the Quiet Isle. 'It is accessible, most times, at low tide by crossing sand and mud flats which are covered with water at high tides. These sand and mud flats carry an ancient pilgrims' path, and in more recent times, a modern causeway.' (From the wikipedia entry)
  11. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Any pair in Tywin and Joanna's family. Also Kevin-Tywin has some subtle aspects that only surface after Tywin's death. There are some people like Theon and Tyrion who end up having complex relationships with most people close to them. Nothing straightforward is going to happen with them.
  12. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    They have quite a bit in common - passion, for example. Dany has seen the vision of "Aerys saying let hime be King over ...." to Jaime, so if he ever told her his story that would be a bit of supporting evidence. But I can't see the plot line going this way now. I used to think Jaime might bring Lannister forces to join Dany when she arrives with Tyrion, There are many plausible trajectories but only one will happen... Personally I'd like to see Jaime growing old in anonymity on Tarth, but that won't happen either!
  13. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    The first death - Lady Stoneheart or Brynden Tully at the BWB. The second death - field is wide open.
  14. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round One

    1 #6 2 #2 3 #4