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  1. I decided to censor my nasty comment otherwise it will sit here like a big scab quelling all comment till Rocksniffer returns.
  2. Am I The Only One Around Here Who....

    Nope. Then again I raced through on first read and missed a lot. Am I the only one around here who thinks Inkpots is Gerion Lannister?
  3. Am I The Only One Around Here Who....

    seem to have broken the smooth mould of group therapy style reassurance that was prevailing in the thread, Annara. No, you are not.I am not surprised she has a nick name 'yaya'
  4. Am I The Only One Around Here Who....

    I think that from the start his only plan for Sansa was as a tool in his rise to power and a means for cruel revenge. So that interpretation sounds absolutely reasonable. Am I the only one who sees the in your face foreshadowing of Jaime duelling with death (Ilyn) every night in his Riverun chapters, and losing every time?
  5. This ogdoad is driving me crazy. If that's not how you spell it don't tell me so, it will worsen my mood.
  6. i shall respond...with these random words... the subject of a clue might be the answer or the subject might point to the answer...there is no rule that one or the other must be true... each clue has only one answer...though one is the loneliest number... I find this reply of Rocksniffer's amusing right now. I am sure when I am bug eyed with frustration staring at the clues I will curse him
  7. The clues seem to have had a sudden lift in style this round. ...and its another round where only two are guessable to me on first reading.
  8. die pretty quick: No family, no friends, no skills, no money, no knowledge of how basic transactions work in the middle ages-style fantasy world, very strange garb, strange speech
  9. there is a game level theme as well as a theme for each round you should read back though the thread
  10. No surrender! Just ignominious defeat. I will be very impressed with whichever brainbox guesses the big theme.
  11. Lady b; I didn't say it was correctly.... actually I thought it was bit cheeky to incorporate a minor fan theory into a clue ... but the person hadn't. I thought that was possible also, and I thought a corroded iron guarding agent could be Theon (iron born) or Jaime (guardian of iron throne) because they are both corroded (have lost bits, although not from a corrosive agent unless you see GRRM as a corrosive agent). Anyway, I asked a yes no question which eliminated them, and promptly made up something implausible for the iron agent one and changed a correct clue to incorrect, thus keeping the same score.
  12. I think 3 just has no grammatical clues about how to interpret it, I wished I had answered it purely on gut associations - I kept thinking it was Osha. #10 was so ambiguous In the end I just went on the 'Faith' hint -. although as Tyene is speculated to be her daughter I initially went with her. I think I mucked up the theme too. My brain just doesn't work sometimes. Or rather it works, badly.
  13. Shit! I kept thinking that #3 was Osha but it didn't seem logical. I was thinking she wore iron chains then manacles and then was free. But the way it is worded threw me. I put Arianne there by a mental process I can now see was ridiculously obscure. and I had Melisandre correct and replaced her with Ygritte to fit my 'theme' and because for some reason I had decided Arianne must be right so I couldn't change her when I got the prelim that two were wrong. Oh well I ended up with two wrong same as before prelims so at least I didn't go backwards.
  14. 1 12. Mother's nervous anxiety warranted. Linger earthbound, tyke. 2 11. Martyrs nostalgically await within labyrinthian eyes, thee 3 9. Moving near a window's ledge endangers travels. 4 4. Monsters northwards, awakening weirwoods, listening eyes tell.