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  1. Interesting. Same idea in 1 & 12, and 11 & 9 also on the same page. #1 1. Dragon embraces paranoia. Accept title: Kingslayer. #2 12. Definitely eliminate pyromaniac Aerys...Think - "Kingslayer"! #3 11. Duty estranges. Passion agonizes. Truth kills. #4 9. Dark embers, poison ash, tormented kin
  2. I haven't had time to concentrate on the game, but I seem to have about two that I think are probably right.
  3. More Acrophobia Leftovers!

    I only had one alternative. Its not great but I should have gone with it. I thought it wasn't cryptic enough! Not Griff. Exiled female portends throne's joy.
  4. It depends who you are in that world and how long your days are going to last. For castle, my first thought was one without a dungeon, so I couldn't be put in it. But, taking a more optimistic view.... I envied Shay her manse it seemed pretty comfortable, it was walled with a garden even though in a built up capital, Kings Landing. Likewise I liked Illyrio's Villa in Pentos although I don't like him much. The Quiet Isle would be good, minus the vow of silence. ..and I liked Lady Smallwoods little castle or whatever it was. I'd like to see Ashmark and Castlery Rock, Highgarden couldn't be bad except when there are raids on the Reach, the Eyrie would drive me crazy with claustrophobia and Winterfell too cold - even if it has thermal heating its all too stark!
  5. #1 3. Next gig: Eurovision. Flugelhorn, playing trad jazz. Really couldn't overlook it. One of those malicious prophets. #2 10. Northern ghouls emerging. Frozen pandemonium. Targaryen jeopardized. #3 2. Nigh: genitals excised. Forget. Protect Targaryen J-- I like the idea of this. Perhaps Varys thought it was junior and so has been protecting the wrong boy. #4 9. Notice guarded eyes, from profiteers to justiciars.
  6. Jon and Dany parallel journeys

    I agree they are both heroes and most of me thinks they'll continue on that path. However, GRRM does manage the suspense so you don't really know if their heroic trajectory will continue or not. Also. I have a feeling that heroism will not necessarily be rewarded in the world of the books. People may do mighty self sacrificing things but die unappreciated. They will not necessarily get the throne and be remembered in song for a 1000 years etc.
  7. I would like a one day extension because I got nothing. But I may be able to produce something with no extension. ACTUALLY I SENT SOMETHING IN, IT'LL HAVE TO DO, SO DON'T NEED EXTENSION
  8. I thought of this ages ago, and wanted to do it properly, but I never will, so I am just putting up this sketch. Jon & Dany 1. Grow up in a family valued for their blood kinship but despised for other things (female/bastard) which make them unable/less able to inherit or participate. 2. They tend to be cautious observers. They have to accept and survive a degree of insult (We see Jon observing the Lannisters; Jon has to accept Catelyn’s dislike and even lies about it to Robb; Dany observes her brother and works out he is a fool even as she is putting up with threats and insults from him, she also observes Illyrio) 3 Take vows for a new life, far away, in a physically tough environment with frightening people with a different culture (On the way to the Wall Jon is disillusioned about the NW by seeing his fellow recruits and hearing Tyrion’s explanation; Dany observes the wedding customs and is afraid.) 4 A stranger (bearing books) helps them adjust to their new environment by explaining/translating and giving tips and support. (Jorah/Tyrion both give tips about how to behave and moral support. Interesting how they both turn up carrying books. Both of these strangers are outsiders, one an exile, one a despised dwarf.) The order of stages varies between the two from now on, and the parallel is more muddled. I am abandoning numbering the points. They achieve some status in the new place. (Dany becomes pregnant; Jon is appointed steward and is being groomed as Jeor’s successor) They have to choose not to help their brother because of their new loyalties. They suffer a loss which is partly their fault. {Rhaego; Ygritte} The leader dies. (jeor/Drogo) They become leader in their own right (and both are chosen rather than impose leadership – Jon via a ballot Dany through acclaim) The organisation splits into factions. Immediately for Dany. She only gets part of the group. In Jon’s case the factions simmer on indefinitely as he has the whole organisation. They go on a physically difficult journey; are taken in by strangers; negotiate a relationship but do not trust the people and are not really trusted; leave in hostile circumstances. (This happens early in the piece for Jon, later for Dany.Dany – Red Desert – Qarth & Xaro Jon – ranging – Wildlings & Mance) They refuse an alliance to do with obtaining their family position in Westeros (Jon refuses Stannis’ offer to make him Lord of Winterfell; Dany refuses Quentyn’s offer of marriage) Struggling to stay true to their own purpose, they are force to accept a ‘marriage’ to a powerful suitor. [Hizdahr; Stannis. I think this parallel is very apt and am proudest of this point!] An attempt is made on their life. {stabbing, poison} Their bond with an animal saves them. (assuming Jon wargs Ghost while his body waits for him in an ice cell or something; Drogon and Dany) There are out of the mainstream action for a while, their supporters don’t know what’s happened to them (assuming Jon is in Ghost) I think there are also some comparisons in the area of Danys trying to free slaves and Jon trying to deal fairly with the wildlings, but I haven't got my head around them. Any comments?
  9. That's an extremely narrow minded and conservative concept of hero.
  10. For some reason I am finding the prophecy hard. Hopefully my brain will suddenly clear before deadline.
  11. Yes, start a new game! There's lots of possible topics.
  12. Name That Snow!

    Maybe he was named Jon and it was in honour or Jon Connington not Jon Arryn because the idea was the baby should be raised in exile by Jon Con but Eddard failed to deliver him. Just some incidental forum cracked brain thinking.
  13. Name That Snow!

    actually Jaehaerys is the obvious choice for anyone naming a possible future Targ king - the conciliator- try and wipe out recollections of Aerys the Mad King with a good one. also, Jon is a conciliator probably the lip readers have it right