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  1. @She Who Must Be Obeyed @Ser Not Appearing Your votes for Arya round would be appreciated very much. If you have already voted and I am blind just post a scowling face.
  2. Usually its 72 hours from the post. 8/10 people have voted for their favourite arya entries and 4/10 have sent a definite new acro for Mya and Lothor. No-one has had any suggestions re new characters to make words for. Could you all try to get your votes and acros in within the next 48 hours pleas.e or tell me if you are unable I am flat out myself and so not able to monitor the thread very well.
  3. I still thought they might be too, but on balance probably not. What a tortuous situation. PS What do you think of my mule? I think its great.
  4. I'm glad you posted this because I was thinking the cross outs might be a hint.
  5. The doubt is terrible.
  6. ROUND SIX Ser Lothor Brune and Mya Stone After the Battle of Blackwater in which he cut through the Fossoways, Lothor Brune had won a nickname (Lothor Apple Easter), a knighthood, personal arms (a bear paw under three apple cores) and the promise of s small grant of land in the Riverlands at the conclusion of the war of The Five Kings. Lets imagine time moves on, and no matter who has won, Lothor has acquired the wife of his dreams, Mya Stone, who was by then very happy to have him, they inhabit some lands, and have jointly come up with some house words. What are they? rv pb ebej amlt Good Luck More news I have decided to end the game at seven rounds. Possible after a break of a couple of weeks I will be able to host a new game if no-one else wants to. In the meantime, I have thrown a couple of candidates off my list of people to make house words for, so you are free to send suggestions for the last round. I can't imagine it could give the person whose suggestions I choose an advantage, as they cannot predict the letters.
  7. ROUND FIVE ENTRIES Vote for your favourite four. In Winter She Prospers Death Offered Intrepidly, We Sew Prayerfully. Duty Overcomes Intrepid Winter Storm Prevails. Dancing On Can Never Underestimate Girls! Invoking Winter's Sacred Power Conquering No-one's Unnamed Guises Ice Will Strengthen Pack
  8. ROUND FOUR RESULTS Howlin' Howard's positive and highly coloured vision won the round. A not so fragile Bird was just behind him and her big margin going into this round means she remains in the lead. There were many interesting entries this round. Raisin Bran' showed just because someone is a courtesan doesn't mean she can't speak sense. Jez Bell managed to liken the house to pearls from a beautiful ancestral oyster. Dolorous Gabe thrilled us, Lady B harked to the true sea woman, FB made a quite subtle pitch, Julia H promoted valentine ventures a little more strongly, with a hint of menace, SWMBO emphasised exotic attractions, and I shall simply not mention the moral turpitude of Ser's entry. Thanks for playing and waiting. Next round's entries will be posted very shortly for voting. 1. Let Our Misfortunes Vanish for the Dawn Offers Us Vibrant Visions 1+1+1+4 3 +3+4+3 +2 =21 Howlin' Howard 2, Ladies of marine verisimilitude find true desire. Oneiric, unappreciated Valemen virile. Lady Blizzardborn 1+1+1+2+2+4=11 3. Light of my Vibrant Flames thrillingly Dance over Undying Virile Vistas 1+1+3+1+2+2+1+2=13 Dolorous Gabe 4. Look over me, verily, for tis dragons only understand valor's virtue. 1+1+2+3+4+3+2+4=20 Fragile Bird 5. Love Our Many Versatile Faces – Taste Dominates Our Unparalleled Valentine Venture1+1+1+1+3+2+1=10 Julia H. 6. Luminous oyster's majesty venerated. Famously treasured daughters of undeniably voluptuous vixen. 1+1+4+2+4+3+1=16 Jez Bell 7. Land of many vices, fiery tastes, dragonesque orgasms using voluptuous vaingloriousness! 1+1+4=6 SWMBO 8. Love On Me. Very Fucking Today. Do Offer Ourselves. Very Very. 1+1+1+4+1=8 Ser Not Appearing 9. Love others. Most victors forge their destruction on unimportant vain vengeance. Raisin' Bran 1+3+1+4+3=12 STANDINGS STANDINGS AFTER ROUND FOUR A Free Shadow 14+1=15 Dolorous Gabe 39+13=52 Fragile Bird 50+20=72 Howlin' Howland 36+21=57 Jez Bell 36+17=53 Julia H. 31+10=41 Lady Blizzardborn 35+11=46 Raisin' Bran 28+12=40 Ser Not Appearing 31+8=39 She Who Must Be Obeyed 20+6=26
  9. You are all waiting for me to post the results for round 4 and the entries for round 5 to vote on. I'm sorry a few things have happened and I ran completely out of puff. Will post soon.
  10. We were planning a surprise thank you but I'll break the rules and say how extremely grateful we are that you used your fabulous clue making powers for our benefit. Truly.
  11. Yeah thats one broad plank of most feminism but not enough for analysing this kind of stuff.
  12. I did the same thing when Julia put some acronyms in a row - wrote a very long and if I say so good sentence. So I should have known to put them in separate rows. Sorry.
  13. Good God keenly creaks? high parallel unsheathed?
  14. OK, I caused confusion by nagging Julia to vote, for no particular reason. I can see now how I shouldn't do that. There are, right now, 14 hours to the original deadline (which was 72 hours from the date of this round's post, the original unedited post that is.) However, some people are very busy & tired so take another 24 hours after that if you like. But thanks to those who got their posts in very quickly.
  15. No. I didn't even look at the deadline. I just thought I'd be a bully. I had nine votes and craved ten Many players still crafting entries.