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  1. Be as unhelpful as possible

    a setting sun where is the lost horizon?
  2. I think Aegon is mainly interesting from the point of view of splitting the forces wanting to invade Westeros, disputing Dany's claim to the throne, and contributing to a nightmarish situation in Westeros with Winter, plague, Others and a civil war which results in general lawlessness. As a person he seems pretty uninteresting right now but maybe he will show some military abilities, gain allies who would be scared shitless of a female Targ monarch and prevent Dany from winning Westeros.
  3. Jaime is the best Achilles parallel, not Robert or Loras. In fact I think the reference is built in by GRRM. Jaime is partly Achilles, Tyrion is partly Odysseus and Cersei is Circe, turning men into pigs. Jaime has that demi god aspect to his looks and skills, he is the best swordsman because he is "faster than anyone" (Achilles is referred to as the fleet one, the fastest one), Tyrion loves Jaime's "fine wrath" and despite his skills Jaime has been inactive for most of the plot, like Achilles sulking, - as a warrior at least, he is unused potential. On first reading I thought he must be going to burst forth suddenly with vengeance and become a main player, but I think its all got a little more complicated than that. Tyrion is cunning, uses it in his daily interactions with others, and is now suffering set backs ad not in control of his voyage in exile, and wanting to come hime and reclaim his birthright. Odysseus is very much the human man, not a demi god, referred to as the cunning one, the man of twists and turns , and also as the sacker of cities, something Tyrion is aspiring to by wanting to seek out and join Dany. Back to the OP, besides Jaime I found the most absorbing characters Catelyn, Arya and Sansa. I find what is happening to Arya and Sansa over the long term pretty creepy though, they seem to be losing their souls in a sense. I think GRRM did a really good job with Catelyn's POV.
  4. The Dornish are Annoying Too

    Exactly, after a couple of reads and elapsed time for ideas to sink I found Doran very annoying. The reader can find him wise and sympathetic because he is not excessively vengeful and argues for caution, but eventually I just started to see him as not only rationalising inaction as caution but plain dumb. I'm afraid I find Arianne & Quentyn dumb too. I suppose they have been kept in the dark for their own protection and not given tasks that would teach them how to deal with problems. And Dorne is a small and more isolated former Kingdom than the others. But the almost unbelievable stupidity is Doran's predilection for sending his small number of heirs off on dangerous missions that could have been carried out by others. Treating with Dany required a skilled diplomat, given that Quentyn is not prepossessing in himself there was not much point in sending him along, any decision Dany made would be based on making alliances. (Granted my argument may be contradicted by the fact that Quentyn and his two companions actually made it to Dany whereas the diplomat in the group perished.) Now Arianne is off to meet Aegon and judge if he is a true dragon. Twice so far she has refused an offer to learn anything about dragons - while imprisoned and looking for a book to read she rejects one on dragons, ad on her mission to Westeros she again rejects an offer to read about dragons in rare books, even after the daughter of the house has a prophetic fit about dragon wars. I think this is meant to be a little hint about her fitness for the job. The sandsnakes are just fantasy novel cliches to me, not to mention the hot blooded people from hot countries cliche, writhing bundles of sex and vengeance. Except "Alleras" of course, she is a different cliche. I feel GRRM has just thrown a job lot of females into the plot.
  5. Tywin not remarrying makes no sense

    Since killing Shae, he has been rolling about in confusion and guilt in Essos which includes having the occasional dark enraged thought about Penny just being another woman making demands and trying to fool him. I think the hint that he could kill again (not necessarily will) comes in a Winds of Winter chapter where he has a momentary black out where he goes to a very dark place out of suspicion at her. He refrained from having sex with Sansa but later enacts it with the terrified red-haired Essosi prostitute. Because Tyrion is a sympathetic character in many ways people tend to overlook just now messed up he is.
  6. Tywin not remarrying makes no sense

    He is calculating but driven by extreme irrational emotion. His whole personality was shaped by being the witness to his father's folly and humiliation and deciding to take action to save his family's overlord status and wipe out the humiliation. A man who actually never smiles is very psychologically unusual, I am guessing. His daughter has a major personality disorder and his dwarf son has become a potential serial killer of women. He does have absolute loyalty to his family not in the modern liberal sense of wanting his children to make therir own choices blah blah blah but in expecting that they will each of them conform to their duty the family. I think experience and observation would also tell him that having two lots of children by different wives can reek havoc with a succession rather than fixing it.
  7. What a difference a round makes! Back in the middle again.
  8. The mystery of the Tattered Prince

    I think the Tattered Prince is just another interesting exile GRRm has made up. He has an extremely good motive for becoming a sellsword.
  9. Euron's death foreshadowed?

    I think Euron's death is foreshadowed by the fact that he think he is going to be transformed into God. Always a bad sign.
  10. Rhaegar is Illyrio

    Minus 'glamour' I have to say the startling idea that Rhaegar could have fled an aged into an obese petulant cheese master with breasts like bags of suet is kind of appealing. Why can't I come up with these ideas? What's wrong with me?
  11. The stubborness

    Oh well stubbornness needn't have logic. I believe Jon is Rhaegar's.
  12. Tywin not remarrying makes no sense

    Back to the OP question, I can't see Tywin remarrying as a possibility at all: He loved Joanna, and he was now older and more bitter. Probably not capable of opening his heart more than once. He never, even to the bitter end, gave up on Jaime. I think he always believed he'd somehow find a way to get him out of the KG. Although he is a terrible parent to him, his love for Jaime is absolute, whereas for Cersei its conditional. He would see marrying and having another child as a risk to Jaime's inheritance, not as a sensible way to deal with having lost his heir to the KG. Note he married a Lannister. He didn't ally with another great house. I think he would never trust marrying someone a great house - they'd have ambitions for their children. His hatred of the woman his father brought into the house who wore his mother's jewels suggests he wouldn't be keen on the idea of stepmothers. I don't know why people see it as hypocrisy for Tywin to see prostitutes. He objects to Tyrion being in an endless public romance with drink and prostitutes. He can doubtless see it relates to low self esteem and what he did to Tysha. He thinks Tyrion should stop being a smart-arse, stop asking for his and others respect and just become a hard arse like himself. He wouldn't mind if Tyrion was moderate and discrete, which is probably what Tywin is.
  13. Changed your mind

    Well I was not attracted to the fantasy elements of the books (!) so much - what I mean is I preferred the part that is more like historical novels and I found the southern characters e.g. Lannisters and their psychology much more interesting than tired old three eyed crows etc. For this reason I was horrified when I read somebody's prediction that Brienne and Jaime would become undead and that Brienne might already be when she comes to take Jaime to BWB, but now I think they will both get the Beric/Catelyn treatment (and one will die doing it to the other as Beric did it to Catelyn). I initially also couldn't see why people were banging on about Blackfyre conspiracies as it seemed created whole and not hinted at in the books at all, until I read Dunk and Egg tales and saw there is a lot of background being snuck in there. Pretty cunning GRRM! I think there will probably be a RW2. Numbers will not be necessary if they can get in by guile. Genna's words to Jaime - what is needed here is strength not chivalry or something like that will be proved true. Jaime always does screw this stuff up - losing Brynden is an example.
  14. The stubborness

    Well I am not so stubborn I think its impossible I just think so far he has stuck to his vows which is what makes him stand out from others. It seems to me his and Dany's roles are to save Planetos from the Others and who sits the Iron Throne afterwards is a minor plot detail. However, there is the issue that we are rolling towards the 1,000 NW Commander which does suggest there might be some turnover. I suppose Jon could spend a long time inside Ghost and end up as the 1,000 as well as his first number (998?). Also, I don't think Rhaegar and Lyanna married and I think Dany will be the Last Targaryean simply because in all the book indexes she and Viserys are listed under the heading "the Last Targaryeans"! How's that for a stubborn reason?
  15. 1. 7 2. 2 3. 8 Very hard to decide this round.