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  1. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    1st 8 (like the way her vow is addressed to her crown not her husband) 2nd 5 (plain speaking!) 3rd 2 4th 10
  2. Jon Sitting The Iron Throne

    You've called your thread Jon sitting the Iron Throne but I don't see that the 'three' prophecy necessarily relates to sitting the Iron Throne, but to having the fiery blood, magic and dragons to fight the Others. A coalition of three people with the right attributes and in the right places (e.g. leading the Night's Watch) makes sense. I assume Jon is one and Dany another, if Aegon is real, that would make it easy, wouldn't it? People tend to interpret Rhaegar saying there must be three as relating to his own offspring and since his daughter at least is dead then that isn't going to happen, but three people of Targ blood is still possible. But perhaps the third will not be of Targ blood. Personally I like the idea that as events pan out it won't be crystal clear and indisputable who the three are so that we can still argue this for years after the series ends. I'm not saying Jon won't sit the Iron Throne, there is Dany's visions of the snow on the throne, I am not sure if there are other hints specifically about sitting the throne.
  3. Acrophilia #9

    I have just realised I forgot to even think about or enter a theme guess!
  4. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    I just wondered why no one was voting.
  5. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    1st #4 2nd #10 3rd #11 4th #9
  6. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    1st - #2 2nd - #3 3rd - #8 4th - #7
  7. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    In my case, I have worked out I have a deep block about marriage vows, especially heart felt ones. If we'd begun with Ramsay I could have gone crass, but a fairly normal couple is a bit disturbing....
  8. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    Ummm so we can either submit a single unisex vow or two vows, or can we choose to submit just Eddard's or just Catelyn's? Not that I have an opinion yet about what I want to do.
  9. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    Signing up.
  10. Acrophilia #9

    keep submitting the rushedclues you do not like.
  11. Illyrio's motives in GoT

    Ah! I thought you had skimmed over it. Can't wait. Well actually I can and will.
  12. Illyrio's motives in GoT

    Can we expect an installment covering ADWD?
  13. 2016 Reading Self-Challenge

    I've just found this thread and as its well into 2016, I think I'll make a goal for the second half of the year July-Dec, seeing as I should really concentrate on other things for May & June. My goal is to read 20 books of better quality than the extremely light fiction I have been reading compulsively lately. I have some ideas including the pile of unread books I have, but I will not bother putting any details here.
  14. A Compendium of Theories v.2

    I don't know if someone has already raised it in this thread, but the theory that Tyrion is a chimera - the result of two embryos merging into one, to explain why he is not just a dwarf but a particularly awkward and stunted looking dwarf, and has two eye colours and two different hair types which differ not just in colour (black v blond) but texture. The first part of this theory is just that he a chimera, the second part is he is the offspring of both Tywin and Aerys.The scientific term for chimera comes form the classical mythological fearsome flying creature that had the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon. I can't be helpful and link a thread because I haven't see in laid out properly - just seen people allude to it in other threads. It is fully worked out on forums other than ASOIF.