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  1. It completely changes all Castle Bell's interpretations! I hope the rest of the clue is correct.
  2. Thanks for all your votes. A couple of people haven't sent an entry - please send them asap.
  3. I could symbolise an upcoming war between the north (wolf) and the iron throne (which is held Baratheon's (the stag).
  4. Then send an entry next round.
  5. That is true. The author is much more polite than shadow.
  6. have a beer Jez
  7. I would just like to say that I checked the rules which I had blindly copied and pasted into my OP and there didn't seem to be any! So I am happily accepting bolding and italicising and also someone has asked about proper names and nicknames. I will accept them.
  8. you are both wrong
  9. I am imagining the confusion when I stand at a shop counter and tell them a woman would like to buy some milk. I'd choose 'it is known' wyr lose a hand or a foot to Vargo?
  10. ooh yes found in grief. i was a bit puzzled because i saw it more as wickedly founded by sybil
  11. that wasn't research as such that was incidental thoughts while skimming down a search of Irri in a search of ice and fire and seeing 'Irri poured a bath with sweet smelling...' about 50 times or 'Irri aid out a silk gown with matching blah blah blah' Rereading is a double edged sword. Its a way to track down an answer but it is also what drives me completely insane leaves me tired and unable to think and writing the jumbled PMs you would be familiar with.
  12. well yes I think it was an OK theme but I wouldn't say highly gettable there were distractions like becoming obsessed with animals because one bunch had seen direwolves just born south of the wall, another had seen dragons, also the fact that in several cases it was the same thing they had seen. if it was a shorter list of people with a singular instance in each case it would be easier, this many characters and some of them major characters means they had all done and seen lots of things well at least I know all about Jason Mallister and Irri now. I liked the description of his face which is exactly like a sea eagle and the description of Seagard and the romantic bell. Irri did a whole lot of drawing baths for Dany, Dany must be the cleanest character in the book. It's explained she got a brass or copper bath as a wedding present, which is carried strapped to a horse, this made me wonder how many rivers and creeks there are in the Dothraki sea, I suppose they have to stop at water every night to water the horses, if there is so much water how come only grass grows???.... she also lays out a lot of fancy clothes, must be a few trunks strapped to the horse too.
  13. ROUND 2: Arya Fragile Bird scored one point more than DG. Julia H and Howlin' were close on their heels. If I were you I would check my score. 1. Many journeys reward: to undiscovered Amaericos! 1+1+1+1+1=5 Lady B 2. Beyond Mercy, Faceless Assassin Invites Infamy! 1+1+4+3+2+1=12 SWMBO 3. Mellows. Joins R'hllorians. Takes up acupuncture. 1+1+4+4+4+3+2+1=20 FB 4. Bravoosi methods “facefully” applied in iceland. 1+1+4+4+3+2+1=16 Julia H. 5. Betrayal makes faceless assassins increasingly irate. 1+1+4+4+2+2+1=15 HH 6. Murdering jihadist returns to uncle's abduction. 1+1+1=3 Raisin’ Bran 7. Merciful justice repeatedly taken under aliases. 1+1+4+3+3+3+2=19 DG 8. Bringing many faces against icy intruders. 1+1+3+3+2=10 Jez Bell 9. May juries rest, tyrants undone, anonymously. 1+1+3+2+1=8 A Free Shadow Standings after round 2 HH 4+15=19 DG 27+19=46 SWMBO 15+12=27 RB 7+3=10 JB 9+10=19 FB 17+20-37 JH 15+16=30 AFS 12+8=20 Lady B 5 ROUND 3: Jaime entries at last, just to get you voting. One player has boldly resisted polite notes and grumpy notes and begging so we will give them a break, take them at their word and go without them. Vote for four. 1. Barring lady's lenience, denouement blatantly imminent. 2. Unexpected collusion: Redemption upheld, Wedding Two. 3. Brienne's longing looks definitely beat incest! 4. Brotherhood lynches Lannister despite Brienne's imploring. 5. Built loving life doing Brienne intimately. 6, Battling lefty, loses duel. Brienne intervenes. 7. Unexpected confession: “Revengeful undead waits there". 8. Brilliantly leads legions. Dies, but immortalised. ROUND 4: Ghost! ggmscjkbdv bpdopfsngd Enjoy! Please complete in about three days.
  14. If I followed this principle I'd have to pay someone to follow me everywhere....
  15. I read is as his having one eye served his ambition and didn't see how it does, that's why Jez and I initially thought Victarion but changed back after shadow's clarification. Eventually I thought ocular deficiency plus ambition suited him more than anyone else. Jez had an interesting answer to the Chett clue - Renly gathering 'flowers' i.e. roses which gave a different meaning to 'horny' (antlers)/ She also had thought of Baelor and Rhaegar. Luckily none of these crossed my mind before I thought of Chett. Flowers only brought Daario to mind, and then Chett.