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  1. ....and now I am giving up again.
  2. I gave up in shame and had a few days off after i accidentally posted my ruminations in the thread. Now I've bothered to read Gabe's advice in thread I am intrigued again and I may have a brief new attempt at the three clues I haven't got. I hope someone profited from my posted thoughts because I haven't!!
  3. I expect its the acro demon' ambition to make us admit we know less than nothing.
  4. Free access to a thesaurus with every apple!
  5. I'll play. Although I am surprised I would have expected our host to go in the other direction and add more points for favourite clues and less for writing correctly guessed clues. I mean, some clues are hard to guess because they are just bad, but good clues include a cryptic element which wouldn't be very cryptic if they didn't pose a struggle. Anyway, I'll give it a go. Should work to my benefit!
  6. WE have insight into you. Alas, its that you are a lot more organised and focused than you like to imply.
  7. Mr R, This was the most original, fun and addictive game ever. The in-thread hints fascinated me. Whenever I finally got something I'd wonder how I could have failed to get it with that many hints thrown about. The acros were very elegant and difficult. For some reason, the last round clicked easily, though, with shadow's clue the last to solve - and I did love the use of mountaineer once I got it. I found the theme easier to get because we had Allar Deem and Anguy in it - and they have only one thing in common. Prior to that, I floundered about furiously every round. Congratulations to all!
  8. It looks like I have been trounced by Fragile Bird, due to my writing an extremely uninspired acro as usual and FB writing a zinger. So that's as it should be. I spent this game battering my skull to guess the clues and themes but will have to do that AND try to improve my across while battling DG's curse next game...
  9. I have no intention of hosting. I could not stand dealing with obsessed people like myself. Go for it!
  10. I presume they are for hokey ye olde style and I quite like them I associated mercy with Arya but I never got needle-vaccinate.
  11. Jesus. Those clues look harder than last round.
  12. I managed to get Cersei wrong, despite starting with a shortlist of Cersei and Dany for this clue. Cersei seemed a bit wrong as she doesn't 'oblige' Maggi except perhaps by behaving exactly as was needed to make the prophecy correct - is that what it means? Then once I got the theme, I did a lot of searching and wiki reading and discovered that the Widow of the Waterfront supported Bennaro the preacher of the fire god (who is definitely a castigating type) who supports Dany and the slaves against the rulers. Since blood magic seems to be part of fire magic I rationalised this was the answer. This is known as over researching and losing common sense, I believe. I think its also that she is a favourite character of mine so I wanted to see her in a game.
  13. Oh Rocksniffer good to have you back, and .... could you please please answer my question in the PM and give me a chance to change my answers before you tot everything up?
  14. She had some lovely images and formatting as a I recall, to fit the theme.
  15. I decided to censor my nasty comment otherwise it will sit here like a big scab quelling all comment till Rocksniffer returns.