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  1. Unfortunately not. I just am a slow thinker.
  2. I will never ever get the bonus points.
  3. Way to go, shadow! and Jezzie Bell. I was the last person to get the theme, I am sure, and I have to thank whoever asked for an extension! I voted for Mr Egg Fry, a wonderful clue, but want to give an HM to the Penny clue, which I thought had a little edge, showing her personality as she presents it to the big people.
  4. Responding to the OP not whatever is going on in thread just above me, most people do not find her boring at all, they are very engaged with her struggles and want her to survive. Does anyone know if Is it true the publisher's insisted she have POVs in every book? Personally I just think she is overexposed as a result, but on my first read of the series, her chapters moved right along, the stuff I found boring was having to endure a whole new cartoonish culture of the Ironborn by the time got to AFFC, and the cast of characters at the Wall and beyond and Jon's slow development as a character in that setting.
  5. How many people are definitively dead, according to the sum of fan theories? Of course if everyone is actually someone already presumed dead, like Mance being Rhaegar, then fewer people will be dying overall.
  6. Syrio is alive. Destroys the romance of his character and bravery of his end. And somebody has to die, for God's sake.
  7. Just re-posting the latest here so it is easily found.
  8. Hmm well I got some straight away. I don't know how you'd class mine. I have come out of the doldrums now and managed to put in a theme guess. I can always see lots of possibilities which don't quite pan out, but I finally came up with a plausible one.
  9. I am suffering theme blindness big time and with no excuse. Really no excuse. And my clues are always too easy. And next round's is not very good but I can't do better.
  10. you'd better change your representative
  11. More torture.
  12. Um this is for this round?
  14. nonnative, mantic, neosomething... what is going on?
  15. A lioness has left a token.