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  1. Oh, I thought that was one of the charges. What was the felony charge then? And yeah, there was nothing about the contents of the tape by itself that was actionable. eta: maybe I'm thinking of destruction of property?
  2. How can they charge him with destroying evidence wihtout establishing whether what he destroyed was evidence? I mean, maybe intent matters? But then its just a matter of whether he believed what he was destroying was evidence, and that's pretty much the same conversation.
  3. Well I just think that if Jimmy could convince a jury that he had legitimate reasons to be concerned for Chuck's wellbeing, theres's no way they'd convict him of b&e. And if he can taint the validity of the taped confession then it become not evidence, so no destruction of evidence charges.
  4. So what, specifically, did Jimmy say that contradicts the fact that the last time he was at Chuck's house Chuck was in the process of papering his walls with mylar? And what, specifically, did he say that contradicts the fact that Jimmy, at the urging of a doctor who would rather have supported just having Chuck committed to a psyche facility, had to get a temporary order from a judge to force Chuck to accept medical care? And what, specifically, did he say that affirms that the conversation that Chuck recorded was a sincere admission of guilt rather than just a desperate conciliatory gesture to talk Chuck down off the ladder? Remember that at the actual moment that Jimmy opens his mouth to "confess" Chuck is literally standing on a ladder in the act of attaching sheets of mylar to the entire inside of his house. You can probably actually hear the rustle of foil on the recording. How do you think that is going to play with a jury?
  5. Well, I don't know, I've only seen the episode once, but i don't remember anything that was said or that occurred that would necessarily contradict this narrative. And there are plenty of historical events that absolutely support Jimmy being concerned for the physical and psychological well being of his increasingly erratic and seemingly delusional brother.
  6. Well but the last time Jimmy went to Chuck's the place was entirely shrouded in mylar. This time when he gets there his poor delusional brother has barricaded himself inside and is spouting paranoid nonsense. Jimmy has no reason to think that his key shouldn't work, so for all he knows Chuck has piled a bunch of furniture in the way. Concerned that Chuck's delusions may drive him to harm himself, Jimmy forces his way inside. Once inside Jimmy searches for the locus of Chuck's paranioa, the tape, and destroys it. Not because it's damning evidence, but because it represents the absurd lengths that poor delusional chuck has gone in obsessing over his latest paranoid fantasies. With chuck's history of claims of bizarre symptoms, to the point of refusing medical care but for legal intervention, it's not a difficult narrative to support. In addition, somewhere there's a report of chuck stealing his neighbor's newspaper after "sneaking" across the street in a mylar blanket. If the copy store guy can stick to his story, then there's chuck injuring himself while angrily insisting that Jimmy was there when the clerk will say he wasn't. And hell, jimmy's already got a doctor pushing for chuck's committal. At some point even the fact that chuck had arranged for witnesses is going to work against him.
  7. I don't think that matters, really. Jimmy's defence would rely on framing the narrative about what was witnessed, not denying the events themselves.
  8. All the pieces are there to completely break Chuck. His recent high profile "mistake", the wacky electrical allergy, the temporary medical order, all the tinfoil wallpapering, etc. All Jimmy needs to do is stick to the "confession as an attempt to placate his deranged brother" story and this all goes away. Chuck has already denied the assault, and the b&e was just Jimmy forcing an inexplicably stuck lock on a door to which he had always been free to enter before. It would be interesting if Jimmy is the one who doesn't want to push his brother that far, and it's actually Kim who creates the rift between them by publicly crushing Chuck like that.
  9. Hard to imagine doing the series justice on a TV budget. Also, we used to get visits from an old manx tom that was missing an eye and most of an ear. Of course I immediately dubbed him Toadkiller Dog, which my girls didn't find nearly as apropos as I did because, duh, "he's not a dog, Dad. Also, he's mean to Cobb and Spooky so stop feeding him."
  10. Yeah, I imagine the Bush and Obama admins had all sorts of plans of attack for dealing with NK all drawn up and awaiting execution. All we need is for Trump to reach into a hat and pull one out, like he did in Yemen. Still, I get the urgency. Nobody wants a NK with balistic nuclear capabilities.
  11. Well it would be odd for the show to spend so much time bringing Gus and Mike together in a show about Jimmy-->Saul unless the three of them are tied together in some way beyond just mutual acquaintance. I can imagine Gus seeing some value in having an unscrupulous lawyer like Saul Goodman handy if any of Gus' underlings ever get in trouble. Someone willing to go that extra mile, no questions asked, etc. And keeping Saul in pocket but at arms length still fits with what's been established, even if it is a retcon. I agree it seems out of character for a man as careful as Gus to allow anyone as connected to him as Mike to have so many extracurricular dealings. Yeah, I don't blame Chuck for not wanting Jimmy to work in his firm, but that doesn't excuse him leading Jimmy along for however many years, letting him think that he might eventually get to practice some actual law. And then undermining Jimmy at every turn when he tried to achieve something on his own. Chuck would have been happy keeping Jimmy buried in the mailroom until the end of time, and thats a shit way to treat your brother. Not letting him work for you is one thing, but presuming to judge whether he should work as a lawyer at all, anywhere, makes Chuck an arrogant, controlling asshole.
  12. Yeah, I still can't figure out everything that happened in that scene. I kind of think the drop/exchange didn't happen, but its hard to be sure. Whatever the normal procedure is has to be really innocuous anyway for it to be routinely carried out in a possibly crowded takeout seating area. So I think that just because we/Jimmy didn't see anything doesn't mean much. Maybe the runner dumps whatever in the garbage, maybe he leaves it on the floor, or, hell, maybe he left it in the salt n' pepper shakers. It really depends on the bulk of what was being dropped off, which we don't know. I kind of doubt that Gus' main means of exchanging quantities of drugs and money is to have the same guy come by Los Pollos every week and forget his big green backpack, though. That's just a little too obvious if there were ever anyone watching Gus' operation besides Jimmy, so it's likely that this is just for messaging orders and information/totals back and forth, or the occasional small items like the tracker from Mike's car. It's also hard to tell when exactly Gus became suspicious of Jimmy. We never see Gus take notice of him until Jimmy starts climbing into the trash bin, which, whether you're an actual restaurant manager, or a drug kingpin posing as a restaurant manager, you're definitely gonna step in at that point. Also, since we don't know much about the drop procedure, there's really no telling if the garbage bin has anything to do with it in a way that would arouse suspicion. And, for all his bumbling before hand, Jimmy at least had the sense to make sure his watch was in the bin he was digging around in. I do think Gus found Jimmy odd enough that he was worth following outside, though, where Gus could see him talking with Mike and then driving off. And, although we know that by the end of the episode Gus has put it all together, his look when Jimmy drove off was hard to read beyond him having an epiphany of some sort. But whether it was "Ah ha, that suspicious idiot that I was watching the whole time was in cahoots with Mike just like I thought," or, "i wonder who that yahoo with his head in the garbage is talking to across th…. Ooooooohhh!" Also, I forget what the extent of Saul's involvement with Gus was in BB, but is it possible that Gus steps in to help Jimmy with his Chuck problem? Possibly by influencing Chuck's PI to give a conflicting account, or intimidating Howard? This could set up a bit of a stalemate testimony wise, that could lead to Chuck not pursuing charges if Jimmy becomes Saul. And witness intimidation might also be a bridge too far for Kim in her support of Jimmy.
  13. Sorry, but, if you are up and at 'em at 7 am on what you thought was a Saturday I'm not even sure you deserve weekends.
  14. Digestives has always seemed like an oddly medically descriptive name for a snack food. Like if we called chewing gum masticates, or hard candies were salivators or something.