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  1. Could be. I remember "we" bought more than a few display pieces to show at the parties my ex would host. Mostly SiL would send us a variety of last years samples from her collection, but I can see where someone without that connection would get overhead trying to keep up with updating catalogs.
  2. Well, somebody has to be selling whatever, or else there's no money to funnel up the chain. But, ya, there is definitely a big incentive to sign up new people.
  3. My ex-SiL got into Silpada Jewelry pretty early on and managed to do very well for herself. She went from lowly small town hairdresser, to getting awards for regional and national sales and pulling in low/mid 6 figures. i got the feeling that pyramid sales can work out great if you get in near the top and/or sign up lots of folks under you, but expecting to make a noticeable income just from having parties and "earning" a percentage is ridiculous. SiL had hundreds of people in her downline, each with their own pyramids under them, all of which sent a percentage up the ladder. I'd be surprised if her own personal sales amounted to more than 1 or 2% of her income.
  4. Not only doesn't he have any tapes, but anyone who suggests that he ever said he did will be cast as a malicious, lying fake newsie because he never said that/was only joking/why so serious?
  5. Speaking of Destiny, a youtuber caught some clues in the reveal footage that hints that the beta release date is July 17th. I can't seem to add a link without imbedding the video in my post, but search YT for "Destiny 2: Iron Banner Returns" by DPJ - Daily Destiny & More. Clues are at about 3:05
  6. I summited Mt WA when I was 15 with an Outward Bound type expedition camp. I don't remember which route we took. I do remember that it was snowing at the top in late June, and the gift store was closed. Mt WA owes me a "this body climbed Mt Washington" t-shirt.
  7. Khan should counter with a thumb wrestling challenge.
  8. Years ago I took a room in a house share with a guy who had a cat. He worked for the forest service counting and monitoring herds of big horned sheep in the mountains around town and was going to be out in the field for the first few days after I moved in. We'd talked about this, and he'd left a note detailing instructions for cat care, adding that she wasn't at all friendly towards strangers, and I may not even see her if she could help it. Cut to three days later; J walks in the door to see his normally aloof cat sitting upright on my lap, purring with close-eyed contentment, and oblivious to his return because each of my thumbs are gently massaging the deepest recesses of her ears. I turn to a stunned J and say, "she likes to have her brain skritched."
  9. He really is almost comically, obstinately, obtuse. Which definitely either means something, or nothing, on this show. Could be he's obstructing for some nefarious end, or he's just another uber-archetype. I tend towards the latter, though. New Chief has been a consistent ass towards Gloria since long before she was investigating anything that might compromise anyone of influence.
  10. I think there's post count threshold first. So, Sellsword, something, something, Council Member ------------------------> Board Baby!!
  11. Yes, and i think we saw Stan having an inkling of that possibility as well. Her whole "but we need good people like you fighting the good fight," pep talk has got to echo some of the things that Stan has had to say to assets he's worked in the past. And it was having to give that sort of encouragement to good people in tough situations that prompted his decision (and thus the discussion about his decision) to leave his current post. It was so on the nose it may as well be the nose. I think it all clicked for him.
  12. Right. At this point our foreign bases are at least as much about facilitating our force projection around the globe as they are about "protecting" the countries those bases are in. I mean, sure, it works out well financially for many of the host countries, having the US bear the brunt of military defense in and around their country. But, really, the advantage is ours for having literally the entire world under the umbrella of our armed forces.
  13. I would go see this movie for a Val Kilmer cameo.
  14. I had that same thought, but I don't think its the direction she's going. With tossing her cross necklace, and pursuing her physical training on her own it seems more like she's taking her personal physical and emotional security into her own hands. I think Paige is really buying into the idealized narrative of what her parents are all about. Though, my other fear in that scene was that she was going to find a gun or something that shatters the sanitized version of what she's been told. If that happens, and i think it will, then, ya, I don't know what to expect.
  15. I'm actually a little jealous of tAT for not having watched BB yet, and recommend putting it off for as long as the pacing of BBS allows. That is, keep up with BBS until the story catches up with the beginning of BB, at least, and then find time to watch BB as the sequel to BBS.