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  1. No. The only person in this thread who has claimed to know with any certainty how you would respond in an unexpected life or death combat situation, is you. All anyone else has been trying to convey is that it is absurd for you to claim to know how you would react. And I'm not sure how you can take away any sort of support for your opinion from SirHaHa's post. Even the parts that you bolded only reiterate the point that combat is stressful and reactions are varied and unpredictable. Also, I'm not sure what understanding the mechanical complexities of a weapon necessarily have to do with the stress of combat. I mean, sure, a completely unfamiliar device is going to add a different element of stress to an encounter, but there is a lot more to fighting for survival than just being able to operate a device. People freeze up and react badly when all they have to operate are their fists, or a club. And the whole point of what everyone has been saying to you (even sirHaHa) is precisely that it can be the unfamiliar stress of combat that makes some people forget all of that carefully learned proficiency.
  2. Wait, is a bum warmer a Who, or a What? Cuz I would totally be somebody's bum warmer.
  3. Oh, I know. I should have quoted the OP, as I meant to be riffing on their topic premiss.
  4. Though it should be noted that digging up old footage to defame a virulent pustule like Milo is an excellent example of nonviolent countering, and it did more to shut that fucker up than any amount of random face-punching of his fans ever could.
  5. Pretty sure Ran and Linda are still in charge.
  6. What would be the other way around from that? That elite thinkers should adopt and defend popular opinion?
  7. I honestly have no idea what you think this refutes.
  8. Empathy, compassion, guilt, shame, personal integrity, self interest, or, I don't know... any of a million combinations of all of the personal motivations that humans have developed over millions of years of evolving as social primates
  9. If they were sincere, it would presumably be because they took an oath and/or made a promise to serve the people and/or to defend the Constitution, and feel they have a binding moral duty to keep their promises.
  10. "Making America throw up in its mouth a little, again"
  11. Not sure if this is eclipse related, but today I saw a dog and a cat moving some personal belongings into an apartment. Like, the same apartment. I don't want to be all judgy, but that's weird, right?
  12. I just got tLD on xb1 last Thursday and started the story mode right off. After a couple bad starts I'm most of the way through ep2 and doing pretty well. I'm treating the SM as a full tutorial though, so I've been taking some liberties with game saves here and there. Nothing too extreme, really. Like when I got my flare gun, and then my rifle, i would shoot off a few clips for target practice and then go back to my last save. I'm looking forward to the sandbox modes next, and i know I'll be glad for having tuned my resource and condition management skills in the SM first. Most of my early game deaths were from having run out of resources due to over-consumption. Anyway, turns out this game is pure crack for me. It's almost exactly the game i've been wishing for. If they would take tLD crafting/survival/scavenging mechanics and apply them to an Oregon Trail themed expedition game i might just check out forever. Also, I've seen recent reddit discussions saying that the devs have specifically said that there will never ever be MP for this game. Mainly because of the fasttime action events like wood cutting, sleeping, harvesting, etc. But also because there is no groundwork for the complexities of multiplayer perspective, character animation and…other…um, computer stuff.
  13. I'm on ep7 after a long binge session and I feel like i'm still waiting for the show to find its footing. Not that its bad, really, it just isn't a great show, and it feels like it totally could be. Everything is just really, reliably, frustratingly okay.
  14. Agreed. If you can't go back then its just "moving on". Otherwise, cheating. That definitely sounds like cheating.