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  1. References and Homages

    This makes me happy
  2. This is very similar to a theory I wrote two years ago called The Garden of Edenos. I think you would like it. There is a reason the two trees are perceived opposites: black and white. https://www.google.com/amp/s/endgameofthrones.com/2015/05/20/the-garden-of-edenos-the-weirwood-tree-of-knowledge-the-ironwood-of-eternal-life-and-the-wall-as-banishment-rexamined/amp/
  3. There is a new youtube channel on ASOIAF mythology called Mythos of Ice and Fire that has really great content. Highly recommended. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-pe4OmgUnEaUnmcUC1C12g
  4. Other Direwolves

    Icespiders as large as hounds. That's the equivalent. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Giant_ice_spider
  5. Since Howland Reed knows R+L=J, I wonder how he would react to Robb's will legitimizing "Jon Stark"? This may be part of why GRRM has kept Howland off-camera so to speak.
  6. A possible new take on the Rhaegar = Mance crackpot

    Jeanne Mance was co-founder of Montreal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Mance
  7. References and Homages

    Gilbert of the Vines, the founder of House Redwyne is a reference to the 1993 movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
  8. Royce of Runestone sigil change

    Someone on reddit translated the runes: "https://imgur.com/0evd45s This is the Royce rune pattern on Bronze Yohn's cloak in the show and armour in the books. A few years ago as something to do I taught myself the runic alphabet for old english. Starting at the top right corner and going clockwise it seems to say in modern english just written phonetically in runes: Run before your blood runs" https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/4jxr8g/spoilers_everything_bronze_yohn_royce_rune/
  9. Some great theories to discuss?

    2 The Ice Dragon Must Have Three Heads Aside from Winter the enormous ice dragon, there may be two more ice dragons in the cave with Bloodraven. Fire, Ice and Sea: The Three Heads of The Dragon Revealed The three heads of the dragon are fire, ice and sea dragons.
  10. Nominations and Ranking Thread 2016 (with results)

    @sweetsunray for some reason it's not letting me message you saying you are not allowed messages. Maybe your inbox is full? You are getting some love on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/5qpj49/spoilers_extended_what_are_the_best_asoiaf/
  11. Some great theories to discuss?

    I've written dozens of theories on my site. Below are links and summaries. The IceBrandon: “Winter Is Flying” “Winter is coming” means the ice dragon named Winter is coming. Bloodraven via Bran wakes the icedragon named Winter in the black pool of Winterfell. Bran is the King of Winter the ice dragon. Bran has already flown as the ice dragon in his dream where he gave his (corn) seed and his soul to the crow, Bloodraven. Bran died and was reborn with the magic of the ground and weirwood roots just as Dany died and was reborn by fire. This entire story is set in play by the conflict when Jaime threw Bran from the tower and their conflcit will frame the story’s conclusion. Nightbringer: The Hammerhorn of the Waters Daenerys summons the red comet to strike the moon which brings the Long Night. The Hammer of the Waters may be a horn; Euron’s horn. The Hammerhorn of the Waters will be sounded by Daenerys “the Unburnt”, who is the only person who can possibly sound it three times without burning from within to bring about the apocalypse. Azor Ahai’s sword may a horn as asteroid strike the earth like a sword. Chunks of moon falls to Earthos bringing plumes of smoke to block out the sun, bringing darkness. Simultaneously the moon is moved closer to Earthos and it’s increased gravity brings flooding and cold. The flooding freezes over and Westeros becomes the Land of Always Winter. Dany is a Nissa Nissa figure to the man who makes her sound the Hammerhorn one of the “heroes” prophesied to come again. Azor Ahannister & The Others That Were Promised Jamie is one of the remanifestations of Azor Ahai reborn. “Golden hand” means Lord of Light in Valyrian. Jamie will forge the blue-white flamed Lightbringer through (Brienne) killing Lady Stoneheart, secondly he will fulfill both the valonqar and Azor Ahai prophesies by killing Cersei and lastly through killing his love Brienne he will forge Lightbringer. Dragonsteel may be forged with ironwood charcoal. The fire of the dragon not the fire from the dragon is needed to forge it, namely the life soulfire of the dragon. The Hooded Man of Winterfell Revealed This provides the basis for my “For The Night” theory listed below. Theon is the sleepwalking killer of Yellow Dick by being under the glasscandle control of Euron, the hooded man of Winterfell. “For The Night” Jon’s death was not a murder. It was a blood sacrifice to wake the stone dragon… that is made of ice. Euron is the nighwalker that used a glass candle to control the movments and conscious actions of Theon the nightwalkee. The body language of Jon’s killers tells the truth but words lie. Brienne The “More Beautiful” Why Brienne is Jamie’s Nissa Nissa. The Many-Faced God Revealed… A very chilly introduction to Him of Many Places. So Long Night… Winter Is Birthing This was my last theory post which very succinctly summarized all my ice dragon theories. Contains the biggest show clues thus far to show that IceBrandon is coming. The Stone Dragon is Made of Ice The stone dragon Melissandre wants to wake is Winter the ice dragon. The Ice Dragon Must Have Three Heads Aside from Winter the enormous ice dragon, there may be two more ice dragons in the cave with Bloodraven. Lemony Lemongate: Daenerys and The Three Heads Daenerys know nothing. The house with the red door was not in Braavos, but Lemonwood, the seat of House Dalt in Dorne. Daenerys may be a child of three different siblings Winter Fell: Death of Azor Ahai & The IceBrandon Jamie is one of the reborn manifestations of Azor Ahai. Jamie will thrust a flaming Lightbringer sword into Winter the IceBrandon melting the ice dragon and extinguishing Lightbringer in the process. When Lightbringer’s fire goes out, so does Jamie’s. Jamie was blood of the dragon, but now his fire has gone out. The Game of Horns: Blow or Get Blown The Horn of Winter helps wake or control Winter the ice dragon. The Horn of Joramun is Euron’s/Dany’s horn which she sounds three times signaling the coming of the Others. This horn heralds the red comet to strike the moon causing darkness, cold and flooding. The crash frees an unfathomably large world serpent, the sea dragon Joramun who is only partially(!) frozen in the Wall. The Stepstone islands are scales of this enormous sea dragon. When the Horn of Joramun (the Hammerhorn) is sounded these mountains will blow in the wind like leaves. The future Stromking will defeat the enormous serpent Joramun. The Horn that Wakes the Sleepers brings enormous giants back into the world. We have never seen true giants. These giants dwarf Wun Wun by a mile. There may be stone, fire and ice giants either metaphorically or literally. Flight of The IceBrandon: Chapter Review A line by line chapter review of Bran’s flight as the ice dragon. The Dance of The Dragons is Plural Show evidence that Winter, the ice dragon made of stone, is coming. Garden of Edenos: A Tale of Two Trees This is a tale of two trees, the song of black ironwood and white weirwood;, the tree of knowledge and the tree of eternal life. The Lace Serpent: Duskendale & The Night’s Queen The Lace Serpent Lady Serala is a Metaphor for the Nights Queen. The Secret Second Wall There is a second secret Wall at the Bloody Gate and Lord Commander Brynden Tully is in charge of it. The Boneway in Dorne may be a third secret wall too. Very Fishy: Osha Turncloak Osha may be a Deep One and kidnapped Rickon. Shaggy Dogs eyes are green like wildfire which is associated with water. The Halfdivorce Tyrion is still married to Tysha and his marriage to Sansa is nullified. Petyr knows because Tysha works in his brothel at the Happy Port. Tyrion will help the mountain clansmen take over the Vale. The IcePriestess of Asshai Melissandre unknowingly worships ice and not fire. GRRM commissioned a custom Melissandre figurine in ice colors. The Ruse of Bolton Roose Bolton may skinflaynge into Robb and “surprise Jon at the Wall”. Roose The Rat Cook Roose may be a Rat Cook. The CIA: Citadel Intelligence Agency History isn’t written by the victors. History is written by the maesters. In ways great and small, the Citadel has altered our understanding of history for their own mysterious and seemingly anti-magic nepharious purposes. Robin Arryn’s shaking sickness is not epilepsy but drug withdrawal from sweetsleep which is used to both manipulate and then kill him. The Citadel may also be a Rat Cook. Tyrion & Samwell Are The Riddlers of The Sphinx Tyrion and Sam may be the riddlers of the Sphinx. Tyrion’s is missing a nose like the Egyptian Sphinx and his riddle is where do whores go. Sam is the one posing the riddles about the riddler and is thus The Riddler. Beyond Horrible: The Meaning of “The Dornishman’s Wife” The song doesn’t mean what we think it means. It is a song about the Long Night. Aemon Targaryen: The Icedragon Knight Jon’s true name is Aemon. He will come back othered. Jon becomes Aemon the Icedragonknight atop Winter the icedragon. Fire, Ice and Sea: The Three Heads of The Dragon Revealed The three heads of the dragon are fire, ice and sea dragons. Lemony Lemonwood: Daenerys Fire and Bloodwyrms Dany is blood of the wyrm. The Seven Children The squirrel people of the forest in Bran’s cave are named after the Seven gods. The Old Gods are The New. The Seven and the Old Gods are the same religion. We Are The World… We Are The Children Children grow up to become men. Tormund Giantsbane: Husband to She-Bears Tormund may have slept with Alysane Mormont either in human form or if she skinchanged into a bear. He is the father of Alysane’s two cubs. unOberyn Star-Eyes Martell Oberyn Martell is Simeon Star-Eyes Maury Povich and The Baratheon Tapestries. The Baratheon Tapestries are like Ned’s book of family lineages to show that Myrcella and Tommen are bastards because they don’t have black hair. Nymeria And Her 10,000 Wolves Nymeria will lead a pack of wolves at the Wall. They may fight ice spiders. Did The Red Meteor Cause The Long Night? This post was the basis for my Hammerhorn of The Waters post. The Others Are Not The True Enemy The gods are the enemy, not the Others. The gods are those who have eaten of both the tree of knowledge and the tree of eternal life. Dany is a god and thus “the enemy”, per se. This will be fifty shades of greyscale: beyond good and evil. All sides in the conflict will have just reasons for their unjust actions. This post builds from the Garden of Edenos. unCivil War for The Dawn The Long Night will echo the battles between the “Greystarks”, Starks and Bolton’s as it did previously. The Purpose of Ice Spiders Spiders climb Walls. Is Show Night’s King… A Slave? Bloodraven may be manipulating (show) Night’s King. The Bloodfather Bloodraven may be manipulating (show) Night’s King, Melissandre and Euron. R’hllor and The Lord of Light Revealed. They Are Different People. Bloodraven is R’hllor and Jamie is the Lord of Light. Brave Arya Stark: A Song To Make Us Weep Arya is Brave Danny Flint Mad-Axe Revealed unWill will be back. Jafer Flowers Is… Gennifer Flowers
  12. Thanks " In essence, by slaying the “bull,” Mithras was acting as a “corn king”. For those unfamiliar, a Corn King is a catchall term for a king or god who is sacrificed for the greater good of his people. The term is often associated with Sir James Frazer’s thesis of a sacred, sacrificial god-king, which he explored in his famous work The Golden Bough. Commonly, the Corn King’s sacrifice is intended to usher in a fruitful harvest before the winter comes. As already noted, the slaying of the white bull results in the first grain and grapes – the first harvest. Jon is directly tied to the “corn king” mythos in the text: "
  13. Where did you hear about Corn King mythology @LmL?
  14. Thank you. Joseph Campbell mentioned that book frequently. I've been meaning to read it. I'm thoroughly enjoying the podcast LML. I'm up to part two.
  15. @LmLwhere can I read more about the mythical Corn King?