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UK Politics: The Beast From The East

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5 hours ago, Mr Fixit said:

Of course it is. When used by a prominent politician, talking about a serious political matter, especially given the current geopolitical climate, it absolutely is. Say Hitler, and Auschwitz, extermination policies, and genocidal total war instantly pop up as primary associations in public consciousness. I am really not clear on why you pretend otherwise. 

He's really not. There have been many, many dictators, autocrats and totalitarian leaders that we have to be careful to compare to Hitler as some kind of shorthand. Even going back to WW2 era, was Mussolini like Hitler? How about Franco? Petain or Quisling? Shall we talk about Saddam Hitler, Assad Hitler, and countless other little Hitlers (maybe current Saudi leadership wrt Yemen)? Pinochet Hitler, Salazar Hitler, Calero Hitler and Chamorro Hitler, and on and on and on. It's silly, counterproductive and ultimately meaningless.

You can talk until you're blue in the face about what should  be the case, and you might even be right- although I think you're stretching the point past absurdity- but that doesn't change what is. It's not a mystery what association Austin and Boris were going for here because they made that association explicitly clear. Adding anything on to that is reaching.

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