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  1. Buell 2K

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    Slynt is not a fine man, but it doesn't mean Jon was right to execute the guy. Justice doesn't exist when the man passing judgment uses double-standards. Janos and Mance are both sworn brothers of the watch who broke rules. Hell, Mance's rule breaking exceeded Slynt's. Jon killed one man and let the other walk. That's not justice.
  2. Buell 2K

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    Jon knows about the threat of the Others but he messes everything up because he just cannot separate himself from House Stark. Sending Janos Slynt to solitary confinement would have been punishment enough. Killing the guy only alienated the other brothers who supported Slynt and distrusted Jon. And then the truth outs that Jon let Mance Rayder live and sent him to get his sister. Jon killed a man for an offense when he himself was breaking all kinds of rules with his mission to get Arya away from Ramsay. Jon is a hypocrite. If Jon truly put the defense of Westeros as his first priority, he would not have interfered with Ramsay's business.
  3. Buell 2K

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    Janos Slynt resisted at first and then agreed. He agreed to do what he was told. Then Jon killed him anyway.
  4. Buell 2K

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    Changing the topic title doesn't change the fact that the execution of Janos Slynt was not justice. Trees have eyes quoted and responded to me in Damsel in Distress' topic so I will quote back and respond. Janos Slynt didn't break his vows. Being disrespectful is not breaking vows and not an offense that should have been punished by death. That was personal and Jon was driven by his desire to get revenge for Ned. Jon knew it was wrong and talked himself into killing Janos Slynt anyway.
  5. Buell 2K

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    All seven of the Kingsguard would support Aerys. The White Bull was loyal to Aerys all the way to the end. Aerys would still be king if they had their way.
  6. Killing Slynt was not the only option. It's not even a good option. Jon should have taken Slynt into custody and locked him up. That should give both of them time to cool their jets. Jon could always hold a trial for Slynt if he should choose to do so later on.
  7. Buell 2K

    Poll on Greyscale

    Um, well, you know Jon had his chance to take measures to stop greyscale. Val's advise. Which sadly may turn out to be a good one. Oh well.
  8. Sure he was feared. Hell, he just murdered a fellow sworn brother for talking back. Jon became a tyrant that day. Oh, by the way, there was no coup by Marsh. At least not yet. The next book may go in that direction but we cannot say Marsh has intentions of taking over. Marsh did what he needed to do to remove an erratic tyrant of a lord commander from power. Sad to say Marsh may pay for it with his life but he did what needed to be done.
  9. You bet the execution of Janos was unjust. I agree with the O/P. Jon started the day fantasizing about killing Janos. Any chance of fairness and justice for Janos was gone when Jon woke up that morning. Jon became a tyrant that day. He won't tolerate any disagreement. Almost as if he was baiting Alliser to draw his sword.
  10. Buell 2K

    Securing hand position

    There was nothing Ned could do except pray for a better king. Robert was barely dead and his bros. were already fighting for the throne. Jaime and Cersei had kids to protect. Cersei hungered for more power. Eldest daughter Sansa was so in love with Joffrey and she was willling to betray her family to stay near her ticket to the big stage. Bastard son Jon won't ever keep his vows to the watch and it's only a matter of time before Ned will have to take his head. Varys is still Varys. Littlefinger was already plotting to pull down the Starks and the Tullys. King Viserys III is owed an invasion by the Dothraki and they will pay him back with Westeros. The Iron Bank wants its money. Theon and the Greyjoys want to rebel. The Martells are still pissed off and they want to take down the Baratheons. To be honest, Ned was a walking dead man and the Baratheon monarchy was doomed.
  11. Buell 2K

    If Aegon is fake, does Jon Con know?

    Connington only knows what the boy's people told him. They bring this baby with blonde hair and tell him it's Rhaegar's. They back it up with Lemore/Ashara words. Why would he doubt that?
  12. Buell 2K

    Poll on Greyscale

    Martin loves to escalate the drama. Yes. Jon Connington. She hasn't infected anybody yet. I don't think she will be the source but Faera may have a point. Should the disease strike among the wildlings she will be the first to blame. Someone else may be the carrier but judging Val's attitude, it will be Shireen who gets the blame and the flame from the wildlings. We haven't found a cure for cancer and Martin wants to keep it real. There won't be a cure. ?, lots ?, maybe Aegon after he caught greyscale because shadow fire is black fire. Or Euron after destroying the citadel. All the men around Jon Connington. Aegon, Arriane, Rolly, Lemore.
  13. Buell 2K

    The SONG of Ice and Fire

    Uh, the love triangle was between Tyrion, Jon, and Arya. Tyrion was supposed to put a baby in Arya's belly and Jon gets jealous about it. You are not the first to mention the possible source of Arya's name, as the operatic aria. She has been a solo operator and may not get the pack that she wants. I do not believe Daenerys is connected to serenade but I suppose she is somewhat in a loose way similar to the clever Scheherazade of Arabian Nights fame.
  14. Buell 2K

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1) In the mind of Tyrion. She's a memory of a painful past. 2) Lyanna 3) Hizdahr. He was able to stop the terrorists from their murder spree. Only the harpy can do that. 4) Lyanna. I have a strong dislike for Jon and it doesn't matter who fathered him. Lyanna was probably already pregnant when she ran away from home. 5) Varys believes he's Aegon. I'm not so sure. Maybe he's kin to Illyrio Mopatis. 6) The other Walder, the smaller one, Big Walder. He was starting to become like Ramsay and the other boy doesn't support needless cruelty. Don't get me wrong, I think Big Walder can be cruel when necessary but he's not one to enjoy it. 7) Ramsay 8) Some random ranger that died. 9) Somebody working for Manderly. He's a terrorist hired by the fat guy. 10) Daenerys
  15. Buell 2K

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    Let's be fair about this. Jon Connington was running out of time. His greyscale is a ticking time bomb. JC is a cautious man and I doubt he would have agreed to begin the return to Westeros so soon if he had not contracted the disease. He would have advised caution and taken the time to send a messenger to Meereen if he had enough time left. The greyscale compromised his judgment. He should have sent a sincere message to Meereen to at least inform Queen Daenerys of their plans. As it stands, JC and Co. are in Westeros and having to beg for allies. JC probably felt like he was the only man who could see this through and he wanted to use what little time he had left to put his adopted son on the throne. You have an interesting theory but Young Griff is nothing like Robb Stark. I am a Stark hater but I will admit that Robb is a little bit more patient than Young Griff. Robb had more advisers to help him along. What Young Griff has working for him is his Targaryen name, assuming he can convince enough people. There are many people in Westeros who have had enough of the War of the Five Dumbasses (Joff, Robb, Stannis, Renly, and Balon) and they will support a Targaryen restoration if it looks like it has a chance of winning. People want to come out on the winning side and if Young Griff can get enough powerful houses on his side many more will leave the Lannister camp to side with him. Young Griff also may not suffer from the partiality and lack of objectivity that Robb Stark and Jon Snow suffered from. YG is not burdened with deep family attachments that could compromise his judgment like it compromised Robb and Jon.