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  1. I don’t know Glokta. Jaime and Cersei are both villains. Jaime is more of a villain. Cersei has been the antagonists to the Starks but that alone does not make her a villain. It’s the other things that she does that marks her as a villain. Arya Stark is also a villain.
  2. Quaithe is passing along what she saw. Perhaps she hasn’t a clue what they mean. She gives the data and it is up to the receiver to sort the meaning.
  3. Arrianne will lose her head over the handsome lad. She’s emotional. I guess he is too, in his own way. She won’t care if he’s real or even if his chances are good. She will bind house Martell to his cause. And there lies the death of the Martell rule. Many in Dorne will side against them. King Tommen can promise to elevate another Dornish family in exchange for services. The Martells will be victims of another red wedding.
  4. Stars and blood on a surcoat. Those are lame compared to the red comet. I don’t buy your argument. We have it from Bran that Jon’s body will lose all memory of warmth. That clue doesn’t seem to point to cremation. Jon is all ice. He is the illegitimate child of Mance Rayder and Lyanna Stark.
  5. Aliser’s purpose is to show that doing the right thing, staying loyal to your king, will sometimes result in hardships. Aliser is the kind of knight you want. He was loyal to his king and defended the capital city. He was just unfortunate in that his side lost.
  6. No person in their right mind would pick Jon over Dany. He’s more than likely just a Stark bastard. Gender is not going to matter. Aegon will not be able to prove anything. Everybody knows what happened to the real Aegon. He was killed by Lannister goons.
  7. Syrio was not young. He was a man in his middle years. 45-50 is my guess.
  8. The depth of the plot notwithstanding, ice and darkness are the enemies of the living. Cold and darkness are the destroyers of life. Daenerys, her dragons,and allies are the protagonists of the novels. They oppose the cold darkness and by that, oppose death. Sacking Volantis is not needed. Daenerys has the most disciplined troops in her Unsullied. Sacking is not their way. Takng the city by force may be necessary in order to stop slavery but it will be done with a high level of professionalism and precision.
  9. Ambition. He wanted Lysa to marry a great lord. A woman with a bastard is not marketable.
  10. Acquainted. I meant he had met them and was introduced.
  11. Syrio is dead. We will never know if he knew Daenerys and Viserys. It is possible. Think about this. Darry and his companions saved the lives of the heirs to Westeros. They gave up their homes and lives to save the children. Syrio gave up his life to help Arya escape. Darry and Syrio are alike. They all lived in the same city. Would you say the chances are better than even that Syrio knew the Princess and her brother?
  12. Eddard’s security detail are good enough to guard against common thieves and street criminals. His men will hold their own against flea bottom criminals but not against a larger number of Lannister men.
  13. He wants to talk directly instead of sending crude visions and dreams. Glass candles won’t do. He needs to be where he can protect his Queen and help answer questions. He can advise Daenerys in the manner that Spock advises Kirk.
  14. Stannis is the “king” with the sword in the vision. One of the lies to be slain by Daenerys. Stannis and Mellisandre are guilty of this first lie. Daenerys Targaryen will be revealed to the people as the real Azor Ahai. Stannis is a fake. Jon is not Azor Ahai. Mellissandre might try to present Jon as Azor Ahai and that will be another lie that must be slain. I would not put it past Mellissandre to do a lot of creative spinning (like a of of Jon’s supporters do!) to sell Jon as Azor Ahai. And a few people in the north will fall for the lie. Until Daenerys proves them wrong.
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