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  1. red snow

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    Just grabbed it in uk too. It's been on my "should i give it a go" solely because the title intrugues me. Sadly leckie's book isn't price matched in uk at moment.
  2. red snow

    Game of Thrones spin off series ideas

    The above sounds more of a continuation/sequel than a spin-off to be honest. Especially if all of the threads are visited. I don't particularly want to see either but Arya or Jon are the only ones that could work with just them and their surroundings as the focus as those parts of the world are isolated enough not to involve other characters and westeros. But I think "the long night" and shows set outside the living memory of events seen in the show are by far the best options right now. They could even move into the future if they wish but that's unlikely as they have no outline at all to base that setting while GRRM has privided them with sketches and outlines for many shows set in the past that would provide a backbone while allowing enough freedom for show writers to put their own stamp on things.
  3. Unless he's a superfan I'm not sure he's a great fit. I enjoy his work but it's very much comedy/not taking itself seriously. I only have the anime to go off but a comedy version of it doesn't fit for me. I'm dure it'll be funny and entertaining - just not the Akira i know or would expect
  4. red snow

    Game of Thrones spin off series ideas

    Because he already has unless everything that happened on the show happens in the books. I'm totally fine with the notion of not doing a direct spin off though as it gives them mire freedom to be their own thing. But in 20 years time maybe we'll get a trailer of Maisie Williams working on a vineyard talking about how she quit going west of westeros after some event.
  5. red snow

    Star Trek: Picard

    The trailer looks more like an M&S wine advert and is pretty useless in my opinion. I'm fine with the concept of a tease but this suggests it's about a retired man growing wine. But it's set in an unexplored era of trek instead of being jammed into some narrow time frame that makes no sense. So there is unlimited potential and Stewart could provide make a show about running a vineyard in the future watchable. Interesting how Amazon prime has international streaming rights instead of Netflix. I guess it's fairer on north americans knowing the rest of the world have to subscribe to netflix and amazon to get all the trek shows. I thought Netflix would have tried to get all trek shows but maybe amazon outbid them or they are being cautious of having too much cbs programming that could be removed whenever cbs tries to go international as happened with marvel/disney
  6. red snow

    Comics XIII

    Is that Moira McTaggart? It would help to know who it is xavier is looking at.2nd guess was Rogue. Hopefully not him reading Jean Grey and realising he loved her for the first time. It sometimes feels like this is the driving force of X-Men. Bit disappointed the list of creators is for an 80 page special meaning we're only getting 1-4 pages off each. Seems a bit sad/desperate that they don't have a 1000 issue old comic so are simply inventing one for their 80th anniversary. It also looks like creators from marvel and dc have been chatting too much for them both to do be doing "villains" storylines.
  7. red snow

    AMC/Channel 4’s ‘Humans’ Cancelled After Three Seasons

    I didn't even realise there had been 3. Enjoyed the first one but never got around to the second. Tv viewing time is precious meaning it's very competitive what i actually watch. Hopefully people got sone closure with the end of season 3 at least
  8. red snow

    Game of Thrones spin off series ideas

    We will if the unconnected spin-offs fail. Although surely fans won't be happy with a sequel show until season 8 is redone ? Fall of valyria sounds like it was definitely on the cards as something that could have been a spun off. The whole targaryen conquest of westeros would also have worked. Pretty much any of the animated episodes narrated by the cast as Blu-ray extras would have worked too.
  9. Spartacus is another one i forgot. It was also excellent
  10. Black sails finale is excellent, I'm surprised I'd forgotten it. The brilliant thing is that it does go for an ambiguous ending but presents it as unambiguous. There is however another take on it which is much darker and makes the final conversation about the power of story much more interesting. Well the other Galactica problem for me was the following
  11. The americans had me worried that they hadn't left enough time to wrap up in the final episode. I should have had more faith.
  12. red snow

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Hopefully there will be a linear "WTF happened in season 2" primer, or perhaps even better we won't need to have a full understanding of season 2 to watch 3. Just reading some of the comments here today has me realising how little of season 2 i was able to follow/remember.
  13. They didn't though. There was at least a season of hints. Or do you mean the cop-out of only confirming in final scene. I think if "lost" had ended with season 5, I'd have no complaints. I'd probably encourage people who have never seen lost to stop there, or if they have to watch a fan edit of season 6 that doesn't include any sideways segments (i think they exist)
  14. Lost and battlestar galactica had endings that retroactively made the whole show worse which is what i count as a truly awful finale. Shows like Dexter had bad endings but it didn't affect the good seasons. I'm not even sure if the x-files did end it just seems to keep on going. Leftovers had a great finale. The wire did. Avatar the last airbender and legend of korra had string finales too. In general it's a lot easier for non SFF shows to have good conclusions because they usually haven't sold the story as a mystery where there's lots of weird and wonderful ways a show can end. In that sense GOT is fine for me. At least it has ended and while i do think it was rushed as a season i don't think the finale was. I don't think i'd have particularly wanted a season out of the last two episodes either. And i was really dreading I think the thread is interesting enough without having to include GOT in the discussion.
  15. red snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Didn't realise catch 22 was out. The trailer looks pretty good which is saying something as i really dislike the book (although i appreciate it was meant to be incredibly frustrating and annoying)