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  1. Nah, I won't. There's very little value in engaging with you in the state you're in. It means a whole lot of people out there disagree with the notion that HP is not exclusionary. And you saying it really hard or with cool colored lettering does not make it so. Yes, because people disagreeing about a book is equivalent to the physical manifestation of time and space.
  2. TERF is hardly a new or particularly novel term and for a long time was a self-identifying term. You're just flat out wrong (and reactionary) if you believe that groups shouldn't be able to label themselves with new terms. And while you made it clear why you think that HP isn't particularly exclusionary that is not remotely a shared experience or agreement. Congrats that you don't see it that way, but so the fuck what?
  3. It really isn't; it's only hypocritical if they are doing it for precisely the reasons you state and are supposedly maximizing utilitarian values based on your backing. Otherwise just because they could be doing more does not make them hypocritical. Perhaps they're doing it to show solidarity with a community who has picked that battle. Perhaps they are doing it because it's much higher profile. Perhaps they're doing it because they really hate that one person in particular. Perhaps they're not doing it to that other group because that other group provides them with more intrinsic value. None of that is hypocritical behavior.
  4. I think that in a capitalist society you also have to respect organizations that say otherwise and are picking specific battles. Calling them hypocritical for choosing that specific high profile one while saying no one should be mocked for doing nothing is not a reasonable or ethical decision; if you don't mind people not boycotting you should also not mind people boycotting for similar reasons. Even if it is not the most utilitarian choice to make a difference. And like it or not, Rowling is one of the most high-profile anti-trans activists out there. It's a capitalist society; feel free to judge too.
  5. Oh look, someone got to the find out portion of their actions. Twitter source code leaked for months. Twitter can do basically nothing.
  6. I don't think this is an equivalence; depends a lot on how horrible you view Murdoch's views and how directly affecting Murdoch this would be. IMO, the tie between Murdoch and the publishing is much more tenuous than the tie between JK Rowling and a direct adaptation of her work. But ultimately this will always be subjective - the level of immorality and unethical behavior you are willing to support compared to the value you receive is going to be different for each person. Just don't be surprised if that value is higher or lower than yours.
  7. To add to this, specific important NPCs react VERY strongly to you doing a high chaos ending and change certain missions quite a bit. It's significantly more integrated in the fabric of the game. That's not really true for Cyberpunk as a whole - while specific questlines massively impact the NPCs in those questlines, they have little outcome for other NPCs or behaviors as a whole. I'm not sure what that would have looked like in Cyberpunk. Possibly something like certain fixers refuse to work with you or actively put hits on you, while other fixers give more jobs for you because of your rep to be extra quiet/extra loud.
  8. The US still hasn't dropped their suit. I think its more likely but it is by no means a given.
  9. With Star Wars its more than one movie making a profit- they are managing the brand. TRoS sucking jeopardizes the Mandalorian, disney+, the rides at Disneyland, the tie-in video games, the toy launches, the cartoons...and that makes them real risk-averse. They want to turn it into another shared universe like the MCU. They haven't figured out the right way to do it, and the only consistently mediocre thing they've found is expanding the Filoni Clone Wars world and methodology.
  10. Nah, its artillery. Tanks might hurt a bit but Ukraine uses artillery at an astonishing rate. Artillery is taking the role of fire missions, suppression, pinpoint value target destruction, antiarmor destruction and infrastructure destruction. It's basically doing everything artillery, air and armor does.
  11. I did not know I needed a lego version mashup of GTA and Burnout Paradise, but apparently I do:
  12. That's just how Filoni rolls. Tons of Clone Wars episodes or ATLA eps be like that. It's not that different from the stupid Jawa egg quest. If this is the sort of thing that's gonna bother you you might as well not watch anything Star Wars related on Disney+ save Andor. It's incredibly stupid and small and weird and why the fuck are they on a planet where they have had MULTIPLE PEOPLE GET EATEN BY BIRDS and have done nothing about it until now and why are they just out training on the beach without any kind of advance party or scouts or warning or...HOLY CRAP IT IS SOOOO DUMB But the payoff will be Grogu riding those stupid birds Avatar style to save the day in a few eps and y'all will be so pumped to buy the action figure
  13. I was hoping he'd be a bit more dark side and just eat the kid like he did the frog babies
  14. Interesting and depressing to me that the school shooting in Denver didn't even merit talking about here. Not enough bodies I guess.
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