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  1. Another good article on the woes Twitter is facing, and how it's going to exacerbate existing problems in repression and potentially violence: https://www.npr.org/2022/11/30/1139924914/twitters-chaos-could-make-political-violence-worse-outside-of-the-u-s We already saw this at at lower scale with the China protests being pushed off the front page, but we'll likely see more aggressive action soon.
  2. Yeah, NVidia may never be going to that low-cost version given how complicated their work is and how low their yields are. One can hope AMD does at some point, but that ship may have sailed. That said we also appear to be hitting something of a lull in ridiculously high-requiring performance systems right now so perhaps it won't be quite as bad. The Unreal 5 engine games are still gonna be a couple of years out.
  3. On the above, I thought this was super interesting - China essentially deluged Twitter with spam and adult content to deprioritize the actual protests going on. This is apparently a regular strategy but twitter had had a team that could deal with it - but that team is basically gone now. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2022/11/china-bots-flood-twitter-with-porn-spam-to-drown-protest-news/
  4. I will constantly regret that how to deal with quicksand as a threat to my personal safety was incredibly overemphasized by the media
  5. Twitter is suspending their Covid misinformation policy: https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/11/musks-twitter-abandons-covid-misinfo-policy-shirking-huge-responsibility/ I'm sure that'll bring ad revenue back
  6. This is kind of incorrect; there are 12 unions, and 8 of them approved the agreement. 4 rejected it. I largely agree that they're getting hosed. The idea that they get a total of THREE sick days and cannot plan vacations without being on demand is ridiculous.
  7. This used to be true - and for the older Republicans it still likely is - but for newer Republicans who are taking Russian money and going on RT that's not at all the case. They don't want to oppose Russia; they want to become like Russia. Russia represents a future obtainable goal, similar to Hungary. Things like democratic rule and diversity are specifically things they oppose.
  8. Most states have what is called a sore lower law, where if you go in a primary and lose you are unable to effectively run again (other than basically write-in). Not all states have this but enough big ones do that it essentially rules out the possibility, though in theory he could fuck over the other person in the states that don't have that.
  9. It would be beneficial to the democrats to be able to say they supported Ukraine and kept doing so. Therefore Republicans should oppose it.
  10. Big one: the economy. Especially since we probably have not seen the worst of it yet. Trump also running in the middle of the pandemic meant he got a lot of blame on that too, and now he is not getting so much of that pain. Both of these things work to his favor. The other, other thing is that we do not know how dangerous and scary the new election deniers being in office will be and how much chaos that will cause. Biden being the incumbent is probably the biggest overall weakness.
  11. The same way we keep culture with people who believe that Jesus walked around in the US and delivered golden plates, or the same way we keep culture with people who believe that people regularly get possessed by devils. Cultures have long had histories of weird divergences based on all sorts of entirely odd bullshit that later gets canonized and made into tradition.
  12. I think people also are taking into account everything about Witcher - the multimedia, the expansions, the long-term success, the originality of the game relative to other RPGs - and making that a bit better too. CP2077 had a bad launch, but it also doesn't have the mindshare Witcher does - so while it might be a better game (debatable) it definitely doesn't have the same legacy. At least not yet.
  13. My suspicion originally was that Luthen will be used as a way to save other more important rebel leaders and will willingly give himself up for that cause. I'm starting to think that instead what Luthen will be used as is a way to sanitize the rebel leadership and make them the warm fuzzy that Varys so desperately wants. What better way to earn the trust of everyone to have Mon Mothma bring to 'justice' the rogue terrorist Luthen, who is aligned with the rebellion but is too extreme for their taste? That gives Mothma immediate respect and moderates her and ensures Luthen is not at the table. Luthen's speech kind of makes me think that's the way he'll be going.
  14. This isn't super great, especially since Sinovac is the main one: That all said, the more worrisome thing is that the protection offered reportedly waned quickly, and we already know that Omicron is resistant against...uh...resistance.
  15. Again, you seem to be absolutely ignoring what happened in the show. The crackdown of locals happened after Aldhani, as a direct result of Aldhani, under the specific coordination of Dedra looking for Andor because of Aldhani. So...exactly like Luthen wanted? The organization is not strictly hierarchical. Like we see this in the show too! We see Luthen working with Saw but making deals with him, and otherwise they're independent. Kreegyr works independently of Luthen too. The only 'hierarchy' we see is one small cell - Luthen telling Val and Cinta what to do, and Val largely doing it. Bix talking with Luthen some times but most of the time not. Val does talk with Mon but she doesn't give her orders and they work almost perfectly independently to each other. Is Luthen going to discover democracy? Probably not! But that doesn't mean Bail Organa or Mon Mothma won't. Again read your history books. The goal isn't to strengthen the power, it's to strengthen the response. India, the civil rights movement, Russia, the US revolution, partisan work in France and Poland in WW2, Vietnam, Afghanistan...it goes on and on. This is not a particularly novel playbook. Luthen wants the Empire to use the power they have. He's not giving them more power - they already have the power. THey're just not using it. Perhaps you should use terms that mean those things, then? And again, this is just Luthen. This is not Andor or Mon Mothma or even Val. It certainly isn't Maarva. You're looking at James Bond and wondering how the UK could possibly operate if everyone is a sexist playboy who gambles and smokes all the time.
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