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  1. I think that's fair. I'll say it this way - it should get enough dem support. But there are enough gotchas - Jeffries not being Pelosi, the house dems not being part of the process, the overall assholishness of McCarthy and his lack of control in general, and Biden giving away too much (at least in perception) that I think its much more at risk than it would have been in 2011.
  2. Because there's been a whole lot of reporting indicating Biden has not been talking with the house dems or including them on this.
  3. Head of engineering group at Twitter quits effective yesterday after DeSantis meltdown. His quotes are legendary doublespeak. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-65717731
  4. It kind of is. Fucking porn stars and being rich enough to not care about it is kind of the American dream. It is not particularly emasculating, and certainly won't be to his audience. If you want to emasculate him you'd need to say something about his kid's parentage or those rumors of his wife hooking up with the secret service.
  5. I'm pretty sure most people changed their mind about gay marriage because they got personal exposure to it. More people came out both personally to them and in popular culture and that made a difference. As I said above having personal emotional connection is the way you change beliefs. It is not rational debate. IMO, Biden and Obama moved towards SSM long after the country did. You can see that in the polling for it as well; their endorsement of it barely moved the polling needle. I'll say personally I am weird in that I can change my mind based on data alone. I also change my mind based on people being dicks to me in a way that is pretty odd and different to other people. I dwell on that shit long after I've had the conversation. Some of my viewpoints on things like 'hey, I'm just asking questions' changed remarkably because people were actually mean. I don't recommend that tact for most people, mind you! Also, if you're wanting to convince people labeling them into a tribal group is probably the worst possible way to do it. Making their viewpoint into a part of their identity makes them by far the most unlikely to change or get entrenched in that viewpoint. If you want to change their mind treat their specific viewpoint as specific and unique to them and NOT as part of that 'woke mob'. Finally you should probably reconsider your tactic if your verbiage and plan to identify and berate people aligns heavily with Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk.
  6. That looks fucking awesome, and again very much reminds me of the Brady Bunch movie. Self-referential mocking is totally my bag. Also fucking love Margot Robbie.
  7. DeSantis' rollout is not great, but it probably is meaningless for his success. It is, however, a pretty damning indictment of using Twitter as that kind of platform and looks pretty shitty for Musk.
  8. Oh, okay. It's okay for you to bring her up but not everyone else. Got it. Pointing out hypocrisy is not remotely being cutthroat. Pointing out that Republicans are literally saying they are holding the country's wellbeing hostage and that they are wanting to put every American - and the rest of the world! - into a recession is much more cutthroat. Stop advocating bitching to refs and parents that your brother is unfair. Start punching your brother in the face.
  9. You aren't going to be swayed by this either. Or at least the people who are aren't going to be MORE swayed. They're already on your side. What, are you going to see the hypocrit and go 'finally' and then...actually change your behavior? Nope. You're gonna keep doing exactly what you were going to do. You might feel a bit better about the time you got sucked off by Klobuchar but that's about it.
  10. Why though? Like, what you're suggesting is that they can be embarrassed (they can't), that it will sway someone (it won't), and that somehow showing that you cannot actually accomplish what you want is valuable in some way instead of signaling to everyone that you have no effective power. You're trying to make them feel shame for hypocriticalness when they literally do not have the capacity to do so. You are doing this because you would feel shame in their shoes, but you are not like them. This is a central misunderstanding of who they are that is continually done by you, again and again. Klobuchar wouldn't make that mistake. More importantly it shifts the idea from trying to gain more power to complaining about the lack of power. It's a loser move. Dems shouldn't, IMO, be spending that much time here. They should be spending time instead on naked grabs of power instead. As I said elsewhere, there is no convincing the Republicans to stop. They can only be stopped, by force.
  11. I see this more as a specific commander of that area trying to cover their own ass.
  12. And every time those voters will say "I don't care".
  13. I dunno, sounds like you need to define what you mean by radical lefty types first. Probably should define hearing too
  14. I.also think that for the most part the people whose identity is part of the ideas that you are trying to change are not going to be changed by any dialog. MAGA Trump fans are like this as an example - they aren't just liking Trump for his policies or his viewpoints, they like being a part of his movement. They have social, personal and cultural identities tied to his infallibility and success. You can't reason with them any more than you can reason with someone rooting for their sports team. Now, sometimes that is frustrating because those identities should be malleable. Other times - like when you tell trans people that they should be fine with being dead named and given a third gender they don't want - that is not particularly reasonable. In either case you're likely not going to have success yelling at them about how they should be less orthodox about their identity. So to me the better question is "how do I convert someone to a different belief" and the best way is through friendship, compassion and familiarity. It is not and will never be based on the rightness of your arguments. As someone who deeply wishes truth and rationality would work that hurts me to admit, but it is true anyway. Maybe you'll have better success with our AI overlords, but given their training data is Facebook, 4chan and this board I don't think you will.
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