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  1. Another article from Ars Technica on its design: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2023/05/interview-how-system-shock-balanced-faithful-recreation-and-modern-design/ It's kind of surprising to me to look back and see how influential System Shock was to the entire gaming world, and how many descendants of it exist. It's kind of like the Matrix for video games - we take for granted things like bullet time and Chinese-styled fight sequences in action movies and that look and feel, but that all comes from the Matrix. Same with System Shock - the immersive sim and the environment as an actor, the multi-choice of how to attack problems, the dark and dirty world, the use of sound and in-person scenes to establish the story and theme...so much comes from this seed. I loved this game when it came out and really am looking forward to playing it again.
  2. Twitter drops in value by 2/3rds of what it was bought for in just 8 months of time, wiping out $30b in valuation. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2023/05/twitter-value-keeps-falling-under-musk-now-worth-a-third-of-what-he-paid/
  3. It was a lot of fun. Very satisfying Skinner box with a much better story and world than D3.
  4. What I absolutely appreciate about the ending is how well it subverted the expectations of what it would be like. We've seen repeatedly Barry go on a killing rampage and it was 100% set up to have him go and do that to save his son and resolve Hank and Fuchs that way. Instead we see an incredible closure and confrontation between Hank and Fuchs, Fuchs choosing to do something to earn some redemption for his past misdeeds with Barry as a boy and get his own form of closure and Barry doing...well, nothing in his wheelhouse. It was both completely surprising, completely on brand in terms of absolute chaos and mayhem, and significantly better for all the characters and their arcs. And yeah, I'd watch the shit about a spinoff about the Raven. Holy crap did Root own that. He has always been a great part of this show and basically of any show he shows up in but this might be my favoritest ever past Milton in Office Space.
  5. Basically? From what I can gather Biden was able to essentially give McCarthy a lot of lip service without giving up particularly that much in actual value. The biggest actual loss is defunding of the IRS funding increases. Everything else is a loss without being a loss and is not actual losses. It still sucks in the sense that the Republicans got something for their terrorist behavior but it's not painful, and the fact that it's McCarthy that is having the hardest time selling it seems to show that.
  6. Jesus I mean I don't mind shitting on Florida but that's a dick move.
  7. It's one of the earliest things to hit the road. Dems support it but it's not a core concern the way that...uh...um...hmm. Maybe climate is? Honestly, thinking on it I'm not sure what the main concern would be of the Dem party today. Resisting fascism?
  8. I think that's fair. I'll say it this way - it should get enough dem support. But there are enough gotchas - Jeffries not being Pelosi, the house dems not being part of the process, the overall assholishness of McCarthy and his lack of control in general, and Biden giving away too much (at least in perception) that I think its much more at risk than it would have been in 2011.
  9. Because there's been a whole lot of reporting indicating Biden has not been talking with the house dems or including them on this.
  10. Head of engineering group at Twitter quits effective yesterday after DeSantis meltdown. His quotes are legendary doublespeak. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-65717731
  11. It kind of is. Fucking porn stars and being rich enough to not care about it is kind of the American dream. It is not particularly emasculating, and certainly won't be to his audience. If you want to emasculate him you'd need to say something about his kid's parentage or those rumors of his wife hooking up with the secret service.
  12. I'm pretty sure most people changed their mind about gay marriage because they got personal exposure to it. More people came out both personally to them and in popular culture and that made a difference. As I said above having personal emotional connection is the way you change beliefs. It is not rational debate. IMO, Biden and Obama moved towards SSM long after the country did. You can see that in the polling for it as well; their endorsement of it barely moved the polling needle. I'll say personally I am weird in that I can change my mind based on data alone. I also change my mind based on people being dicks to me in a way that is pretty odd and different to other people. I dwell on that shit long after I've had the conversation. Some of my viewpoints on things like 'hey, I'm just asking questions' changed remarkably because people were actually mean. I don't recommend that tact for most people, mind you! Also, if you're wanting to convince people labeling them into a tribal group is probably the worst possible way to do it. Making their viewpoint into a part of their identity makes them by far the most unlikely to change or get entrenched in that viewpoint. If you want to change their mind treat their specific viewpoint as specific and unique to them and NOT as part of that 'woke mob'. Finally you should probably reconsider your tactic if your verbiage and plan to identify and berate people aligns heavily with Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk.
  13. That looks fucking awesome, and again very much reminds me of the Brady Bunch movie. Self-referential mocking is totally my bag. Also fucking love Margot Robbie.
  14. DeSantis' rollout is not great, but it probably is meaningless for his success. It is, however, a pretty damning indictment of using Twitter as that kind of platform and looks pretty shitty for Musk.
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