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  1. And so the time has finally come. I will withdraw from the forum in order to finish several projects. You will be able to find me on Davos reread, old and new Animal project threads and my new Sansa thread. I will miss light-hearted chatting, but my work on Animal threads will have to come first. For all my friends, please be free to PM me anytime if you need anything... For those interested, Animal project will continue with Stags, than Dragons and finally Ornithology subproject, as well wit...

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    2. thewingedwolf


      I will gladly join your anumal thread. Good luck with your projects.

    3. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Any idea when the Stag Project will be completed? Other than the Wolf one, I'm really looking forward to reading that one.

    4. Nerolunar


      Looking forward to it! Good job.

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