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  1. Risto

    Unpopular opinions

    I have to agree with the time travel, although IIRC, Hermione at one point says that during the Battle of Ministry, they destroyed all the Time Turners. It always bugged me how Hermione got it. It is, after all, extremely powerful device and to give it to the student for class attendance is ludicrous.
  2. Risto

    Unpopular opinions

    Actually, I think GoF is considered the worst HP movie. I think people were just "OK" with it. No one really loved it. That said, in comparison to Yates' work, I think GoF was rather successful adaptation. The introduction of corporeal Voldemort was nicely done, IMO. Not as haunting as in books, but Fiennes did a great job. But, I think people disliked Gambon's performance in this one. Dumbledore was too hysterical at times. And when I remember how the smackdown with Crouch Jr was done in the books, the way Dumbledore's eyes were described, the realization why Voldemort was afraid of Dumbledore, that all missed from Gambon's performance.
  3. Risto

    Unpopular opinions

    I was trying to point out my general disinterest in the show, but obviously, I had to make it literal. I have to agree with this one Of course YOU, my dearest, don't hate it. You are the sweetest of the sweet people around here That said, Twilight is a piece of ...
  4. Risto

    Unpopular opinions

    Oh, boy... I will stay out of LOTR movies confessions save one... 1. Cate Blanchett is God given creature that has graced every movie she has been in. Perhaps it is not unpopular, but has to be said. 2. I don't think Sophie Turner sucks playing Sansa Stark or that she is a bad actress. I think that she tries very hard to have that Sansa's empty-headed looks that makes people think she is stupid, which is why she gives nothing sometimes. 3. The only woman in MCU that Disney should be making movie is Margaret Peggy Carter. 4. This one is divisive, so I don't know whether it is unpopular, but... Jennifer Lawrence simply does nothing for me as an actress. Completely uninspiring actress. 5. I like Henry Cavill as Superman, and I wish he had been James Bond. 6. For some reason, I never understood the love for Peter Dinklage. 7. I still watch "Grey's anatomy"... Don't ask why. 8. Sheldon Cooper still makes me laugh. 9. Kathryn Janeway was the best Star Trek captain in terms of saying "battle stations" 10. Oh, the biggie... I never watched Buffy. I understand how popular it is, but simply... Not my cup of tea. 11. I think "Legend of the Seeker" was more than watchable fantasy series. I will think of more... But, so far these...
  5. Risto

    Laurel or Yanny?

    I feel as if this some kind of Thanos's way of checking which half of the population will survive... For the record, it will be the one hearing Laurel. I want to live And didthanoskillyou.me says I was phased.
  6. That's great to hear. Ever since DS9, I needed a good Sci Fi show. And this one was everything I wanted. Down to Avasarala's acerbic tongue. It was amazing Wednesday for TV. The Americans, The Handmaid's tale and The Expanse all brought A game. Amos was so badass, Anna's victory turned to ashes and seeing Mao on knees in front of Avasarala was amazing.
  7. Risto

    The Americans: The Final Season (Spoilers) pt. 4

    So, we have Keri Russel's Emmy tape... That was powerful. It was masterfully narrated. First, that Phillip's soliloquy about making decisions was just one wake-up call for, if not robotic, but certainly mechanical Elizabeth we have seen this season. Then another murder. Another nail to the coffin. Burning the picture she chose. Understanding the sacrifices that must be taken. Moving with the intern and getting to breakpoint where she finally does the right thing. And then, the truth. And boy, was it hurtful. Like Phillip said at the beginning, they believed in something greater than themselves. They dedicated their lives to protecting their country, they served it with everything they had, not even their children being completely their own. And after years of loyal service, one day you wake up and you understand that this is not about your country and its safety. This is about politics. And that is the tango Elizabeth never agreed to play. Elizabeth "woke up" not because it was too much, or too intense, but because they used her for a fight she never committed herself to. She looked in Claudia's eyes, and understood that her country needs protection. From herself. And she pulled back. It is such a powerful journey, such emotional road. And Russel made this episode amazing, through and through. 2 more episodes to go before the curtain call. I can't wait to see how this'll resolve.
  8. Risto

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Like? If anyone doesn't think that Joffrey would not seriously harm Sansa, they haven't been paying attention. He has been continuously harming her, beating and humiliating her. Also, it is very important to understand that we are talking about 12-year-old child here. Her perception of what Joffrey can do may be somewhat unrealistic, but it is also not far from truth. There is nothing "low risk" about angering entitled sociopath on the Throne.
  9. Risto

    Trailer Thread IV

    Apparently it is... As I heard, Cannes audience couldn't handle it and massively left the theater before the movie was over.
  10. Risto

    The Americans: The Final Season (Spoilers) pt. 4

    It's chilly... I think that in that episode hell will break loose and I expect one hell of an episode. I think that Elizabeth may be more vulnerable than Phillip, but that he will finally understand where his loyalties lie - not with SSSR, or USA, but with her. I don't expect him to do "knight in white armor" kind of stunt, but I do think he will turn tables on everyone and once joined, they will be unstoppable.
  11. Risto

    The Americans: The Final Season (Spoilers) pt. 4

    The final three episodes will be tense. I sincerely hope The Americans will go down just like Breaking Bad, providing the best for last. Because they have a lot to cover, not just revelation of who they are, the couple's dynamic has to be addressed, dealings with Stan, then of course, Henry's and Paige's future, reaction of SSSR, Gabriel and Claudia, Martha... I believe Episode 9 with truly interesting name will do wonders... Less than 3 weeks. Jesus... On that note... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CloA0LWwuP4
  12. Risto

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Oh, sorry for that... All is well now. Thanks for that. For me, up until Season 6, they were one unit. I rooted for them, found their love and connection absolutely amazing. For me, they are the unique pairing on TV. And probably one of those couples that make me believe in true love. The other Phillip and Elizabeth on "Crown" also do great things on that aspect. Which is why this season was so torturous for me to watch. Seeing them apart... It's not easy. He put it inside the window of an abandoned building while walking. I watch "The Americans" and "Handmaid's Tale" alone. Better for everyone
  13. Risto

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    I don't think we dislike Elizabeth, I think it is a too strong word to describe the sentiment. And Phillip is not the argument in the said debate. As I said, he loves her. And I do believe at the end, she loves him. This is more about her "free fall" into the darkness, this killing spree that is just not ending, the detachment, everything around her these days is troublesome. Both of them have done things that are morally reprehensible, but, in this very instance, Elizabeth is the one who just seems lost. And she may end up being more of liability to SSSR than an asset. Lastly, I do resent the "male perspective of sticking with bro" argument. The arguments are not chauvinist, they just reflect how we see Elizabeth's actions in the past 7 episodes.
  14. Risto

    is the WoT series worth reading

    Wow... That's the exaggeration, if I ever heard one. Moiraine doesn't diverge from her LOTR counterpart as much as one would wish. She had been and remained Gandalfian figure in the series. Many problematic aspects of her storyline, in my book, leaves her far from the best written characters in the world of fantasy. That said, she is an interesting character. Her adventures are fun to read but that would pretty much be that.
  15. Risto

    is the WoT series worth reading

    Well, I understand I am a bit generalizing when speaking about female characters. While there are some things that Jordan did right, there are so many things that I truly felt were completely off. I don't think of him as a terrible writer, but I do wish he had taken more care when writing female characters. Eowyn is yes, secondary character, but every word around her is borderline magical. Tolkien is a true master of the words and the descriptions and dialogues of Eowyn is what makes her memorable. Whether it is Aragorn's description of her or her words of what frightens her, she represents the duality in what we today consider a female strength - the one that equals to male and the other, unique, feminine one. I have forgotten many deeds of WoT ladies, but Eowyn lingers in my memory. Perhaps it is just me but I find her character absolutely amazing. I may be ready for the reread because it does seem that I missed something. That said, I am not sure I will find it on the reread. But, once can try