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  1. Another Aes Sedai? Perhaps Siuan https://twitter.com/JCheonGarcia/status/1220754623637549056?s=20
  2. I have also watched MDK in all of abovementioned. The speech she gave as Catherine of Aragon during her trial is one of the most memorable scenes from The Tudors.
  3. I have to admit you are right. Although, I liked her. She was the one, alongside Silviana, that completely changed the Reds for me. And we need that.... But I suppose that Logain will be taking the role of multiple male channelers in Black Tower, so it makes sense to cut Pevara.
  4. Elaida? Wow... I LOVE Maria Doyle Kennedy and I have always thought of her as Pevara.
  5. Risto

    WESTEROS.ORG 2010s Movie and TV awards

    Fire has taken a lot of dishes, destroyed an entire microbiological experiment but our HPLC hasn't been affected by it for which we thanked all deities. As for this, I will post the lists tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have forgotten about this... Shame on me!
  6. Risto

    The Crown Season 3 [Spoilers]

    Remember how people spoke that the plot of "The Americans" sounded ridiculous until 2016 elections happened and suddenly a lot of people spoke how show's narrative resonated with modern audience. I feel that introduction of Diana in "The Crown" and inevitable chaos that will ensue will resonate with modern audience due to Meghan and Harry being the hot royal topic these days.
  7. Risto

    The Crown Season 3 [Spoilers]

    Given all this conundrum with Harry and Meghan, what can we expect from Season 4? Much like "The Americans" in 2016, will the show become relevant?
  8. is it hypocritical of me to hate the fl00bs given the fact that, sadly, I am one of those... But, oh boy, did I hate 2013-2015 period during TV season with all the system crashes and people who needed to be explained that Daenerys is not fireproof. Luckily, I have found the Entertainment thread and The Good Wife thread
  9. Risto

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    I don't think that is fair. It is perhaps that I come from country that doesn't suffer from that particular "illness". People of color have always been welcomed in Yugoslavia during those Non-Alligned Movement, when many people, especially students, from African countries came to Yugoslavia and many even stayed, building their lives here. On the other hand, many Yugoslavs went working to African countries such as Libyia during 1980s and 1990s, so the question of racism, unlike the question of nationalism, have never been an issue. This is not debate about whether the media is racist. This is a debate where the racism came from - from sources that Palace could have controlled, or Palace itself - for which the reason to abandon their functions makes a lot of sense. Or whether it came from tabloids and social media - which, we would all agree, not Palace nor any individual celebrity has the power to stop. I am not claiming there is no racism (Hell, the chimpanzee comparison is enough by itself). I am asking how things will be different tomorrow for this pair and do we really expect that racism will stop once they quit their royal functions? Because many people have asked questions "Have Palace's establishment been racist?" or "Have royal correspondents been racist?" and people would not have the answer. And those are probably the places where someone could have intervened and privately protect the Duchess from the filthy attacks. But, going after tabloids and social media comments... That's another story. Speaking as a fat, white nerd with great love for buttermilk fried chicken, I have to say that I have learned a lot about Internet communication in the past decade, which has also been the years of my 20s and I would hate to think that someone has my picture in mind when speaking about trolls. Just to say, poor William and Kate. I mean, we all sympathize with Harry about his mother's death but no one talks about William because he is supposed to be the next King and we seem to dehumanize him from those emotions. Same with Kate. We speak how Meghan and Harry are concerned parents, but no one speaks about being mother to three kids who are coming into huge spotlight. It seems we have somehow successfully dehumanized Cambridges like we do with many celebrities... As for Camilla, one of the royal correspondents that I have been watching and reading from is Camilla Tominey. She was speaking about how villified Camilla has been and that at one moment she was voted the most hated woman in UK. She spoke about how Camilla dealt with that, especially because a lot of the bad press came from royal correspondents. She approached them privately and asked them "where did that come from?" And it seems that, by doing so, by having more open conversation with the media at the Palace, slowly but steadily, she moved herself into calmer waters.
  10. Risto

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    I think that this has been an issue all along. The inability to pinpoint where the racism comes from, or the sense that some people have difficulties explaining it, has resulted in sort of "there is racism, there isn't" tennis match with both sides actually having quite good points. Simply, if you ask the experts does racism in press about Mrs Markle come from the Palace, the answer is no. If you ask them whether the racism comes from the press junket and royal correspondents, the answer is still no. Then we start talking about tabloids and social media and the answer turns to yes. I am still having problems in grasping the idea that it will all end once these two stop being fully-functional members of Royal Family, but some people, both here and around the world, think it'll stop. The very instances people mentioned - avocado, hand on the belly, Straight Outta Compton and Archie being compared to chimpanzee have all been derogated by the public, media too. And no one denied there are instances of racism. But the racism has become an umbrella for all sort of things - anti-Americanism, snobbery, misogyny etc. And when you start talking about "unconscious bias", you get to the point that every comment is racist. And honestly, given the severity of the word, I feel as there is an entire culture of ending all debates with what is essentially "racist card". I feel that the criticism of Catherine, Fergie, Diana, Camilla has been charted as snobbish and misogynist elitism, but when it comes to Meghan, that doesn't seem to cover it and we need to upgrade it to the most heinous of all heinous behaviors - racism. I have no doubts that British have numerous issues with regards to racism. I understand that it is not an easy subject and there are nuances that I may be missing. I am just having a bit hard time buying this whole "Meghan is Diana 2.0" narrative that some have pushed. Because, I am trying to remember what the pair has asked for and didn't get in the past two years. And I can't remember anything. Simply, they pulled off what many thought was impossible. That said, perhaps Brexit talks should be like this
  11. Risto

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    I agree with what you said. But, here is a deal. All those royal correspondents have been rather sympathetic towards her. There were several of them on couches in Britain, US and Australia news saying that they understand where Meghan comes from, that this is more about Harry's personal agency than her influence etc. Unfortunately, tabloids and social media are something no one, not a royal or a celebrity can control. We have heard it so many times - the darkest places on the net are the comment sections. The more I think about this, and for some reason I think about this, I am more inclined to sympathize with her. But I can't sympathize with decision to separate from royals and outline an idea by which you are still paid by royals. That is one of the biggest issues here. Most people are confused because they don't actually understand what the pair wants. Financial independence? OK. Ability to govern their own affairs? OK to that too. Freedom? We all understand that. But, what they actually outlined is some mutant of American celebrity life and royal personna, which is simply not working, or has been unprecedented up until now. They want to use their titles for financial gain, but they can't easily do that, They want to support causes, but they have to remember that Monarchy is supposed to be politically neutral. On the other hand, there are complex issues of funding their employees, security detail, their causes etc. It's a thing - either you are member of a team, or not.
  12. Risto

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    Well, they outlined their "divorce" from royals. They want to cease the sovereign grant which is around 5% of their earnings, but they still count on Charles' money plus living in the newly renovated house But, at the end, you are right... If they want to be free, great... It just seems they are not so keen on leaving behind those lucrative titles they now have.
  13. Risto

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    Well, I think that the most discussions about this has been led about Meghan perhaps not understanding how the life of American celebrity is essentially different from the life of the British royal. Yeah, but they are ready to break free from duties, not the money of that ridiculously outdated social position Honestly, I am not sure about the family being so poisonous... the fact remains that whatever these two wanted at any point of their marriage and relationship, they actually got. Not to mention that there were already plans of trimming down the family. And lastly, as I said, racism will stop now. Because racism is only hitting the royals
  14. Risto

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    I think these days we actually see a debate that has a very deep cultural roots. Americans has the view of Royal Family as some sort of celebrities, while Britons are so keen in differentiating the two terms. The cause of this is that Hollywood has its own rules that are so uniquely American. The notion of popular movie stars are not unfamiliar throughout the world, but Americans have elevated that concept. Simply, American movie star and IDK, Spanish movie star don't hold the same amount of power in their respective countries. This has been a huge debate - how different celebrities and royalty are? On the other hand, we have been discussing racism to death. This morning, I have watched an interview on ITV, where Camilla Tominney, an award winning journalist and a royal correspondent, spoke that there is a lot of anti-Americanism around Meghan, a lot of misogyny but not so much of racism. Basically, she admits that there are certain articles and press that have been indeed racist, but that we can't speak about general sentiment towards Meghan as being racist as much as misogynist (Harry also has an agenda) and directed towards her American roots. She spoke about multiculturalism and diversity in the Palace's establishment and I think that we can all agree that Palace's establishment in many ways are not just some mindless workers, but actually people of considerate power. Second, in couple of interviews today, people who claimed that British press has been generally racist failed to actually provide any instances. It was an argument that was spinning in circles... "Where is the racism?" "How can't you see the racism?" "Can you please point us to the racist comments?" "You got to be kidding" And this has been going on. in infinite circles. People spoke about couple of articles (one being about Archie and the other about bouquet, then that she may or may not be from Compton). So, it seems that we have two views that both stand on its own - overwhelmingly, criticism was rooted in racism. Or the fact that criticism has been rooted in other issues like misogyny or anti-Americanism. And as was said, it seems we have all forgotten quite a lot of positive press that they have used to express themselves on their own terms. But, above all, whether they have been ousted, or they wanted a way out, regardless whether it was racism or misogyny, or most likely both, in the heart of the criticism towards them, I believe their entitlement is the biggest issue here. You wanted a house paid by public money and you got it, You now want a way out, but it becomes a logistical nightmare for all sides involved - who will pay their employees, their accommodation in US/Canada, security detail. They renounced 5% of their income, but not the money they get from Prince Charles, which, btw, is also a public money. They speak about financial independence, by using the titles in order to make a very lucrative deals. Now, who can guarantee that the pair will stay "well-behaved" in terms that royalty doesn't meddle in political affairs, which is a free land for Hollywood celebrities. And today, Queen gave blessing and they will spend a lot of time transitioning from public servants to private citizens. Simply, here we have a story of two entitled brats who want to have their cake and eat it and actually got it, because they publicized their issues. LUCKY BASTARDS Really, we have to laugh at all of this. Now, everything is nice and dandy, the racism will stop once they move to Hollywood (Jesus, Mary and Joseph ) or Canada and Harry will tomorrow recover from losing his mother at 12. We have reached new levels of absurdity here. Finally, they can talk about environment from the comfort of private jet. and be safe from the evil journalists Hallelujah!
  15. Risto

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    As I understand, the past 6 weeks, they have been on holiday. They didn't move at once. They want to keep the British house.