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  1. Risto

    The Crown Season 3 [Spoilers]

    I blame HBO and Disney+. I would prefer binging The Mandalorian and His Dark Materials but... It's so seductive... It still has to reach the level of Downton escapism, but it is nearly there. And we are rather serious about this... In the last Downton Abbey episode, Dowager countess said that English are made English... "some say because of history, some say because of tradition. I blame weather" It is Britishness and we are all for it. Needless to say, I squeak on the possibility Mary Berry and Duchess of Cambridge will bake together for Christmas.
  2. Risto

    The Crown Season 3 [Spoilers]

    FINISHED EPISODE 1 And now let's all bow to the Queen, Olivia Colman. As we all know, Claire Foy was impressive as the Queen, giving one of the best performances of the decade. So, naturally, there was a fear that two-by-two-seasons gig will work. And now, after watching Olivia Colman, one has to be thoroughly amazed by her ability to make the role utterly hers. It is a perfect transition and boy, did I love her in this episode.
  3. Risto

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    Chernobyl Stranger Things Season 3 Big Little Lies Season 2 The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Killing Eve Season 2 The Good Fight Season 3 Cukur (The Pit) Seasons 1 and 2 New Amsterdam Seasons 1 and 2 Grey's Anatomy Season 15 (special emphasis on "Silent All These Years") Game of Thrones Season 8 The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Medical dramas are rarely innovative. Simply, the premise is always the same... Doctors juggling professional and private lives. From E.R. to Grey's Anatomy, that has not changed and soapy nature of medical dramas always wins. And so came New Amsterdam. When I first heard of it, I recalled the series of the same name with Nikolaj Coster Waldau. But that is another story. NA so far, in these 30 episodes, managed to be much lighter on personal drama than many other medical shows. The premise, however, is superb. The work of medical director in the oldest public hospital in USA. But... It worked into every cliche known to medical dramas. You have a doctor with addiction problem, a doctor who is more of celebrity than MD, one old doctor who keeps forgetting his glasses and a psychiatrist that think outside the box. Instead of using the platform to show what they really want to talk - how medicine can be actually available to everyone. it is lacking any intelligently thought off scenarios. The cast is great, diverse in every way, but simply the script needs to be less preachy and more poignant. Yes, we all know USA has issues with medical care. But for all its desires, New Amsterdam is not showing how to actually solve the problem but to work around the system for individual needs. Which is a pity. Currently watching: Watchmen, His Dark Materials, TheMandalorian, The Boys...
  4. Risto

    His Dark Materials Series

    Just watched it on HBO Go. It was amazing. I need to read the books again, but it was rather great. Great acting, great cinematography, overall... Looking forward to the next episode.
  5. It never seizes to impress me how things can get messed up... You know, Western countries these days have no problems with war criminals as government officials in Belgrade, Pristina, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Podgorica. Calling Handke "war criminal apologist" and simultaneously be OK with the leading parties in above-mentioned cities and their respective countries is the hypocrisy at its finest. No one cares that Montenegrin Prime Minister was part of Milosevic's government (yeah, he would tell you how he has changed), that current Serbian President was a busboy to Milosevic and his gang and that many current Serbian Ministers are from Milosevic's party. Then, up until few days ago, Prime Minister of Kosovo was someone whom Hague couldn't even properly trial because witnesses were dropping dead like flies. In Croatia, the President's favorite singer is the fascist who is yearning the good old days of Croatian Independent State under nazi Germany. Almost the same structures that were leading Bosnia during 1990s are still there. And these people are all applauded daily to be democratic leaders of the region, the peacekeepers. BY WESTERN COUNTRIES, nonetheless. So, I am sorry but if they are OK, if they get the unconditional support of USA and EU, I find it difficult to be bothered by Handke. And finally, no one is speaking about man's writing and work, like it doesn't matter. But that is whole new can of worms.
  6. We were promised White Council fight against Sauron in Dol Guldur. Little did we know... The thing is I do understand you... I don't watch most of SciFi/fantasy shows these days. Expanse and Outlander are currently the most fantasy thing I am watching. That said, I do have high expectations from WoT. I hope it will turn out to be a good TV show. I have been invested in the world (WoT is huge thing here in Serbia) and I was very happy to have heard the news of Rosamund Pike being casted. Overall, there is some involvement, plus my inability to quit watching TV shows make sure that I will most likely watch WoT even if it is not THAT good.
  7. We came through Legend of the Seeker, suffered through last several seasons of Game of Thrones, seen unimaginable horrors in The Shannara Chronicles, gave money for three Hobbit movies... It would need such a screw-up to make us stop watching this. And even then...
  8. Risto

    The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Yeah... I mean, we always knew who would be ousted that week. I hate building false suspense... Also, Henry saying "Shut up" to Paul when he offered a handshake was pure gold.
  9. Risto

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    I have been to cinema yesterday and watched "Hustlers" JLo winning an Oscar would be HILARIOUS.
  10. Risto

    The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Well, I thought it was nicely written and it did point out what has been happening with GBBO. Yeah, perhaps it is not amazing, but I felt it was on the point. I have watched 10th season of US Masterchef this summer. And it was absurd. From the narrative like it was an Oscar night to challenges and pressures. I was cheering for a Harvard grad because he had some amazing ideas but he found his inspiration in Beer Pong while the other contender found her inspiration in dead mother. Guess who won?
  11. Risto

    The Great British Bake Off 2016

    I have just read this amazing article about what has gone wrong with Season 10. I liked the premise of GBBO. I liked the quirkiness, I enjoyed them being friends and not competitors. The people in the tent were not part of some Darwinian experiment these shows tend to be. It's about cakes and bread and desserts, those fluffy things. TGBBO was escapist among the reality competition shows. There were no tragic stories about people finding their peace in the kitchen. Just some John and Jane Does who are really great at baking but who can make mistakes. We, the audience, would even learn a thing or two of what can actually go wrong in the kitchen. I really agree with the article and I really wish we could get back to the "great" in GBBO
  12. Risto

    What TV shows should be rebooted?

    Boo... Voting for LoS to get rebooted Amen! This reminded me of those mothers that chew up food and then give it to babies That said, I completely understand. The one I would really like to get rebooted is "Agent Carter"
  13. I knew people will give me hard time over that. But she does have, IIRC, a huge amount of noms, like 10 or something. To be honest, Hall in Dexter or Laurie in House were far more memorable. If we speak about truly amazing performances, Russell in The Americans or Wright in House of Cards deserved some recognition. Headey is far from being the worst crime Academy has committed.
  14. You know, we speak about Headey but there is rather long list of actors or actresses who haven't been awarded for the rather impressive work: Keri Russell, Michelle Dockery, Robin Wright, Keri Washington, High Laurie, Michael C. Hall, already mentioned Sandra Oh, Don Cheadle, Lena Dunham, Matt leBlanc... GIVE.ME.A.BREAK
  15. Well, I would submit... Not nominate... HBO and DnD chose what to submit to Academy. But, I guess you are right. As a rule, yes. But they really overestimated the love for those episodes. I guess "A knight" would have had better chances...