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  1. Risto

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I'll give you that. She is not the most interesting character in both the books or the series, but in books, at least, her chapters are filled with something. Whether it is Septon Meribald, or Jaime's redemption, there is at least something. On TV show, there is nothing. Even conclusion of her revenge against Stannis felt flat due to the fact that we simply didn't care anymore (about either of them, or Renly, as for that matter). They got the looks, they got the actress who seems to be rather enthusiastic about her role and somehow it all feels meh. Even her encounters with Jaime in Season 6 and 7 lost their touch (I will NEVER forget the fact that she TRIED to return Oathkeeper to Jaime, while serving Sansa, being fully aware where the sword came from.) ***** As for Daenerys and Northern lords/Sansa, I wish they are able of having two main characters be together and not making one complete and utter idiot. I fully understand both points of view and I understand the time constraints and need to resolve it ASAP. But, I feel as if they are simply not doing any justice to a very interesting "conflict" and giving it a proper conclusion before NK arrives.
  2. Risto

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I swear, since Sansa is my main focus, sometimes I forget how terrible characterization of other character actually is. In this case, we have the special snowflake, Jon. So, this is a thing about Jon. He never learns. In TV show, he literally never learns. Not only does he know nothing, he is basically incapable of learning. Two most glaring examples EXAMPLE 1: SEASON 6: Sansa warned him of Ramsay. What happened? Ramsay played him like a fiddle. SEASON 7: Sansa warned him of Cersei. What happened? Cersei played him like a fiddle. EXAMPLE 2: SEASON 5: Jon neglected the feelings of NW about wildlings. What happened? He got stabbed. SEASON 8: Jon neglected the feelings of Northern and Vale lords about Targaryen rule. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Jon simply never learns. He does not progress, he is not shaped by what happened to him. Literally, I can see the same person from Season 1. And he actually died. But, he is still "I know what I know and I will do it" And I can bet that somehow miraculously everything will be fine, people will stop being people and Jon will fly on his dragon to sunset. If people's impression of Sansa is "bitchy" and that is what Ds wanted to do, then yes, they have a big issue. Like Varys said "incompetence should not be rewarded with blind loyalty". And Jon has been utterly incompetent in the past 2 seasons. As I said, he learned nothing and just keeps repeating the same mistakes. And Sansa being the voice of reason (Cersei should not be trusted, Ramsay likes playing games, you can't leave North just like that, you can't unilaterally do things) is being called "bitchy" - that is your idea of creating two strong characters who work together. The problem is that GoT turned into soap opera. And the complexity of different narratives is not something that works well with D&D.
  3. Risto

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Here is a thing. This is not a first War for Dawn. And as far as we know, dragons didn't win the first time. So, there might be a plan... That said, WW don't change everything. Yes, people will bend the knee, but they have the right to feel as if their hands are being twisted behind their backs. As I say, not counting on that would mean that Cersei being Cersei is impossible. And yet, even though she has seen WW, she betrayed the living. So, people still have the right on emotions, resentment etc. WW don't change that.
  4. Risto

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Yes, seriously. The world is far more complicated than "Every person who hates Cersei is honky dory" For all Sansa and Notrtherners know, they may exchange one despot for another. And this one has weapons of mass destruction. Dany is far more dangerous than Cersei and that does not make her look good in cards of those who actually have never seen her. What was given can be taken. Even Robb was smart enough to know that. Jon's problem is that he is doing the best thing, but he neglects the emotions of those he leads. That is what happened in NW and we all know how that ended. Once again, he just discarded all the negative (and in many ways, reasonable) opinions about Dany and just expects everything to be perfect. That is not how the world operates and the mere idea that we are discarding Northeners and Valemen regarding Targaryen when in fact all of them bled by Dany's father is truly hysterical. Dany and Northerners should be something that writers need to deal with. There is a very real and very reasonable strife between two sides and understanding that they need each other, understanding each other and moving past that should be done properly. I sincerely doubt GoT writers will do so and we most likely will get something like "we are besties after one speech" Dany burned Tarlys for not surrendering to her. Can Northerners expect that? Even Tyrion and Varys talked about that. Burning Tarlys was not war, it was a cold decision to kill people who won't submit to you. One has to wonder why Northerners would feel threatened by her? Oh, wait... Oh, they will cram it in an episode or two. But, the issue is, if we are to believe these new spoilers, instead of having Sansa and Daenerys communicating with each other, we have Jon asking Arya for help, which does a great disservice to all characters involved. You see, explaining them the necessity of alliance with Dany is something that Jon should have done. No one here believes that at the end of the day North and Vale won't bow to Dany, just that calling Sansa a bitch or Northern lords simple minded for not bending the knee the moment they see Dany is actually missing quite a lot.
  5. Risto

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Has she? After her interaction with Night King, he became far more serious threat than before. One can actually argue that having Viserion sped up the White Walkers invasion. Being Cersei's enemy is hardly a recommendation. Daenerys is someone who can restore the worst kind of totalitarian regimes, People doubting in her, not trusting or liking her, being reserrved, all of that is normal. She comes with Dothraki and former slaves, on the back of a dragon, demanding kingdoms, burning people left and right. Just because we, as watchers, understand Dany, doesn't mean it is something that is a common knowledge in Westeros. Once again, just like it was normal for Jon and Dany to resolve some issues between them, it is normal to expect the same for Dany and Sansa.
  6. Risto

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    OK, here we go again... 1. I am yet to see a TV character so fundamentally misunderstood as Sansa Stark is to the writers, which obviously translates to the audience. The biggest issue here is a very simple thing "Sansa and Daenerys have no reason to trust and like each other" but it seems that we can't do that without doing the entire "Sansa is a bitch" dance. 2. Sansa asking Jon if he bent the knee out of love is not power trip. It's actually a valid question. One that we actually know to be at least partially true. 3. Jon didn't trust Daenerys when he met her and now we expect Sansa to do so just because Jon chose to bend his knee WITHOUT GIVINING ANY EXPLANATION. May I remind people that this is what got him killed in Season 5. And had he not had his own sister at the head of Winterfell, he might have gotten killed again. Simply, Sansa and Dany being reserved towards each other is natural. And instead of having the two of them talking and working this out, because kingdom will need both of them, we have Jon pondering about that and asking Arya to intervene.?!?!?! Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
  7. Risto

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    Alexander Siddig, one of the great actors of TV, could have nailed Doran had he been given anything to work with. I love Doran as a book character, was over the moon when I heard Siddig (my favorite TV doctor) would play him and to see Dorne subplot being ended like that. It was rather awful.
  8. Risto

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    The issue here is not that Sansa saving Jon didn't make any sense, it is the way it was done in the show. Sansa coming with Vale army in last second to save Jon who had no idea about his sister being married and having that much power is believable. Having Sansa not telling Jon about Vale army who happened to be at North and at her disposal, isn't. In literature, movies, it is not just WHAT happens, but also HOW it happens.
  9. Risto

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    These explanations are even more hilarious than what I can think of... For a man full of shame, one would actually think he would do something to personally redeem himself. He would be redeeming more helping Sansa in the name of the King he "failed" and his dead niece, instead of dying for... What exactly did he die for? Honestly, sometimes not saying anything is better. That way I can hope that did some things unintentionally. That it was just a mishap.
  10. Risto

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    Oh, I wish... Every line he uttered in that episode was a badassery on highest level. He watched Edmure and Freys and didn't flinch, he insulted Jaime with such joy and when Edmure, threatened by Jaime wanted to surrender Riverrun (and BF), he escorted Brienne and Podrick to the boat, saying to them "I will die in my own home". Instead of going with them and helping Sansa. And he died off screen.
  11. Risto

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    He is not that major character in the books either. But, the point here is that you builthim up as a true badass and when the moment of fight came, it happened offscreen. Talking about a letdown...
  12. Risto

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    The worst part was that in the matter of minutes, he established himself as a true badass. And then he died off screen. I mean, that was stupid.
  13. Risto

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    As the series progressed, so the number of idiotic deaths became higher. Littlefinger takes the cake, no doubt in that. Doran Martell and Roose Bolton are close seconds. And of course, we have to mention Blackfish. That one was... I can't even...
  14. Risto

    Eurovision 2019

    JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH!!! PINK UNDEROOS ARE BACK?!?!?!?!?! This ESC has just become THE BESTEST!!!
  15. Risto

    What is this?

    They say ignorance is bliss and now I get it