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  1. Chataya de Fleury

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Link didn't work for me...
  2. Chataya de Fleury


    I have to confess, I *hate* it when people say that. We have a lot of people on this Board who travel extensively. One of our Boarders has been to Mongolia for chrissakes. I've been nearly everywhere in Central and Eastern Europe. Tell me where "we've never been". I'm from North Dakota, and I'll bet you've never been there.
  3. Yeah, you're still popular, buddy. I'm going to actually have to PM you through FACEBOOK. :)

  4. Chataya de Fleury


    Hm. I've wondered about this. Not you, specifically, but being the parent of a teenager who needs to read more. When is the right time to introduce ASOIAF?
  5. Chataya de Fleury

    The Game of Thrones TV Adaptation FAQ

    Damn, it looks like you have to be a citizen. They require a "National Insurance Number", whatever that is. *sulks* (Oh, well - any of you across the pond who are lucky enough to sign up...I am jealous!!! :) )
  6. Chataya de Fleury

    The Game of Thrones TV Adaptation FAQ

    Wert - I noticed that you stated, above, that some board members had roles as extras. How does one get a role as an extra, say, in a crowd scene?
  7. You are awesome, Frost Man! Happy New Year!!!

  8. You should have been at ValleyCon!!!

  9. Love the new name, custom title, and sig line!!! Hilarious!

  10. Quit smoking, EHK, if you haven't already. Don't be like Darling. Just in case you didn't see my thread.

  11. You have more profile views than I do. Jeez! :)

  12. Hi, Lilith, Hi, Timmett!!!!!