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  1. Not all women in your age group will have young kids or will want kids. I’m 47. I have a 24 year-old. Many women my age have toddlers. Or no children and want children, or no children and never want any. Sort your Match matches accordingly.
  2. Probably not, he’s idealistically into a labor movement - YAWN - and also has a Robinhood account as well as a rare book collection written by Upton Sinclair. Anyone writing or living in the 21st century US would be far too recent and highly suspect.
  3. You can’t possibly think that this capitalist shill who makes his comfortable life in a 3,500 square foot townhome with three bathrooms, four bedrooms, and each of our own office space…if he really cares that I use the term “Trotskyite”? As I’m also paying his current balance of $120k in student loans. As well as purchased his car and his car insurance. All he has to do is clean a litterbox and feed two finicky felines.
  4. You are socializing them and preparing them for a great home life!
  5. You are correct. I probably instinctively think in negative connotations about my approach because it is consciously done. I know what I’m doing, which to me feels less authentic. It’s not less authentic, I’m just aware of what I’m doing. Thank you for helping me to understand that awareness does not mean underhandedness. There is a difference
  6. I’ll be sure to tell you about the food, lol. The sex is fairly standard, though he did a great job after I asked him to put some more thought into it, especially pointing out the differential of me going down every time as opposed to his maybe twice (Alcohol was a factor when I stated this on Saturday night, but once he was in the shower on Saturday night, I was asleep, so his amazing and very thorough thoughtfulness occurred on Sunday morning). Is it just me, or I do think I can tell when a man goes from just having sex to truly making love (although I think this is a freaking hokey phrase)? Or at least to where he is emotionally involved. It has to do with when his hands are wrapped around me, cradle my head, or if he truly wants to make the effort to make me TRULY “get there” rather than out for his pleasure only. Sadly, as far as everything is concerned, I’m all about refining my technique on exactly what I can perceive makes him happy. Oooh, he likes THAT, which is in my standard repertoire? Dial it up a bit, see if that goes further. And keep going. And ask if he wants anything I haven’t tried yet. I don’t have a line that most guys seem to have on the “like” vs “love”. I just manipulate. I manipulate sex and emotion, in tandem. And that’s kind of sad.
  7. We decided upon Italy and we leave on 5/26, returning 6/4…Amalfi coast.
  8. She is so pretty!!! Never feel bad about having to use a tranquilizer to get a cat to the vet. It’s best for the cat, you, and the vet if it comes to that. Also, I know some veterinarians…they say that the biggest reason for missed appointments among cat owners is not being able to corral the cat.
  9. Doctor and I are going to Go Somewhere at the end of May. No idea where. Some location not currently in armed conflict.
  10. Ok, that’s the truth - ball is in her court for sure.
  11. Are you SURE there is a soft rejection involved? From what you are saying, I’m not seeing one. But, you were having the actual conversation, so you would know @mcbigski - let us know how Nashville went!! In my world - I’ve been working 12+ hour days, recently. The Doctor has asked if this is normal. I told him that if he stick with me, he would get to know SEC filing deadlines really well
  12. My work situation is weird, because we are “externally managed”. Which means that we pay our parent company a flat fee and that covers things like office space and IT, HR, etc. So, we have office space that is shared by people working for the parent company. These people won’t shut the f— up and are annoying af. I want to physically hurt them. I am going to try to work from home tomorrow so that I can avoid resorting to violence.
  13. Hoping that @IlyaP feels better, today!!! @Zorral - I read that same article this morning…I wonder if it is a wee bit scare-mongering, since most of us really have more of a likelihood of dying in a car crash. And everyone does die at some point.
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