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  1. I basically do everything I’ve always done. And I’m fully vaccinated, so I don’t wear a mask unless a particular venue requires it, such as doctor’s office, airplane, certain retail stores. That said, I avoid crowds and I work from home more often than not, because it’s convenient when working long hours. And I also hate crowds anyways. I go out to eat every night, same as I typically have done, previously. I do need to go to the gym much more often, but I’ve been working too much. My risk tolerance may vary from others. ETA - I haven’t been to a club in ages, but only because I’m too damn tired to go. I have been to strip clubs several times.
  2. It’s already been said - death isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Long covid and complete disability for someone aged 30 is, IMO, less terrible than someone who is 90 dying. Everybody dies sometime.
  3. Kids these days!! Get off my lawn!! I agree that the generational labels are indeed overly simplistic. I’d love to retire them, but I’m just a cynical Gen-X’er who believes that nothing will get done :p
  4. Alternately, tell the hedge fund bros an unsubstantiated rumor that they will have to FLY COACH Important: Disney mandate applies to salaried and non union employees. Disney must collectively bargain with each union. No one had better ever tell me that “unions are always teh bestest” ever again. F—-cking unions are screwing the American public over this. Because they are.
  5. I’ll take a booster in a heartbeat. Or even a second round of a different shot if that could be shown to work. We need to start mandating vaccines in order to do anything (unless legitimate medical excuse). No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no service. Sadly, that’s totally not going to happen. We had one guy at work get the vaccine after he heard a rumor that one could only fly coach on Delta if not vaccinated
  6. Well, there went Hot Vax Summer. Although I really should go visit the swinger’s club at some point just to see if masks *and* condoms are both de rigeur. Alao, I shall forever have to wonder if my ex quit his Tinder habit and has started wiping down his groceries again, but I don’t care that much Also, evidence is that he will never quit his Tinder habit, so I’m well away from that.
  7. I took my little buddy to the cat cardiologist, today. He’s got hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which means he’s going to be taking beta blockers. Fortunately, these come in a fish flavored treat formulation. His 30 day regular vet visit the day before revealed normal bloodwork, so he can stay on the Gabapentin for his arthritis, and he’s doing well on his Prozac, too. No such thing as a free cat, lol.
  8. Perbs sent me an article from the Palm Beach Daily News. Apparently, 100% of the citizens of the village of Palm Beach itself have been fully vaccinated, but the help and visitors have not. So “the Village of Palm Beach” has instituted a mask mandate, which he is certain shall ruin the season.
  9. You know, everyone always thought that I would’ve dead before age 30, and you thought I was dead just last year, so extrapolating from that, I’m pretty sure McBig and kid kidneys should be ok. I’ve met him, he can loom over the kidney thieves and intimidate them.
  10. I don’t think the ammonia content in standard urine is really enough to make a difference on an insect bite. After Bite is a much better source. IMO. That stuff really works.
  11. Uuuurg, Peebs called and he’s feeling neglected. He actually unfairly brought up my past when he said “surely you aren’t just working all the time, you told me that you’ve been with a number of guys and you can’t be either working or sitting at home” (yes, I can. And it’s none of his business anyways, I didn’t promise exclusivity, but for the record, I’ve had one date.) I’m actually PISSED OFF about that. I suspect this is not going to work.
  12. Exactly; and it’s also difficult to properly swoon over someone who is dead, while “Geralt of Rivia” is at the gym and very much alive.
  13. Ha. Not for me And if we are talking Patrick Swayze, he was a professional ballet dancer and had an amazing body, it is true. Oh, so true. Just…not my type. Speaking of my type, Peebs and I are absconding to somewhere for a week after I file the Q. The man seems to now have a better handle on SEC filings and their time frame.
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