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  1. I’m meeting the personal injury attorney for coffee on Sunday night (or for me, hot chocolate), since he doesn’t drink. He said he went through a “strippers and cocaine” phase after his divorce, so cut out booze as well. He said he didn’t care if I drank, he’d have a soda, but I have been fairly to moderately successful at cutting back on alcohol, and it’s nice to meet someone without always having it be “for a drink”.
  2. Amen, sister. I’ve got it out on my OKC profile that I am NOT “420 friendly” - no judgement, just not my thing, and we wouldn’t be a good match. Also have it right there in black and white “no Trump voters”. Libertarians typically identify themselves via their weirdness. Kind of like hardcore vegans and CrossFit junkies. Or the paleo crowd. (Full disclosure: just because *I* think these things are unappealing does not mean I’m judging. After all, I did admit to liking some Justin Bieber songs, so think what you will of that!! Lol) Right now I’m chatting with a business ethics professor (goal in line is to “make the MBA bros not be total d1ckheads”) and an IT guy. Also, two attorneys - one large firm litigator and one medium-firm personal injury.
  3. Right - I mean even Justin Bieber has a good Christmas song, gonna give him props for that. Hell, Celine Dion has a good voice. I draw the line at any serious neo-Nazi metal.
  4. @VigoTheCarpathian -your boundaries are your boundaries and honestly, I have a very current and mortal hatred of people who violate boundaries. For personal reasons, read the dating thread for deets for those interested. So, people just need to learn the game theory maxim regarding s/he who has the most power in a situation. The power in any given situation is to the person who says NO. In other words, YOU.
  5. Actually, I don’t give a crap if someone chooses not to be vaccinated. I can choose to not socialize with them. And if they are, say, at a restaurant, then it’s not me who is taking a risk. So, they can go to hell in whatever hand basket they choose, I’ve been vaccinated and I’ll wear my mask in public, and they won’t, and so they can get sick and possibly die if that’s the way they choose to roll the dice.
  6. Mr. Marine was into Imagine Dragons. Shit, my playlist is 80’s hair bands and late 90’s/early 200’s dance music so I have NO pretensions to any musical taste. Other than in opera, where my taste is problematic because I love Wagner.
  7. Still, offer to go. It’s a nice thing to do. Or look up the MRI place and see if they would even let you go...all of the medical facilities in my area are “no guests or visitors”. The sole exception was my facelift, since that was performed in a private operating suite owned by the plastic surgeon.
  8. Yeah, and he literally was the breadwinner and the paycheck, so he had ZERO reasons to “stay with his abuser” other than his own f—ed up psychological bs. After all, he broke up with me for Attempted Knife Murderer.
  9. I have absolutely no comment on that video, but “attempted murder” was something my neighbor’s fiancée wasn’t charged with when she went after Neighbor (my ex boyfriend) with a 10 inch steak knife. Dude had his salivary glands severed. In fact, they got married two months after. Not speaking on police actions, here, just the overly dramatic statement (IMO) “had literal seconds to stop an attempted murder”.
  10. Dude, she’s either smarter or more paranoid than I am, because I would not have questioned that for two seconds. BTW, that means SHE is bad at flirting, not you. You’re a master, with picking up little hints and running with it. Not your fault she gave you a hint and didn’t realize it. I’m actually flirting with someone on OKC about EBITDA, right now, lol. That’s how one flirts, pick up “accountant” and run with the fact that one knows what EBITDA is. Or anything else that’s legit on background, as you did.
  11. Awesome!!!! Thank you!! I’ll air out the polishing rags for a week or so and then wash.
  12. RIGHT? Lol. I bet you’re all shocked that I’m a filthy capitalist literally working for The Man
  13. Agreed. Just because the majority of people tuning into the trial obviously thought that Chauvin was guilty does not make it “mob justice”. After all, the jury is not supposed to watch the news, etc, and if I were on a jury (which I would never be due to my undergrad degree in sociology) I would faithfully Not Watch the News. I watched that trial and I thought Chauvin was guilty af. Of course, I thought Michael Jackson was guilty of sexual molestation, too, but that jury thought differently.
  14. Yeah, I get it that from a typical standpoint, washing and re-using (full disclosure - washing machine, on hot temp over 150 F) a cotton cloth is better than discarding. The actual question is on the chemistry which has to do with Wenol silver polish itself and I suppose the trace bits of actual silver that are removed in the polishing process. Is this safe for wastewater? My kid is going to get a box of nitrogen which will forestall any silver oxidization when he inherits it, because he doesn’t want to polish it and I promised spiritual revenge should he ever sell it. But right now, I keep it in the living room, so it oxidizes and has to be polished twice a year, and I want to make sure I’m environmentally correct in washing as re-using the polishing rags.
  15. Oh, just wait another couple hours, honey. Also, you’re like, what, my age or younger? Under 65 does not count as “old” even if our arthritic bones feel it.
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