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  1. Hot damn, those evangelicals really won't stop unless this country turns into the Handmaid's Tale...
  2. @Maithanet - we can only hope. I am very encouraged.
  3. I don’t think the flip of District 6 can be overstated. This isn’t located in some blue bastion, as geographically close to Atlanta as it is. A Republican has won the district since 1979. Newt Gingrich represented it for 20 years. in 2016, Trump only got 48% of their vote; however, the margins were so comfortable for R’s previously as to be in the 60-70% range. This is the epitome of the suburban voter 2018 blue wave - mostly from white suburban women appalled by Trump. Stacey Abrams won this district by 51% in 2018. Yes, it’s one district and not all of GA, but it’s fairly representative of suburban GA communities, which had been deep red for so long.
  4. That, and respecting our troops. Was it *just last week* that the hue and cry occurred over the current president calling our troops "losers" and "suckers"? That does not play well in GA (home of Ft. Benning).
  5. Georgia has already moved purple. Lucy McBath (D) won House District 6, which was NEWT G'S district.
  6. It’s almost like “is emigration really worth it” given the US taxation laws, alone. From some perspectives, other places might be better. I worked with a lot of former doctors who had to become dishwashers in the US to literally escape death at home in Honduras or wherever. We aren’t there, yet.
  7. Turkey :/ I love that country, but Erdogan is what Trump wants to be, and also my kid has said things on Twitter about him publicly. I believe Barbados is giving one-year visas to those who can demonstrate at least 1 year of financial support (wfh employer). Also, it would cost a load of money to get new passports for the whole family, but it can be done - much more easily if you have a proven grandparent immigrant from an EU country.
  8. Yeah, you’ve got to be dirt poor and have nothing left to lose (but be an upstanding citizen in all ways or be tortured by a corrupt regime), or be “fuck you” wealthy and come in on an investor visa. but, hey! All I have to do is wait for my 70+ year-old parents in North Dakota to get Covid, and then I will be “fuck you” wealthy. which is sadly looking more and more likely every day with the way things are going
  9. Not only that, it is DAMN HARD to immigrate into Canada. If you have the slightest misdemeanor conviction, it is extraordinarily difficult. I have a reckless driving from 2014. My previous company paid at least $10k to various immigration lawyers on my behalf; trust me. And that was just for a temporary residence permit and work permit. (Though I think I’ve had 3 temporary residence permits, maybe 4, and two work permits.) I can apply on January 24, 2023 (I’d have to double check, it might be 2024) to get my record wiped clean via “criminal rehabilitation”. And that will take a year. Only then (if I convince the authorities that I am “rehabilitated” - and trust me, I’m very active in volunteer work for precisely this reason - might they grant the request. That’s easily going to be $5k to the immigration lawyer, and that is a personal expense, since it’s not related to any work I am doing now or for a business purpose. Generally, you also have to have a job or means of support. Right now, I’m eligible for a work permit easily under NAFTA. And if I got the rehabilitation status, I miiiiiiight be able to find a job; problem being I make a good amount of money in USD and I’m only really valuable at the executive level to a Canadian company who is publicly traded in the US as a US domestic registrant (this does happen - before it went bankrupt, Cirque wanted to be in this position, as it was owned by US private equity). if I wanted to emigrate to the EU, I might find similar obstacles. I looked at a job in Luxembourg, once, for a US company, and again.....lots of procedures. I can’t think of what I’d be doing in Mexico other than being at risk of being kidnapped, so that’s likely off the table. I’d thought about Barbados or Bahamas, but I’m a city girl. I’d die if I were just trapped on an island paradise. Looks like I’m stuck here. Might as well make the best of it but also try and keep my Canada options open a few years down the line, even if just so I can visit if I want to.
  10. I have never wished harm on anyone, but I hope McConnell’s turtle shell breaks.
  11. I think we shall have to agree to disagree. IMO, the orange one and Moscow Mitch have gotten them results so far. Another carrot dangled in front of the elephant makes the elephant move.
  12. You don’t live in the US, do you? the promise of “vote for me and I’ll give you prayer in schools and get Roe overturned” is FAR more powerful than actually getting it fait accompli before the election. kalbear said it better.
  13. Yup. Neither of my parents voted for him, and they are registered Republicans. They would certainly not vote for him now. Everyone I know in the country club set is appalled by him and is either not voting or voting Biden. (I live in GA)
  14. My son just walked out to the balcony and asked me if I have enough booze.
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