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  1. We just have two categorization son the US. One is either and employee, or not.
  2. They will probably be very persuadable after months go by with vaccine recipients having no ill effects.
  3. I’m with you, Datepalm. There are definitely pluses and minuses to any approach, and fortunately, there are many different people in the world, so that there can be a job situation that is ideal for one person that would not be another’s cup of tea. I’m personally a fan of “give me travel”. I traveled for business for years and it never got old for me. The one thing that is difficult with travel and an expense account is maintaining my waistline. I also DID get shafted on The Previous Firm’s expense policy, since sometimes, I had to carry balances of $35k or more on my credit card because they were slow to pay. That’s about $500/month in interest charges, and they refused to pay interest. I figured “ok, I’ll take it as a deduction on my taxes”, but NO, the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017) eliminated the deductions for unreimbursed business expenses for employees. Grrrrr.
  4. Ok, you’re forgiven I really DO like Biden. I liked Obama, too. And really every Democratic President in my living memory. And all of them have been centrist.
  5. It’s better off being sent to the unemployed. IMO. Because in this day and age, the fact that we have jobs is doing pretty damn well. 1 million plus people unemployed last week, alone.
  6. Be happy with what you get, I don’t get anything, and neither does my now-dependent 23 year old kid. It would be NICE to have a month of a student loan payment.
  7. Same with accounting; you can’t really trust that someone will be ok if they’ve been with the same company for 23 years. All THAT means is that they are a political player. I actually trust the resume more I’d they’ve been 20 years as a senior accountant and want to remain a senior accountant at a different company. I do not trust someone who started as an accounting clerk and is now the corporate controller of a $2 bn company, with no CPA. That SCREAMS politics, and that was my old boss. Asshole.
  8. Dude, no way!!!! I was watching it in the bathtub the last time I shaved my legs. Now you all know how long my leg fur is.
  9. Not an excuse. I do the same, I just get PAID for it while I’m not certain your cash flow is what it could be.
  10. Oh, HE DARES. And, seriously, dude, do yourself a favor and watch AT LEAST through Season 4.
  11. That would not fly in the US. If you are a contractor, the employer setting a condition like this would probably be fatal to the "self employed" status. I don't even ask my housekeeper to show up at a certain time because I am THAT paranoid about not being an "employer". She says she's coming on Wednesday, and I say "great!" Whatever time she shows up is up to her. I pay her in advance to do a deep cleaning, she can schedule it for whenever she likes. The best I could possibly do is offer to cover the cost of the shot, if I really wanted to incentivize, but since it is free and government-distributed, I can't even do that.
  12. Wow, he's gained a lot of weight. Also seems to enjoy giving the middle finger.
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