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  1. All I have learned in my life, which includes tonight, is that: someone can spout on about love and passion at a very expensive steakhouse, but really…do they keep the gaslighting going? Does he admit that he has commingled finances with the separated party to the thought that divorce would be literally financially unsustainable?? If the answer is yes, then block. Not just delete, block the number. BLOCK. FUCKING BLOCK. And a man from 2-3 years ago who married the woman who literally stabbed him in the face, severed his salivary glands on that side…and they still got married? Well, he reached out, too. JESUS CHRIST. BLOCK. And some idiot whom I have no idea who it (he) is who sent me a meme about a woman saying she was getting her life in order and then she ended up getting drunk and fighting a raccoon?? OBVIOUSLY, he reached out with that bizarre meme. BLOCK. Blocked, but goddam that hit close to home. Is there a fucking full moon??? ALLL I want is a nice man with an uncomplicated life and a bank account that matches mine. This should not be this difficult. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT???? Even if I waived the bank account requirement, it’s just as difficult.
  2. I personally wouldn’t do a Persian unless you could rely on some help for all the grooming… You and I both have some similar work schedules, and I have help in the form of my underemployed grad student son, and he would definitely draw the line at 2 cats + a long haired cat with eye crusty issues on a daily basis.
  3. Most people have moved on to 80s power ballads by now, though we still have the holdouts…
  4. 80s power ballads, one just can’t go wrong. However, Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” needs to be considered in its full meaning of “Here I Go Again (On My Own)”
  5. OH GOD, NOT THE EYEBALL. Seriously, I have a very intense eye-touch phobia which means that when I see my retina specialist, there is a shit ton of Valium and sublingual atropine involved. Normal eye exams aren’t really a problem (1 Valium is sufficient) but the retina specialist….*shudder* Jesus god. NO. I’ve actually had to face the prospect of “do I go blind or do I get this eye surgery for which I need to be conscious” and there was actually a decent amount of thought to it along the lines of “HOW MUCH VALIUM? Do they have a limit??” And “maybe going blind might be easier?” It turned out there is no limit to the Valium that your eye doctor con give you should the need arise. It was a lot of Valium, for the record. Also, Halcyon is a barely legal substance (I think Ted Bundy used it on his victims? Or Jeffrey Dahmer?) however, they gave that to me, too. The walls were very wavy, while it was going on, but I made it through. BTW, both allergy shots and dick shots take all of 5 minutes of training and can be self injected.
  6. 100% agreed as I also give my cat allergy shots and it’s super easy. Ah, easier than giving myself an allergy shot which is STILL pretty easy. I just hope that I’m nowhere near a hidden vein on myself (bruises) where that isn’t an issue for the cat (being furry and not as vain as I am).
  7. Could very well be, especially if she doesn’t have a higher paying job, something like “my car broke down” can be really embarrassing. OTOH, @Liffguard, fish, sea, plenty of.
  8. Why are we all here, @Toth lol… So, Mr Needy texted me wanting to talk. I basically told him f——ck no, very nicely. God no; no “wanting to talk” after a breakup; I know what that means. I don’t care if he could get reservations ANYWHERE. I’d rather have glasses of $20 Chardonnay BY MYSELF at that same restaurant. I now have Former Big 4 Partner, maybe Miami Trauma Surgeon, and Mr Insurance SVP, whom I met last night at the wine bar by chance.
  9. I keep on reading this as “happy endings” Need to get my mind out of the gutter
  10. I went for a 4 mile walk and then to the wine bar, where my good luck has held firm. HELD FIRM.
  11. No one has all the answers If you are worried about time, though, you might set yourself a goal of say, maybe a year, where you check in with yourself and see if this is going in the direction you want.
  12. Imo, not really. Not that I have this exact part, but I can tell you I’d feel no different giving myself a shot down there vs my allergy shots or anything else.
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