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  1. I have started using Obagi’s serum with Vitamin C and 4% hydroquinone, once a day. I also had a Tetra Cool CO2 laser peel done, and omg, fantastic results!!!
  2. I do what I love to do pretty much every day. Otherwise, I’d be doing a different job. I have an interview coming up, soon - second interview. Then we will hopefully go to third interview and I will get to keep doing what I’m doing…I’m at real risk of being laid off, and my current company finding someone less expensive in my role.
  3. I should not have looked at my portfolio today. Uuuuugh.
  4. The US does not provide federal backing in all mortgages. There are many people who don’t fit the credit box for a federally guaranteed (“Agency”) mortgage. Just google “non-QM” and you will see the scope of the market that is “non-Agency”. Non-QM is often seen as more risky; however, since private lenders can tighten the credit box more than an Agency loan (which goes by some really basic check-a-box criteria), non-QM can be less risky.
  5. Right; and I’m the US, a 30 or 40 year fixed rate mortgage basically front loads a boatload of interest to the lender’s advantage, while artificially keeping a low payment for the borrower. I have a 15 year fixed rate mortgage (fully amortizing), and on my old house, was very close to paying off a 10-year fully amortizing fixed rate mortgage. But, in the US, the 30 year fixed mortgage is standard, the typical purchase mortgage. I had to refi into a 15 year fixed (which IS often available as a purchase mortgage), and very much had to refi into my old home’s 10 year fixed, as that is not a standard purchase mortgage available.
  6. Basically, you’ve had your say. Just tell him that you are always there to listen to him. You’ve told him how you feel on the matter, and trust that if he wants to hear more from you that he will ask.
  7. At what point does something become so dense and so packed with allusion that it’s…too dense and overly referential? Are we maybe nearly there yet? I say this as an avowed #1 fan girl of TS Eliot, king of allusions.
  8. Liking this much better than a lot prior. Really getting into this, here. Especially as Ser Criston is such a jilted lover; holy shit. And Alicent seems to have adopted the color green.
  9. Who among us does not want to hook up with a half-human being in a rotting tree? And, if you initially think that said half-human might be over 1,000 years old…is that person still a “MILF”?
  10. Let’s all keep calm, ice cream vs cake is not like Tucker Carlson-TV watchers vs Hillary Clinton book-readers.
  11. Both sound disgusting. Give me a chocolate ganache from a patisserie, please.
  12. I…love creamsicles. Also, @LongRider, vanilla is a very complex flavor.
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