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GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2


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idk if this has been posted before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rct8l4_ezJs

Michelle Fairley appeared as a special guest in one of Dr. House's episodes (she was a patient that actually wanted to die iirc)

Liam Cunningham appeared in Clash of Titans. One of the warriors that went to fight against Medussa

Mark Addy had his own sitcom, "Still standing"

Charles Dance as the doctor in Alien 3 Edited by Rajam
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perhaps this is only seen in the US but the Wyndham hotel chain has a new advertising campaign that features Kristofer Hivju...as the Wyndham Wizard...it is funny every time i see it...


i really dug this one imagining him saying the stack was as long as tormund's member, har, har, har.



eta: also just saw charles dance and art parkinson (rickon) in dracula untold...

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'Sup, guys? New guy here haha :lol:  Natalie Dormer was in a short film called "The Brunchers" (don't know if it was already mentioned) she was adorably funny in it.  ^_^  


Welcome to the boards! :cheers:


I missed "Taxi" last week. Starring Dinkles. :bang:

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it wasn't very good imo.

It was alright, but if ever there was somewhere that raunchiness and passion was needed its Lady Chatterly's Lover and this version was really lacking on that front. Also didn't feel much chemistry between Richard Madden and Holliday Grainger


The TV movie overall, his role in it, or the...assets?
(Just kidding, I'm guessing the latter is fine.)


Madden was pretty good in it, and portrayed Mellors (as he'd been written for this film) well enough. But the film overall was a bit of a disappointment

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I just saw The Falling, with Maisie Williams. I really like her acting, but I am still a bit impressed with a certain scene  :eek: . I can't see Arya with the same eyes after that.

Finally watched it and I agree with you :rofl: it's kind of hard to look at Maisie the same way I used to
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I started watching a show called Crossing Lines. It's... erhm... let's go with not brilliant. But Donald Sutherland, so. And then I realised Tom Wlaschiha is part of the cast, too, so I kept watching. Had a very nice surprise this year when Michelle Fairley played a part, I think she may even return so I'll keep watching. And last episode also had a small part played by the actor who plays Maggy the Frog Fox, Jodhi May

Also watched a horror flick with Liam Cunningham called Let Us Prey which I thought was rubbish. 


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